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Nathan Brenner was found guilty last year by a magistrate of two counts of operating a commercial passenger vehicle without a licence, and one count of driving a commercial passenger vehicle without driver accreditation.But Victorian county court judge Geoffrey Chettle on Wednesday dismissed the charges and ordered the Taxi Services Commission to pay Brenner s appeal costs.He was charged after an undercover officer used the Uber app to travel from the Hilton hotel to South Yarra.The opposition transport spokesman, David Hodgett, says the government has wasted taxpayers money trying to fight Uber instead of regulating the service to provide industry certainty.This is not about taxis versus Uber but rather what ways we can get our city moving in the most efficient way, he said.The time for excuses is over, the Uber Victoria general manager, Matt Denman, said on Wednesday.
Google's projects have been dominating headlines about self-driving car research for some time now, but it's Uber's turn to make an official announcement.After months of discussing plans on its own efforts to enter the autonomous vehicle game, the ride-sharing company has revealed the first official photo of its self-driving car.Like other self-driving cars, Uber's is loaded with equipment including laser scanners, radar, and high-resolution cameras, much of which is visible on top the vehicle.While tests will include autonomous driving, a human driver will still be behind the wheel at all times.Uber says that collecting mapping data is another component of its tests, along with "ensuring it s safe for everyone on the road — pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers."Uber's announcement doesn't give a roadmap for when riders might be picked up with a self-driving fleet of vehicles, but it notes that it's vision for the technology includes "less congestion, more affordable and accessible transportation, and far fewer lives lost in car accidents."
Cities limited the number of taxi licenses and charged drivers steep fees for taxi medallions.The ride-sharing story illustrates the promise of these new businesses – and the dangers.Long before anyone ever wrote an article about the gig economy , corporations had discovered the higher profits they could wring out of an on-demand workforce made up of independent contractors.The gig economy didn t invent any of these problems.How we do itThere are four ways to make progress in this area.Employers shouldn t be misclassifying workers to keep labor costs down and they shouldn t be hiding behind complex arrangements like franchising and subcontracting to skirt their responsibilities to their workers.
Amid resistance from European lawmakers, Uber Technologies Inc. founder Travis Kalanick called on local regulators to promote the financial incentives car owners could benefit from if they were to pick up a neighbor and share their ride to work."More people would carpool, we d have less congestion, the air would be less polluted, we d all live in a better place."In China, Uber is seeking to catch up to local rival Didi Chuxing, which has launched in hundreds of cities and this month got $1 billion in backing from Apple Inc."China s an expensive place and it takes a lot of funds," Kalanick told reporters after the conference about Apple s investment."Uber s profits can help fund its expansion into new markets and products, Kalanick said.When asked whether the company needs to go back to investors to raise more money, Kalanick said We ll keep you posted on that.Its UberPop business, which lets unlicensed drivers use their own car to pick up riders for a cheaper fee, was banned this month in Sweden after facing a similar fate in France and the Netherlands earlier.Meanwhile local rivals including Spain s Cabify, backed by Rakuten Inc., and France s Chauffeur-Prive, backed by La Banque Postale s XAnge, are adding to existing pressure by taxis and other local players.
Digital Trends sat down with Joe Deshotel, the director of communications for Ride Austin, to get insight on how exactly this new venture plans to shake up ride-sharing.It s a unique way to both fill the ride-sharing void in Austin and help charities.And Ride Austin has an extensive plan to help the local community while building public interest.We already know that the University of Texas is interested in our transit data said Deshotel in terms of pickups, drop-off location, peak time, pricing fluctuation―all these things will be open to the public so that the public can engage and inform us as to how we can improve our service.After interviewing hundreds of drivers, the reaction has been very positive said Deshotel.Features like giving drivers someone to call if an issue arises have polled tremendously well, he said.
Gett, a cab-hailing startup with operations across some 60 cities, is getting a $300 million investment from German car giant Volkswagen.VW plans to use the investment to spearhead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand transportation and autonomous cars.We have confirmed with Gett s co-founder and CEO Shahar Waiser that VW is the sole investor in this round.VW is Europe s largest car maker, with other brands under its ownership including Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and many more.And while $300 million is no small sum of money to sniff at and is a huge win for Gett, $300 million is a relatively small sum for VW, which reported revenues of $238 billion €213 billion in 2015.Gett CEO Waiser, who co-founded the company with Roi More, tells us there are many reasons why the partnership makes sense: The first is that we share the same footprint.
The two have also reportedly entered a "memorandum of understanding" to start exploring how they could work together, starting with ride-sharing trials in countries where ridesharing is expanding, and other ways of delivering secure, convenient and attractive mobility services to customers.We re excited that Toyota, the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, is making a strategic investment in Uber as part of a broader global partnership.Toyota vehicles are among the most popular cars on the Uber platform worldwide and we look forward to collaborating with Toyota in multiple ways going forward, starting with the expansion of our vehicle financing efforts, Uber s chief business officer Emil Michael said in the press release.and robotics for self-driving capabilities.Uber for its part has already started trailing self-driving cars in Pittsburg using a modified hybrid Ford Fusion.In January, General Motors invested $500 million into Lyft and just this morning Volkswagen confirmed a $300 million deal with the New York-based ridesharing startup Gett.
