Ben visited Vikram Solar’s factory in Falta, West Bengal, to see how a solar panel is produced.Vikram Solar is the company that installed the solar power plant at the Cochin International Airport which has more than 46,000 PV panels, making it the first airport in the world to operate solely on solar energy!Soldering operation connecting the negative side of a solar cell to the positive side of a consecutive cell like a chain with help of copper interconnect ribbons.The strings are connected with help of copper bus ribbons as per the polarity of cells in each string and the output terminals are taken out.Proper insulators are placed in between the bus ribbons to avoid short circuiting.Another encapsulant layer, same as that on the front, and a three-layered PV backsheet is put on the rear side.
Lack of relevant information and awareness about the benefits of going solar are major bottlenecks in the rapid adoption of rooftop solar in India.With cost of solar coming down drastically, it is now possible to recover the cost of rooftop solar in 5-7 years’ time (note this depends on many factors like subsidy, electricity bill, tariff, units consumed etc.Let us have a look at the country’s top rooftop solar installers.Here is the list of rooftop solar installation companies in India Tata Power SolarMahindra SustenSunsure EnergyFourth Partner EnergySuryadayOrb EnergyVikram SolarRenew PowerSB EnergyCleanMax SolarHarsha-Abakus SolarRelyOn SolarMySun SolarUjaas EnergyAmplus Energy Solutions#1.Some of its popular rooftop installations include on Cricket Club of India, RSSB-EES Amritsar, and Cochin International airport.Sunsure EnergySunsure Energy specializes in large scale rooftop solutions (50kw-800kw) and provides full turnkey solutions to its clients.The company has a presence in the entire value chain of rooftop installations, starting right from conceptualizing, designing to EPC, financial structuring and maintenance.