What is the Crosley Cruiser II?The vinyl comeback continues to gather momentum, and you can t have helped but notice Crosley s range of retro-chic record players flaunting their hipster-friendliness in an increasing number of shop windows.The tonearm ends in a plastic headshell fitted with a cheap ceramic cartridge, and it has an arm lift.Related: Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon reviewThere are three controls: one switch to change between 33/45/78rpm record speeds, another switch to turn the auto-return on or off, and a volume knob that doubles as an on/off switch.Even the little mono speaker on the Vestax Handy Trax proved more impressive, and that s saying something.The ceramic cartridge will put excessive wear on your records, and the speakers sound just terrible.
Celia was first introduced to 'Roger' when telling friends how bad the cold calls to her home had becomeSo bad, in fact, that I was considering either investing in a course of underwater screaming therapy or building a rage room , Kanye West-style, where I could smash up vases, ceramic plates and garden gnomes every time I was disrupted, mid-article, and then forced to waste minutes of my existence explaining to a telemarketer why I actively do not want to save money or go to Disneyland for free.As someone who does combative very poorly, I would hear my voice go from shrill to hysterical before eventually hitting a pitch only audible to bats, and spend the rest of the day feeling drained.There was some back and forth about various methods of dealing with cold callers – putting a hungry/teething infant on the line, shouting Oh no, the little beings with the furry teeth are back!into the receiver and waiting for them to hang up, or doing a Jerry Seinfeld and saying, I can t talk right now but why don t you give me your home phone number and I ll call you later tonight?Tired of cold callers, Celia has turned to unconventional means to tackle themOne local estate agent was reaching the 10-minute mark until Roger announced that he had a bee on his arm.Until recently, I could never have imagined how this unrivalled object of my affections could be improved upon.
Seiko launched its Astron collection of GPS Solar watches back in 2012, and the timepieces have become known for their energy-efficient design and practicality.According to Susumu Kawanishi, the president and CEO of Seiko Corp. of America, the company created the collection to meet the needs of business travelers who often find themselves switching through time zones several times a month.The watches can absorb various light forms, not just sunlight, and they work even when the wearer is walking or in a vehicle.Once GPS signals are received, you'll see the second hand on the watch start moving before it displays the current time.The GPS solar module stores the absorbed energy into a self-recharging battery, and a charge level is indicated on the dial.It's accurate to one second every 100,000 years.Wearers have the ability to show both their local and home times on the display.Other design elements include a titanium case with black coating, a ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal with clear coating, and a titanium bracelet with super-hard coating.
5,000 years ago on a terraced slope above the Chan River in Shaanxi Province, China, some enterprising villagers built two sophisticated beer brewing kits.One is fitted with a small shelf, and both have ceramic ovens for brewing in wide-mouthed pots that once held boiled barley.The scientists found traces of broomcorn millet, barley, Triticeae wheat , and Job s tears a grain plant often called Chinese pearl barley, though it is not actually barley , plus small amounts of snake gourd root and lily both are tubers often used in Chinese medicine , as well as yam.Our data show that the Yangshao people developed a complicated fermentation method by malting and mashing different starchy plants."This discovery may also shed light on a longstanding mystery about how barley came to Eastern China from Western Eurasia.These brewing kits, and the beer recipe itself, appear to be the outcome of many generations of people testing recipes to create the perfect Neolithic alcohol-making system.
The snow is gone, the flowers have bloomed, and your lawn is probably looking pretty open and bare right about now.What better way to fill the void than with a tasteful monochromatic R2-D2 lawn ornament?ThinkGeek has a new one in its catalog, joining the seemingly endless array of other R2-D2 and Star Wars products.Of course, you could place it inside if you wanted — despite how it looks, the lawn ornament only weighs 6.5lbs.This is one of a few Star Wars products the company has introduced recently — there s a new BB-8 blueprint scarf, for example, and a Stormtrooper Infinity scarf.Also new are a pair of black ceramic travel mugs with the Star Wars logo on one side and the Galactic Empire logo on the other side.
