Business Insider surveyed CEOs and human resources chiefs from some of the enterprise technology industry's most valuable startups about what jobs they're looking to fill.  We also asked them what qualities they look for in a job candidate. Below is a list of the top startups that are hiring, as well as what their CEOs or HR bosses had to say about how to make yourself stand out as an applicant.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Finding a job during a public health and economic crisis is difficult, but the enterprise technology industry is among the best bets for job seekers as it's been more insulated to the effects of the downturn than consumer technologies. Business Insider surveyed the most valuable enterprise technology startups to find out which are hiring and what exactly they need – both in terms of open positions and the qualities they look for in job candidates. Job seekers should keep in mind that we surveyed startups based on valuation, not other important factors such as a financial performance or company culture, though we have noted when startups have faced challenges of which we're aware. Most information on company valuation and employee count via PitchBook.  Here's what CEOs and HR chiefs from 23 of the most valuable enterprise technology startups told us about what positions they need to fill and what qualities they look for in job candidates they hire:SEE ALSO: Meet the 54 most valuable enterprise tech startups, worth as much as $216 billion collectively UIPath Headquarters: New York, New York Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $10.2 billion Total raised: $1.2 billion as of July 2020 Employees: 3,000 as of July 2020 What it does: UIPath builds helps businesses automate common and routine tasks through a technology called robotic process automation (RPA). The startup is eyeing an IPO next year, as Business Insider recently reported. Open positions: UIPath is "actively hiring" for more than 130 open positions, including product support consultant, automaton consulting director, senior application developer, HR manager, enterprise sales leader, software engineer, and customer support manager. The company is also hiring for internships in sales and product marketing, including sales development representatives and university partnerships roles. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "Our company's core values are to be humble, be bold, be immersed, and be fast," UIPath CEO Daniel Dines told Business Insider. "We look for candidates who embody those traits—specifically, individuals who are eager to listen and learn, challenge conventional ways of thinking, experiment, and use their imagination. Culture is incredibly important to us, and we make it a priority to ensure that the individuals we hire will be a good fit."  Automation Anywhere Headquarters: San Jose, California Year founded: 2003 Valuation: $6.8 billion Total raised: $840 million as of November 2019 Employees: 2,600 as of May 2020 What it does: Automation Anywhere is another RPA startup that helps companies automate repetitive tasks. CEO Mihir Shukla recently told Business Insider that the startup can now "automatically discover" business tasks to be automated. Open positions: The company is trying to fill technical roles such as such as software engineers, developers, UX designers, and data scientists focused on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and user experience. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Here's what Chief Human Resources Officer Nancy Hauge told us: "During the pandemic, we are interviewing candidates primarily over Zoom, and are discovering new insights from these interviews, compared to interviews we had in the past conducted in person. Social distancing has in some ways created a greater intimacy because there is a lack of predictability. Interviewers are seeing the candidate wholly. For example, there may be a child interrupting because they need attention, or a dog that suddenly jumps on their lap. How does the candidate react to these distractions? There is so much more to be learned about a candidate over Zoom. Take the background screen. If they are using a background or filter for their Zoom interview, what is the candidate willing to disclose about themselves on a personal level? As an interviewer, you get to see how someone is marketing themselves by the created environment they invite their interviewer into. Is it a quiet room with a blank space or the chaos of a household? What has changed in evaluating candidates during this time is that interviewers and hiring managers need to be more consciously competent about getting to know people. We cannot rely on the routine ice breakers we had before, but I believe this adds to the quality of our hiring." Plaid Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $5.3 billion Total raised: $309.3 million as of January 2020 Employees: 500 as of July 2020 What it does: Plaid's payment infrastructure software connects users' bank accounts to financial applications like Robinhood and Credit Karma. Visa in January announced plans to acquire the company for a whopping $5.3 billion. Open positions: Plaid is hiring for roles including in product, engineering, sales, and legal. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We look for a mix of experience and potential," head of people McKenna Quint told Business Insider. "We really want to bring people into Plaid who can grow as the company grows. We also look for candidates who are motivated by our mission to empower innovators and democratize financial services. These candidates often have tremendous  drive to create impact, and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement." HashiCorp Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $5.27 billion Total raised: $349.53 million as of March 2020 Employees: 1,000 as of June 2020 What it does: HashiCorp sells a slew of cloud tools that assist in solving security and operational issues for cloud infrastructure developers. As for HashiCorp's future plans, CEO Dave McJannet recently told Business Insider it intends to be "large standalone independent company." Open positions: Most of the company's open roles are across sales, engineering, and customer success, but it's hiring across all departments. "While cognizant of the challenges brought by the current economic environment we believe that this will ultimately accelerate the cloud transition and so we are continuing to selectively hire great talent to join our teams," HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet told Business Insider. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "At HashiCorp, we believe an organization is driven by its people and culture," McJannet told Business Insider. "Broadly-speaking we think about two categories: skills and attributes. The unique challenge of startups is the pace of change — the job by definition changes and evolves as the company scales. As such we identify functional skills required to succeed in a particular role, but also focus on a set of role-specific 'attributes' that we've found best enable people to succeed as the company changes.  These include innate intellectual curiosity, humility, and the ability to distill simplicity out of complexity, to name a few. We believe that this balanced focus on hiring for skills as well as attributes allows us to hire top talent at scale while removing bias from our interviewing practices. These core practices ensure we hire the best person for every role who will have long term success at HashiCorp." Toast POS Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts Year founded: 2011 Valuation: $4.9 billion Total raised: $897.25 million as of February 2020 Employees: 3,000 in February, before cutting "roughly 50 percent through layoffs and furloughs" in April. Current employee count unclear. What it does: Toast makes software for restaurants and had to cut half its staff in April after the coronavirus crisis hit the industry hard. The company had raised $400 million just before the crisis, and if it had not raised that round in February, "it'd be in big trouble," investor Mitchell Green of Lead Edge Capital told Business Insider around the time of the layoffs. Open positions: Toast is hiring for a bunch of positions including in engineering, product, marketing, sales finance, and customer success. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? "Empathetic, hospitality-minded, humble, curious, strong problem solvers," Director of talent acquisition Lori Busch told Business Insider.   Confluent Headquarters: Mountain View, California Year founded: 2014 Total raised:$455.9 million as of April 2020 Employees: 1,000 as of June 2020 What it does: Confluent builds a platform to help companies stream and analyze data in real-time. Open positions: "We're still growing significantly and are hiring for over 100 distinct roles across every department," Confluent cofounder CEO Jay Kreps told Business Insider. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We look for people who are smart, humble, empathetic, passionate about what they do, and who get stuff done," Kreps said. "To get a job, you can just apply. We carefully review every applicant and would love to hear from you." Zenefits Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2013 Valuation $4.5 billion in 2015 Total raised: $598.27 million as of March 2019 Employees: 450 as of May 2020 What it does: Zenefits offers human resources and payroll software for small and medium-sized companies. As Business Insider reporter Rob Price writes, Zenefits was once one of the buzziest startups in Silicon Valley but dealt with various scandals and ultimately saw its valuation drop to $2 billion in 2016, replaced its CEO, and was fined by California regulators. Zenefits has laid off 15% of its staff in April; its current valuation is unknown. Open positions: Zenefits is currently hiring for roles in customer care, engineering, legal, security, payroll operations, marketing and sales teams, including sales growth account executives, and software and cloud security engineers.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We are looking for people who can thrive in a fast, flexible work environment, who are autonomous, and who manage their time effectively," Zenefits chief people officer Tracy Cote told Business Insider. "As we are all remote for the foreseeable future, and as we move to more of a 'remote-first' culture going forward, a proven ability to communicate effectively and collaborate remotely are critical. At Zenefits, we always hire for the team, not the role, so what we are looking for varies and is dependent upon our current business needs. To get a job at Zenefits, you don't have to know anyone or do anything special — we review every resume submitted, so if your background is the right fit for what we need, we'll be delighted to engage with you." TripActions Headquarters: Palo Alto, California Year founded: 2015 Valuation: $4 billion Total raised: $125 million as of June 2020 Employees: 900 as of June 2020 What it does: TripActions helps customers plan and pay for business trips without having to go through the arduous approval and reimbursement process that most companies use.  TripActions has faced challenges during the pandemic. As Business Insider's Megan Hernbroth writes, it cut roughly one-fourth of its global workforce in March, slashed benefits, closed offices, and cut its cofounders' pay in half. Open positions: TripActions is hiring sales development representatives and account executives in offices including in San Francisco Bay Area, London, New York, and Sydney, and it's hiring product managers, engineers, and designers in the Bay Area and Amsterdam. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We hire to core competencies based on the profile of skills and experiences needed to be successful in the particular role," TripActions chief people officer Leslie Crowe told Business Insider, "We also assess against our core company values."  Here's how Crowe said TripActions' current interview process works: "Candidates either apply directly or are referred to us by existing employees. A recruiter will conduct a screening interview to ensure the candidate has the appropriate skills and experiences for the given role, then will arrange a series of interviews including with the hiring manager and often peers, direct reports and appropriate leadership. Interviews are happening by Zoom until we are back in our offices post COVID, then interviews will resume back to in person at our offices." Gusto Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2011 Valuation: $3.8 billion Total raised: $200 million as of July 2019 Employees: 800 as of May 2020 What it does: Gusto makes human resources software for small businesses.  Open positions: Gusto is "continuing to grow and hire for strategic roles," the company said, but did not specify which roles. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We look for alignment around values, motivation and skillset," Josh Reeves, CEO and cofounder of Gusto, told Business Insider. "At Gusto, we've been very intentional about the culture we've built and the values by which we operate. When there's alignment around those values, when there's alignment around motivation and skillset, that's when employees can truly thrive, be successful, and contribute to what we are building."  