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The company now expects revenue to be in the range of $6.20 billion to $6.25 billion
The South Korean company plans to invest about $17 billion in its Project Silicon Silver and create about 1,800 jobs over the first ten years
Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Anghami has more than 70 million registered users and partnerships with Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group
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The company said that four vulnerabilities in its software allowed hackers to access servers for Microsoft Exchange
The company said that it will not track individual level data like PII graphs based on people’s email addresses. .Instead, it will build web products which will be powered by privacy-preserving APIs which prevent individual tracking while still delivering results for advertisers and publishers.
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ICRIER said it is set to scale the study of the country’s retail and e-commerce sectors in collaboration with Walmart.Walmart owns majority of homegrown e-commerce company Flipkart. Last year, The Flipkart Group also announced acquisition of Wal-Mart India Private Limited
'Infosys is looking at partnering with health care providers to vaccinate employees and their immediate families as eligible,' IT major says.For Accenture, costs for employees and dependents who are eligible and choose to receive the vaccination will be covered, the company said
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FuboTV's annual net loss topped $570 million in 2020 as the company continues to build out its sports streaming and wagering services.
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Ample hopes to ease the range-bound anxiety of driving an electric car by making charging stations as fast and readily available as gas stations.
Tesla still outsold rivals more than two times over, but it's a little victory for Ford.
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of WandaVision.Throughout the time-spanning Disney+ series WandaVision, viewers have seen references to all kinds of classic sitcoms, from old favourites Bewitched and The Dick Van Dyke Show to more recent offerings Malcolm In The Middle and Modern Family.In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Matt Shakman revealed that nods to even more old shows were considered for WandaVision, but didn’t end up making the finished product.In the most recent episode of WandaVision, viewers discovered that the title character’s love of sitcoms stems right back to her childhood in Sokovia, and that she turned Westview into a town like those in her favourite shows to help process her trauma and grief.Explaining how it was decided which sitcoms the show would pay homage to, Matt explained: “We were looking at family sitcoms. There are a great many wonderful shows like Taxi or The Office that could’ve been inspirations, but the ones that we focused on were the ones that were about family because that’s obviously what Wanda yearns for.“She loses her family when she’s young, she loses her brother, she loses Vision and the family that might have been. So the family sitcoms were the strongest thematic connection to that.”Asked which other shows could have been referenced – including Full House, which starred Elizabeth Olsen’s twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley – Matt then revealed: “We took inspiration from all kinds of different shows, and we were picking the shows that we felt were incredibly timely and timeless.“They were so popular in their moment and their era when they came out, but they also continued to be really good and live on.”He added: “We did look at Full House, we did look at Family Ties, we did look at Growing Pains. We looked at so many different shows, and I have some small nods in there.“There’s an opening title sequence to episode 5, where we do the crane shot from Full House, where they’re having the picnic, or we run through the park with them as a nod to Lizzie growing up just behind the camera on that show.” WandaVision’s final episode debuts on Disney+ on Friday, with Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently casting doubt on whether it would be back for a follow-up series.He explained: "Some of the shows that we are about to start filming, we are keeping in mind a structure that would lead into a season two and a season three in a more direct way than, say, a show like WandaVision, which clearly goes into a feature.”The “feature” in question is the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel Multiverse Of Madness, which Elizabeth will star in once again as Wanda Maximoff.HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change. MORE DISNEY+Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Weighs In On Speculation WandaVision Could Return For Second Series‘There’s A Need For Shows That Present A Positive World View’: Love, Victor Is The LGBTQ Teen Drama Changing LivesDisney+ Has Added More Than 75 TV Series And 270 Films – Here's The Full List
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A huge multinational company launches a game platform that’s an abject failure, drops it after just four years on the market, and then launches a new console that turns out to be a huge success. It takes all of the old first-party games it released on that previous console, which all had … Continue reading