Adobe this morning launched a new suite of apps called Adobe Spark, which allow both web and mobile users to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and animated videos.While it leverages concepts from Adobe s pro tools like Photoshop and InDesign, like the ability to layer images with text and filters, it makes this accessible to everyday users who can make these sorts of changes just by tapping buttons.It s basically a simplified web editing platform, with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.Instead, you combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story in order to create the video.What s really changed is that they now interoperate with Spark s web service, which means you can create content from a laptop, Chromebook or tablet.Adobe Spark is a free service, available via, which will also direct you to the iOS downloads.
Today we will continue our focus on the Twitter platform, walk through an automated way to engage with other Twitter users and in turn gain more followers for our Twitter account And if all goes well new customers, readers for our blog etc .Firstly retweeting helps you generate content for your own Twitter account.If you retweet 5 tweets from other people per day and 1 -2 tweets of your own you are generating content for your followers to read.Dont get me wrong retweets are not as good as your own original content being tweeted but it does keep the flow of content going.The first method is 100% manual and in all honesty really time consuming.Use a google script to run our code dont worry I will give you this code later on.
I mean the third-party apps, widgets and tools webmasters can use to optimize their sites and improve results — with minimal manual input required.Longer-form content provides more detail, more long-tail and conversational phrases which lend themselves to more relevant search queries and more market differentiation from the increased competition that has arisen in recent years.In a recent survey I conducted of 357 online marketers, What Works in Online Marketing, 52 percent of respondents said they are currently seeing a positive ROI from social media marketing, while 65 percent believe it will become even more important over the course of the next five years.Video content is outperforming pretty much every other kind of contentAs mobile devices, WiFi availability and video sharing capabilities become more advanced and prominent, users are demanding more video content.Voice search and digital assistants are gaining popularity and usageJust a few years ago, digital assistants seemed like useless gimmicks that failed to recognize voices accurately and provided less-than-stellar results even when they did.That being said, these certainly aren t the only trends I anticipate developing for e-commerce, and it s hard to predict exactly what s around the corner — so keep your campaign flexible, and always be on the lookout for the next breakthrough development.
How to Make Progress on Your Marketing Excellence Journey Infographic Successful marketing comes down to a simple concept: Being able to measure what people want, and being able to deliver it.According to MarketingProfs, the hard lesson here is that marketing organizations that want to earn or keep their seat at the corporate leadership table must focus on both sides of the analytics coin: data and metrics.MarketingProfsYouTube Releases New YouTube Director App to Help Businesses Create Better Video ContentYouTube has released a new app that aims to help advertisers create better video.According to Search Engine Land, users are only allowed to compare two queries at one time, but these comparisons could prove to be invaluable to search engine marketers along with content developers.Search Engine LandSurvey: Pre-roll ads are a major barrier to watching online news videosAccording to Marketing Land: In a new international survey of web users, less than 25 percent say they watch online news video content in a typical week.Marketing LandWhat were your top online marketing news stories this week?
Content in a curated Hashtag Site.At launch, CEO and founder Winder Hughes told me, publishing partners include Bonnier Publishing and Outside TV, plus others whose names he couldn t yet mention.The company reports there have been about 30,000 downloads of the Hi-Fi app during the nine-month beta period, and there are currently about 2,000 active users.The platform doesn t learn your content preferences, but content that is rated highly through user feedback surfaces higher in the feed.At least at first, Hi-Fi staff are moderating the feed for issues like obscenity, but Hughes said they might eventually utilize tech solutions for that task.The Marketplace contains built-in content creation tools for posting text, adding links to web sites, shooting and capturing video, creating gif animation, and live video streaming.
In an effort to help U.S. content marketers connect more with their audience, Twitter rolled out a new analytics app to help manage and measure those interactions on its platform.A limited number of Vine creators will also be able to add longer videos to their Vines.Twitter said video Tweets have increased more than 50 percent since the beginning of 2016."Video is becoming increasingly central to the real-time conversations happening on Twitter," said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and co-founder."We're investing heavily in videos and creators.We want to be the best place for creators and influencers to build an audience and make it easier for creators to make money on Twitter, and soon Vine."