Freshworks Headquarters: San Mateo, California Year founded: 2010 Total raised: $401.1 million as of November 2019 Employees: 3,000 as of June 2020 What it does: Freshworks builds customer relationship management software.  Open positions: Freshworks is hiring for over 200 positions to support its tech team, including data scientists, data platform engineers, data analysts, account managers, and machine learning engineers. CEO Girish Mathrubootham recently told Business Insider the company has pledged not to hold any layoffs during the pandemic, though it has paused hiring. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Here's what Girish Mathrubootham, the CEO of Freshworks, told Business Insider: "There are a lot of talented people in the market right now. We're looking for something extra. Beyond talent and smarts, we want each hire to add to the culture that we have built at Freshworks. Our culture code, CHAT, emphasizes craftsmanship, building a happy work environment, agility through empowerment and being a true friend of the customer.  We look for individuals who can embody these principles and those that combine a passion for what they do with a strong sense of purpose. Our hiring process is designed to test all the required skills for the role be it technical skills, design capabilities, problem solving and having the drive to create a better experience for our customers -- irrespective of the function they are applying for." Rubrik Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA Year founded: 2014 Valuation: $3.3 billion Total raised: $553 million as of March 2020 Employees: 1,700 as of March 2020 What it does: Rubrik builds a cloud data management platform.  Hiring: "Rubrik is always looking to hire strong talent, and that's especially true as the company enters its next phase of growth," CEO Bipul Sinha said. The company is hiring "highly qualified and highly committed individuals" across departments, with 42 open positions in engineering.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Here's what Sinha told Business Insider: "When we established this company, as founders, we envisioned the attributes of the best team that we could bring together: We wanted to be around people who are excellent at what they do, work fast, and who are trustworthy and open. That's how we came up with our core values: Relentlessness, Integrity, Velocity, Excellence, and Transparency (RIVET). As we continue to scale and grow, we're focused on bringing on top talent that exemplifies and adheres to those values. We're also committed to maintaining a low-ego, high-inclusion culture, where a multitude of ideas, appearances, perspectives and backgrounds are embraced and valued. This is the kind of place where individuals who are genuinely determined to move quickly to achieve success with and for others, as much as themselves." Netskope Headquarters: Santa Clara, California Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $2.8 billion Total raised: $744.3 million as of February 2020 Employees: 1,000 as of July 2020 What it does: Netskope builds a cloud security platform to help companies monitor how employees are using cloud software such as Slack and Google Drive — and make it more secure. Open positions: Netskope is hiring in all departments, especially research, engineering, and customer success. Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri told Business Insider: "Digital Transformation is causing rapid growth across industries right now and has accelerated the inevitable transformation of enterprises' security stack." What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "Culture is very important at Netskope and a culture fit is something we prioritize for every position," Beri said. "Netskope has a strong emphasis on collaboration and transparency throughout our entire company and we look for employees that exhibit and live that culture. When interviewing we take the time to learn about the candidate beyond their resume, ensuring that the company is a fit for values, skills, and interests. While domain expertise and experience is vitally important, culture outweighs both." GitLab Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2011 Valuation: $2.75 billion Total raised: $413.82 million as of September 2019 Employees: 1,200 as of June 2020 What it does: Gitlab is a code-collaboration platform that rivals Microsoft-owned GitHub.  Open positions: GitLab in April said it would close job postings and only hire for critical positions to save money amid the coronavirus crisis. Its outbound recruiting model is set up for recruiters to reach out to potential hires, particularly in support and security. "This allows us to be more intentional about who we are hiring and makes it easier to manage the thousands of inbound applications we received per month," GitLab CEO, Sid Sijbrandij told Business Insider. "It also enables our recruitment team to focus on hiring team members for our open, priority near-term roles,"  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "'Values fit' is more important than culture fit," Sijbrandij said. "We aim to hire team members who share our company values of collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, inclusion & belonging, and transparency. Specifically, we look for team members who are passionate and self-motivated to make a change—managers of one. Our mission is 'everyone can contribute"' which is something we firmly believe, regardless of position within GitLab." Collibra US headquarters: New York, New York Year founded: 2008 Valuation: $2.36 billion Total raised: $389.96 million as of March 2020 Employees: 655 as of March 2020 What it does: Collibra builds a platform to help companies manage, track, and learn from their data. CEO Felix Van de Maele told Business Insider in April that he expects demand for data services to continue despite cuts to IT budgets during the pandemic. Open positions: Collibra is hiring for roles in engineering, IT, finance, and people. The company is hiring at a slower pace than it anticipated this year.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Here's what Collibra CEO and cofounder Felix Van de Maele told Business Insider: "We look at a number of factors, but an important quality is also one of our core values: open, direct and kind. We want to make sure that as our team grows, we intentionally maintain a culture where Collibrians can speak openly about what's on their minds. Another important element for us is to seek candidates who have the ability to embrace and drive change. Especially in this current environment, we know that constant change is the only way forward and we should all have the courage to both initiate and embrace it. A phrase we use a lot is 'we are One Collibra,' meaning that as a diverse, innovative team, our success is driven by the sum of our parts. As we keep moving in one common direction, we will always be more successful together" Uptake Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois Year founded: 2014 Last known valuation: $2.3 billion in 2017 Total raised: $293 million as of December 2018 Employees: 750 as of February 2018 What it does: Uptake builds a predictive analytics platform to help companies gain insights from their data. The company was valued at $2.3 billion back in 2017. Crain's Chicago Business recently reported that Uptake had cut jobs as recently as December.  Open positions: Uptake is focused on hiring what the company calls "market-facing" roles, such as industrial experts, marketing and sales jobs. The company also plans to add 10 new positions on its technology and products teams within the next four months, including roles such as engineers, data scientists, and product managers. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We look for candidates who are: Resourceful, curious and ambitious, self starters and collaborators, strategic thinkers, willing to tackle problems with unknown solutions, and able to make the complex simple and understandable," Uptake Founder and CEO Brad Keywell told Business Insider. "Uptakers move fast. As a startup, Uptake tackles problems without ready-made  processes or clarity. To work here, you have to also be energized by ambiguity and not scared off by it. As we like to say, we're not just a 'Silicon Valley' software company. Our data scientists have dirt on their boots and grease under their nails. They've been in the field and know the problems facing each industry.  Culture, diversity, and inclusion are important to us, and we look for candidates for whom these values are important too." Postman Headquarters: San Francisco, California Year founded: 2014 Valuation: $2 billion Total raised: $208 million as of June 2020 Employees: 250 as of June 2020 What it does: Postman builds a collaboration platform offering application programming interfaces (APIs) that's used by Microsoft, Twitter, and Cisco. Open positions: CEO Abhinav Asthana told Business Insider that Postman has been "growing at a rapid pace, and have continued to grow throughout the pandemic." The company is hiring for roles including in software engineering, marketing, customer success, and design. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "At Postman, we create with the same curiosity that we see in our users—and we look for job candidates who embody that curiosity in their professional and personal lives. We value transparency, honest communication, and individuals who are dedicated to delivering the best products possible," Asthana told us. "We have a diverse, global workforce with about 250 Postman employees located in seven different countries, and we value an inclusive work culture. As we hire new Postmanauts, we're continuously striving to increase the diversity of our workforce and the inclusivity of our culture. We hire through multiple channels: in-house recruiting team, referrals, job openings on our website, and social channels." Auth0 Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington Year founded: 2013 Valuation: $1.92 billion Total raised: $333.47 million as of July 2020 Employees: 700 as of July 2020 What it does: Auth0 is a cybersecurity software startup that manages user authentication and secures the login pages for large consumer and enterprise businesses. Open positions: "Thankfully our team has been in a position to not only keep our team intact but grow beyond what we originally forecasted when the pandemic first hit," CEO Eugenio Pace told Business Insider. The company has hired 140 new employees in 2020 and is "actively" hiring for positions in departments including marketing, customer success, engineering, finance. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "We are a company of doers — we're not a company of big ideas and no execution. In terms of advice for potential employees during interviews, I would put an emphasis on what you've done as opposed to who you are. While your credentials, where you studied, and where you are from are all important aspects of who you are, Auth0 wants to see what you have done and what you are capable of doing in the future at the company," Pace told us. Sprinklr Headquarters: New York, New York Year founded: 2009 Last known valuation: $1.81 billion in 2016 Total raised: $228.5 million as of June 2017 Employees: 1,800 as of May 2020 What it does: Sprinklr builds a platform to help enterprise businesses manage social media. Back early 2019, Sprinklr told Business Insider that it hit between $250 million to $300 million in revenue and was preparing to go public. It's been mostly quiet since. Open positions: Sprinklr is hiring for roles including sales positions, managed services, and implementation consultants across all major cities in the US and Europe and hiring development engineers and product support specialists in India. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Chief culture and talent Officer Diane K. Adams told Business Insider the following: "Sprinklr prioritizes hiring based on cultural 'fit' — fit also means people who can expand who we are. We look for candidates that align with The Sprinklr Way, which is our foundation for living, working and being.  There are four cultural attributes which foster inclusion, belonging and diversity at Sprinklr: We hire for culture, we treat employees like family – with dignity and respect, we passionately, genuinely, care, and we help others succeed. Our hiring process involves a diverse interview team (minimum of six interviewers), and I partner with Sprinklr's CEO & Founder Ragy Thomas to interview every people leader. Our vision is to encourage an environment of belonging no matter where employees are based, and create a culture where we embrace each other for who we are -- in a judgement-free zone." Dataminr Headquarters: New York, New York Year founded: 2009 Valuation: $1.6 billion Total raised: $572.37 million as of October 2019 Employees: 650 as of April 2020 What it does: Dataminr has an artificial intelligence platform to track social media and has customers including American Airlines, McDonalds, and Home Depot. The Intercept recently reported that Dataminr helped police monitor protests following the police killing of George Floyd. Open positions: "Dataminr has continued hiring throughout the pandemic across locations, levels and functions," the company said, but did not specify for which positions its currently hiring. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? Chief people officer Whitney Benner told Business Insider the following: "Our employees are passionate about what they do, and you can feel that in a meaningful way throughout our offices (even when we are virtual). We look for that same passion in our prospective employees.  