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“Look, I made this!” Sharing things we create is a human compulsion that traces back to childhood. Whether you’re showing your mom a drawing so she can pin it up on the fridge, or linking social media followers to your latest blog post, it’s natural for people of all ages to proudly broadcast their creative output. Therein lies the power of co-creation for content amplification. "If you want your content reach to be great, ask your community to participate." Let’s explore this approach to content collaboration from a B2B marketing perspective. Why Co-create Content for B2B Marketing? There are many benefits to collaborative content creation. TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden covered several in his writeup last year on winning at B2B influence with the magic of content co-creation. Among them: Incorporating the first-hand viewpoints of experts infuses greater authority and credibility to your content. Featuring various outside voices makes your content more relatable and accessible to varied audiences. Relevant influencers can inspire action and foster trust in unique ways. These qualities all trace back to a core fundamental advantage of co-creation: it generates better and more resonant content. And that contributes heavily to the more easily-observable benefit we’ll focus on today: co-created content drives greater reach and engagement without needing to rely on paid boosting. The influencer marketing campaign we partnered with to develop serves as a prime example. With a diverse team of influencers helping shape the content and sharing it out to their respective networks, the company surpassed its goal for social reach by an astounding 1,790%, driving more than 300,000 organic impressions on social media. Maximizing Reach & Engagement with B2B Content Co-creation Of course, content collaborations are not as simple as pushing a button. Taking the right strategic steps before, during, and after your B2B content co-creation initiative will make a vast difference in reach and engagement. Make the Content Great There are many tactics and techniques that can be activated to increase reach and engagement, but none are more important than simply creating awesome content that people are genuinely compelled to share. Instead of asking “How can co-creation partners maximize the reach of this content?” start by asking “How can co-creation partners make this content incredible?” Tap their prime area of passion and expertise so that their distinct strengths are fully reflected. Get Influencers and Co-creators Invested If the extent of your co-creation approach is adding someone’s generic and extraneous insight on top of your completed content, solely for the purpose of shoehorning an influencer into the mix, those partners are not likely to feel the level of ownership that inspires them to enthusiastically share and amplify. Two specific pointers to drive greater investment from influencers: Invite them to take part in the planning and shaping of the content, rather than asking for an add-on quote at the very end. Avoid the urge to push for product-focused or promotional contributions — people will be more motivated to share content if they feel it advances their reputation as a thought leader, as opposed to shilling a solution. (And audiences will find the content far more authentic.) Make It Easy (and Valuable) to Share Consider drafting social messages on behalf of your co-creators to make the process of amplifying as simple and effortless as possible for them. The key nuance here is to know these partners well enough to be able to create social copy that matches their voice, and to center your message on the content’s value to their audience, rather than its value to your company. For example, if your influencer is Wile E. Coyote, you’ll get better results with the framing, “I recently shared my thoughts on what’s next in the future of trapping technology and desert ecology,” compared to “I joined a podcast to talk about why Acme brand products are great for dealing with pesky roadrunners.” Meep meep. Involve Influencers that Bring Authority and Credibility by Proxy One of the underrated motivators for influencers and co-creators to share content is what I like to call “authority by association.” In part this can stem from the brand itself — if you’ve built a respected and buzzworthy reputation, people in your industry will see value in having their names attached to your content — but also from the other co-creators. Wile E. Coyote will be more inclined to share content he’s involved in if Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck also contributed. (Maybe not the Road Runner.) Or, to tie things back to real life, there’s the aforementioned campaign. Our roster of influencers included recognizable big names from the creative world, as well as up-and-comers who were extremely enthused to have their insights appear alongside the likes of Ann Handley and Minda Harts. As