p One in four adults has been diagnosed with a mental illness – but a fifth of people still think "one of the main causes of mental illness is a lack of self-discipline and willpower".A survey conducted by the National Centre of Social Research asked 5,000 adults about their experience of mental health and found that 26 per cent had been diagnosed with a mental illness.A further 18 per cent of adults reported having experienced a mental illness but not having been diagnosed.Women were more likely to have been diagnosed with a common mental health disorder – 31 per cent of women compared to 17 per cent of men.The most common diagnosis was depression, with 19 per cent of people surveyed saying they had been diagnosed with the condition.Other common diagnoses were anxiety, phobias and OCD, with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and eating disorders categorised as "serious conditions".
Microsoft confirms Xbox Live Gold subscription prices will increase in six countries.Microsoft will soon be increasing Xbox Live Gold subscription prices in six countries next month.The reader's email reportedly said that the monthly price will triple from R50 £2.2, $3.19 to R159 £7, $10.15 .The hike aims to bring the prices in line with those of the US where it is $9.99 per month and $59.99 per year.Xbox Live Gold codes are not region-locked."These accounts never migrated to Xbox 360 and as a result they have been inactive for quite some time," Xbox Live programming director Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb wrote in a blog post.
Android Pay is now available in UK allowing you to complete contactless payments from your Android phone.We got the chance to test out the tech at a coffee shop in Central London as well as on the London Underground – and the tech works great.Sadly there's no word on Android Wear support for Android Pay yet, something Apple has managed to include on its Watch device.Android Pay allows you to make payments up to £100 as well, but anything above the £30 limit will require you to enter your pattern, PIN or fingerprint.It's currently trialling a feature called Hands Free where you can walk into a store and just say "I'd like to pay with Google" to make your transaction.Google is also launching Android Pay Day, a service that offers exclusive codes and deals to customers who use the service.
View photosMoreThe SWIFT logo is pictured in this photo illustration taken April 26, 2016.JPMorgan Chase & Co has limited SWIFT access to some employees amid questions about the breaches at two Asian banks, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.Brussels-based SWIFT is a cooperative owned by some 3,000 global financial institutions.Some U.S. banks want to discuss with SWIFT whether it responded quickly enough to the breaches and if it should help banks better secure their systems, Bloomberg cited one unidentified source as saying.Some U.S. banks expect SWIFT to come up with a technological solution to reduce the risk of further attacks, the report cited a second unidentified source as saying.SWIFT codes for at least seven international banks were written into malware used in an attack that Vietnam's Tien Phong Bank disclosed over the weekend, Bloomberg reported, citing a private report published by BAE Systems PLC .
Try these cheeky codes.Paradox InteractiveDiplomacy and exploration are a huge part of the Stellaris experience.Paradox Interactive's real-time strategy sci-fi opus follows the basic tenets of the 4X structure: expand, explore, exploit and exterminate.However, your first few hours spent nursing your civilisation will focus more on politics and resource-gathering than on all-out skirmishes.Stellaris Console Commands list and guideai – Toggles enemy AI on or offcash amount – Adds 5,000 cash by default or specified amountcontact – Toggles contact with other empires on or offcontrol planet ID – Instantly occupy planet if not at war with colonydamage amount – Selected ship takes specified damage amountdemocratic election – Start an electiondeposits – Toggle deposit visibility on or offengineering amount - Adds 5,000 engineering by default or specified amountfast forward value – Jumps forward in-game days by specified valuefinish research – Instantly finishes any active researchftl – enables/disables unlimited FTL travelhuman ai – Toggles AI for human empires on and offinfluence amount - Adds 5,000 influence by default or specified amountinstant build – Instantly finish building active upgrades, ships, stations and buildingsinvincible – God modekill country country ID – Instantly kills entire countryminerals amount - Adds 5,000 minerals by default or specified amountpeace on player country ID – Selected country offers peace to playerphysics amount – Adds 5,000 physics by default or specified amountplanet happiness amount – Selected planet given happiness buffpopulate – Selected planet reaches maximum populationresearch technologies – Instantly finishes any active technology researchresource resource type amount – Adds 5000 to specified resource by default or specified amountskills amount – Adds specified amount of skill to all player leaderssociety amount – Adds 5000 to society by default or specified amountsurvey – Surveys all planetswar on player country ID – Selected country declares war on playerThe 'planet resource' code allows players to gather materials quickly for a specific location.Stellaris Planet Resource Console CommandsThe 'planet resource' command fills random tiles on a selected planet with a definable resource.
