Fujitsu has launched a new global campaign in an effort to demonstrate how its products and services can help harness the power of data.Using the tagline Shaping tomorrow with you , the campaign features an online film showcasing different industries implementing Fujitsu technology.Interestingly, the film was shot live, in-camera and released without any post-production.To achieve this, the film s creators mcgarrybowen and Found Studio used 3D projection mapping and holographic technologies to transform a white set into a series of live-action scenarios.Jane Briers, creative director at mcgarrybowen London, said: "We had a real opportunity to make the medium of projections part of the message itself, and bring to life the theme of 'digital transformation' in a way that had never been attempted before.
Experience can only take you so far — the dynamic nature of the world we live in has made specialized training a must.If you re a marketer who wants to stay competitive, you ve got to keep your digital marketing skills on the cutting edge.What you get with Simplilearn s Full Stack Masters ProgramThe Full-Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program includes:access to the foundational Digital Marketing Certified Associate course and project work;nine advanced courses including PPC, web analytics, SEO, content and email;monthly mentoring sessions by experts;on-the-go learning with Android and iOS apps; andMasters Program certificate from Simplilearn.Simplilearn s Digital Marketing Certified Associate course – previewMarket Motive s Digital Marketing Expert PassFounded in 2007, Market Motive is a pioneer in online digital marketing training.But the course s open availability, lack of mentored guidance and access to expert instructors make completing the specialization challenging for self-learners.Choose the best provider for your needsWhether you just need a quick beginner s primer or are ready for a deep dive into advanced digital marketing topics, you are sure to find something to match your learning style and your needs.
Entertainment veterans from DreamWorks Animation have started their own virtual reality startup with $3 million in funding.The Santa Monica, California-based Spaces is headed by chief executive Shiraz Akmal and chief technology officer Brad Herman, two veterans who worked on DreamWorks Animation s early VR experiences through 2015.Spaces is already working with such companies as Microsoft, NBCUniversal, Big Blue Bubble and The Hettema Group, among others, to develop and produce a wide range of projects across all VR and mixed reality platforms.Among the target platforms are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Google Cardboard.Virtual reality spaces offer creative challenges we ve never seen before: to build fully dimensional spaces in which viewers can completely interact, Akmal said, in a statement.Herman also said, In every respect, VR is creating new horizons, and we re eager to help companies explore them.Spaces is combining remarkable capabilities, tools and creativity to push the boundaries of the VR frontier.Akmal has been the vice president of operations-product development for the now-defunct video game company THQ, and executive creative director Dean Orion has a career that has included writing for television and creating interactive, location-based attractions for DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering.The Spaces team has the ability and the background to make an enormous impact on VR and MxR, and I am eager to see what they accomplish, said Kai-Fu Lee, founder and CEO of Sinovation Fund, in a statement,The Spaces advisory team includes Dan Offner, attorney, angel investor and former general counsel for Oculus; Keith Boesky, former president of Eidos Interactive and the principal of Boesky & Company; and Indian film actor and entrepreneur Rana Daggubati, star of Baahubali: The Beginning, the highest-grossing film in India s history.
One of Electronic Art s oldest employees is no longer with the publisher.EA confirmed to GamesBeat that Rich Hilleman, who was serving as chief creative director, has left the company.Hilleman joined EA back in 1982.He was instrumental in the creation of the Madden series of football games, one of the most successful franchises in the history of the industry.It s also the second-best selling sports franchise, only behind FIFA also from EA .Rich Hilleman is a pioneer — a creative mind whose work influenced many games at EA and beyond, Electronic Arts told GamesBeat.We are thankful to Rich for his contribution over more than 30 years with the company, and we look forward to seeing what he pursues next.
