Reuters – The Indian arm of South Korea s LG Electronics Inc has begun selling a TV with a feature that it says repels mosquitoes, which can spread diseases such as malaria, Zika and dengue.The TV s Mosquito Away Technology uses ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans but cause mosquitoes to fly away, according to the company.It was released in the country on Thursday, LG said.The same technology, which was certified as effective by an independent laboratory near Chennai, India, has been used by LG in air conditioners and washing machines, the company said.The technology, which also functions when the TV is switched off, is available in two models, priced at 26,500 rupees and 47,500 rupees $394 and $706 .The TV is targeted at lower-income consumers living in conditions that would make them vulnerable to mosquitoes.It will go on sale next month in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.Kim Sang-yeol, an LG Electronics official, said there are no plans for now to market it elsewhere.The company began developing the set before the outbreak of the Zika virus in Latin America, which has fueled concern over safety at the Olympic Games set to begin in August in Rio de Janeiro.LG said on its website that the TV is not intended to replace other mosquito-deterrent devices.Reporting by Nataly Pak; Editing by Tony Munroe and Christopher Cushing
The move sees Amazon coming into more direct competition with the likes of Microsoft, IBM and NTT, all of which have local data centres supporting India s rapidly growing cloud-services market.Global expansioncloud boxAmazon already counted major Indian companies such as Tata Motors, taxi-hailing firm Ola and broadcaster NDTV amongst its customers, but until now India-based firms relied upon facilities in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney or Seoul, all of which are located in AWS Asia-Pacific region.Amazon now operates three Indian edge locations, which speed up content delivery, in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi, supporting features such as Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, and S3 Transfer Acceleration.The Mumbai data centre will run core AWS services but currently certain features aren t available, including CloudSearch, EC2 Container Service, AWS Directory Service and SimpleDB, Amazon said.Amazon said it has committed $5 billion £4bn to its Indian e-commerce business and has hired 45,000 people there.The company s competitors have also been active in India, with Microsoft opening cloud data centres in three locations over the past year, IBM opening one in Chennai in the same period and Netmagic, now owned by Japan s NTT, established longer.
A 14-year-old Indian student has won Google's Community Impact Award for a GPS-powered app that aims at keeping local fishermen safe and enhancing their productivity.The award, which got him $10,000, focuses on projects that make a practical difference to communities by addressing challenges surrounding the environment, health and resources.A class 10 student in the southern city of Chennai, Advay Ramesh is among the 20 finalists shortlisted to compete for the $50,000 scholarship at the Google Science Fair 2016.Ramesh eventually hopes to develop his app into a hand-held device, which he calls the FishErmen Lifeline Terminal FELT .While it has been tested with Google Maps, it will eventually use the Standard Position System, an open navigation service provided by the country's Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO , for greater accuracy at sea.Ramesh was inspired to work on the project when he came across recurring news reports about the troubles faced by fishermen from the nearby city of Rameshwaram.
It might have been born in America, but it looks like it s going to grow up somewhere overseas.The Hyperloop, Elon Musk s ambitious concept that was first debuted in 2013, might be going to India.Recent reports suggest that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies HTT , an American startup championing the dream of bringing the 760-mph transportation system to market, is planning on beginning negotiations with government authorities in the southeast Asian country.Imagine Chennai to Bengaluru in less than 30 minutes for a fraction of the cost of air travel today, Joel Michael, the chief global operations director of the Los Angeles-based company told the Economic Times via email.The executive is slated to attend the i5 Summit in India next week, where initial negotiations might commence.Transportation is a multi-billion dollar industry that has yet to meaningfully innovate against issues like gridlock, pollution and traveler discomfort, said Gresta.