LinkedIn Corp. is investigating whether a breach of more than 6 million users passwords in 2012 was bigger than originally thought, following a hacker s attempt to sell what is purported to be login codes for 117 million accounts.It appears that more had been taken then, and just posted now,  spokesman Hani Durzy said.We are still determining how many of these are still active and accurate, since the data would be about four years old now.At the time, LinkedIn reset the passwords of everyone it believed was part of the breach, which amounted to 6.5 million users, Durzy said.Vice Media LLC s Motherboard website earlier reported that a hacker is selling the e-mails and passwords of the affected LinkedIn users for about $2,000, and provided about 1 million sample logins for verification.The passwords are encrypted but in a format that is easily cracked.In September 2015 LinkedIn s $1.25 million settlement over the breach received final approval by a court.The latest disclosure raises questions about why LinkedIn didn t reset passwords for all of its more than 160 million users at the time, which is considered good due diligence for Internet companies that experience a major breach.
Android Instant Apps brings the ability for apps to launch immediately on a user's device without them having to first locate and download the appAt Google's annual developer conference Google I/O 2016, a lot of exciting new technologies were announced, and although there was no news about self-driving cars or Chromecast, towards the end of the conference the internet giant introduced a new project that could revolutionise the mobile experience as we know it today.That innovation is Android Instant Apps — an elegant new solution that makes it possible for apps to run instantly on a user's device without the user needing to know what the app is called, access the Google Play app, search for the app and then wait for it to install.So for example, when a user is in an app, such as Facebook, and wants to access video content in another app, Google Play simply installs only the pieces of code it needs to display the videos."You update the existing app with the same APIs and the same source codes.Your app will be just one tap away for over 1 billion people," Ellie Powers, Google's lead product manager told the audience.Instead, Google play downloads details from a shopping site, and you can instantly add the item you want to the shopping cart and check out using Android Pay, which already has your payment details stored, meaning that it takes two taps to buy something, rather than two minutes.
Hi all,We own a commercial printing company and have a bimonthly magazine.We would like to encourage our audience to renew their subscriptions to the magazine from the website instead of by snail mail.What are the best ways to go from print to web?QR codes don't work that well for the 40-60 demographic... Any suggestions?
Your web browser called the client begins the exchange by submitting a request to the web server for code, images, and other information.A specific brand ranked well in search results and I immediately found pages of product links from their site that fit what I wanted.Some developers erroneously chain 302 and 301 redirects together, increasing a page s load time with every redirect.403 – ForbiddenA 403 response is the server saying, I understand your request but I won t give you the information.The 404 tells search engine crawlers that they ve found a dead end and should look to another location—important when a crawler has limited resources to spend on a website.If you see multiple 404 results from external links that can t be updated, consider a 410 response instead.
The stolen funds were transferred primarily to banks in Honk KongCyberattacks targeting international banks have seen an alarming rise in recent times, the most notable of which is the Bangladesh Bank hack which saw cybercriminals making off with $81m.As with the Bangladesh Bank heist, the hackers who targeted the Ecuadorian bank Banco del Austro in January 2015, were also able to gain access to the bank's codes for using Swift – the global bank messaging service - after which they transferred the funds to a different bank in another location, the Wall Street Journal reported.We have been in touch with the bank concerned to get more information and are reminding customers of their obligations to share such information with us," she said.Banco del Austro has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co in New York's federal court for failing to identify "red flags" in several transactions in January 2015 and to stop the cybercriminals from transferring around $12m to banks across the globe.It is not known what happened to the money after it was sent to banks in Hong Kong.Swift has since asked banks to be more vigilant against cybercriminals.
