Also puts brakes on data collection by carmakers China has signaled that ride-sharing companies can expect the same scrutiny as its web giants, and laid out regulations that will stop cars from collecting unnecessary data.…
FMI states in its recent study on the global automotive wiring harness that the market will record an impressive CAGR of 7.9% during 2021-2031.Demand for automotive wiring harness is anticipated to continue surging due to the rapid growth in the automotive industry in recent years.“The leading automotive wiring harness manufacturers are focused on developing technologically advanced merchandises, as well as quality aspects of vehicles with improved safety, reliability, and minimal downtime.” says the FMI analyst.Request a report sample to gain comprehensive market insights at wiring harness Market – Important HighlightsSemi-Forward Chassis is expected to remain dominant during the projected years, on account of its vast usage across electric and conventional vehicles.According to vehicle type, passenger cars are anticipated to lead the market in the upcoming years.The market in China is projected to be the most lucrative during the upcoming years, due to it being the world’s largest automotive manufacturing country Germany is expected to account for the lion’s share of the European market, due to its advancements in the automotive sector.Automotive wiring harness Market – DriversGreat investments in R for developing secure and reliable systems are driving the growth of the market.Rising environmental concerns are driving the growth of the electric vehicles marketThe rapid rise in the automotive industry all over the world is creating a massive demand for the automotive wiring harness marketThe demand for the production of highly efficient vehicles is further expected to drive the marketAutomotive wiring harness Market – Restraintsstrict government regulations regarding Environmental concerns are hindering the growth of conventional car production, which is acting as a restraint in the marketThe issues of durability and reliability associated with the usage of automotive wiring harness in electric vehicles are expected to act as a barrier in the growth of the automotive wiring harness market during the projected years.Get Access to Research Methodology Prepared by Experts>>> Impact on Automotive wiring harness MarketThe automotive wiring harness market growth is anticipated to be hampered owing to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.Competitive LandscapeThe automotive wiring harness market players are leaning towards the expansion of the production facilities besides opting for strategic collaborations to attain a competitive edge.Suppliers are taking up acquisition and regional expansion strategies to establish a strong grip on the market.Some of the key market players profiled by FMI include LEONI Group, Samvardhana Motherson Group, Sumitomo Electric, Yazaki Group, Fujikura Ltd., Lear Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd.Contact Sales for Further Assistance in Purchasing this [email protected] the StudyThe study offers readers a comprehensive assessment of the automotive wiring harness market.Automotive Load Floors Market: Obtain detailed analysis on automotive load floor market through FMI’s report covering competitive analysis, key regions, and segmental analysis for 2020-2030.About FMIFuture Market Insights (FMI) is a leading provider of market intelligence and consulting services, serving clients in over 150 countries.
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Michelin recently launched two types of tires in China, specifically made for electric vehicles. The new tires are meant to show Michelin’s “concern for Chinese consumers and the company’s development strategy,” Shanghai Daily reports.  But… why would EVs need special tires to begin with? Well, it all boils down to weight. EVs generally weigh more than gasguzzlers, which means they wear tires down much faster. Also, worn tires will reduce the cars’ range, so there’s a lot to win by preventing that from happening. Michelin aims to tackle these exact issues with the e.PRIMACY and the Pilot Sport EV tires, designed for…This story continues at The Next Web
The data is collected by various modules like Controller Area Network (CAN), Ethernet, Flexray , Local Interconnect Network (LIN), Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), these are mainly used in power-train, body control & comfort.Global market database shows a paradigm shift being witnessed in the industry with the introduction of self-driving cars.With many cities building or funding test track.According to business outlook, the global automotive communications technology market is estimated at USD 5.84 billion in 2017.As the market becomes more competitive, firms are offering advanced technologies in the passenger and semi-luxury segments.According to business outlook from GMD, automobile communication technology has a wide array of applications ranging from powertrain, body control & comfort, infotainment & communication to safety.The emergence of autonomous vehicles is expected to further boost the demand, due to the vast amount of volume of data generated and analyzed in them.The auto industry is affected badly due to Covid-19 and the restriction that followed.
Musk's comes a few days after he tweeted that Tesla has stopped taking Bitcoin as a mode of payment for its cars.
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What do people spend money on?Well, think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.People want to maintain self preservation, so you will find the greatest technological money flows in those things, which protect the sanctity of life; things such as Health Care and Medical advances, security and military.They want to look good; thus you will find consumer items such as make-up, clothing, sports cars, etc.But in the true spirit of Kama Sutra, you can bet that those Japanese robotic engineers will soon be designing Blonde Hair Blue Eyed sex robots to serve their will.Secret research is being done now which looks towards the future to build robots so real they will fool humans, in other words they maybe sitting next to you and you would never even know it.