Employees who do well at Dataminr generally possess three key characteristics - willingness to take initiative, find innovative solutions, and work collaboratively. All of which are embodied in our core values: Own It, Find a Better Way, Bring Others Along, and Drive Results. Our business is fast-moving, and we rely on our new employees to immediately help make an impact. Our ultimate goal is to provide a pathway for our employees across the globe to thrive, so we have additional core competency assessments to gauge each candidate's deep subject matter expertise in their field during the hiring process." Dataiku Headquarters: New York, New York Year founded: 2013 Valuation: $1.4 billion Total raised: $147.3 million as of January 2020 Employees: 400 as of February 2020 What it does: Dataiku's machine learning software helps companies turn large amounts of data into concrete insights. CB Insights lists Dataiku's valuation as $1.4 billion while PitchBook lists it as of November 2018 as $671 million. Open positions: "We currently have open roles across our global offices, as well as open roles that are fully remote, from sales, strategy, product and engineering to people ops and marketing," Dataiku CEO Florian Douetteau told Business Insider. "Locations run the gamut too: from business development in Dubai and full stack engineering in France, to enterprise account executive in Detroit.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "Our core values are ownership, passion, autonomy, and friendliness, so naturally we look at those attributes in candidates, regardless of role or location," Douetteau told us. "At Dataiku, we believe that people are a (if not 'the') critical piece of the equation in building data-powered companies, so it's important that everyone, regardless of job title, plays a role in using data for radical business transformation." Qumulo Headquarters: Seattle, Washington Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $1.2 billion Total raised: $363.01 million as of July 2020 Employees: 315 as of July 2020 What it does: Qumulo is a hybrid cloud storage startup that helps customers manage data inside their own data centers and the cloud. Qumulo more than doubled its valuation in a recent funding round and told Business Insider that it shows how investors are betting big on digital transformation amid the pandemic. Open positions: Qumulo is "actively recruiting and hiring" and currently has more than 75 open positions.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "There is a combination of qualities and values we look for in each of our candidates: We have a set of core values that were developed by our founders, are ingrained in our culture and are part of the fabric that makes Qumulo different from other companies," Qumulo CEO Bill Richter told Business Insider. "Everyone is looking for smart and capable experts but it's more than that for us. We look for the qualities that embody the values of Qumulo and we believe that distinction gives us a significant business advantage.  We're also willing to look beyond our immediate industry for diverse talent that brings unique outside perspective and expertise to our team. Each Qumulon is driven toward the goal of making our customers successful." FiveTran Headquarters: Oakland, California Year founded: 2012 Valuation: $1.2 billion Total raised: $163.12 million as of June 2020 Employees: 350 as of June 2020 What it does: FiveTran builds a platform to bring together all of a company's data into a single dashboard. Open positions: Fivetran is hiring in multiple roles including engineering, sales, human resources, marketing, product managers, and technical success. What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "For starters, the qualities we look for in candidates are those that align with our company values: The Fivetran Core Values are the backbone of our amazing company," Fivetran's VP of global people operations Amanda Townsend told Business Insider. "They are not just a marketing ploy, but an active part of our daily life in and out of the office. We feel that when someone sees our values in action, they can relate to them because we live them every single day. To get a job at Fivetran you need to first apply and then go through the interview process. Once that is complete, if a candidate fits our qualifications and aligns with our core values, we will extend an offer. Icertis Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington Year founded: 2009 Valuation: $1.15 billion Total raised: $171.5 million as of July 2019 Employees: 1,000 as of June 2020 What it does: Icertis builds a platform to help customers manage contracts in the cloud, which its leaders say increases a company's capacity for contracts, ensures those contracts comply with regulations and policies, and reduces costs. Open positions: "We are currently hiring across teams – engineering, marketing, sales, customer success – and expect to fill more than 200 new jobs by the end of 2020," VP of human resources Brooke Hue told Business Insider.  Icertis hired a total of 319 employees around the world in the first six months of 2020, the company said, including more than 50 class of 2020 graduates.  What qualities do you look for in a job candidate? How does someone get a job at your company? "At Icertis, we are passionately committed to a values-driven approach to doing business – how we get there is as important as the destination," Hue told us. "We look for candidates who by live our FORTE values – Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, Execution."
  Happy Saturday! Hedge funds that love to use Robinhood data to hunt for winning ideas won't be able to tap its enormous pool of trades in quite the same way anymore. As CNBC first reported, Robinhood is no longer publishing how many customers held a particular stock, and the retail-trading app is also limiting access to its API. And as Dakin Campbell and Dan DeFrancesco learned, hedge funds were pinging other data providers within hours of hearing the Robinhood news to try to line something else up.  Read the full story here: Steve Cohen's Point72 and other hedge funds are sending urgent requests to find a replacement after Robinhood data on hot stock trades suddenly went dark What does it take for vendors to win customers over on a data feed that's not quite so high on their list of priorities? Dan teamed up with Bradley Saacks to ask gatekeepers at top alt-data consumers what they look for in a pitch. You can read all their responses here: How to pitch Bridgewater, Balyasny, and other big names on buying new data sets, according to 7 people in charge of their strategies Goldman Sachs is among bidders for GM's credit-card business, the Wall Street Journal reported this week, a move that could mark another big push into consumer finance for the firm. Meanwhile, Goldman and other banks have been going all in on creating their own internal content machines in a bid to win customers — and the general public — over. Dakin Campbell and Rebecca Ungarino took a look at who's driving that push and how work-from-home has taken those efforts to the next level. Read the full story here:  Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs have been building out their own in-house media organizations to help control their image. Now they're kicking production into overdrive. More big headlines from this week below, including pay drama at PwC, how in-person client schmoozing is making a comeback, and the latest on what's going on inside Merrill Lynch's financial-adviser trainee program after an unusual pause on client outreach.  If you're not yet a subscriber to our finance newsletters, you can sign up here. Have a great weekend,  Meredith  The head of Merrill Lynch's financial adviser training program, the firm's main talent pipeline, is leaving The head of Merrill Lynch's financial adviser training program is leaving after a year and a half in the role, industry news website AdvisorHub first reported on Friday. Jennifer MacPhee's successor, who the firm will name in the coming weeks, will have to contend with a shifting adviser training and recruitment landscape in an aging industry trying to attract new blood. Bank of America's wealth manager recently prohibited its financial advisers in-training from reaching out to prospective new clients. And as Rebecca Ungarino reported earlier this week, the reason for Merrill Lynch's temporary pause was "many" outreach-related violations across the organization. A former PwC partner just sued the firm for $15 million in compensation, offering a rare look at pay and wrangling over clients at a Big 4 firm As Jack Newsham reports, a new lawsuit is packed full of details about compensation and how partners get credit for business they bring in at PwC — including a copy of a PwC offer letter that was attached to the complaint.  Wall Street is taking clients for long walks on the beach and out to dinner outdoors in the Hamptons as safe schmoozing picks up Offices may still be largely empty, but Wall Street is upping its game when it comes to entertaining clients. Dinners in Manhattan are back on — but not everyone is thrilled about sitting on a city sidewalk in the summer heat. Those looking for an alternative can try golf, beach walks, or dining al fresco in the Hamptons. Bradley Saacks, Meghan Morris, and Rebecca Ungarino have all the details  Investment manager TIAA is shrinking headcount with buyouts offering up to 2 years of pay. Now 10% of its workers are cashing out. Investment manager TIAA's voluntary employee buyout program was so successful that the company now says it can avoid layoffs through 2021. Meghan Morris laid out how the buyout offer played out and which areas of the firm saw the most uptake. TIAA's asset-management arm, Nuveen, saw lower participation in the program than the overall company. WeWork nabbed a fresh $1.1 billion in financing from SoftBank as the coworking giant's membership dropped WeWork saw its membership number fall in the second quarter, but the coworking giant continued to add locations and nabbed a fresh $1.1 billion from lead investor SoftBank. Meghan Morris rounded up details on revenue and the firm's latest take on how a multi-year turnaround plan is playing out. Investments in risky hotel debt could get wiped out as travel gets slammed — and one group of lenders may see an outsized hit South Korean lenders poured billions of dollars into US commercial real-estate acquisitions in recent years, including hotel properties that have been battered in recent months by the pandemic. Dan Geiger explains what drove the investment spree and what's next for the firms.  Equifax's CTO walked us through a Google Cloud migration that's addressing security concerns, cutting $240 million in costs, and helping speed up product launches Dan DeFrancesco chatted with Bryson Koehler, the chief technology officer of Equifax, who detailed the digital transformation the consumer credit-reporting giant has undergone over the past two years. Koehler shared that Equifax has put a significant amount of a $1.25 billion investment toward full adoption of the public cloud, already decommissioned 10 data centers, and is on pace to save $240 million. On the move $34 billion Citadel poached a rising star from billionaire Lee Ainslie's Maverick Capital to join its Ashler stock-picking unit. Deutsche Bank has poached a senior trader from HSBC to bolster its distressed-credit business, a powerhouse group that's been hit with defections in 2020. Careers Students are weighing the pros and cons of virtual law school. Here's why some are deferring, and what that means for job prospects. How people of color can identify mentors on Wall Street and progress their careers, according to a Black JPMorgan VP Private equity Private-equity fundraising hit a 2-year low in Q2 as coronavirus wreaked havoc with businesses and travel. We spoke to experts about why the drop is a 'pause, rather than a wholesale change.' Private-equity giants like Carlyle are inking more deals in Asia. Here are the areas where they see the most investing opportunity. Real estate Neighbor, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup that wants to be the Airbnb of self-storage, is partnering with landlords to turn empty offices into spaces for people's stuff A student-housing developer is facing backlash after pressuring schools to bring college kids back to campus so it could keep its revenues up Real estate giant CBRE has an 'unparalleled' amount of data. Its tech chief lays out how it's putting it to good use. Massive office landlord Vornado is planning to install face-reading cameras to track tenants in the bulk of its huge portfolio SL Green is moving to foreclose on a building on NYC's glitzy Fifth Avenue shopping corridor, highlighting a dismal outlook for commercial real-estate Payments and fintech A fintech that helps Twitch, Showtime, and CBS manage their subscriptions is eyeing international growth after nabbing a big investment from Accel-KKR TD Ameritrade's growth accelerator just launched an app for college debt as its first startup. Execs at the brokerage giant explain why it's a key tool to build entirely new businesses. A Y Combinator-backed payments startup that's raised $16 million just launched out of stealth mode. Here's a look at how it's plugging into accounting software like Quickbooks to help companies manage bills. PayPal-backed rewards app Dosh is eyeing 150 million new customers through partnerships with Venmo and other fintechs as it taps into the booming cash-back industry Hedge funds Dan Loeb lays out why $13 billion Third Point is loading up on Disney stock and calls the streaming business an opportunity of a lifetime Data scientists and engineers are leaving Amazon and Facebook for hedge funds. Here are the firms that are winning the battle for top tech talent. Asset management Here's who's most at risk once asset managers ramp up layoffs as the pandemic pressures the already-squeezed industry Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