The British are coming … to Google s new Daydream virtual reality platform for mobile.U.K.-based developer/publisher nDreams said today that it s working on two original, unannounced games for Daydream, which Google teased at its I/O event in Mountain View, California.Billing itself as Britain s largest VR house, nDream s first apps are important to help the giant Android and search company establish itself in the mobile VR market and compete against Samsung s Gear headset.And when you add up the potential for VR — $30 billion by 2020 on all platforms, advisory firm Digi-Capital forecasts — it s clear how important getting quality experiences on a new system is to Google.In addition to the two unannounced games, the VR studio is working on The Assembly for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, and it s crafting Gunner and Perfect Beach for the Samsung Gear.I m thrilled that nDreams is one of the first studios to support Daydream.With this new platform s announcement, it s that much easier to envisage a time where everyone always has access to high quality mobile VR entertainment, and it s exciting to be collaborating with Google on that ambition, nDream CEO and founder Patrick O Luanaigh said in a canned statement.O Luanaigh is a former creative director at Codemasters and Edios, shipping games such as Tomb Raider: Legend and Hitman: Bloody Money.
And now it s planning on an offshoot experience for Google s Daydream virtual reality platform.Today, the indie studio announced Underworld Overlord, a Dungeon Keeper-style game where you manage a dungeon, plotting traps and monsters, to keep a group of adventurers from plundering your underground home.It s part-tower defense, part-god game, something we haven t seen yet in virtual reality.The potential market for VR is $30 billion by 2020 on all platforms, advisory firm Digi-Capital forecasts, and it s important that Google has quality software to go up against Samsung s Gear headset and platform.So far, GamesBeat hasn t found any other such game in development for VR.OtherSide creative director Paul Neurath hasn t, either.We re not aware of any VR dungeon sim/god games as yet, he said over email.Overlord shares creatures, characters, and lore with Underworld Ascendant.The Underworld franchise has a history of pioneering immersive video games, so bringing it to VR is a natural fit, Neurath also said in an earlier canned statement.OtherSide started with a Kickstarter campaign for Underworld Ascendant, the spiritual successor on Ultima Underworld.
Zynga announced today that it has launched Wizard of Oz: Magic Match, a free-to-play, match-3 puzzler based on the classic film.Zynga has started to find success in the mobile space thanks to its slots offerings, including one based on Wizard of Oz.It makes sense that it would go back to that golden brick well for a different type of game.Wizard of Oz Slots is currently the 184 ranked game on the iOS app store, according to App Annie.While match-3 games have flooded the market trying to capture Candy Crush Saga s success, many still remain popular.The Wizard of Oz film has captured the hearts of fans across generations through an endearing story of friends working together to solve an imaginative puzzle, said Mark Turmell, the senior creative director at Zynga, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.. Wizard of Oz: Magic Match keeps the movie magic alive with exciting match-3 gameplay and fresh new features.
Aside from everything being much harder, Ultra-Nightmare mode features permadeath which means if you die – even once – it is game over and you have to start over from the very beginning.A few weeks before the game came out, Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin told IGN that nobody at id Software had yet managed to beat Doom on the hardest difficulty setting.Remarkably, it took a gamer by the name of Zero Master less than a week to complete it on Ultra-Nightmare mode.Video of the playthrough was uploaded to YouTube on May 15 meaning it took just two days to pull off the feat.The entire process took four hours and 47 minutes, all of which is shown in the video above.Zero Master said he ran the game on low settings with minimal field-of-view which is a common tactic as things like high-quality smoke and enhanced debris can severely limit your view and thus, get you killed easier.
It has no identity.You don't even really call it that — to summon it from Google's new smart speaker, you'd address it with a simple "Hey, Google" or the same "OK, Google" that you'd use to activate its voice search and predictive service, Google Now.But Assistant's lack of personality was quite intentional, according to Jonathan Jarvis, a former creative director on Google's Labs team.While at the company, he led a team doing concept, strategy, and design on products like the Search app and even Alphabet's logo rebrand.Jarvis worked on Assistant only up until February, so he wasn't there for the final decision to use "Assistant" as the platform's name."We always wanted to make it feel like you were the agent, and it was more like a superpower that you had and a tool that you used," he tells Business Insider."If you create this personified assistant, that feels like a different relationship."For that reason, Assistant likely won't be telling you jokes or serving up sassy responses, either.We also heard while at I/O that Google didn't want to give its assistant a gender or make it seem too American.While the team didn't want to give it a personality, they had to call it something, or else it would be hard to distinguish it from regular Google, even though that's essentially what it is — all of Google's services mashed together with extra machine learning and artificial intelligence.Jarvis left Google earlier this year to join the startup studio Human Ventures, where he's working on a stealth new company that he plans to launch in the fall.He says that he's known for a while that he wanted to start his own company, but that the community and team-building offered by Human helped convince him to finally make the leap.NOW WATCH: Chrome has a ton of hidden features — here s how to find and enable themLoading video...
