Forget about chatbots, Google's baking its digital assistant right into your life.Google Assistant—a new smart assistant announced by CEO Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2016—weaves together the complex information that Google already has about the world and the detailed information that the company already has about you to create a helpful voice-driven AI that revolves around your world.while standing in front of a famous sculpture with your phone, and the bot is able to mix location data and image recognition to identify exactly what you re looking at and provide the answer in seconds.and the Assistant pulled up results of films that Google thinks he would like, playing at his local movie theater.Follow-up questions—all delivered in natural language, using commands like Is it any good?—let him refine the search to kid-friendly movies, and even buy tickets to his chosen show.
Conversational user interfaces aren t a new idea; computer scientists have been experimenting with the technology for decades, but they ve found new life in virtual assistants like Apple s Siri and chatbot-inhabited messenger apps like Facebook Messenger.But if Siri has ever given you directions to someplace you didn t ask for, or Echo has told you it couldn t answer your question, you re familiar with the challenges.For starters, suggestion chips can dramatically reduce the number of steps you need to take to get things done on your phone, whether it s typing out a response or booking a reservation.The idea is that assistant should really be bound to you and not to a device and it should really transcend the hardware and follow you around, says Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer of Nuance, a leading developer of voice interface technology.Consider the voice-only interface of Google Home.The absence of a GUI, says Mark Rolston, co-founder and chief creative of Argodesign, a design studio exploring similar conversational UI problems, is why we ve restricted voice systems to some really simple, handy things.
Google I/O 2016 winds down today, and it s been a packed three days of announcements, demos, and teasers.You can ask Google Assistant questions or make requests and it will use context to generate results.For example, requesting movie suggestions may lead the AI to asking for a specific film genre, then offering to purchase tickets, then providing the QR code for them right within that conversation.We ll see how many disappointed faces it leads to if people don t regularly pick up their Duo calls.It would like to crowdsource some dessert-themed words to name Android N. While this seems like a fun way to get its community involved, ultimate Google will decide on the name and not based on popularity.The rollout will begin with three devices – Asus Chromebook R11, Chromebook Flip, and the 2015 Chromebook Pixel – to start and follow with many more later this year.
More precisely a simple messaging bot Facebook Messenger, linked to your business fanpage for exemple .Which may, in an automated and cool way, answer customer questions, advise, make sales, ...Do you consider to get one?I'd love to have your opinion on it!Thanks!
Twitter especially has had some very sizable and public problems with problem users, taking flak in recent years for being the go-to social media conduit for orchestrated misogynistic campaigns, such as the Gamergate example.Twitter knows it has a problem with users appropriating its platform to spread hate speech and/or harass others.Since then it has stepped up efforts to combat the spread of abusive tweets, including launching a range of tools to help users better manage their interactions with others; bringing in algorithmic filtering to try to limit the spread of abusive tweets; and earlier this year forming a trust and safety council — with the aim of taking external input on how to balance a free speech mission without enabling orchestrated harassment and abuse.Update: A Demos research confirmed the algorithm is looking at names and descriptions to make a guess on gender, adding: It s a pretty good guess — we think it s about 85 per cent accurate on a three way split of male/female/organisation.Our ambition, in tandem with addressing abusive behaviour, is to reach a position where we can leverage Twitter s incredible capabilities to empower positive voices, to challenge prejudice and to tackle the deeper root causes of intolerance in society.It has been working on a code of conduct with industry players that is due to be presented in the coming weeks.
Not surprisingly, it was built by the founder of Siri.Of course, we can wrangle over the definition of what makes a good product, but in its simplest terms, a great product would have three traits: 1 It s simple and easy to use; 2 It works well 99 percent of the time; and 3 It removes or reduces friction in whatever it was you want it to do.And attached to that engine you have a body that you can customise to your needs — you could have a four-wheeler, a sporty roadster or just a normal sedan.The brain is like this giant nervous system that takes words that humans say and converts them into actionable code.And when you factor in the delays caused by the chatbot not understanding what you are communicating, the efficiency becomes ever worse — because now you have to re-type your question and hope the chatbot gets it.And even when they are, the lack of accuracy means I m never quite sure if I can really trust the chatbot to get the job done.
Over the years, they ve become ever more efficient at divulging our intentions and interpreting our internet data profiles to better understand what we want.Ray Kurzweil, an author whose subjects include health, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism among others, is working with Google which has been among the most active proponents in this field , to create chatbots.These bots are said to be more advanced than the norm, enabling more interesting conversations.Supposedly, these bots come to life by being fed humongous volumes of text.The result isn t anywhere close to human intelligence yet, and while we could have interesting conversations with AI systems, Kurzweil says that we will have to wait until 2029 before we can have meaningful ones.This particular AI should be released later this year, with more to follow.