Uber Eats has helped the ride-hailing perform better than Lyft this year. Eats is also one of three reasons Uber has a long-term advantage over Lyft, Mark Mahaney, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, told Business Insider. Also key: Uber's international presence and its dominant share of the North America ride-hailing market. Are you a current or former employee of Uber or Lyft? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter at [email protected], on Signal at 646-768-4712, or via his encrypted email address [email protected] Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The rapid growth of Uber Eats between in the first half of 2020 has given the ride-hailing giant an edge over Lyft during what has otherwise been a brutal year for the companies. That lead could widen even after the pandemic subsides, according to RBC Capital Markets Analyst Mark Mahaney. At the beginning of this year, Lyft's stock was trading at $43, while Uber lagged behind at $30, but that gap has closed in the past eight months. When markets opened on Friday, Uber's shares were selling for $31, while Lyft's had fallen to $29. "I think it's almost entirely due to the fact that they have this Eats business," Mahaney told Business Insider. Eats is one of the three pillars of what Mahaney considers to Uber's long-term advantage over Lyft. The others are Uber's international presence (Uber operates in 69 countries, while Lyft has confined itself to North America) and dominant share of the North America ride-hailing market. Combined, they give Uber a broader revenue base that creates the potential for higher profits in the future. Neither company has ever been profitable for a full quarter, but Mahaney believes Uber's size and diverse business approach gives it the potential to earn bigger profits in the future. "There's a larger revenue and a larger profit pool that Uber can tap into," Mahaney said. Before the pandemic, Mahaney believed Uber's long-term prospects were better than Lyft's. But the crisis has only strengthened his opinion of Eats, which has counterbalanced lower ride demand. A Lyft representative pointed Business Insider to comments made by Lyft CFO Brian Roberts during the company's second-quarter earnings call. Roberts said he expected Lyft's narrower business model to earn higher profit margins than those of its ride-hailing competitors in the long run. "We expect that the margins of a North American pure-play transportation network will exceed conglomerate models that include lower-margin businesses and geographies," he said. Lyft's management team has performed well this year, Mahaney said, as it has found more ways to cut fixed costs than he thought possible. Amid uncontrollable shelter-in-place orders and health concerns that have cut ride demand, they have been smart about preserving financial resources and protecting the health of drivers and riders, Mahaney said. "I just don't know what they could have done differently," he said.  Are you a current or former employee of Uber or Lyft? Do you have an opinion about what it's like to work there? Contact this reporter at [email protected], on Signal at 646-768-4712, or via his encrypted email address [email protected] Read more: Self-driving cars could boost margins for Uber and Lyft — and open the door to competition from Amazon and Tesla Uber and Lyft just lost their bid to delay a court order in California that says their drivers must be classified as employees Dara Khosrowshahi's controversial plan to make Uber the 'Amazon of transportation' is paying off while the pandemic wipes out his core business Lyft sinks 6% after reporting worst quarterly revenue since 2017 SEE ALSO: This Russian-made Mustang look-alike is really a Tesla Model S in disguise — take a closer look Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The rise and fall of Donald Trump's $365 million airline
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You’re reading our series Summer’s Not Cancelled, which celebrates summer in this new normal. From rediscovering nature and time with friends and family, to virtual festivals and unforgettable staycations – summer’s still here, it’s just different.Packed like a sardine on Bournemouth or Brighton beach? No thanks. We’re all desperate to get away at the weekends or at the first glimpse of sunshine, but when everyone else in the country has the same idea it’s sometimes hard to escape the masses. Thankfully, a relaxing day trip can be possible when you apply the right know-how. The Lake District is overflowing, the Cotswolds should be renamed choc-a-bloc-wolds, and you can’t reach Cornwall without getting stuck on the A30. But get your head out of autopilot mode and consider the roads less travelled. Here’s how to nail a holiday, close enough to home to be easy, but far enough away from the maddening crowds for you to really unwind.Related... Is It Even Worth Booking A Holiday Abroad Right Now? Do your homework and think outside the boxHeading to Whitstable and Margate? Why not take a short detour to find out what’s the deal with, well, Deal. It’s a fantastic alternative located right next door between Dover and Ramsgate that tends to have fewer crowds. This special seaside spot offers up plenty of quaint tea houses, cute Georgian houses, beaches dotted with wooden fishing boats, art galleries, and even a castle. It’s worth doing your homework around other popular spots in the country and find out what nearby areas you can check out while you’re in the area that might not be such a magnet for crowds. Swap busy Brighton for pretty Alfriston. Trade overcrowded Stonehenge for historic Avenbury. And get there nice and early to enjoy it before everyone else arrives.  Take the road less travelledDid you know the UK has more than 200,000 miles of road ready to explore? Get raring to go behind the wheel in either your own car or a rental. Road trips make for the perfect post-lockdown escape, allowing you to social distance from others more easily. Drive through the country’s surprisingly picturesque road system and take in breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of your seat.From country lanes bordered by hedgerows to serpentine roads through glorious peaks, even a stretch of motorway tarmac shadowed by towering gorges, dream of driving on some of the UK’s most scenic routes, like Norfolk Coast or Black Mountain Pass in Wales. And try to avoid the M25 at all costs.Related... 6 Not-So-Busy Staycation Spots, Recommended By HuffPosters  Explore the unexplored  Overcrowding in beauty spots can become a big problem, but it’s easy to forget that over 90% of the UK isn’t built upon. Many of us are itching to seek out quieter areas and have a greater appreciation for the natural beauty around us. This new, adventurous spirit can help struggling local businesses in rural areas.Take the Lake District. It might hog all the spotlight, but why not consider the North York Moors, arguably one of the most underrated UK national parks. What the North York Moors lack in elegance they make up for with sheer rugged power. Expect wild, windswept and desolate vistas. Worried about 2m distancing? Here you can have two miles.Or go discover one of the UK’s 34 designated “areas of outstanding natural beauty” that’s not already on your radar, the Mendip or Quantock Hills in Somerset, say. Just don’t come ill-prepared. Be sure to pack the right type of footwear, wear suitable clothing and bring snacks, lots of snacks.Related... We Need To Call Out Rural Racism. Nature Is For Everyone To Enjoy  Embrace walking and cycling like never beforeThere’s no better way to awaken from your lockdown slumber than striding it out on a stretch of coastal footpath or powering up hills on a bike with the wind in your hair. Now that we’re a cycle-loving nation, why not try killing two birds with one stone on your next trip away? Combine exercise, fun-filled activities and taking in the sights at the same time. Love the Cotswolds but not the crowds? Prepare to be bowled over by Bewl Water’s outstanding natural beauty on the Kent / Sussex border instead. Get the best of both worlds by taking the cycling paths into forests and calming lakes. while around the reservoir, there are boat cruises, fishing and watersport activities that the whole family can enjoy. Take this time to focus on the activity at hand to properly unwind. Mindfulness doesn’t get better than this.Related... Picnics Have United Us In Lockdown. Here's A Brief History  Pack a picnicYou’re bound to get hungry when you’re on the road and depending on location not all cafes, shops and restaurants may have re-opened yet. So come prepared, pack a picnic and save money with homemade grub. Bring a variety of items that’ll store well and things that are easily portable like sandwiches, wraps, sausage rolls, pastries, fruit and chopped vegetables with dips. Factor in some treats too if you’re travelling with kids to keep them (and you) happy and full. Related... 20 Secret Staycation Swaps That Look Like They’re Abroad The 10 Trending Staycation Destinations For UK Holidays 5 Things To Know Before You Go Camping
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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Computer assisted semen analysis is the integration of a computer system with the medical devices utilized in sperm analysis to enhance the levels of visualization and accuracy of the test.This test significantly reduces the human labor, along with reductions of any human errors associated with the conventional methods of sperm analysis.Market DriversIncreasing volume of population suffering from male infertility; this factor is expected to act as a driver for the growth of the marketHigher levels of expenditure being incurred on better healthcare for animals and healthcare facilities for humans; this factor is expected to propel the growth of the marketIncreasing awareness regarding the benefits of healthcare diagnostics, amid changes in preferences of individuals is expected to drive this market growthAvailability of technologically-advanced product offerings; this factor will also boost the market growthMarket RestraintsHigh levels of financial costs associated with these systems, along with presence of strict regulatory demands on taxes for medical devices is expected to hinder the growth of the marketEmotional disadvantages resulting in lower patient confidences on test failures is expected to restrict the growth of the marketLack of awareness in the various developing regions of the world is expected to act as a restraining factor for this marketGet Exclusive Sample Report: @ Scope of the Computer Assisted Semen Analysis MarketCurrent and future of Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market outlook in the developed and emerging marketsThe segment that is expected to dominate the market as well as the segment which holds highest CAGR in the forecast periodRegions/Countries that are expected to witness the fastest growth rates during the forecast periodThe latest developments, market shares, and strategies that are employed by the major market playersGlobal Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market By Product Type (Analyzers, Software, Instruments, Centrifuge, Counting Chambers, Test Kits, Incubators, Analyzing Disposables, Accessories), Application (Human, Animal), End-Users (Hospitals, Specialty Clinics, Research Centers, Animal Breeding Centers, Diagnostic Laboratories, Fertility Centers, Cryobanks, Home-Care Settings, Others), Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa) – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026 Browse Related Report  Here:Endotracheal and Tracheal Suction Market North America Endotracheal and Tracheal Suction MarketSome of the leading key players profiled in this study:Few of the major competitors currently working in the global computer assisted semen analysis market are Hamilton Thorne, Inc.; PROiSER; MICROPTIC; GenePro, Inc.; Sperm Processor; IVFSynergy; Kubus S.A.; AKYmed Ltd; Magapor SL; LabIVF Asia Pte Ltd.; Bioline Technologies; Medical Electronic Systems, LLC; MMCSoft; Vitrolife among others.Get Detailed Toc and Charts & Tables @ Pointers Covered in the Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Trends and Forecast to 2026Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market New Sales VolumesComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Replacement Sales VolumesComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Installed BaseComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market By BrandsComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market SizeComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Procedure VolumesComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Product Price AnalysisComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Healthcare OutcomesComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Cost of Care AnalysisComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Regulatory Framework and ChangesComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Prices and Reimbursement AnalysisComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Shares in Different RegionsRecent Developments for Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Market CompetitorsComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Upcoming ApplicationsComputer Assisted Semen Analysis Market Innovators StudyInquiry before Buying @ Us: Data Bridge Market Research set forth itself as an unconventional and neoteric Market research and consulting firm with unparalleled level of resilience and integrated approaches.We are determined to unearth the best market opportunities and foster efficient information for your business to thrive in the marketContact: Data Bridge Market ResearchTel: +1-888-387-2818Email: [email protected]