Facebook announces changes to its Trending newsFollowing an internal investigation in the wake of reports that unveiled the team of human journalists behind Facebook's 'algorithmic' Trending news ticker and made allegations of bias, Facebook has announced that it will be renaming and reworking some of the tools and policies behind Trending news Gizmodo .Royal Society recommends assessing GM crops on a case-by-case basisThe Royal Society has published a new guide addressing popular concerns about genetically modified crops, which suggest that, rather than the current EU blanket ban on the technology, GM plants should be assessed on the case-by-case basis BBC .SpaceX to attempt a ground landing at Cape Canaveral following ISS supply launchSpaceX has confirmed to The Verge that it will attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket booster on solid ground at Cape Canaveral, following its planned mission to send supplies to the International Space Station in July.Researchers publish 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipeA new paper reveals the precise details of a recipe for beer brewed in 3,400 BCE China: the earliest evidence of established in situ beer production in the country Popular Science .The team found artefacts such as ceramic funnels and storage jars used to make the beer and were able to work out the 5,000-year-old recipe from plant residues found on the equipment.Thanks to all of you," the game's developer, Rasheed Abueidah, tweeted.
Garden gnomes were never exactly a trendy addition to any home, but if you must fill your garden with tiny ceramic characters, at least go with this 17-inch-tall R2-D2 statue instead of a bunch of creepy trolls.Available from ThinkGeek for $70, you re going to want to try to find some way to prevent the neighborhood kids, or passing Jawas, from stealing your garden defender.ThinkGeekAt six-and-a-half pounds Artoo isn t that hard to run off with, and this version can t scream for help if he s in trouble.
From food to human tissue, 3D printing is going to change the world as we know it, but what is the real technology beyond all the tech jargon?3D printing or additive manufacturing AM is the capability of printing three dimensional objects, which can take any shape, form or size.According to the Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing Technologies, developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM , there are seven categories for 3D printing processes.The process is controlled by a computer-aided manufacturing CAM software package.Here, a high intensity laser fuses small particles of any given material, from plastic, metal, ceramic to glass, into the desired end-shape.As for sheet lamination, metal, paper or polymer can be used.
The OnePlus 3 is right around the corner, which means there are savings to be had on theOnePlus X.OnePlus has discounted its upper mid-range OnePlus X smartphone by up to £60, depending on the model you choose.The company is offering the discount on its own website, giving you a chance to bag a bargain handset from the China-based manufacturer.The OnePlus X Onyx was £229, but is now available for £189 – Get this dealThe OnePlus X Limited Ceramic Edition was £269, but is now available for £209 – Get this dealNever heard of OnePlus?In our review, the OnePlus X scored 8/10, praised for its good value for money, bright AMOLED screen, above average battery life, alluring design, and impressive performance.It features a 5-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 801 processor, and runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.Best Smartphone 2016: What s the 1 phone right now?
photographer: Fraunhofer ICTs A radial turbine rotor of high-performance ceramics for use in the aerospace industry appears on the Air Show ILA in Berlin next week. Five Fraunhofer Institute have collaborated in the development of the micro gas turbine which was developed within the project Turbo Ceramic. It has produced a ceramic that can withstand very high loads, a rotor design that suits the material, an effective method to connect the ceramic to metal, merchantable quality manufacturing and a test environment that corresponds to the material. Thanks to the new ceramic can the efficiency of gas turbines increase significantly. The tests have been run in ceramic rotor speeds up to 120,000 rpm. Thus, the number of components in turbines for aviation and stationary use to increase in coming years.
The same swooping curved edges are used once more, and the ceramic-like back of the tablet feels brilliant in the hand.Firstly, if you're on a train to work trying to catch up on the latest literally-must-see-otherwise-Twitter-will-ruin-it-when-I-forget-and-open-the-app-and-then-throw-my-tablet-out-the-window-in-anger drama, it's so infuriating when a little bit of light can completely mask the action.The list of apps that are 'multi-tasking'-enabled is largely limited to Apple native options, but there will be more in the future.But it's just as easy on the iPad mini 4 to double-tap the home button and skip between apps, rather than having too much information on the screen.It's insanely powerful only a handful of new phones and slates offer more grunt , and the larger screen works better with the new iOS 9 split-screen options.Apple did the iPad mini 4 a disservice by launching it so discreetly.