Huawei Technologies plans to start production of its smartphones in India by the end of September, joining the expansion of other Chinese brands in the world s second-biggest market for the devices.The Shenzhen-based company s foray into the market will be in partnership with contract electronics manufacturer Flex, formerly known as Flextronics International.Industry sources said on Monday that a formal announcement of the initiative, which was first reported by Indian media, will be made at the end of this week.Beset by slow growth in their home market, many Chinese smartphone suppliers have ramped up their operations in India as the country s appetite for advanced, low-cost smartphones has grown in the past few years.Huawei, the world s largest telecommunications equipment supplier, will have its smartphones assembled by Flex at a plant near Chennai, where the Nasdaq-listed company already manufactures smartphones for Lenovo Group, including its Motorola brand, according to Indian media.Huawei and Flex declined to comment when contacted by the South China Morning Post.
India's government has decided to build a submarine cable between the city of Chennai and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are about 200km east of India, way out in the Bay of Bengal.The Islands are home to about 380,000 people, among them the Jarawa people who lived a more-or-less stone age lifestyle until the late 1990s, when they started to interact with other islanders after a road was built close to their jungle home.India's cabinet has two reasons for the cable, the first being strategic as the official notice of the project says the islands safeguard India's eastern seaboard.As, presumably, does the nation's successful test yesterday of a new Long Range Surface to Air Missile System.Sea power projected from the Andaman Islands is important to India, as proximity to the Malacca Straight means it can throw its weight around in the Malacca Straits, the key sea route to China.
Samsung is recalling and swapping faulty Note 7 handsetsCabin crew on an Indian passenger aircraft have used a fire extinguisher to tackle a smoking Samsung handset.The Note 2 handset was smouldering and spitting sparks, according to a statement from airline IndiGo.The crew's prompt action meant the aircraft landed safely at Chennai, its intended destination, said IndiGo.The incident comes as Samsung recalls millions of new Note 7 devices because of faulty batteries.IndiGo said no-one was hurt during the incident, on flight 6E-054 from Singapore to Chennai.
Huawei says it expects to partner with more than 50,000 independent retail outlets across India by the end of this year to support its domestic smartphone sales.Huawei Technologies is gearing up to assemble up to three million smartphones annually in India by the end of next year, as the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker ratchets up its expansion in the world s second-biggest market for the devices in terms of users.The Shenzhen-based company said on Friday that its Honor-brand smartphones would be the first line assembled, starting next month, by contract electronics manufacturing partner Flex at its industrial park in Chennai, the capital of the country s southern state of Tamil Nadu.We have been present in India for the last 16 years and as part of our India focus, we have been consistently expanding our footprint in the market, Huawei India chief executive Jay Chen said at a launch ceremony in New Delhi on Friday, according to a company press release.We ll keep looking for opportunities to increase our presence here.We have seen significant acceptance of our smartphones in India over the last few years
On Friday morning, another Samsung-related phone incident took place onboard an aircraft carrier, but much to everyone's surprise, it wasn't a Galaxy Note7.A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — released back in 2012 — caught fire mid-air on an IndiGo plane en route to Chennai from Singapore.Passengers noticed smoke in the cabin and notified crew members, who discovered it was coming from a Samsung Note 2 in the overhead bins and extinguished the fire.Following the incident, the aviation authority in India issued a statement directed to all Samsung Note users: turn off your phones or leave them at home.The Directorate General of Civil Aviation DGCA in India advised fliers to use caution when onboard an aircraft with any Samsung Note devices."They should either keep these devices switched off or not travel with them," a DGCA spokesman told the Times of India.
After the botched recall of the very explodey Galaxy Note 7, Samsung just cannot catch a break.On Friday, during an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Singapore, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the overhead compartment started spewing smoke and sparks.A statement from IndiGo reads:The crew quickly identified minor smoke coming from the hat-rack of seat 23 C. Taking the precautionary measure, the cabin crew on priority relocated all passengers on other seats, and further observed smoke being emitted from a Samsung Note 2, which was placed in the baggage of a passenger in the overhead bin.There was no fire observed but sparks were observed.A Samsung spokesperson told the Times of India that the company is aware of the incident and that the company was looking into the matter.
the Indian on the plane the passenger's hand luggage had samsung's phone started to smoke and managed to get the alarm on Friday, media report.Airline Indigo plane was traveling from Singapore to India Chennai city.AFP News agency:according to smoke started phone was a Samsung Note 2.the Phone was travel to the ends of the above goods in the tray, told the Reuters news agency.the Incident caused no damage, and the aircraft landed safely.