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You will find vehicles that have recently been acquired but that are in reasonably workable condition.These companies profit from the individual car parts that can be sold to customers looking for replaceable parts.Manufacturers also look for used auto parts or recycled metal that are bought at affordable rates.When a scrap vehicle is dismantled, there are some body parts, more valuable than the other.Do you know about the auto parts removed from a car?Most scrapyard companies have the following car parts in their inventory.Automatic transmissionManual transmissionEngineWindow glassRadiatorBodyBumperBatteryHoodTyreWheelsDo you want to sell your junk car?If you are looking for ‘wreckers near me’ offers, you will find scrap yards that pay cash for cars.However, you don’t just want to look for a wreckers company that pays you a modest amount.
No, we are not saying that your car can be defective.The volume of complaints with new vehicles has seen an alarming rise.So, buyers of new cars also need to exercise enough caution when they decide to purchase one.But the service section failed to repair your vehicle as per the warranty.Plus, refund the full purchase price, including all taxes, licenses, registration fees, and all similar government fees, excluding interest accrued.It would help if you built a robust lemon law case.
The global automotive electric fuel pumps market size is anticipated to value USD 18.44 billion until 2025.It is also expected to register a CAGR of 5.0% over the forecasted years, 2019 to 2025.Get Free PDF Sample (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart and Covid-19 Impact Analysis): The technology segment of turbine style held a share of around 67% in 2018 and is projected to register 5.1% CAGR on account of rising adoption of such pumps in recently manufactured ICE vehicles.Also, its features like less noise emission, easy installation and pressure measurement are projected to drive the market growth for this segment.In 2018, the Asia Pacific dominated the global market with a share of around 57.0% due to the surging demand for heavy commercial vehicles and passenger cars across countries like China and India.The market for automotive electric fuel pumps includes key players are constantly engaged in product development and innovation to gain a competitive advantage over other players.
The global Automotive Audio Market report published by Reports and Data offers a precise and detailed analysis of the market share and market size on a global and regional level.It covers extensive analysis of the revenue share, industry analysis, competitive analysis, sales network and distribution channel analysis, and regional segmentation of the market.The report also studies the value chain, recent product developments, and the emergence of lucrative growth opportunities in the market.It aims to provide accurate estimation and forecast for market growth and segmentation for the forecast period of 2020-2027.Get a Sample Report PDF with Detail TOC & List of [email protected] Players Profiled in the Report Include:PanasonicHarmanContinentalPioneerVisteonClarionFujitsu TenDelphiMOBISBOSEAlpineThe report covers a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global market.The pandemic has adversely impacted the businesses and industries due to stringent government policies on social restrictions, transportation bans, and disruption in production and product supply chains.
Wearable technology marketWearables are electronic technology or electronic devices that can be worn as accessories, embedded in clothing, implanted within the user's body, or maybe tattooed on the skin.These hands-free gadgets are powered by microprocessors and enhanced with the power to send and receive data via the internet.Increasing concern towards fitness leads to grow the popularity of wearable devices such as smartwatches and fit bands among consumers.This will in turn drive the market for wearable technology.Moreover, it can easily track and gather the data about fitness, monetized the real-time health systems which will ultimately drive the market.Due to its smart sensors and actuators, it becomes easier to deploy wearables in daily lifestyle such as drones, smart cars, smart home devices.Increasing disposable income coupled with smartphone penetration is also projected to spice up industry growth within the forthcoming years.
The Global electric powertrain market size is anticipated to reach USD 604.74 billion by 2026 according to a new study published by Polaris Market Research.The report “Electric Powertrain Market Size, Share, & Trend Analysis Report By Product Type (Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Powertrain, Mild Hybrid Powertrain, Series Hybrid Powertrain, Parallel Hybrid Powertrain, Series-Parallel Hybrid Powertrain); By Vehicle Type (Light Vehicles, Cars, Light Trucks); By Regions, Segments & Forecast, 2019 – 2026” gives a detailed insight into current market dynamics and provides analysis on future market growth.Electric Powertrains are the recent trends in the automotive industry.Regulations in regard to Carbon dioxide emissions has been hauled up and redone in the U.S., China, and Japan and European constitutions.Furthermore, consumers are already burdened by the inflating prices of oil which is reason enough to graduate towardsRequest for sample copy of this report @ EV derives power from alternative source of energy such as battery in stark contrast to internal combustion vehicles that is driven by fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel.The EV powertrain includes the battery, electric motor and transmission which help generate power to drive the vehicle.The series hybrid powertrains are the least used in present industry scenario and in this type; it is designed with a single path for powering the wheels.
Vehicle Radiator Market Outlook – 2027Vehicle radiator is a major component in the engine, which is used for cooling the internal combustion of the engine in automobiles, locomotives, aircraft, and motorcycles.The internal combustion engine is cooled by introducing a liquid know as engine coolant through the engine block where it gets heated and then through a radiator where it loses heat to the outside atmosphere.Engine coolant is generally water-based, but can also be in oil form.The increase in demand for automated technologies is expected to boost the vehicle radiator market over the forecast period.Browse Full Report with TOC @ scenario analysis:As the COVID-19 crisis started, public life in many countries is affected, with almost every sector suffering due to the pandemic.The most immediate and visible effect of COVID-19 in the traditional automotive sector is the standstill of production by many OEMs, which has affected the market.Public-transit ridership has fallen to a much larger extent across the world, and the operators are burdened with uncertainty along with the potential need to implement strict protocols.Ride hailers have also experienced a decline in the business, and many micro-mobility and carpooling players have suspended their services.Some governments have launched initiatives to support mobility start-ups that were hit hard by the crisis, but low cash reserves and lack of capital in the market are expected to affect the market.Top impacting factors: Market scenario analysis, trends, drivers, and impact analysisRapid adoption of lightweight materials and growth in demand for passenger cars are expected to spur the demand over the forecast period.Moreover, increase in product complexity due to continuous change in customer requirement and technological advancement is estimated to negatively impact the market growth.