a more personal example, a few years ago I was invited to write the Minnesota Twins chapter in the Baseball Prospectus 2018 annual. And while I was moved to promote the book in large part because it featured my writing and because Baseball Prospectus is a giant name in the realm of baseball media, I was extra-excited to spread the word because Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) wrote the Cubs chapter. How cool is that?! via GIPHY Plan for Continued, Ongoing Promotion Given how much effort, time, and resources are often poured into large-scale content projects, it always astounds me how frequently the promotion plan basically entails sharing out a few links when the content goes live, and little else. Brands leave so much reach and utility on the table when they fall victim to Invisible Content Syndrome. Think about ways you can extend the lifecycle of your content promotion and keep co-creators engaged for weeks rather than days. A few suggestions: Make timely updates to the content over time, giving influencers a prompt to re-share and highlight new value for their audience. Repurpose the content so they can share their portions in different ways (video, quote snippets, customized visuals, etc.) while linking back to the larger piece or asset, and space them out. Keep tagging co-creators on social media whenever you’re promoting the content, so it stays on their radar long after launch. Stay committed to mutual value. Continue to invest in your relationships with these influencers and co-creators, and promote their work on your own feeds when relevant to your audience. Fuel Your B2B Marketing Reach with Influencer Co-creation Our famous friend Jay Baer has famously stated that “content is fire, and social media is gasoline.” It’s a great way to describe the role that each plays in a marketing strategy, and I think it can easily be applied to co-creation as well. Selecting the right strategic partners to develop awesome content will start the fire, and taking smart steps to encourage promotion and sharing will help those flames rise high enough to be seen from miles around. Ready to get cooking? Learn more about how TopRank Marketing approaches influencer marketing and how we can help you. The post How to Accelerate Reach and Engagement of B2B Content Through Co-Creation appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
Gmail and other services make it easy to unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails. These tips can keep people from getting to that point if they really don’t want to go. Continue reading → The post Why You Don’t Need to Worry (Too Much) About Unsubscribe Prompts appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.
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Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, but it's no easy feat. As a tech marketing leader, how exactly can you attract quality leads?
According to a new market research report "Mobile Apps and Web Analytics Market by Component (Solutions & Services), Solution (Data Analytics, Data Discovery), Application (Content Marketing, Marketing Automation), Deployment Mode, Industry Vertical, and Region - Global Forecast to 2025" published by MarketsandMarkets™, the global Mobile Apps and Web Analytics Market size expected to grow from USD 6.9 billion in 2020 to USD 15.7 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.9% during the forecast period.Browse in-depth TOC on "Mobile Apps and Web Analytics Market”171- Tables63- Figures293- PagesDownload PDF Brochure @ need for competitive differentiation and increasing focus on enhancing customer experience driving the adoption of Mobile Apps and Web Analytics Market.Increasing use of data by companies to know more about their customers, and offer an integrated, end-to-end digital experience driving the adoption of data analytics solution of mobile apps and web analytics platforms during the forecast periodToday, most organizations are generating data in every minute that can be of any shape, format, size, and structure.With traditional data architecture and models, it becomes difficult for organizations to effectively maintain data and make decisions.Enterprises have further realized the need for solutions that can access large volumes of data and empower data analysts to focus on data-driven objectives to gain data insights.The mobile apps and web analytics solution is fit to leverage big quantities of data in a consistent way with algorithms to drive real-time results with streaming data.Reporting and analytics let users adjust and fine-tune their online marketing initiatives to optimize conversion rates, marketing campaigns, and the overall website RoI.It helps marketers objectively identify the SEO metrics, such as the time on site, bounce rate, and exit rate.North America to dominate the market during the forecast periodNorth America is expected to dominate the global market from 2020 to 2025, owing to the presence of several solution vendors in the US.