An IndiGo Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft is pictured parked at a gate at Mumbai's Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport February 3, 2013.We have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone began smoking during a commercial flight from Singapore to Chennai, India on Friday 23 September , India's aviation regulator said.After smelling smoke coming from the overhead baggage compartment, passengers onboard the IndiGo flight, 6E-054, alerted the cabin crew who saw smoke and sparks coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone in a piece of hand luggage.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -mobile phone caught fire on a flight in Asia.Swiftly worked the crew got the device hydrated.IndiGo airlines, according to Friday journey from singapore to Chennai, travel to Samsung Note 2 - the device starts to smoulder and spit sparks.the Situation noticed a passenger who wondered why the hat shelf door of the hanging smoke.the Phone was dug hand baggage and the crew turned it off. End mobile phone is soaked in a bucket of water in the airplane One was injured in the incident, and the airline says the plane landed normally, the Chennai airport.
The internet is full of cute cats, but some can have devastating effects.On Friday evening, Chennai-based technology blogger Varun Krishnan was locked out of his Facebook account after he shared a photo of an innocent looking cat with a friend."It might sound stupid but this just happened to me," Krishnan told Mashable India.But when Facebook Messenger app immediately asked Krishnan to re-enter his credentials, he knew something was amiss."Before I realized, my devices were getting logged off.Even on PC, Messenger notified me that my Facebook account has been disabled, he added.
FreshDesk, the startup behind a cloud-based customer support software, announced today that it has closed a whopping $55 million investment round.Sequoia Capital India led the series F funding round, followed by returning investor Accel Partners.The San Bruno, Calif.-based SaaS startup says its service has attracted over 80,000 customers, double the clients since its previous funding round in April 2015.Toshiba and Cisco are among FreshDesk s customers.The capital will be used to feed FreshDesk s two newest products, and FreshService.With five global offices in San Bruno, London, Sydney, Chennai, and Berlin, the startup said the money will help FreshDesk grow its teams across the world.They have a world-class product vision and Sequoia is delighted to partner with Girish and lead this growth capital round to help scale India s leading SaaS company, said Sequoia Capital India s managing director, Mohit Bhatnagar.FreshDesk has raised at least $150 million since its pre-seed investment, led by Accel, in 2011.
If your internet is slow or not working today, you can blame it on Cyclone Vardah.Airtel, India s largest telecom carrier, informed its broadband subscribers this evening that one of its undersea network cables was impacted by the cyclone in Chennai.Several users across India have been complaining about internet issues since Tuesday morning.Other ISPs including ACT and YOU Broadband also reported issues on their respective networks throughout the day.Internet is down all over India because of Chennai cyclone storm from yesterday :- .YOU Broadband, which offers services in 16 cities, said "two major internet gateways" were affected by the cyclone.