Automotive Occupant Sensing System Market Outlook - 2027Automotive occupant sensing system (OSS) providessafety features such as seatbelts and airbags.The automotive occupant sensing system helps to identify the presence of people in a vehicle, thus enabling the sensors to identify whether the airbag should be expanded or contracted in case of a mishap.Earlier these facilities were provided only into luxury cars, but due to increase insafety measures,they areinstalled inother vehicles as well.In addition, the automotive occupant sensor system detects the position of the individual on the passenger or the driver’s seat in the vehicles and deflatesthe airbags if any accident occurs toprovide safety.Therefore, these features facilitatethe growth of the automotive occupant sensing system market.Browse Full Report with TOC @ scenario analysis:COVID-19 has rapidly affected the salesin theautomotive industry,thus hampering the growth of the automotive occupant sensing system (OSS) market.The market was expected to register a significant growth in 2021, but due to COVID-19, the market is expected to decline in the near future.Sales play a major role in the vehicle sector.However,industries are facing slower sales due to the pandemicand are expected to regain after the situation becomes stable.Due to no demand in the COVID-19 situation, many of these companies havestopped their production.This pandemic situation has shut down many production lines, owing to trade restrictions of automobile, which havedirectly affected the automotive occupant sensing system market.Get sample report with Industry Insights @ impacting factors: Market scenario analysis, trends, drivers, and impact analysisTop impacting factors that leadto the growth of the automotive occupant sensing system (OSS) market are better safety to avoid accidents due to airbags and increase indemand for automotive occupant sensing system (OSS) in cars.However, the possibility of malfunctioning of sensors due to bad weather hampers the growth of the market.Lightweight and superior quality of disc brakes help to improve the vehicle performance, thereby providing lucrative opportunitiesfor the automotive occupant sensing system (OSS) market.Better safety to avoid mishaps due to airbagsSafety plays an important role while driving and airbags helpto prevent head, chest, and other severe injuries during a car collision.
With vehicle-to-grid technology, a car battery can be charged and discharged based on different signals such as energy production or consumption nearby.The work of a vehicle-to-grid system is similar to regular smart charging, which enables the user to control the charging of electric cars in a way that allows the charging power to be increased and decreased when needed.Vehicle-to-grid enables the charged power to also be momentarily pushed back to the grid from car batteries to balance variations in energy production and consumption.Browse Full Report with TOC @ scenario analysis:Automobiles makers, consumer electronics, and pharmaceuticals in various countries, especially rely on China and other developed countries near them for the supply of several raw materials and parts such as compressors, electronic components, and various sensors.The global automobile sector has faced the most challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.For instance, its production houses are shutting down, inventories are overflowing, and the demand is decreasing.The coronavirus outbreak has heavily impacted the manufacturing industry's original equipment manufacturer (OEM).However, parts suppliers have yet to return to full production capacity.Get sample report with Industry Insights @ to nationwide lockdown, companies have faced consequent delays in delivery that might impact the market at multiple levels from postponed new car model launches, shattered supply chains, financially drained SMEs, and dampened vehicle sales.Top impacting factors: Market scenario analysis, trends, drivers, and impact analysisIncrease in demand for electric vehicles and the government's encouragement to shift toward e-vehicle are expected to surge the demand for vehicle-to-grid technology over the forecast period.
The Global Automotive Lighting market is anticipated to reach around USD 48.08 billion by 2026 according to a new research published by Polaris Market Research.In 2017, Asia-Pacific accounted for the majority share in the global Automotive Lighting market.The expanding global automotive industry, along with increasing demand for passenger cars majorly drives the Automotive Lighting Market growth.The adoption of advanced automotive lighting solutions has increased significantly owing to increasing awareness regarding use of energy efficient lighting solutions, and growing need to improve road safety.New emerging markets, emerging consumer demographics, and increasing adoption of eco-friendly lighting solutions would provide growth opportunities for automotive lighting market in the coming years.Request for sample copy of this report @ use of LED lights in automobiles has increased significantly and these lights are gradually replacing halogen and xenon lights for headlamps and daytime running lights.High brightness white LEDs offer improved visibility, are smaller in size, and offer controlled illumination pattern to avoid dazzling other drivers on the road.In 2017, Asia-Pacific accounted for the highest share in the global automotive lighting market.The introduction of stringent government regulations regarding vehicular safety and use of eco-friendly lighting solutions accelerates the adoption of automotive lighting in the region.