Updates to the Dropbox app for iOS allow users to scan documents directly into the cloud storage service, and get started with creating Microsoft Office files from that app as well.To help with that, Dropbox is adding support for scanning documents with the iPhone camera, and saving them as PDFs.Users can also upload photos from their phone using a new photo upload workflow that will let them add individual images and also all of the pictures taken on a particular day into Dropbox.It s planning an update to the Dropbox badge that will let people make live comments on a PowerPoint presentation that show up in Dropbox, without having to leave the file they re working on.Those logs can be viewed through an online administrator console, but are also accessible through the company s API.The news comes a week after Drew Houston, the company s co-founder and CEO, revealed at a conference that Dropbox is operating cash flow positive.
Facebook has signed deals with several media companies and celebrities to create video content for Facebook Live, its live video-streaming service.The report said the move is to create a revenue source from its live streaming service as well as create more attractive video content for its users.Yet, it does not have a robust revenue generating platform like Youtube.Some of the companies with which Facebook has entered contracts with include CNN, The New York Times, Vox Media, Tastemade, Mashable, Huffington Post and with celebrities such as Chef Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Hart, Deepak Chopra and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.It was reported that Facebook chief operations officer Sheryl Sandberg in Hollywood looking to hire talents from agencies and managers.An anonymous source said that Buzzfeed would be paid about $250,000 for 20 posts per month over a period of three months.
Recent polls suggest that as much as 62% of society searches specifically for videos.Those consumers are more likely to click on search results that include a video.Society is becoming more visual and less stimulated by written words.When posting video content, it should be relevant.An example here is local news networks.Major stories include a video and/or still images with the story underneath.
The white paper or webinar content described below has been produced by one of our sponsors.Employee Advocacy has emerged as a great solution for brands that need to drive more reach, traffic, conversions, and leads from the content they ve worked so hard to create.Your employees are your greatest asset.It makes perfect sense that companies would double down on their own talent, empowering them to be the voice of their brand.In this e-book, Dynamic Signal explores the connection between content and employees.They provide tactical takeaways that will help you determine exactly how to distribute content to your employees so they will love sharing it with their personal audiences on social media.
Two-thirds of Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies by the end of 2017,CEOs and CMOs are increasingly becoming more accountable for driving maximum business impact from their digital marketing efforts, and building so-called digital centers of excellence is becoming key to organizational success and subsequent digital transformation.A center of excellence CoE is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training for a focus area.In the digital marketing world, a Digital Center of Excellence DCoE helps remove the silos and barriers to communication that can thwart integrated digital marketing campaigns.As organizations scale in size, smart CMOs are building Digital Centers of Excellence to support the customer journey and allow search, content and digital marketers to streamline creative, production and performance initiatives.Below I identify three key steps based on the development of people, process and technology that CMOs should follow to build their Digital Center of Excellence.
Across the entire web, according to estimates from Internet Live Stats, over 4.3 million blog posts go up each day.Depending on the user s search term, geolocation and device, Google s monetized SERPs are likely to aggregate fewer than 10 organic, non-personalized results. Content is king, as the mantra goes, but where s the ROI on publishing pages that are basically useless after less than a week?Why do you have to keep feeding fresh meat to the content beast if you re not going to get anything in return?The answer is that you don t.Sure, it s probably a good idea to publish new material on a regular basis, but don t forget to also make the most of your older content assets.
It has often been said that the rise of social media would lead to the demise of email marketing, yet this simply has not been the case -- nor will it likely ever be.While both channels compete for consumers screen time, the competitive dynamic ends there.In reality, marketers have the greatest opportunity to reach consumers when they view social media and email marketing as partners with a common goal, rather than rely entirely on one over the other.Email marketing still possesses the key to a highly effective marketing strategy -- personalization.In contrast, the same content is delivered to social media followers regardless of demographic, location or interests.However, social media certainly boasts its own inherent advantages.
Enterprise corporations continue to unlock the potential of social media.Monitoring reputation, soliciting customer feedback, providing word-of-mouth marketing, promoting content and offers, educating and nurturing prospects and customers.Social media offers it all – acquisition, upsell, and retention.The velocity of information and the logic utilized to delegate social strategies in the enterprise requires a platform to monitor, measure and execute social media strategies.The Tracx solution analyzes and refines mass amounts of geographic, demographic and psychographic data from across the social web to deliver deep insights into customers, competitors, and influencers.It then makes those insights actionable through its contextually-driven Social Recommendation Engine, enabling smarter interactions that deliver meaningful business results.