Have you seen that it's harder to rank your website in Google?Or on the other hand have you seen that when you share your website on Facebook, it's getting less offers, less reachRead Full Article
What does authenticity bring to the table for B2B marketers looking to create better customer experiences? Authenticity is a vital factor when it comes to making B2B marketing that’s top-notch, with the inherent trust it builds powering campaigns that stand apart from the common crowd. Here are 5 vibrant takes on the potent power authenticity holds in the best B2B marketing, from some of the top innovators in marketing and beyond, to help inspire your marketing today and to prepare for the eventually post-pandemic business landscape. Take #1 — Authenticity Embraces Humanity For Alicia Tillman, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer at SAP*, building a community of brand advocates requires not only authenticity but accountability. “Authenticity and accountability are needed to make a long-lasting impression and build a community of advocates,” Tillman has noted. “Embrace your brand’s humanity by creation authentic experiences. Your customers will thank you,” she added. [bctt tweet="“Embrace your brand’s humanity by creation authentic experiences. Your customers will thank you.” — Alicia Tillman @aliciatillman" username="toprank"] Take #2 — Authenticity Requires Rolling Up Your Sleeves For Eric Austin, senior director of global brand building and media innovation at P&G, authenticity requires brands to establish “street cred,” do their homework, and roll up their sleeves — an approach that holds just as true for B2B efforts as those applied in B2C. “Consumers are very savvy these days,” Austin recently told Marketing Dive. “They really can see through things that are not authentic, and that's where brands tend to get into trouble: when they don't have the right insight. They have not done the roll-up-the-sleeve work in the community before they start to go big and broad,” Austin added. [bctt tweet="“Consumers are very savvy these days. They really can see through things that are not authentic, and that’s where brands tend to get into trouble: when they don’t have the right insight” @eaustin892" username="toprank"] Take #3 — Authenticity Enhances Brand Storytelling Authenticity can also enhance brand storytelling, as Konstanze Alex, head of global digital storytelling at Cisco, has shared. “Co-creating content with influential industry experts is one way for brands to unlock powerful, authentic storytelling that results in valuable brand experiences for customers,” Alex has noted. Alex is one of the marketing leaders in our list of "50 Influential Women in B2B Marketing Who Rocked in 2020," and "32 Top Social Media Marketing Influencers To Follow." [bctt tweet="“Co-creating content with influential industry experts is one way for brands to unlock powerful, authentic storytelling that results in valuable brand experiences for customers.” @Konstanze" username="toprank"] Take #4 — Authenticity isn’t Easy There are dangers lurking when brands try to force an air of authenticity when none or very little is actually present, a challenge that Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data, recently observed. “A lot of people take on a mission purely for marketing reasons and it’s not real because it’s not authentic,” Cassidy has noted. “Purpose-driven marketing can be tough because you don’t have much traction at first. Hopefully, eventually, it gains momentum and then eventually you have this massive force that is doing good, it’s part of your company culture and is an overall plus to the company,” Cassidy added. [bctt tweet="“A lot of people take on a mission purely for marketing reasons and it’s not real because it’s not authentic.” — Sky Cassidy @mountaintopdata" username="toprank"] Take #5 — Authenticity is Diverse To Carla Zakhem-Hassan, chief marketing officer at Citi and also one of our 50 Influential Women in B2B Marketing, authenticity is both inclusive and diverse. “Now more than ever, it's so important to be authentic to who we are,” Zakhem-Hassan said. “I'm a proud female Arab immigrant and I'm grateful to be able to lead with my culture defining who I am,” she added in a recent International Women's Day tweet about an insightful Our Voices Our Hopes interview, “Being ‘Authentic’ Means Being Empowered to Lead, Citi’s Carla Zakhem-Hassan.” [bctt tweet="“Now more than ever, it’s so important to be authentic to who we are. I’m a proud female Arab immigrant and I’m grateful to be able to lead with my culture defining who I am.” — Carla Hassan @chassan" username="toprank"] Authenticity Adds New Marketing Dimensions via GIPHY Even an already fine marketing strategy can benefit by adding ample content that cuts to the heart of authenticity. Using the keen insight we’ve shared here from Alicia, Eric, Konstanze, Sky, and Carla, you’ll be better able to create B2B marketing efforts that will take you to new heights in the push forward to 2022. Here are three addition resources we've published for looking even more closely at the important role of authenticity in marketing: Authenticity and Great B2B Content Marketing Go Hand In Hand Inside Influence 12: Paul Dobson from Citrix on The Secret Sauce of B2B Influence: Authenticity Evolve or Die: The Role of Purpose & Authenticity in Marketing Contact us today to find out why brands from LinkedIn and Adobe to IBM, Dell, Cherwell Software, and more have chosen TopRank Marketing, and also check out our careers page. * SAP is a TopRank Marketing client. The post The Real Thing: 5 Ways Authenticity Inspires Vibrant B2B Marketing appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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