Image Source: YouTubeUnless you ve been disconnected from the Internet this past weekend – and who does that, am I right?The clip shows a Texas woman trying out a Chewbacca mask and enjoying every minute of it.Her contagious laugh is what turned the video into a viral sensation that has since surpassed 140 million views.DON T MISS: Apple s next MacBook Pro will be like nothing we ve ever seenCandance Payne, a mom from Texas, became an internet sensation thanks to her Chewbacca stunt, and Corden had her on The Late Late Show on Monday night, where she appeared in a carpool sketch that makes perfect sense given the nature of her original video.That s when Abrams, who directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, appears, ready to give Payne some Chewbacca notes.Check out the clip below:Payne played it really cool, but she freaked out when she actually met Abrams just before shooting the carpool sketch.
View photosMoreThe BMW logo is seen during the 2016 New York International Auto Show in Manhattan, New York March 24, 2016.REUTERS/Eduardo MunozDETROIT Reuters - German luxury car maker BMW AG on Wednesday said its BMW iVentures venture capital arm has invested an undisclosed amount in California-based Scoop Technologies, which offers a smartphone-powered carpooling service called Scoop.BMW's move is the latest in a flurry of investments by automakers in technology industry startups that appear to be aimed at convincing consumers to do without owning their own cars, or driving vehicles as often.1 automaker by vehicle sales, said it was investing an undisclosed amount of money in ride-hailing company Uber Technologies Inc UBER.UL .BMW has also invested in a fleet management software company called RideCell; a parking spot locator service called Zirx; Moovit, a service that simplifies the chore of connecting with public transit, and Zendrive, a company that harvests data from smartphones to coach motorists on how to drive safely.Reporting by Paul Lienert in Detroit; Editing by Franklin Paul and Alan Crosby
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen This Lamborghini in Wolverhampton is the UK's first supercar taxiIBTimes UKVolkswagen is the latest carmaker to invest in a ride-hailing company as a bet on the future of personal transport.It has invested $300m £205.27m, €269m into Gett, a New York-based startup which is the largest ride-hailing company in Europe, with more than 11,000 taxis in London alone.While the German carmaker will offer on-demand ride services to business customers, taxi drivers who have signed up with Gett will be offered discounts on Volkswagen cars to be use as taxis.The deal will allow Volkswagen to lead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand transportation and autonomous carsThe deal will also allow Volkswagen to lead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand transportation and autonomous cars.Shahar Waiser, founder and chief executive of Gett, said the money infused by Volkswagen would be used to expand its operations in New York and also to enter more cities.These deals show that carmakers are trying to have a pie of the increasing "mobility service" industry as some fear that such ride-hailing companies could reduce personal car ownership in the future.
Automakers now recognize they may turn ride-hailing services and car sharing companies into steady customers for all sorts of vehicles, particularly hybrid and electric cars, industry executives and analysts say.Tie-ups with carpooling services or short-term rental companies help automakers expose consumers to brands they might otherwise ignore.In the latest tie-up between an automaker and a transportation technology startup, German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Wednesday its BMW iVentures venture capital arm has invested an undisclosed amount in California-based Scoop Technologies, which offers a smartphone-powered carpooling service called Scoop.1 automaker by vehicle sales, said it was investing an undisclosed amount of money in Uber UBER.UL .Toyota and some rival automakers currently offer discounts to drivers for Uber and its ride-hailing rival, Lyft.Reporting by Paul Lienert and Joseph White in Detroit, Heather Somerville and Alexandria Sage in San Francisco; Editing by Michele Gershberg and Matthew Lewis
In the latest edition of James Corden s Drop the Mic rap battle, a recurring segment that appears on his late-night talk show The Late Late Show, he spits out some serious lyrical rhymes at David Schwimmer, focusing on the actor s career and typecasting as Ross from Friends.In the hilariously awkward battle, Schwimmer knocks Corden s acting ability and celebrity status, suggesting that he has always played the portly best friend character, implying that his midsection is so large he s unable to see his you-know-what, questioning whether his wife is blind, and urging him to go back to England, or just go make him some tea.Corden, meanwhile, gets dissed in relation to the most popular edition of his viral segment, Carpool Karaoke.But everyone s thinking shut up and let Adele sing.Ouch.It was thoroughly entertaining to watch the two men go at it and Wilson complete the epic battle.
Brenda PalmerA You do.Years ago, one poor fellow got a hefty carpool citation on Christmas Day.It follows that the second character changes by five letters each year, so I expect to see an 8AA late in summer 2017.Plates are manufactured in order, but not issued in order.Q A really good thing are the LED lights in the street that show the lane that one should turn into from Lewis onto Lafayette in Santa Clara.This was done to address concerns that people have been expressing to the city and to help improve awareness at this intersection due to the reversible lane on Lafayette.