The changes won t happen overnight, but the rise of these voice-driven digital helpers portends some truly revolutionary developments in the tech world.To overcome this, vendors are spending a lot of time fine-tuning various parts of the interaction chain, from initial speech recognition to server-based analysis.FYI, this is also true for image-based recognition—image processing engines on today s advanced smartphones are increasingly being used to clean up photos and optimize them for recognition.For example, asking what the temperature is in a particular location typically provides the outside temperature, but if you actually wanted to know the temperature inside a room or building, you would have to combine the temperature from a sensor along with the original request to generate a more accurate response.But if the concept is done well, these kind of efforts can and will turn digital assistants into very beneficial helpers that could drive voice-based computing into a new age.You can follow him on Twitter @bobodtech.
A Guardian report says there ll be a roll out pushed out in the nexts few months, with users able to opt-in to the security boost.While Facebook seems occupied with protecting users from unsolicited prying, more reports today suggested the firm may be eavesdropping for its own purposes.See also: Are Bots the future of the internetKelli Burns, mass communication professor at the University of South Florida, believes the Facebook app may be gathering data on what people's are talking to each other about.Burns said she tested the theory by speaking about certain topics within earshot of the app, only to see related ads show up on her page."Businesses are able to serve relevant ads based on people s interests and other demographic information, but not through audio collection.In order to prevent Facebook listening in on anything, it s necessary to turn off revoke the Facebook app s access microphone in the device privacy settings.
And now Google.In the coming months and years, these companies promise, you ll chat with Internet services in much the same way you now chat with friends and family.DeepText helps us compensate for the lack of labeled data sets, says Facebook director of engineering Hussein Mehanna.What they re saying is they didn t teach the neural network anything about the structure of language, explains Chris Nicholson, founder of deep learning startup Skymind, says of Facebook s work, which was previously discussed in a handful of public research papers.According to Mehanna, DeepText already works with 20 different languages.But this is certainly an area where he and many others believe research will go.
They ll learn to immediately type the chat equivalent of dialing 0 to get a human.Bots purport to be a paradigm shift in consumer communication, combining cutting-edge AI and deep learning with the ability to integrate into existing messaging platforms.Try asking Siri for the weather in a friend s city.The software is supposedly learning with every interaction, but whether or not these bots ever graduate to real utility remains to be seen.Waiting for a response from a human is, if not enjoyable, at least understandable.In the meantime, brands would be wise to treat those interactions as precious opportunities for engagement rather than rushing to hand them over to bots.
Above: AppFront: Order BotA young Israeli startup wants to help restaurants automate bookings using Facebook Messenger bots, and 500 Startups is plowing some seed cash in to make it happen.Indeed, 500 Startups announced its first venture partner for Israel just last year.But alongside the investment news, AppFront is introducing Order Bot, a new chatbot designed to reduce personnel costs through automating customer queries and improving response time.The Order Bot is more than a polite conversationalist, though — it takes orders, delivers personalized information, and integrates directly into most of the major point-of-sale POS systems.Though AppFront is headquartered in Israel, it also claims a satellite office in Boston.In addition to helping push out its new Order Bot technology, AppFront will use the investment to grow the company s existing customer engagement platform, build other new products, and boost its headcount.
To get you all psyched up for this year s finals, the NBA just launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers basketball aficionados an easy and convenient way to watch on-demand highlights of their favorite team or player.For now, the NBA bot will have only a limited capacity to show you highlights and will not provide videos of teams and players outside of the 2016 Finals.This means that you ll have to settle for highlights exclusively from Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.The bot, then, will ask you to select between highlights from Top Plays of the season , the Last Game or simply the Playoffs .What s particularly thoughtful is that after it shares highlights, the bot will automatically ask whether you d like to continuously receive highlight reels from the team or player you ve just seen.It is not yet clear whether the NBA bot will be available for a broader list of players and teams in the future, but this wouldn t be a far-fetched prediction given the growing popularity of bots.
watson710The tech overlords of our time—Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.—are engaged in something of an AI arms race to determine which company will finally inject a fully functional and useful chatbot into the online messaging mainstream.And we can't forget IBM's Watson; perhaps the most popular current effort in creating a true AI, and likely the seminal iRobot that who?Many of the products that make use of advanced chatbots or machine learning are either on the market now, or will be before the summer's out.A company called And Chill has released a new chatbot on Facebook's burgeoning bot platform that will discuss with, and recommend movies to you based on your own natural language interaction with the bot.Wired Watson will soon power interactive digital ads for weather companies.Adweek A Google AI recently beat a legendary player of the ancient Chinese board game Go.