Virtual reality seems to be back in a big way thanks to devices like the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift, and with the growing number of VR consumers, HTC has decided that it's probably best to have an app store dedicated to virtual reality content.Today the company announced VIVEPORT, which will be rolling out globally later this year and will allow consumers to shop for content straight from their VR headset.If you'd rather not browse an app store on your VIVE, HTC has you covered there too, offering up a web-based store along with a dedicated app for PC and mobile devices.With that revelation, it sounds like this app store might be compatible with VR headsets other than the Vive, so owners of something like the Rift may be able to get in on the action as well.On the development side of things, HTC says that VIVEPORT will allow for "long-term engagement and monetization," letting developers choose their preferred pay model for their VR apps and games.VIVEPORT will support apps that require an upfront payment, in-app purchases, and subscription-based payment models, along with other, less-specific "revenue generating opportunities."
In late June, Facebook announced they would be changing the News Feed algorithm to favor content from users friends and families, triggering a collective sigh and maybe some choice words among publishers, brands and marketers who rely on Facebook to boost brand awareness and generate referral traffic to their website and blog content.While Facebook admitted that they anticipated a dip in reach and referral traffic for some pages, many Page admins were probably already noticing a decline.Shortly after the announcement, BuzzSumo released data they d collected after reviewing 25 million Facebook posts that the top 10,000 publishers has posted in the last year.Generally speaking, the average of total shares were up, but BuzzSumo discovered that average shares for posts with links were falling.For brands and content marketers especially, it s more clear than ever that posting links to your website or blog content can t and won t get you the results you re looking for, but rather it s time to embrace Facebook as a way to connect with your audience, encourage discussion, show your value and build a rapport, as well as drive some traffic.Of course, knowing that your audience can certainly change what they like, make sure you re reviewing this data often, and making the necessary adjustments.
In Google Search, our goal is to help users quickly find the best answers to their questions, regardless of the device they re using.Today, we re announcing two upcoming changes to mobile search results that make finding content easier for users.Two years ago, we added a mobile-friendly label to help users find pages where the text and content was readable without zooming and the tap targets were appropriately spaced.Since then, we ve seen the ecosystem evolve and we recently found that 85% of all pages in the mobile search results now meet this criteria and show the mobile-friendly label.We ll continue providing the mobile usability report in Search Console and the mobile-friendly test to help webmasters evaluate the effect of the mobile-friendly signal on their pages.Helping users find the content they re looking for
Google may now be able to help you more quickly find that app you installed last week or a critical text conversation with a new in apps search button.The ability to search inside your apps is a recent addition to the Google app s tool set, but the latest beta adds the ability to put a quick access button right on your home screen.If you re on the beta, head to Google Settings In Apps.You ll then see an option to add a button right to your home screen.Google s new search capability does a deeper search into the contents on your phone.When you touch the new launch pad, you ll be taken to a Google search bar that s ready to find content from your phone.
Mobile app development is a booming industry, with millions of apps now available to customers.For software developers, this has brought a shift in focus, with businesses lining up to have a top-quality app created.As a result, many app development firms have chosen to specialize, catering to a select section of the market.Apps have integrated themselves into nearly every aspect of our lives: we use them to get where we re going, to find a place to sleep for the night, and to navigate the ever-expanding world of content media, Ben Lee, co-founder of Neon Roots, wrote in his recent report, The State of the Mobile App Industry.When the Apple Store held the vast majority of apps, developers generally focused on developing for iOS-based devices, which made things much easier.However, Apple no longer holds the majority of the smartphone market share, which has forced developers to diversify to keep up with demand.Related Article: Device Agnostic: Top 5 Cross Platform App Development Tools in 2016One of the easiest ways to create an app that works across multiple platforms is to design it as a hybrid, which allows it to reside on various operating systems without being built specifically for them.A native app can exist within a device s infrastructure, accessing various other apps and features.Can We Afford It?As Lee points out in his report, native apps are more expensive to bring to market than their hybrid counterparts, sometimes costing in the millions.Since development teams often operate within a set budget, the decision may be made prior to beginning the project based on price.2.Do We Have Time to Build It Native?Time is another factor in the decision to go native or hybrid since a hybrid app can be brought to market much more quickly than one that is built for a specific operating system.
Twitter is testing a way to provide more context for what's trending by using the title of a matching Moment as a description, TechRadar has learned.On Friday, we noticed the trend for basketball player Ben Simmons had a short blurb below it: "No.Typically, the number of tweets about a trend or the handles of people talking about it are below, so the description stood out.We asked Twitter about the blurb, and a spokesperson confirmed the social network is currently testing descriptions using content from Moments:"We're beginning to experiment with using Moments content to provide more context on trends," the spokesperson said.More details about trends in our help center, and our Moments guidelines are here. "