Dangerous Golf could very well be the next Rocket League-like indie sensation.It should, seeing that Three Fields is a startup with Alex Ward, a cofounder and the creative director of Criterion Games and one of the creators of Burnout, the racing series that features chaotic car crashes and more destruction that what you find at a demolition derby.He and lead game designer Chris Roberts, another Burnout vet the third person on the original s team , recently visited GamesBeat to show off Dangerous Golf, which they re targeting for an early June release.After nearly three years of development, these former triple-A the game industry term for blockbusters creators revealed a startup story about putting their life savings on the line, reveling in the freedom of indie development, and getting a second chance to create something they believe, and working from a studio where lush fields and the woods, not a concrete jungle, is their daily view.You only see golf on TV when they play out of a tree or when they knock it out of a lake.It s Happy Gilmore, Caddyshack, and Tin Cup the climax of the film, Ward notes, is Kevin Costner knocking a trick shot off a portable toilet blended with the Burnout experience, Ward said.It has co-op and multiplayer, too, making it a great party game to play on the couch.Ward and cofounders Fiona Sperry and Paul Ross pooled their life savings, and the families of other team members added some funds.
I spoke with Paul Raphaël, co-founder and creative director at the studio, about the uniqueness of Nomads, the challenges of creating VR cinema, and what the future holds for a medium that's still finding its way.We really focused on either a family or a village, and shot everyday scenarios to represent daily lives.This is something in the medium of virtual reality that it's very, very strong at portraying as opposed to other cinema.There's a lot to discover and we're just starting to start to scratch the surface of what this medium can achieve as we develop a storytelling language.We've always had the notion of suspension of disbelief, but this medium takes it to a whole other level because you are in the center of something that's not real, but you're trying to make the viewer forget that.Presence is an emotional amplifier, though it may come at the cost of something you really wish you could do.
Since January 12 this year, Microsoft has completely removed support for older versions of Internet Explorer browser IE, on client versions of Windows. But soon it will end with it, as support for older Jqueryversioner as 1:12 and 2.2 shall cease when the new version 3.0 release in the near future. One reason to use jQuery is that it handles differences between browsers, in terms of how developers to design applications. Now, the pressure increases on the basis of not making it, says Johan Öbrink, creative director at consulting firm Iteam. JavaScript developers Techworld been in contact with do not think there will be some difficult transition to go from older versions of Jquery to the new version 3.0. There is an upgrade guide and also the code to identify the need of rewriting, for those who want to facilitate the transition to version 3.0 of Jquery.
To understand both sides of the coin over the course of hours and hours of relationship-building and adventuring—it would be very difficult to do that in 90 minutes of a passive medium.Neil Druckmann: Even in a TV show.I form this relationship with him through these tense moments.Straley: When Elena reaches out her hand—when the vehicle goes over the waterfall and you re hanging by a rope and the tree is cracking and falling, and Elena s extending her hand, it s meaningful to you as a player.Finally she can have a laugh at his expense, pretending to be dead, and then they re finally back together.You re a participant.GamesBeat: On the choice issue, when former Naughty Dog and Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig gave her talk in Montreal, Warren Spector was there.He always felt Uncharted was the ultimate in not giving the player a choice in where the story goes.Whenever they get to it, though—we watch focus tests and they say, Oh my God, I m Ellie.
On Saturday morning the game s creative director Sean Murray, posted on the official PlayStation blog, providing a new release date.However, as we approached our final deadlines, we realised that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards.Developed by small Guildford-based studio Hello Games, No Man s Sky, allows players to explore a vast simulated universe filled with procedurally generated planets and lifeforms.Much has been written about how such a massive undertaking has been attempted by a team of less than 15 people.The universe is shared online, although the developer says it is more like a massively single-player game in that participants are unlikely to encounter each other.And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well.