Hulu is a popular video-streaming service with thousands of movies and TV shows, including original Hulu content.  The platform is easy to use, but there some tips, tricks, and add-ons worth exploring to improve your streaming experience. Special features include Hulu Watch Party, which lets you stream and watch content simultaneously with friends, and Hulu Kids Profiles, which let you restrict and monitor your child's viewing activity.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. With more streaming services you can shake a remote at, it's admittedly difficult to keep track of all the detailed features that each streaming service offers, Hulu included. Since it's launch in 2007,  Hulu has become a major player in the streaming world thanks to a spate of critically acclaimed original TV shows and the addition of its live TV service.  If you're looking to be entertained, we got you covered with the best movies on Hulu and the best Hulu Original TV shows you can watch right now.  But if you're looking to get the most out of Hulu, here are a few of our favorite tips to make your streaming experience even better.  Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky   1. Personalize your experience with profiles People you share your account with are bound to have different tastes in movies and TV. Luckily, Hulu allows you to create up to six separate profiles so your family and friends (plus kids!) can enjoy a streaming experience tailored to their preferences and viewing history.  Depending on whether you use your computer, mobile device, or smart TV, the method for creating a new profile will look slightly different.  On the web, you can create a profile by hovering your cursor over your profile in the top right corner of the screen and selecting "Manage Profiles." From there, click "(+) Add Profile" and fill out the required fields. For mobile and TV-connected devices, you can create a profile by accessing your Account page.  You can edit or delete a profile at any time, and Hulu makes it easy to switch between profiles seamlessly.   Creating a Kids Profile If you wish to create a profile for a child, there is an option to toggle the "Kids Mode" on when creating a profile. A Kids Profile gives children access to Hulu's "Kids Hub," and prohibits access to mature content.  2. Track your favorite content with My Stuff "My Stuff" is exactly what it sounds like. Whether you want to be notified about new episodes, save a film to watch for later, or catch something before it leaves Hulu, adding content to "My Stuff" allows you to keep track of shows or movies you're interested in. To add a show or movie to "My Stuff," all you have to do is visit the details page of the show or movie and click the "+" icon near the play button. If you're fond of a particular television network, you can add it to "My Stuff" as well.  It's important to note that if you're using a device that only supports the older version of Hulu — what's billed as the "classic" Hulu app — you'll see a feature called "Watchlist." The main difference between the two is that "Watchlist" tracks everything you watch, while "My Stuff" tracks what you've added manually, which makes for a more curated experience.  3. Get better recommendations  If you're not happy with the recommendations Hulu offers, you can help the platform learn your tastes by using the "like" and "dislike" system.  How it works is simple: When you "like" a show or movie, Hulu tweaks its suggestion algorithm to recommend similar content. And when you "dislike" something, Hulu will stop suggesting it on the home screen and other areas in the app.  Using this "like/dislike" system will look slightly different depending on which device you're using, but in general, just look for the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" icons. If you ever want to undo your sentiment, you'll just need to tap it again.  4. View and manage your watch history Embarrassing content in your watch history? We're not judging. But if you ever want to remove any titles from your watch history, Hulu makes it easy.  Your watch history is located within the "Keep Watching" collection, which you can access from the home screen. You can remove a single show or movie from your history, or clear your entire Hulu watch history once. Learn how to clear your watch history on Hulu. 5. Know the compatible streaming devices The latest Hulu app is supported on a number of viewing platforms, making it easy for you to watch your favorite Hulu content on any device. Smart TVs: You can watch Hulu on many different kinds of smart TVs, such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and Samsung TV. The Hulu app is often built into these devices.  Streaming sticks: Hulu is also available on most streaming sticks and devices, such as Chromecast, Roku Stick, and Fire TV Stick.  Gaming consoles: You can even download and watch Hulu on your gaming console, such as Xbox and PlayStation.  Phones and tablets: To watch Hulu on any phone or tablet, simply download the Hulu app from your device's app store.  Note that if you only have access to the older version of Hulu, or the Classic Hulu app, you have fewer options for compatible streaming. You can view the full list of compatible devices on Hulu's website. 6. Host a virtual viewing party Hulu Watch Parties are a great way to connect with friends or family when you're far apart. Watch Parties allow you to watch movies or TV shows simultaneously with others from each of your respective devices, while chatting about what's going on in a sidebar next to the video.  To create or join a Hulu Watch Party, you must have the ad-free subscription level of Hulu and you must be watching in a web browser on your computer or tablet. Also important to note: Watch Party only allows up to 8 people viewing from different devices. 7. Set the best video quality  UHD, also known as 4K, is short for ultra high definition video quality. Think HD (high definition), but better. For the uninitiated, 4K provides an image resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is about four times as much as HD videos.  If you have a device that's compatible with 4K content, such as the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, you can access and watch 4K content on most streaming services. To watch 4K content on Hulu, you must have one of five kinds of devices that Hulu allows you to stream 4K on. Even if you have one of these devices, Hulu only offers 4K viewing for some of its original shows, such as The Handmaid's Tale and Marvel's Runaways. All told, when compared to other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu's 4K offerings are sparse.  8. Download content to watch offline As with other streaming apps, Hulu lets you download shows and movies to your mobile device to watch offline. But, with Hulu, you must have an ad-free subscription package to access this feature, which can come in handy if you're on an airplane or in a remote area without access to Wi-Fi.  Not all Hulu content is available for offline viewing, but you can easily search for downloadable content by choosing the "Downloadable" category on the Hulu search page, which is only available on the mobile app. You can have up to 25 titles downloaded at a time across 5 different devices, and each download expires after 30 days.  Learn how to download Hulu content for offline viewing.  9. Change the language The majority of content on Hulu is in English, but there are a few options for Spanish speakers (or anyone who wants to improve their Spanish skills). You can change the language of subtitles on some shows or movies. However, Hulu only offers subtitles in Spanish or English, and while English subtitles are available on any show, Spanish subtitles are only available on some shows.  Hulu does offer Spanish language versions (where the audio itself is dubbed in Spanish, rather than just the subtitles) of some extremely popular shows, such as Community en Español or Desperate Housewives en Español.  Unlike Netflix, Hulu does not let you change the language of the website or app itself, only the language of subtitles on select shows.  10. Format closed captions for better visibility If you prefer to watch content with subtitles, or closed captions, Hulu lets you add English subtitles to any show, and Spanish subtitles to some shows.  You can even customize the appearance of subtitles by changing the font, color, size, opacity, and more. Here's how to customize and turn off, or on, subtitles on Hulu on your desktop or mobile device.  11. Add a premium subscription Hulu partners with other streaming services to offer a variety of subscription packages that can greatly expand your library of content. In addition to including premium add-ons like HBO Max, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and useful feature add-ons like Unlimited Screens, here's a quick overview of the most popular plans and add-ons: For more information on plan costs and subscription tiers, visit Hulu. 12. Cancel or pause your Hulu subscription You can cancel your Hulu subscription at any time, and your access will continue until the end of your current payment period. If you're thinking about cancelling your subscription, or, say, just going on an extended vacation, you can also pause your subscription at no charge for up to 12 weeks. If you choose to resume your Hulu subscription, you can reactivate it without losing any of your preferences. If you'd like to change your Hulu plan, there are several ways you can do so. If you're signed up through Hulu itself, you can only make changes on Hulu's website, not on the mobile app. But, if you're subscribed to Hulu through a third party billing app like Disney+ or Spotify, you'll need to make changes directly through that service's site.  The bottom line After over a decade of updates and expansion, Hulu has become one of the most popular and preferred streaming services out there. No matter what you watch on Hulu, you can bet on a vast library and an always-improving interface that's simple to use. And if you're thinking about a Hulu subscription, the streaming service makes the decision easy. Every service Hulu offers begins with a free trial, which you can cancel at any time. SEE ALSO: The best media streaming sticks and devices Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
Welcome to Cultivated, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every week. If you want a discount to BI Prime to read our stories, sign up here! Happy weekend everyone!  It was a busy few days on the cannabis front. A slew of US and Canadian cannabis companies reported earnings this week, and — save for a few outliers — the dominant story was that the industry is starting to turn things around after a tough year. I spoke with CEOs and executives from a number of the firms that reported, and we'll have a story on that front next week, breaking down what they're seeing and how they're positioning over the next few months leading up to the election. I'm not going to get into the gritty details here (you can check the press releases I've posted on my Twitter feed for that) but it's important to note that we're seeing some separation between the US and Canadian names, and we're starting to figure out which companies are built and managed for the long-term. That's the one lesson from my years of reporting on the industry I'll leave you all with. Cannabis, despite what many will have you believe, is a really popular product — the pandemic has shown that. Policy will follow public sentiment, sooner or later. When we talk about the recent struggles of the cannabis industry, it's not about whether this will become a multi-billion-dollar market. We're talking about companies that have been mismanaged, duped investors and employees, and capitalized on a popular trend to make a quick buck. The market, in some respects, is doing its job filtering these players out. And we're reporting on all of it. The winners will be the companies led by experienced execs who diligently manage their balance sheets, communicate to investors and the media in a truthful way, ensure product quality and safety, and make investments grounded in what the data shows. -Jeremy Here's what we wrote about this week: Top Wall Street analysts say these are the 7 cannabis stocks to bet on now that will benefit if Biden defeats Trump in November Wall Street analysts say a Democratic sweep in November that puts Joe Biden in the White House and the party in control of the Senate could be a boon for cannabis stocks. Analysts at CIBC and Cowen picked 7 stocks to bet on that would benefit, including Green Thumb Industries, Curaleaf, and Canopy Growth.  