The 3D printing process described by Airbus in the patent filing involves using Selective Laser Sintering SLS – a 3D printing technology whereby a laser is used as a power source to sinter tiny powdered particles of materials like plastic, ceramic, glass or metal in order to bind it together to form a solid structure.Speeding up aircraft component manufacturingThe patent describes sintering multiple metal materials together onto a shell-like structure, which then bends to form the shape of the aircraft componentThe process starts with a shell-like structure that is used as a base.Airbus explains that there will be different shell-like structures designed for different parents of the aeroplane – whether it's the aircraft's outer skin, or a part of an aircraft door, or the floor panel belonging to the aircraft's cargo hold.But at the moment, each component that aerospace engineers want to create has to be painstakingly modelled in 3D on a computer, printed and then stress-tested to make sure that it is as strong as parts that are manufactured the traditional way.The Airbus method described in essence finds a way to make fast mass production possible, if it works, and it would still be faster than traditional processes.Researchers analysed 3D printed titanium parts with deep X rays and found that there are significant flaws when titanium metal powders are sintered together as gas can become trapped in the resulting liquid layer, creating porous bubbles within the final solidified metal part.
With the summer grilling season upon us, you may be looking for the perfect backyard cooking surface for your next cookout, or you may just have strong opinions on which grills do the best job at helping a skilled cook turn out the best dishes.The higher end One Touch Gold models also feature charcoal reservoirs in case you need more fuel, a removable aluminum ash catcher for even easier cleanup, a reinforced handle, tool hooks, a built-in thermometer, and a stainless steel cooking grate.The Egg is a Kamado-style barbecue, namely it s made of an earthen material ceramic, in this case and is a charcoal cooker with a design meant to contain the heat and only vent it through a small vent at the top somewhat similar to the Kettle design .If you want one, you ll have to find a dealer near you that sells them, or a barbecue retailer that ships to your location.The S-330/E-330 offers a center sear station that cranks up the heat to give you the delicious browning you want on grilled meats, and a side-burner that can keep a pot or side-dish bubbling while you work on the grill.All of the Weber Q models feature one-touch electric ignition switches, porcelain enameled cooking hoods and cast-iron cooking grates, and feature one or two burners two on the higher-end models , and the higher-end models feature built-in thermometers and side-mounted work surfaces for platters or storage while you work.
Caption: "Progressland" is an unusual show at an unusual gallery.Here, the EVA Space Suit Arm and Glove Assembly," a touch-sensitive glove designed to be worn on Mars, by Brooklyn-based Final Frontier Studio.Guang XuProgressland, the latest exhibit at the small and unusual New York gallery Chamber, draws its name from Walt Disney.It s one of many odd objects, which include a model of a Soviet-era spacecraft, a flint dagger that dates to between 2,400—1,700 BC, and a colorful modern-day ceramic urn.Zuckerman has since 2013 dedicated himself to his eponymous photography and filmmaking studio, focusing on metaphorical explorations of humanity s relationship to the natural world.Zuckerman found these items scouring weird auctions in Texas and Florida, where astronauts families often unload space paraphernalia, including a canister of film from an Apollo 17 lunar mapping project.That could be anything from exploring a new frontier to stepping into a tea house and thinking quietly.