After the delay was made official, the game's creative director Sean Murray revealed that he received "loads of death threats" throughout the week in which his game was rumoured and then confirmed to be delayed.Even Kotaku's Jason Schrier, who first broke news of the delay citing retail sources, was also reportedly at the receiving end of at least one death threat and severe backlash from fans who even blamed him for causing the delay and "forcing Sony's hand" with his article."As we approached our final deadlines, we realised that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards.Unfortunately, receiving death threats is not a new phenomenon in the gaming industry.In 2012, developer Ninja Theory also drew death threats for its reboot of Devil May Cry.First announced in 2013, No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated games in recent years, featuring an expansive, procedurally generated universe with over 18 quintillion planets waiting to be explored.
Ikea is releasing patented materials free for all to print out.Ikea has been experimenting with 3d printing internally since the past, but this is the first time that you are trying to drop the patented materials free for everyone to print out.It is within the framework of a temporary collection by the name of Glowing, which you can now download a variety of imaginary figures created by the belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck. " as more and more people have access to 3d printers and the technology becomes more democratic as one can imagine a future where anyone can print the parts for its furniture.It's tantalizing to think about what opportunities and challenges this can pose for us anymore, " says Henrik Most Nielsen, creative director at Ikea, in a press release.Drawings and färgläggningsanvisningar to the figures can be downloaded here.
Kim Kardashian s reign as the queen of social media isn t letting up any time soon.The reality TV star paid a visit to the Snapchat headquarters in Venice, California, on Tuesday, where she met the man responsible for inventing one of her favorite features: Face Swap.And of course, being that Kim is one of the most influential individuals on Snapchat, the app developed a Marilyn Monroe filter just for her.ThePowerOfKim The Monroe filter is pretty much the closest thing Kim is going to get to that selfie she wants with the blond bombshell.Seeing as Kim has been likened to the Gentleman Prefer Blondes star time and time again, the personal filter makes perfect sense.Before that, Givenchy creative director and friend of the Kardashian krew called Kim the Monroe of our age, a comparison also noted by BFF Jonathan Cheban.
With a CV encompassing iconic brands IBM, BMW, Intel and Dell, Ken s close working relationship with Steve Jobs first at NeXT and then at Apple, was a natural progression.Under her leadership, the company has become the largest global ticketing and event technology platform and received multiple awards for workplace culture and performance.SPEAKERS at The Europas Conference and Awards 2016 include in alphabetical order Jason Ball – Senior Director, Qualcomm VenturesHarry Briggs – Partner, BGF VenturesNic Brisbourne – Managing Partner, Forward PartnersEileen Burbridge – Managing Partner, Passion CapitalJess Butcher – Co-founder, BlipparSuranga Chandratillake – General Partner, BaldertonJames Cook – Technology Editor, Business InsiderSonali de Rycker – General Partner, Accel PartnersTracy Doree – Founding Partner, Spring PartnersJulia Hartz – CEO, EventbriteJohn Henderson – Principal, White Star CapitalBrynne Herbert – Founder, MOVE GuidesChristian Hernandez – Managing Partner, White Star CapitalTaavet Hinrikus – Co-founder & CEO, TransferwiseAndy Hobsbawm – Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, EVRYTHNGSaul Klein – Partner, LocalGlobeGreg Marsh – CEO, OnefinestayElizabeth Varley – Founder & CEO, TechhubRobin Wauters – Co-founder & Editor-in-chief, Tech.euMichael Schneider – Founder, ServiceWendy Tan White – General Partner, Entrepreneur FirstSitar Teli – Managing Partner, Connect PartnersIda Tin – Co-founder & CEO, ClueBeatie Wolfe – ArtistIn addition we ll also have:Ruth Anderson – Director, KPMGIrra Ariella Khi – CEO, Vchain TechRiku Asikainen – Angel Investor, Finnish Business Angels NetworkAzeem Azhar – Chief, The Exponential NetworkRoss Bailey – Founder & CEO, AppearHereTina Baker – Partner, JAG