The CEO of Canopy Growth lays out 3 reasons he's 'never been more bullish' on the cannabis industry Canopy Growth posted financial results that beat analysts' expectations as it aims for a turnaround under a new CEO. The Canadian cannabis giant's CEO, David Klein, told BI he's "never been more bullish" on the future of the cannabis industry. He says that the US will likely weigh some form of federal cannabis reform within the next year, cannabis beverages are an exciting emerging category, and legal cultivators will continue to chip away at the illicit market. Klein said Canopy Growth has also engaged Bain to slash costs and help improve the company's margins. Cannabis software startup Springbig just landed $11.5 million as investors eye cannabis-tech deals Cannabis software startup Springbig closed an $11.5 million Series B funding round on Friday, led by San Diego-based venture fund TVC Capital. Springbig CEO Jeffrey Harris told me he was looking for a tech fund, rather than a cannabis fund, to lead the round as he wanted a partner who could help advise on the startup's growth.  The cannabis-tech startup Fyllo used this pitch deck to land $26 million. Here's an inside look at how it's using AI to shape the future of cannabis retail. Cannabis-tech startup Fyllo closed a $26 million Series A funding round, led by JW Asset Management and K2 & Associates. Fyllo CEO Chad Bronstein shared the pitch deck he used to close the round exclusively with BI. The deck gives an inside look into how the startup is using AI and data to shape the future of cannabis retail. Executive moves Rob Kelly, the former investor relations director at Aurora Cannabis, has joined cannabis PR firm Mattio Communications to lead its IR team.  Canadian medical cannabis firm MediPharm Labs has appointed Chris Halyk to its board. Halyk previously served as the president of Janssen Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Deals, launches, and policy moves Montana residents will vote on a pair of ballot measures to legalize cannabis for adults over the age of 21 and to permit cannabis retail in the state. Arizonans will also vote on legalizing cannabis after a ballot measure narrowly failed in 2016. Supporters of the measures turned in 420,000 signatures in support.  AdvisorShares is launching MSOS, an ETF (exchange traded fund) focused on US cannabis stocks. The ETF will be listed on NYSE Arca.  What we're reading (and listening to) The Syndicate, an 8-episode narrative podcast on the rise and spectacular fall of a Colorado marijuana smuggling ring, launched this week. It's hosted by journalist Chris Walker, and it's well worth the listen.  In latest suit, Curaleaf sued for unwanted text messages (Marijuana Business Daily) Canopy Growth CEO's partial-year compensation tops CA$45 million (Marijuana Business Daily) New York had hoped for a hemp boom, but another major player is dropping out (The Auburn Citizen) Cannabis industry readies for M&A after COVID-19 boosts weed demand (Reuters) Does CBD really do anything? (FiveThirtyEight)Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
Factors such as stringent regulatory guidelines in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry; expansion of the food and beverages industry; and Increasing public-private investments in life science research are driving the reaction monitoring market.According to MarketsandMarkets - [165 Pages Report] the global reaction monitoring market is expected to reach USD 1.52 Billion by 2022 from USD 1.09 Billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period.Browse 62 Market Data Tables and 36 Figures spread through 165 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Reaction Monitoring Market by Technology (Spectroscopy (MS, IR, UV, NMR, Raman), Chromatography (GC, LC), Calorimetry, Titrimetry, XRD), Mode (Quantitative, Qualitative), End User (Research, Pharma-Biotech, Food & Beverages Co) - Global Forecasts to 2022" buyers will receive 10% customization on reports.Stakeholders in Reaction Monitoring MarketReaction monitoring instrument manufacturers, suppliers, and distributorsChemical and analytical instrument manufacturersSoftware developers and distributorsThird-party product suppliers and channel partnersPharma& biotech companiesClinical research and contract research organizationsAcademic institutions and research laboratoriesEnvironmental testing laboratoriesFood and beverage product manufacturersHospitals and diagnostic centersCustom service laboratories Government and non-government organizationsNational and international regulatory authoritiesHowever, high product costs associated with analytical instruments is the major factor restraining the market growth to a certain extent.Request a Sample Pages @ 2017, North America is expected to account for the largest share of the reaction monitoring marketThe report covers the reaction monitoring market across four major geographies, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World (RoW).North America is expected to command the largest share of the market in 2017 due to the availability of private-public funding & investments for life science research, stringent regulatory framework for drug development & commercialization, effective implementation & industrial compliance with food safety regulations, rising adoption of technologically advanced pollution monitoring & control products, and growing number of clinical researches in this region.However, Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period.Government investments to strengthen food processing & biomedical industry in China & India; rising public emphasis on effective pollution monitoring & control (especially air pollution, water pollution, and biohazard monitoring & control); and increasing public-private funding, investments, & grants for various research activities are some of the major factors driving the growth of the Asia Pacific market.The major players in the market are Agilent (US), Danaher (US), PerkinElmer (US), Shimadzu (Japan), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Bio-Rad Laboratories (US), Bruker (US), Waters (US), Hitachi High-Technologies (Japan), Merck (Germany), ABB (Switzerland), Mettler-Toledo International (US) , and HORIBA (Japan).For more Details, Speak to Analyst @ 
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Facebook is launching a new events feature that will let page owners and event organizers create paid online events to try to fill the gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the social media giant announced on Friday. But there’s one catch: the platform is going to earn those pages and businesses less on iOS, as Facebook says Apple is refusing to waive its standard App Store fees or allow the company to use its own in-app payment processing system it says would help the event organizers keep more of the money they generate. Apple denied Facebook’s request to waive fees for small businesses “We asked Apple to reduce its 30% App Store tax or allow us to offer Facebook Pay so we could absorb all costs for businesses struggling during... Continue reading…
You can now hear audio stories read aloud in Apple News on your iPhone if you subscribe to Apple News+. If you aren't a subscriber, you will only hear brief previews. Apple has introduced audio stories in the Apple News app for those with iOS 13.6 devices and higher. You can also create a playlist of audio stories – tap and hold a story and choose how to add it to your queue.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Apple has recently expanded the Apple News app for iOS to include audio news stories, letting you hear select Apple News+ stories read aloud as if they were podcasts.  To get these audio stories, you need to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 13.6 or higher. In addition, you need to be a subscriber to Apple's News+ service, which costs $10 per month. If you aren't using Apple News+, then you will only be able to hear short previews of each news story, rather than the entire audio.  Check out the products mentioned in this article: Apple News+ (From $9.99 a month at Apple) iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Apple) How to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 13.6 1. Start the Settings app and then tap "General." 2. On the "General" page, tap "Software Update." 3. Check the version of iOS. If necessary, update to the latest version. Unfortunately, if your iPhone predates the iPhone 6S, it may not be upgradeable to iOS 13.6. How to find audio stories on Apple News for the iPhone 1. Start the News app and tap "Audio" in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This is a new icon starting with iOS 13.6. 2. To hear the Apple News Today read aloud, tap "Play" at the top right of the screen, beside "Apple News+ Audio." Each story will be read aloud, one after another. If you're not currently subscribing to Apple News+, you will only hear a short preview.  3. The audio player will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can play and pause the audio, or swipe up to see a larger version of the player. Swipe down to minimize it.  4. You can also select specific stories to be read aloud. To hear a story, simply tap it and it will begin playing.  If you aren't yet an Apple News+ subscriber, you'll see a banner on the screen asking you to upgrade, and audio stories will be described as "Previews."  How to control your audio playlist on Apple News+ If you are a subscriber to Apple News+, you can create a queue to hear certain stories played in any order you like. To do that, tap and hold a story until the pop-up menu appears, and then choose "Play Next" or "Play Last." Related coverage from Tech Reference: How to use Strava on your Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby, and seamlessly track all your exercise data How to turn a video into an audio file on your iPhone using a third-party app How to share audio on an iPhone that's running iOS 13, and let others listen to your music through their own headphones How to listen to audiobooks on your iPhone using the Apple Books app How to save audio messages on your iPhone, and change your settings so audio messages won't delete after 2 minutes SEE ALSO: The best iPhone accessories Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Swayze Valentine is the only female treating fighters' cuts and bruises inside the UFC octagon
   Global Swimming Pool Treatment Chemicals Market 2020 is expected to see increase in the next few years.Analysts also examined the shortcomings as chances to lead to increasing market growth and continuing trends.In addition, it aims at trends, invention, stocks and costs to maintain a consistent survey of business experts.Key Player Mentioned: Lonza, In the Swim, Clorox Pool & Spa, Robelle, Seahlear, Pool Centrl, Swim Central, Leisure Time, Hayward, Nature Chemistry-Pool, Pentair, Spa Choice, Blue Wave, King Technology, Pool Solutions, Pool Mate, Zodiac, Jack's Magic, Pharma SPA, Specialty Pool Products, Taylor, Advabtis Tech, AquaChek, LAMOTTE, Arch Chemicals, Advantis, Solaxx, Coral Seas, Halo Source, United Chemical Corp.Request Sample Copy at: data about Swimming Pool Treatment Chemicals Market has been published.It covers different aspects of companies and to spice up the performance of the businesses .It focuses on recent developments from top level industries, which helps to supply the rules for growth of the industries.Product Segment Analysis: bleaching powder, Drinking water (sodium hypochlorite), Liquid chlorine, Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA)Application Segment Analysis: Application A, Application B, Application CRegional Segment Analysis: North America (U.S.; Canada; Mexico), Europe (Germany; U.K.; France; Italy; Russia; Spain etc.The highest segment of the Swimming Pool Treatment Chemicals Market has been clearly highlighted within the report for readers to know during a summarized way.
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Market OverviewThe Global Legionella Testing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% during the forecasting period (2020-2027).Legionella is a bacteria that causes a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaires disease or flu-like illness.For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US witnessed 6238 cases of Legionnaires' disease in 2017.For instance, according to an article published on August 2, 2018, Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, has introduced a molecular-based test for Legionella that provides results 14-times faster than current culture testing methods to help to build and cooling tower operators manage public health risks from the waterborne pathogen.The new Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) test is a part of the water safety analytical services platform.The surging awareness about legionellosis is also expected to drive the market.Typical costs range from £200.00 for a small dental or GP practice to £500.00 for a medium-sized care home.The presence of strict government laws is also hindering the market.Since the L8 Approved Code of Practice (3rd edition) (ACOP) was published, there has been a requirement for landlords of both business premises and domestic premises to evaluate the risks from exposure to Legionella to their tenants.