The first 911 on the 991 platform replaced the 997 back in 2012, and moving forward, all modern 911s on the second gen 991 platform 991.2 are turbocharged.For 2017 you get new, larger four piston calipers and 13-inch front rotors for the base model; the S model comes equipped with 13.8-inch discs or optional carbon ceramic brakes sized at 16.1-inches in the front and 15.4-inches in the rear.There s an old belief that soft-tops are the softer option on the road, but the gorgeous convertible Sapphire Blue Metallic 911 Carrera S Cabriolet belied such accusations.That helps when squeezing in and out of a tight parking spot, or generally maneuvering in places you really, really wouldn t want to scratch your car; the overall feel is like you re driving a shorter vehicle.For those needing real buttons, Porsche didn t forget about you, and they re located below.Overall driving experienceIn the all-wheel drive models, power distribution to all four wheels is now handled by Porsche Traction Management PTM with electrohydraulic control, similar to what s found on the 911 Turbo.
We've seen several tech-enabled rings in the last few years, from failed attempts at turning them into gesture motion controllers, to new ones that prevent a partner from streaming a new TV show episode without you.Just like you'd swipe your smartphone over a terminal to make a payment, Visa's ring puts your credit card directly on your finger.The ring is very simple in design and made from ceramic, and the only real option is black or white for color.The loop is outfitted with NFC, so it works just like smartphones and other wearables outfitted with payments tech, and Visa says it contains a secure microchip that is tied to a wearer's account.It seems Visa is using this year's Rio Olympics as a trial/promotion for the ring, however.Combined with Visa being the only payment card that will be accepted throughout the sporting event, the ring is only being given to 45 athletes that the company sponsors.
How about a ceramic-topped, modern table that will not only keep your friends talking for days, it will also cool your wine and let you prepare hot dishes on its surface.Swedish design firm Kram/Weisshaar has produced SmartSlab, a swipe-controlled table with a thin ceramic top that cooks, heats, and cools food, and seats six diners.We thought, why don t we look into integrating circuitry into the tiles?Beneath the ceramic, which is made from Ceramica s SapienStone, are a foam layer, an aluminum spine, and a hot-formed, fiber-reinforced bottom layer made from recycled plastic bottles.So you can cook on one end of the table and keep hot dishes warm and cold dishes or wine cool at specific locations all the way down its length.An LED touch interface lets you use your iPhone or Tinder swiping skills to turn on and adjust the SmartSlab s various cooking, heating, and cooling elements.
"At the time the FAA organic statute was created, drones were the stuff of science fiction," Mario Cerame, of the Randazza Legal Group, wrote in his recent opening brief defending the student, Austin Haughwout, and his father, Bret Haughwout.The elder Haughwout declined the government s efforts, telling the FAA in an e-mail that because the agency had not alleged a particular violation, then he was under no obligation to comply.Ceramic plates during a lovers spat.Similarly, a lawyer who represents a pilot whose drone was shot down over Kentucky noted that this case is still in the early phases—after all, neither Haughwout has been charged with a crime."On the broader question of the legality of arming a drone, the law prohibits recklessly endangering the public when flying an aircraft," she added.But there's a strong argument that shooting bullets from a UAS would be considered illegal under one or more existing provisions that are designed to ensure safety."
Image: Yle News Graphics Today grit are mostly synthetic. determining the roughness of sandpaper in the most commonly used FEPA standard. Sand paper is going to be used, for example, the cost of cleaning those places where chemicals can not be used. Quality sandpaper grit surface of the felt tend to be either ceramic, alumina, or a combination of carbon and silicon carbide. Mirka happy to be referred to as sand paper, even if the Finnish products do not sand. In the coming years the number of different abrasive will further increase, since the patterns are coming into fashion.
In order to know what sound to play, the computer has to know something about the object being struck, and about the action that produced the sound, Andrew Owens, one of the PhD students who worked on the project, tells Digital Trends.For example, the sound that dirt makes when it is hit is very different from the sound that ceramic makes.The end result is a sort-of Turing Test for sound, in which the goal is to choose an impact sound accurate enough that it will fool a human who is shown the footage.The technology behind this specific advance is something called deep learning: an important area of artificial intelligence which has, in recent years, prompted some of the field s biggest breakthroughs.Deep learning works using something called a neural network, a vast artificial brain used to discover the relationship between cause and effect where this relationship is complex or unclear.In short, a neural network allows a computer to learn without requiring a human to explicitly label all of the examples that it is shown.