Shaw BakerAnna Bance – Co-founder, Girl Meets DressLawrence Barclay – Principal, DN CapitalEric Benz – Chief Community Officer, CreditsRomain Bertrand – UK Country Manager, eHarmonyOphelia Brown – General Partner, LocalGlobeSimon Campbell – CEO, The SandpitJas Chana – Technology Entrepreneur, Youth Health ParliamentVincent Dignan – Founder, MagnificStéphanie Duchenois – President, Paris AngelsNuno Folhadela – CEO, Bica StudiosIsabel Fox – Head of Venture, White Cloud CapitalKirstin Hancock – Head of Sales & Marketing, Blue MaestroMelissa Jun Rowley – Founder, Toolbox.orgBethany Koby – Founder, Technology Will Save UsJonathan Luff – Co-founder & Partner, Epsilon ApJonathan Macdonald – Founder, Thought Expansion NetworkLama Mansour – Co-founder, Bold GadgetsDave Matthews – Founder & CEO, NewAerLiberty Mawhood – COO, L MarksSimon Montford – Founder, WEB3IOTFergal Mullen – Partner, Highland EuropeMadhumita Murgia – Head of Technology, Telegraph Media GroupEvan Nisselson – Partner, LDV CapitalDonna North – Co-founder, DressipiMark Roden – Founder, DingMichael Ronen – Co-founder, SplashEvan Rudowski – Managing Partner, Atlantic LeapAnita Schjøll Brede – CEO & Co-founder, Iris AICalogero Scibetta – Operations and Business Development Manager, EverledgerKen Segall – Author & Speaker, former Creative Director at AppleEmma Sinclair – UNICEF AdviserPatrycja Slawuta – Chief MindHacker, Self HackathonAlessandra Sollberger – Co-founder & CEO, EvermoreJewell Strong Sparks – Global Head of Innovation Scouting and Inclusion, Metro Group Business InnovationMark Tluszcz – Co-founder & CEO, Mangrove CapitalDimo Trifonov – Founder, 3nderSarah Turner – Co-founder & Angel Investor, Angel AcademeTICKETS:Tickets to this include all day access to the conference on June 14th in addition to the awards dinner and ceremony and after party in the evening.PATHFOUNDERSApplications are now open for PathFounders – PathFounders is an invitation-only event for start-ups in fund-raising mode.Remaining sponsorship options are now strictly limited and we will be closing these at the end of the week, please contact [email protected] now.LMarksmesh:ine GmbHeOfficeIris CapitalUCLFabricSnupps Inc.Snupps Inc.ModafirmaTelovalNauta CapitalGorilla Theory LabsFacebookDeutsche 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Jade Raymond, a well-known game development executive who left Ubisoft to start a new game studio for Electronic Arts, posted that she has built a pretty big studio in Montreal and continues to hire for it.In a blog post, Raymond said that EA s Motive Studios has grown to 65 people in Montreal, with more coming on board each week to make unforgettable games.It s really quite amazing to be a part of, and I can t wait to be able to share more details about Motive s projects, she wrote.Raymond also oversees Visceral Games, the EA studio maker of Deadspace and Battlefield: Hardline in Redwood City, Calif. Former Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig Uncharted writer is leading that team on a new project related to Star Wars as well.The team at Visceral Games is forging ahead into an exciting phase of development, Raymond wrote.Backed by the talented Visceral team, Amy and studio GM Scott Probst are taking this project in groundbreaking directions.Both studios are still hiring, Raymond said.We are looking for passionate developers in all areas who want to help create EA s next great Star Wars games, Raymond wrote.
Mark WaltonInside the surprisingly humble cafeteria on the ground floor of London's Framestore, friends, colleagues, and journalists have gathered to hear a talk from co-founder and chief creative director, Mike McGee.As Ars' own Kyle Orland pointed out, the lack of investment from games companies runs the risk of turning one of the most exciting and promising technologies of the last decade into little more than a niche fad.Before the HTC Vive was even announced, Framestore created the first fully motion tracked VR experience, using its expertise in film VFX to graft existing motion capture technology onto a headset.It scared the heck out of users as they were made to shimmy across the edge of a virtual chasm.Framestore created a Mini test drive experience on the HTC Vive, complete with vibrating chair.Even if new VR consumers do end up looking for games, they won't find very much if great swathes of the games industry continues to bide their time.