In terms of revenue, the visualization systems segment dominated the global market.Geographically, North America is expected to be the leading contributor to the global market revenue in 2017 owing to increased demand for minimally invasive surgical process in this region.The rising prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, and other chronic illness due to the rapidly increasing ageing population, diabetes, obesity and major lifestyle changes is the major factor driving the market growth.In addition, minimal invasiveness, lesser post-surgical complications, reduced hospital stay, faster recovery time and minimal scarring, which in turn lowers treatment costs, makes it one of the most sought-after procedures.Also, the increasing awareness about endoscopy techniques and its benefits among patients and medical personnel, various technological advancements in endoscopy and diverse applications in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and the availability of reimbursement for procedures done using endoscopy devices further give an impetus to the market growth.Emerging market in developing countries and technological advancements provide several opportunities for market growth in the near future.Request for sample copy of this report @ America generated the highest revenue in the market in 2017, and is expected to lead the global market throughout the forecast period.Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to increasing expenditure of GDP on healthcare, improving medical facilities and rapidly increasing patient pool in emerging countries such as China, Japan, and India.The applications of endoscopy devices include arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, cardio-pulmonary endoscopy, laparoscopy, ENT endoscopy, gastro-intestinal endoscopy, urology endoscopy, gynecology endoscopy, neurology endoscopy and others.
Energy Management System MarketWhile the year of 2020 is an extremely eventful for energy management system due to COVID-19 breakthrough, the global energy management system market 2020 is showing some positive instincts, when studied by Market Research Future.As per COVID-19 impact analysis, the market has the potential to show immense growth, which is recorded at a rate of ~18% and is capable of reaching a valuation of USD ~89 Billion by 2023.The growth period has been estimated from the years 2017 to 2023.FREE [email protected] Impacting FactorsSeveral companies in the energy management system market are vying suggestive steps to tackle the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.In-depth research about COVID-19 is providing current techniques and alternative methods to mitigate the impact on Coronavirus on the revenue of the energy management system market.Energy management systems are gaining recognition since they aid in gaining competitive advantage, surging productivity, and reduce energy costs.Besides, the government policies toward energy conservation and the limited availability of fossils are drawing the attention of the market players, globally, which in turn, has motivated the growth for the forecast period.As per the latest report, every industry is running with the help of energy, so it is essential to set up the energy management system.With advancements in the latest technologies in the energy management system, such as small-signal analysis, there has been swell in the adoption of energy-efficient systems and diminish in carbon footprint.
 Global "Grape Extract  Market" report gives a simple summary of the market, such as definitions, software, categories, and business series structure.Industry analysis is supplied such as aggressive evaluation trends and essential growth status.The analysis lists costs, exports eating, demand and supply amounts, markets, costs, earnings, and earnings.Key Player Mentioned: Keller Juices S.R.L, SCIYU, Nans Products, GRAP'SUD, Nutri Herb, Plamed Green Science Group, Botanic Innovations, NaturMed Scientific, Extracts and Ingredients, Indena, Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Product R, Polyphenolics, Augusto Bellinvia, Naturex, NexiraRequest Sample Copy at: production methods their manufacturing volume, raw material sourcing approaches, value chain alliance, organizational structure, global presence, and distribution network will also be emphasized in the analysis.Moreover, business strategies performed such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, ventures in addition to actions, manufacturer developments, and product launches are highlighted by the research.The proposed evaluation prompts clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents and aids to determine their positions.Product Segment Analysis: Grape Seed Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Grape Leaf Extract, Vine ExtractApplication Segment Analysis: Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Personal Care Industry, OthersRegional Segment Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East & AfricaThis study suggests valuable information about the Grape Extract  market, showing how it will grow during the forecast period until 2027.This information can help readers to clarify the quantitative growth aspects of the market during the forecast period.
The Business Research Company published its Support Activities For Metal Mining Global Market Report 2020 which provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global Support Activities For Metal Mining market.View Complete Report: Activities For Metal Mining Global Market Report 2020 is the most comprehensive report available on this market and will help gain a truly global perspective as it covers 60 geographies.The chapter on the impact of COVID-19 gives valuable insights on supply chain disruptions, logistical challenges, and other economic implications of the virus on the market.The chapter also covers markets which have been positively affected by the pandemic.The global support activities for metal mining market is expected to decline from $136.4 billion in 2019 to $113.2 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -17%.The decline is mainly due to economic slowdown across countries owing to the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures to contain it.The market is then expected to recover and grow at a CAGR of 3% from 2021 and reach $123.7 billion in 2023.Mining support companies are increasingly opting for 3D modeling technologies which reduce costs of discovery, improve prospecting and facilitate focused exploration.
Increase in healthcare expenses, mandatory provision of healthcare insurance for public and private sectors, and rise in prevalence of chronic diseases have boosted the growth of the global health insurance market.However, stringent regulation and longer time for claim reimbursement and dearth of awareness of healthcare insurance in rural region hamper the market.On the contrary, innovation in healthcare insurance products is expected to create lucrative opportunities in the near future.According to the report, the global health insurance industry was pegged at $3.15 Trillion in 2018 and is projected to reach $4.47 Trillion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period.Public service providers segment dominated the marketThe public service providers segment held the largest share in 2018, accounting for more than half of the global health insurance market, as these providers incur lower administrative costs as compared to private health insurance.However, the private service providers segment is projected to register the fastest CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period, as private providers offer prompt referral to a consultant, advanced treatment option, and quick & flexible treatment time in private hospitals to subscribers.Medical insurance segment held largest shareThe medical insurance segment dominated the market in 2018, contributing more than two-fifths of the global health insurance market, owing to high costs incurred for expensive surgeries and increase in a number of road accidents.However, the income protection segment is estimated to manifest the fastest CAGR of 4.9% during the study period, owing to mandatory provision of income protection insurance implemented in developed countries.Read More: America held lion's shareThe market across North America held the largest share in 2018, contributing nearly one-third of the market, owing to high adoption of private insurance among the population, increase in population suffering chronic illness, and availability of high disposable income.However, the global health insurance market across Asia-Pacific is expected to portray the fastest CAGR of 4.9% through 2026, due to increase in awareness regarding benefits of using healthcare insurance.Frontrunners of the marketBerkshire Hathaway Inc.Prudential plcNippon Life Insurance CompanyDai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.Kaiser Foundation Group of Health PlansBerkshire Hathaway Inc.New York Life Insurance CompanyLife Insurance Corporation of India
The focus of food manufacturers on production efficiency and growing technological advancements in automation are the major factors driving the growth of the market.Increasing consumer preferences towards prepared food & snacks and rising investments in food processing equipment is set to further enhance the overall market demand of prepared food equipment market during the forecast period 2020-2025.Mode of Operation - Segment AnalysisThe semi-automatic segment held the largest share in the prepared food equipment market in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.04% during the forecast period 2020-2025.However, the automatic segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2025 owing to the ease of use and higher production of food products in lesser time.Request for Sample of the Report @ Price: $ 4500 (Single User License)Application- Segment AnalysisThe snacks and savory segment held the largest share in the prepared food equipment market in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 2.34% during the forecast period 2020-2025.It is estimated that snacks and the savory segments will be the fastest-growing segment and will register the highest CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2025.Geography- Segment AnalysisNorth America dominated the prepared food equipment market in 2019 with a share of more than 32%, followed by Europe.This is mainly owing to the availability of several advanced food retail chain and rising automation in the food industry.The massive technological advancement in processing ready to eat foods and the fast-growing sectors has led to the adoption of the prepared food equipment market in North America.Europe is estimated to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period (2020-2025) owing to the increasing investments in the food processing and industry and strict food regulations and governing policies.The growing corporate culture in the developing countries and lack of time to prepare traditional food is helping to boost the demand for a different type of food processing equipment.The growing influence of urbanization, corporate culture, and nuclear families is increasing the demand for productive and efficient advanced machinery and this is driving the growth of the prepared food equipment market.Talk to one of our sales representative about the full report by providing your details in the link below: – Prepared Food Equipment MarketInfrastructural challenges and increased manufacturing costsSome of the factors that can hamper the growth of the prepared food equipment market are infrastructural challenges and increased manufacturing costs along with the cost factor of the installation of the new prepared food equipment.
Contact a company that has been performing solar power installation in Adelaide so that both residences and businesses can bring down their electricity costs in a major way.Being a company that has mastered the technological and practical aspects of solar panel installation in Adelaide, the company that you choose should offer complete guidance to buyers when they are looking to use these systems.
Market OverviewThe Global Fermentation Chemicals Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecasting period (2020-2027).Fermentation chemicals are used as a processor and catalyst in many industrial reactions, thereby saving time and costs.These chemicals such as ethanol and other alcohols find wide applicability as fuel in vehicles, fuel additive in gasoline, alcoholic beverages, personal care products, and paints and coatings.Download free sample: Market Dynamics:The market growth is influenced by technological development and up-gradation of existing machinery in attempts to increase annual productivity and optimize processing operational flow throughout the forecast period.Under the terms of the agreement, Evonik gains the entire technology portfolio as well as patents, bacteria strains, and the brand name in.In April 2015 – Cargill has acquired Colorado-based OPX Biotechnologies’ proprietary fermentation-based processes and systems.These technologies are used to produce bio-based chemicals from sugars for use in non-food applications such as lubricants, detergents, plastics, agrochemicals, and personal care products.However, market growth is severely affected by raw materials availability and high manufacturing costs.Among all of the regions, Europe dominated the global fermentation chemicals market due to the highest consumption of alcohol by all age groups.
Market OverviewThe Global EUV Lithography Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% during the forecasting period (2020-2027).Extreme ultraviolet is a next-generation lithography technology using a range of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) wavelengths, roughly spanning a 2% FWHM bandwidth about 13.5 nm.Majorly rising global demand for smartphones is will drive the market for EUV lithography over the forecast period.Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is an advanced technology for making microprocessors a hundred times more powerful than traditional ones.Samsung Foundry is in mass production with 7nm EUV and has started risk production at 5nm EUV.The report covers all the major trends and drivers playing a vital role in the growth of the global EUV Lithography market.Lithography is used to print complex patterns that define integrated circuits onto semiconductor wafers.Using EUVL, it is easy to get compact electronic chips with fewer power requirements.Market Geographical AnalysisBy geography, the global EUV Lithography Market is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).In 2018, APAC accounted for the majority share in the global EUV Lithography Market owing to the presence of major players and growing demand for consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and rising demand for automobiles from countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and India.According to SEMI, the worldwide semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment billings reached USD 16.7 billion in the second quarter of 2018 out of which USD 13.2 billion market share of semiconductor inspection and manufacturing equipment was occupied by the Asian countries like Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan accounting for a whopping 80% global share.EUV refers to the process that is soon to enter mainstream adoption (once all developmental impediments are cleared) as the means whereby the next generation of semiconductor chips will be fabricated - at nodes lower than 7nm.