a chatbot for makeup retailer Sephora asked on Kik, a messaging app that's popular with teens.With a growing number of people using messaging apps, including Kik, Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, major brands are experimenting with chatbots as a way to interact with customers in a more natural way, build a loyal following and drive sales.Powered by artificial intelligence, a chatbot is a computer program designed to mimic human conversations.While chatbots have been around for years, using messaging apps to strike up a conversation with businesses -- a trend that has been called "conversational commerce" -- started to pick up steam in the spring.Advertisement"There are definitely advantages to chatbots in terms of the depth of client engagement on a digital platform, but technology continues to evolve so we only see the opportunities growing."I think that chatbots are not going to be a flash in the pan, but it's going to take some time to evolve."Some businesses say they're already seeing promising results with chatbots though it's still early."In terms of driving traffic away from our main app, we weren't concerned.
Conversable, a conversational commerce startup seeking to bolster relationships between brands and consumers, is announcing a partnership today with Wingstop.The company is starting with Wingstop but says it has plans to change the way people shop, purchase airline tickets and interact with brands.What I love about this is that over time companies can just keep adding new conversation trees to the core platform so that over time you can respond to more things without spending years and a fortune building out mobile apps, said Ben Lamm, Conversable CEO.So far it has secured a number of enterprise-paying, domestic Fortune 500 clients.The chat solutions are subscription based with available professional services for customization.Instead, the Texas-based company will focus on further integration with emerging platforms like Amazon Echo.
In the enterprise space, bots will be handling crucial and confidential information that may heavily influence the success or failure of a business.These are important questions to consider because enterprise bots will be handling matters that may affect a user s productivity and career based on a sole decision, which means they will need to rely on the bot to give them accurate and contextual information.Consequently, a user arguing, The bot gave me false sales reports may be difficult to convince others because people will most likely see the bot as an accurate system with little potential for errors.However, some research has shown that most users are satisfied with the tasks that the bots are meant to do with little to no intention of breaking the bot by asking unrelated or highly complex questions .I believe the study of human behavior and interaction with chatbots will be increasingly popular and in demand in the next few years.This is a developing relationship that will be interesting to observe and learn from as chatbots become increasingly accessible to the users in daily life.
Dango is an emoji suggestion chatbot — wait, where are you going?Its icon is a weird piece of cute cake, which it sits above your keyboard watching you type.Assemble the data into a huge, many-dimensional semantic space where emoji are closer or more distant from certain concepts and ideas and phrases.I had a little trouble finding a place where the cake piece wouldn t block any text or critical buttons in my messaging apps, but your mileage may vary.Clearly sensing that this is a sore point among AIs that interact with humans, Walmsley gave a more thorough response.I also asked whether the functionality in the website s demo box seen above will be coming to the app, and when we can expect an iOS version.
Since our 2016 Marketing Buzzwords feature was so well received, we thought we'd try to look into the future to determine some of the buzzwords we expect us all to use.With advances in chatbots, AI, virtual assistants, drones, and other emerging technologies, we will need new terms to describe our new connected world.Rude AwAIkening: When spamware infects your voice assistant and you are awoken every morning by ads for weight loss pillsVirtual Vacation: When you have been spending so much time in virtual reality that you need to take a breakTrack Busters: Specialists you hire to clean up your digital presence/search so embarrassing ads don't follow you everywhereVirtual Vacation: When you have been spending so much time in virtual reality that you need to take a breakIo-Time Out: When your Internet of Things devices can't/won't speak to each otherSnap-Paps: People who try to get brands in trouble by screen-grabbing offensive SnapchatsChat Attack: When your chatbot hits a glitch and buys you 600 tickets to Star Wars VIIIDrone Phone Home: When a drone flies away after it awakens and gets bored at whatever activity it is responsible for filmingUnMoji: The remaining tangible items that have not yet been put into emoji formAug-cident: When you forget which item is real during augmented reality and fall downFrame Delays: When you are late to a hologram meeting because you couldn't get your equipment to workEmail-Acorn: A Gen-Z that opens a marketing e-mailDJ-Day: The day DJ Khaled retires from SnapchatNetflix & Split: Discussion between a couple splitting up on who gets to keep their share account and its history and queueUber-Free Zone: A task that Uber has not yet decided to do for youGot one to submit?Send to [email protected] with the subject line 2017 Buzzwords.If we add yours, we'll credit you.If someone has used the same name on Twitter, this is either a coincidence or the above happened and we are happy to source the originator.
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