Shaq Lyft VideoThere s no denying that Uber is the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to ride sharing, but whereas Uber seems to generate controversy at every turn, the company s chief competitor — Lyft — seems to engender nothing but positive vibes.So while Lyft may not have the name recognition or jaw-dropping valuation that Uber currently boasts, Lyft undoubtedly has a leg up when it comes to promotion.As part of an ongoing series featuring celebrities going undercover as Lyft drivers, a new video posted to YouTube today showcases 7 1 NBA icon Shaquille O Neal donning a few ridiculous and hilarious get-ups and picking up unsuspecting Lyft riders.DON T MISS: Everything we wanted to know about the iPhone 7 might have just leakedWhile the premise in and of itself is hilarious, what makes the video particularly interesting and amusing is that not everyone immediately recognizes that they re riding in a car with Shaq.Of course, it doesn t hurt to see Shaq try and show off his acting range with a variety of accents that he comically can t pull off all that well; sort of like Roger from American Dad.Actually, who are we kidding, the whole video is great and worth checking out in its entirety.
In under two years, app-powered carpooling has become mainstream.UberPOOL rides now account for 20 percent of all Uber rides worldwide, according to Mary Meeker s latest Internet Trends report, which came out this morning.GM invested in Lyft.Apple invested a massive $1 billion in the Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi.It just goes to show how much tech envy these traditional carmakers now have—and how badly tech companies want to get into cars.What s more, with self-driving cars under active development by several tech companies—including Google, Tesla, and Uber itself—automakers are scrambling to stay relevant.
No one has ever accused Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City boss Elon Musk of having a lack of vision, but a vision he recently shared at a tech conference has people talking… about reality.The meta-tech subject came up from a questioner at Code Conference, where Musk was a panel guest.And the logic goes that if the VR game you re playing gets good enough, why not simulate people, setting, societies, entire planets and so on?Sims, anyone?Anyway, we ve got the clips of Elon pondering the big questions here, and it s worth watching.over at Facebook have released Deep Text, a language-processing engine that, as you might expect, reads your posts and then tries to help you out.
Uber Technologies Inc. s Chinese unit wants to overtake local market leader Didi Chuxing Technology Co. in China s private-car ride-sharing sector next year, a senior executive said Friday.While Didi remains the market leader, UberChina has been gaining ground rapidly, said Liu Zhen, the company s senior vice president of strategy, at the Converge technology conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal and f.ounders in Hong Kong.Still, Uber faces an uphill battle in China against Didi, which dominates China s taxi-hailing market and has a larger share than UberChina in the private-car-hailing segment.Ms. Liu said that UberChina could build a profitable business soon as it has been cutting costs and spending less on incentives for drivers.Discount wars in China s mobile on-demand services sector have already resulted in some high-profile mergers.Asked whether UberChina would ever consider a merger with Didi, Ms. Liu didn t provide an answer but instead talked about UberChina s growth and improvements in the efficiency of its operations.
The company averages about 11 million rides a day, and has 300 million users across 400 Chinese cities.So far, both Didi and Apple have kept mum about how exactly that money would be used, but the company did tell Tech Insider several ways it plans to grow its business in the near-term.The app lets you hail a private car or taxi, just like Uber.Also similar to UberPOOL, Didi has a service called Hitch that lets you carpool with others to cut down on costs.But Didi also lets you book a chauffeur for an extended period of time, test drive a car from a local car dealer, and find and purchase tickets for a Didi shuttle bus.That poses problems for apps like Didi, which want to give accurate pick-up estimates, especially in situations like Hitch where a driver is picking up multiple people from different locations.Having an underlying algorithm that can make it easier for drivers to pick up riders in a timely fashion is important in China.More from Tech Insider:This summer's hottest pool accessory is a giant inflatable swan floatThere s an HDTV antenna that s literally made from dead cable boxesWatch this crazy time-lapse of Dutch builders putting a tunnel under a highway in 48 hours20 amazing things you can do with Pebble's new $70 deviceA new app called Recharge lets you rent hotel rooms by the minute for extremely short staysNOW WATCH: We tried the 'Uber-killer' that just landed a $300 million investment from VolkswagenLoading video...
Massive growth has led to high rents and lack of space for burgeoning businesses.Companies like Etsy and MakerBot, as well as startups like goTenna and Honeybee Robotics, are pioneers settling in non-traditional spaces in DUMBO, downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Navy Yard — now dubbed the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.Livestream left Chelsea and moved their headquarters to Bushwick, where they found 45,000 square feet of space surrounded by old factories from which to launch and grow a series of new initiatives for their business.On the flip side, computer developers are thriving in Brooklyn and refusing to commute to Manhattan, thus compelling companies to move where they can find rich talent that will help their businesses flourish.Even the Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program ICAP awards property tax refunds for up to 25 years to building owners who complete significant renovations on their properties.Uber is already increasing its market share of rides as compared to yellow cabs in Queens and Brooklyn.