Netflix is a video streaming application that provides users with a platform to stream popular series, movies, documentaries, and TV shows on your smartphones and computers.The OTT service provider allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously using one Netflix account, which is less costly.The app contains content for children and seniors, and this app is one of the favorite resources to entertain users of any age.Building a Video Streaming App like Netflix from scratch will take a lot of time and development costs.As developers use existing software, the cost of research and development of the application will be saved.In this way, the Netlfix clone app will be unique and helps attract customers by signing up for bonuses and discounts.Features to Have in your Netflix Clone AppEnrich the app with useful features to make users like your app and engage users.The right developer will help you get a smooth and feature-packed application.Admin DashboardYou as an admin will have complete control over the entire platform.
Market OverviewThe Global E-health Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24% during the forecasting period (2020-2027).E-health is a promising field that uses computers and the internet to store and manage the medical records instead of maintaining paper files.For instance, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), had reported that from January 1, 2018, clinicians have access to the newly unbundled reimbursement code CPT 99091 to bill for the time they spend reviewing and interpreting data transferred or collected by a remote monitoring tool.The presence of research and development activities on e-health is expected to drive the market over the forecast period.Thus, the rising awareness among the people regarding E-health and increased acceptance of using this technology among healthcare professionals are expected to drive the global E-health market.However, the high cost of maintenance of e-health solutions, lack of skilled IT professionals, and licensing issues are hindering the global E-health market.Also, on October 31, 2019, Validic, a market leader in solutions for personal health data, and Trapollo, a Cox Business company and a leading provider of managed services for telehealth and remote health monitoring, announced a strategic collaboration to offer comprehensive hardware and software services supporting remote patient monitoring (RPM).The global E-health market is segmented by application into electronic health records, telehealth, wireless health, mobile health, clinical data support systems, and others.Electronic health records are expected to grow at a significant rate throughout the forecast.Tele-healthcare consists of telecare and telehealth.LTC monitoring by telehealth systems leads to a reduction in hospitalizations and emergency department (ED) visits, thereby decreasing the health care costs, improves patient satisfaction and patient care.
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Market OverviewThe Global Consumer Stationery Retailing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% during the forecasting period (2020-2027).The rise in the education sector coupled with the new adoption of omnichannel retail distribution by the companies is anticipated to drive the Consumer Stationery Retailing market in the forecast period.The Retail Market for Stationery Products comprises physical and online retailers that sell writing materials, envelopes, and related products.These retailers offer a diverse range of stationery products through brick-and-mortar stores, such as traditional retail outlets, and online retail platforms.The report covers all the major trends and drivers playing a vital role in the growth of the global Consumer Stationery Retailing market.The global Consumer Stationery Retailing market has been segmented based on Product, Distribution Channel, and Region.Stationery major usage is done by the children going to school and adults going to college.Several colleges and universities in India reached 39,050 and 903, respectively in 2017-18.Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education reached 25.8 percent in 2017-18.However, rising concerns over deforestation, pollution, and environmental degradation have affected the production costs of consumer stationery items such as notebooks and pencils will be hampering the growth of the Consumer Stationery Retailing market for the forecast period.
SpaceX recently won a 40% share of a prized agreement with the Space Force to launch classified US payloads into orbit. But the rocket company, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, remained curiously silent for days after the announcement. Musk broke the silence on Thursday by accusing rival United Launch Alliance, which won a majority of the rocket contracts, of being "a complete waste of taxpayer money." Tory Bruno, ULA's CEO, responded to Musk by congratulating SpaceX on its award. Musk has a longstanding feud with ULA over its history, rocket designs, and launch pricing. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. On August 7, the US Space Force announced two winners of a coveted agreement to launch dozens of spy satellites and other classified payloads into orbit. United Launch Alliance won a 60% share of the future missions, planned for 2022 through 2027, while SpaceX scooped up the remaining 40%. Both companies beat out rivals Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, and Northrop Grumman for the multibillion-dollar spoils of the agreement, called National Security Space Launch Phase 2. But in series of tweets by Elon Musk on Thursday, and following days of silence, the SpaceX founder appeared to be remarkably unhappy with his company's share of the missions.  ULA quickly trumpeted its win with a press release. "ULA is honored to be selected as one of two launch providers in this procurement," said Tory Bruno, ULA's president and CEO. "This is a groundbreaking day, culminating years of strategic planning and effort by the Department of the Air Force, [National Reconnaissance Office], and our launch service industry partners," William Roper, the Air Force's assistant secretary for acquisition, technology, and logistics, said in a press release. Even Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman told reporters they were "disappointed" in statements. SpaceX, however, said nothing. The company has not issued a public statement about its win worth more than $2 billion, nor did its communications team appear to respond to any requests for comment from niche and national outlets alike. (SpaceX also did not acknowledge questions from Business Insider for this and a prior article about the award.) That is, until Thursday afternoon — when Musk spoke up by bitterly criticizing ULA on Twitter. Musk: 'ULA is a complete waste of taxpayer money' What spurred Musk into speaking up was a tongue-in-cheek tweet by Tim Fernholz, a reporter at Quartz who publishes a weekly newsletter about the industry called "Space Business." In promoting the latest edition, Fernholz poked fun at the evasive culture of the commercial rocket industry. "Much of this newsletter is sealed to protect the competitive secrets of SpaceX and the other bidders, but redacted filings give us a clue about what Musk and company are upset about," he said Thursday. Fernholz linked to his newsletter's August 13 edition, which led with this: "We've found something Elon won't tweet about." The piece made note of SpaceX's public absence when it should be "a crowning moment" for the company, given its years of effort to even compete for those government contracts. (Jeff Foust of SpaceNews wrote that SpaceX "joins the establishment" with its new Pentagon award.) Fernholz speculated about possible reasons why SpaceX would stay mum, ranging from not yet having received a debrief from the DoD on how the contract decisions were made, to the rocket company's ongoing lawsuit with the US government — a legal protest SpaceX filed for being shut out of a lucrative program to develop its Falcon Heavy rocket system. Musk, who apparently read the newsletter, replied to Fernholz's tweet by blasting SpaceX's co-awardee, ULA. "Efficiently reusable rockets are all that matter for making life multiplanetary & 'space power,'" Musk tweeted. "Because their rockets are not reusable, it will become obvious over time that ULA is a complete waste of taxpayer money." ULA did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider. However, Bruno — the company's CEO — publicly weighed in on the matter a couple of hours after Musk's criticisms.  "I congratulate @SpaceX on their USAF NSS Phase 2 award," Bruno said when a user asked how he'd respond to the SpaceX CEO. Musk's beef with ULA goes back years before the company even existed When Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, well-funded and established rocket-industry players like Boeing and Lockheed Martin more or less shrugged. While SpaceX's top engineers toiled to build the company's first rocket system, called Falcon 1, though, Musk used what tools he could to fight a powerful traditional grip on the industry. Boeing and Lockheed had won a previous iteration of NSSL, called the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program, and it anointed them as the sole two companies certified to launch military satellites. In part to end an extraordinary racketeering suit in 2005, though, the two companies asked to merge their rocket-launching businesses into a 50-50 venture. SpaceX sued to fight that joining of forces by alleging anticompetitive behavior. It lost, and ULA was born in 2006, becoming the sole and increasingly expensive launch provider for DoD satellites for years. Musk's company pushed forward, though, simultaneously developing a new Falcon 9 rocket to launch commercial and NASA payloads, and a Grasshopper test vehicle. Grasshopper led to self-landing booster technology that was later incorporated into Falcon 9 rockets, which first worked in late 2015 and now saves SpaceX millions of dollars per launch. (It also pushed ULA to evolve its strategy.) In 2014, SpaceX had numerous Falcon 9 launches under its belt, as well as big NASA contracts and increasing experience. So when Russia began its invasion of Crimea, the company sprang at the chance to sue the Air Force over its use of the Atlas V rocket — a ULA vehicle that relied on sanctioned Russian-made engines. Musk also publicly attacked the price of ULA's missions. "This contract is costing the US taxpayers billions of dollars for no reason," Musk told NPR in May 2014, describing the rockets as "insanely expensive." The government settled with SpaceX in 2015, allowing it to compete for defense contracts. But Musk's distaste for ULA continued, despite sometimes amicable interactions with the company. In 2018, he assailed ULA's lucrative launch defense contracts, claiming they are "nutty high" for costing multiple times the projected price of a Falcon Heavy. And when a Twitter user brought up ULA's upcoming and partly reusable rocket system, called Vulcan-Centaur, Musk said: "I will seriously eat my hat with a side of mustard if that rocket flies a national security spacecraft before 2023." ("Wow," Bruno, ULA's CEO, tweeted in reply.) On Thursday, Musk again attacked ULA over its traditional Atlas V and Delta IV rockets, which are not reusable and the Air Force plans not to fly after 2022 and 2023, respectively. "Nobody would suggest buying airplanes that only fly once & then crash into the ocean. That would be absurd," Musk said, later adding: "So why is this madness acceptable for Boeing/Lockheed rockets?" In picking new rockets to get away from the Russian engines and lower its program costs, the DoD said it leaned most heavily on "technical factors" and, to a lesser degree, price and past performance, according to Ars Technica. ULA has launched 140 space missions in a row without failure — the latest of which was a nuclear-powered Mars rover. (SpaceX has consecutively launched 61 rockets without losing a payload.) And though the Vulcan-Centaur booster has yet to fly — unlike SpaceX's Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy rockets — variants of the system's upper-stage Centaur rocket have flown more than 250 times.  For flying spy satellites, one of which can cost a billion dollars or more, a sterling launch record appears to count a lot in divvying up contract awards. "[Defense department customers] don't care whether [the launch cost] is $100 million or $300 million; it's in the noise," Alan Stern, a former NASA associate administrator and leader of the New Horizons mission to Pluto, told Air & Space magazine in 2012. "What they want is a guarantee it's going to work."SEE ALSO: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have profound visions for humanity's future in space. Here's how the billionaires' goals compare. 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