The Internet of Things IoT is poised to change the way we live our lives, from commuting to entertainment and more.And with that radical transformation comes volumes of new methods that require education for those connected to the industries that the IoT will influence in the coming years.Fortunately, there are a plethora of conferences and seminars that serve to bring decision makers and other influential individuals up to speed on the latest trends in the IoT.The following is a chronological list of all the best IoT conferences, expos, bootcamps, and more for the remainder of 2017.International Multi-Topic Conference on Engineering and ScienceWhen: January 2 to January 3Where: Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSummary: Gyancity ResearchLab, MIR Lab, India UTHM Malaysia, MUET Pakistan, University of MalagaSpain, and Aalborg University, Denmark are all organizing this event.IoT and Its Impact on ManufacturingWhen: January 11Where: Malvern, PennsylvaniaSummary: Microsoft, Softweb Solutions, and COMPAREX will join together to present the event, which will discuss how IoT can be implemented.3rd International Research Conference on Management, Engineering, and Science 2017When: January 18 to January 19Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: IRCMES 2017 will address topics in science, engineering, business, and management.Connected Vehicles 2017When: January 18Where: Chennai, IndiaSummary: The automotive and tech industries are preparing for the next wave of innovation in India: the rise of connected vehicles.IoT Tech Expo GlobalWhen: January 23 to January 24Where: London, EnglandSummary: This expo will feature case studies and seven dedicated conference tracks that span the entire IoT, which includes Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing & IoT Technologies, Connected Services, Wearables, Connected Industry, and Data & Security.Blockchain ExpoWhen: January 23 to January 24Where: London, EnglandSummary: More than 1,500 people will gather for a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and case studies to foster relationships in the fintech space.3rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Management and Science 2017When: February 1 to February 2Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: ICETMS 2017 is looking for submissions on electrical engineering; mechanical and industrial engineering; civil engineering; ICT; business management; oil, gas, energy and mining engineering; basic science; and food and agriculture.Industrial IoT MENAWhen: February 6 to February 7Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: Companies are now trying to leverage the Industrial IoT to minimize downtime, boost efficiency, and usher in a new age of economic growth and competitiveness.This conference will collect several forward-thinking companies to pave the road for the Industrial IoT revolution.IoT Evolution ExpoWhen: February 7 to February 10Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaSummary: This IoT conference will use networking, case studies, and special events to explain how the IoT will help businesses solve problems in the future.Telit IoT InnovationWhen: February 7Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaSummary: This event will feature keynote speeches and breakout sessions under two tracks: Smart Solutions and Tools, Technologies, and Resources.IoT India Expo 2017When: February 8 to February 10Where: New Delhi, IndiaSummary: The theme of this expo is "Convergence, Connecting, Convenience."Asia IoT Business Platform SingaporeWhen: February 14Where: SingaporeSummary: This is the first in a series of events in 2017 that will be held throughout Southeast Asia.Other locations include Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
The Chennai based web and clone script development company is Agriya, which flourished in this competitive business world more than the decade.It is the pioneer company to come up with the clone script concept for the entrepreneurs’ community.There are 60+ exceptional clone scripts of the various niche industries.
Global creative and content agency Madras Brand Solutions has named Mark Cerame as its head of strategy, rounding out its management team in New York City.Cerame will work out of the New York office, where he’ll team with Madras chief creative officers Bill Davaris and Andrew Ladden and collaborate with Madras offices in London and India.His appointment marks an important step for the agency, which was launched in January with existing offices on three continents and 1,100 people dedicated to always-on marketing.Madras delivers creative and content for clients by making it financially easy to access strategy and creative continuously, identifying strategic insights and developing creative solutions in London and New York, then executing them cost-effectively via content and production teams in Bangalore and Chennai.“Strategy can’t be a one-time exercise,” said Cerame.“For brands to maintain emotional connections with consumers, they need to bring creative ideas to market continuously.
Microsoft's opened its three Indian Azure data centres to the world.Azure India kicked off in September 2015 but at the time Microsoft noted that “The India regions are currently available to volume licensing customers and partners with a local enrollment in India”, adding that “The India regions will open to direct online Azure subscriptions in 2016.”It looks like Redmond missed that deadline by a few months, because on April 11th the company announced that “global companies can now benefit from access to the three Azure regions in India.”Those regions are West India (Mumbai), Central India (Pune) and South India (Chennai), all of which Microsoft says are first-rate bit barns for anything you want to throw at them.Opening Azure India to non-Indians matters because using an offshore bit barn adds latency.Indians, like any users anywhere, like their online experiences to be snappy.