If only they applied the same efforts when it comes to Google My Business GMB .Here are the top four ways spam is flooding Google Maps.Improper business namesThe Google My Business guidelines state the following with regard to business names:Adding unnecessary information to your name e.g., Google Inc. — Mountain View Corporate Headquarters instead of Google by including marketing taglines, store codes, special characters, hours or closed/open status, phone numbers, website URLs, service/product information, location/address or directions, or containment information e.g.It matters because having keywords in the business name actually helps improve ranking.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.Staff authors are listed here.
Google takes security seriously, but it's also been on the hunt to find alternatives to passwords for a while now.When you attempt to log in, the device will check to see if it the environment is sketchy enough to necessitate a password, or just simply let you in unimpeded.Daniel Kaufman, head of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects division, says that testing for the new biometric security measure is underway for this summer, TechCrunch reports.A similar set of security measures are already present in Google's SmartLock feature, which can unlock a phone without a password if the device is in a familiar location or recognizes the user's face.Unlike SmartLock, however, Google's new biometric security measure is an API, meaning developers can use it to protect your apps - as well as use multiple settings, like having sensitive mobile banking apps require higher Trust Scores than a Spotify player.Kaufman says that "several very large financial institutions" will test out the API in June, meaning we could be seeing the password-less feature come to the public soon - a relief to those who can't remember multiple codes and wind up just going with "password."
Microsoft Word, like all text-based programs, uses a numeric character code called ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange for each alphabetic, numeric, and special character on your keyboard.This code is the reason we can use open text files in almost any software program and the reason why some programs' passwords are case-sensitive e.g., the uppercase A is ASCII number 65 and the lowercase a is ASCII code 97 .Somewhere around the decimal code 256, the preceding zero is no longer necessary.Start with 1,000 and try some random numbers through 10,078.It s always fun to insert a happy face Alt 1 or Alt 9786 or a snowman Alt 9731 .Laptop & Tablet KeyboardsSome laptops and tablets don t have numeric keypads.
Developers are always looking to better understand their tools, and now Crytek has made a big leap toward that goal.The full source code for the game-making Cryengine software is now available on the programming repository GitHub.Crytek senior systems engineer David Kaye explained in a blog post that this will enable people to quickly see the differences between various versions of the toolkit going forward.The German company will require you to purchase a commercial license to access certain parts of its code, and the legal restrictions of that license will still apply.While this allowed users to customize systems as they saw fit, it was a simple drop of files.Another benefit of Cryengine on GitHub is that it makes it easier than ever for its users to stay updated.This is the latest big move for a Crytek company that has had a number of major transitions.Also, in February, Amazon revealed that it was offering a free game-making tool called Lumberyard that it based on Cryengine.
The new product is a hyperconverged hardware and software bundle that Nutanix says starts at US$25,000 for an entry-level three-node cluster capable of running from 10 to 400 or 500 virtual machines.Nutanix says the secret sauce is its software, which aims to make administering VMs and hardware simple enough that outfits of any size won't need specialists dedicated to wrangling servers and storage.Xpress takes that concept even further by omitting some of Nutanix's higher-end and more complex features: out go erasure codes, availability domains and multi-site disaster recovery.Also gone, presumably for the sake of performance, is encryption for data at rest.And The Register recently learned that SimpliVity has found some tactics it thinks has put a rocket under its channel sales.A broader portfolio therefore looks like a fine idea for Nutanix, not least because it still intends to float some time during 2016.
In the earn-a-quick-buck culture of Taboola Web, one guy has a neat trick that, for once, doesn't require your credit card details.Mark - who also goes by the name Rofe, for some reason, and wants us to know he lives in Dubai and definitely not London - explained how he gamed Uber's referral program to get £1,500 worth of free rides thanks, Giz .Mark realised that a lot of people were using Twitter to search for Uber codes, and so he paid a student in Prague to build a bot that would search for relevant tweets and reply with his invite code.His referral code would only give him £10 off his next trip, but Mark - sorry, Rofe - says if his journeys went much over that, he'd get out and book a second Uber.If you've gone to this much effort already, why not game the system entirely, eh?Also, "Uber reserves the right to suspend your account and revoke any referral credits if they were earned against our terms."
What would you think if a coworker or employee showed up to work in loose ripped jeans, scuzzy sneakers, the same shirt she wore yesterday, frizzy hair, dirty unpolished nails, and a band-aid hanging off her arm from a recent tetanus shot?Friedman quotes Susan Scafidi, founder of the Fashion Law Institute, who notes that as our work lives and lives-lives become increasingly intertwined, there s naturally far less interest in a wardrobe that arbitrarily separates the two: There s a strain of thought that says an employee represents a company, and thus dress is not about personal expression, but company expression, Professor Scafidi said.But there s a counter argument that believes because we identify so much with our careers, we should be able to be ourselves at work.Friedman also cites recent uproars over various sharply gendered dress codes—the heel requirement at British temp agency Portico, and, allegedly, at Cannes; the weather forecaster who was recently handed a sweater to cover her dress she later said it was a joke ; Kansas State Senator Mitch Holmes public apology for releasing guidelines that deemed low necklines and miniskirts inappropriate but had no equivalent restrictions for male dress—as well as new guidelines from the New York City Commission on Human Rights prohibiting enforcing dress codes based on sex or gender, to make the argument that as the lines of gender increasingly blur, the concept of what clothes are appropriate does as well.I started an editorial assistant job at Glamour Magazine in fussy outfits and statement necklaces and high heels that sprained my ankle twice; two years later, my Birkenstocks and jeans heavily signaled a swiftly loosening commitment to the world of women s magazines, and to the idea that a woman should stand on her tippy toes to be taken seriously.Has that idea shifted dramatically depending on your job, or even as you become more comfortable in or less serious about one particular job?
Except it's not money you can withdraw and have to spend on food.His trick was a fairly basic abuse of the trumped-up minicab firm's referral system, one he sort of hacked a bit by creating a Twitter bot to scan for people looking to share codes and... getting in there first.Except he didn't even do it himself.It was made in python by a Kazakhstan student studying in Prague and it cost me $20 in total actual cost was $70, but I had a $50 coupon code ."That bot did nothing more than respond to tweets for Uber referral requests -- which give both the existing user and the new signer-upper £10 in credit -- sending out his code.The fishing trips worked once tuned enough to beat Twitter's anti-spam algos, eventually earning up to 150 referrals worth £10 in free trip credit each time.
Except it's not money you can withdraw and have to spend on food.His trick was a fairly basic abuse of the trumped-up minicab firm's referral system, one he sort of hacked a bit by creating a Twitter bot to scan for people looking to share codes and... getting in there first.Except he didn't even do it himself.It was made in python by a Kazakhstan student studying in Prague and it cost me $20 in total actual cost was $70, but I had a $50 coupon code ."That bot did nothing more than respond to tweets for Uber referral requests -- which give both the existing user and the new signer-upper £10 in credit -- sending out his code.The fishing trips worked once tuned enough to beat Twitter's anti-spam algos, eventually earning up to 150 referrals worth £10 in free trip credit each time.
This WiFi router claims to use spectrum turbocharger technology inside to bring access to 300% more airwaves than any other router out there.The maker claims that extra airwave coverage brings as much as 300x more range and coverage.This allows the router to operate in a protected portion of the 5GHz radio spectrum that was originally designated for use by weather radar systems.VPN access and WiFi Protected Access is supported.There is no indication that the tech or approvals allowing use of this spectrum are limited to the Portal device alone.Most crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, have policies about what happens to your money if the project fails to deliver on its goals, but choosing to back a project is inevitably a risk.