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Although anti-Asian sentiments have long plagued the U.S., the recent rise in violent hate crimes against Asian communities has gained nationwide coverage. There are always ways to help, whether that means donating to the crowdfunding campaigns of those affected, advocating for better legislation, building safer communities or simply having a stranger's back in a time...
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It's been around for over a decade, but fundraising platform GoFundMe hasn't really focused on building up a personality for the brand behind the world's largest crowdfunding platform--that is, until now. And it's using its first brand campaign to challenge stereotypes surrounding New Yorkers and their reputation for rudeness. Spotlighting kindness amid tragedy Through a...
The tabletop gaming industry has exploded over the last few years as millions discovered or rediscovered its joys, but it too is evolving — and The Last Gameboard hopes to be the venue for that evolution. The digital tabletop platform has progressed from crowdfunding to $4M seed round, and having partnered with some of the […]
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“My body and my inability to lose weight failed me in the one thing I ever really wanted,” says Carolyn Nicholls, 47, from Nottingham.“I’ve yet to forgive myself for that.”In 2011, after a year of trying to conceive and one miscarriage, Carolyn and her partner visited their GP for help. She was weighed and informed she was 4lbs over the BMI limit that had been set for accessing fertility treatment in her area.Carolyn, who says she was “getting at least the recommended amount of exercise and eating a healthy diet”, spent months trying to lose the weight, without luck. The couple eventually paid for three cycles of IVF at a private clinic, which cost around £8,000 per cycle. Sadly, each cycle failed.  “We have now had to accept that we won’t have children,” says Carolyn. That was 10 years ago, but the NHS is still turning away couples on the basis of their BMI today, despite an ongoing debate over whether it is an accurate indicator of health. BMI, or body mass index, is your weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of your height (in metres). An ideal BMI is in the 18.5 to 24.9 range for most adults, according to the NHS.However, even the NHS acknowledges that it “is not the perfect measure of your overall health,” noting that BMI “can’t tell if you’re carrying too much fat or you’ve got a lot of muscle.”In a recent House of Lords debate on BMI, former Olympic silver medallist Sir Colin Moynihan pointed out that many Olympic athletes would be considered above the “healthy” BMI measure. Meanwhile, some patients have been denied access to eating disorder services if their BMI is not considered “low enough”.Daniel Davies, 36, from Bedford, and his wife Sarah, 32, are about to start private fertility treatment, after being turned away by the NHS in 2020.Sarah has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and in 2018, following two miscarriages, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease – an autoimmune disorder that attacks your thyroid and can impact pregnancy.She’s since had a third miscarriage. Despite these significant barriers to natural conception, the couple have been denied IVF treatment on the NHS – because of Daniel’s BMI.“The irony was, I didn’t have any issues as far as we knew from semen tests and blood tests, so it didn’t seem fair at all,” he says. “I felt victimised by it.”The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which provides evidence-based guidance for health and social care, does not recommend blanket BMI limits for either male or female patients when it comes to accessing fertility treatment. However, it does suggest patients should “ideally be in the range 19–30 kg/m2 before commencing assisted reproduction” and some clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), which control the funding of IVF at local level, have used this as an excuse to impose their own restrictions. Couples are subject to a postcode lottery: while some CCGs list no BMI requirements, others vary, with restrictions set at 35 kg/m2, 30 kg/m2 and 29kg/m2 in different parts of England. Private clinics rarely impose the same limits. IVF is expensive and BMI is just one way CCGs are restricting access to treatment on the NHS to reduce costs and, they claim, maximise success.Some local areas use age, with women as young as 35 being told they’re “too old” for treatment. In other areas, IVF is restricted if you already have one child, or if your partner has a child from a previous relationship. In a handful of areas, free IVF has been cancelled for almost everyone but cancer patients, under extreme cost-cutting measures. Daniel and Sarah are only able to afford private treatment because they launched a GoFundMe fundraiser, asking friends and family for help.As a 6ft2in ice hockey player, Daniel says he’s “definitely a bigger guy”, but that he is not at all unfit. Being told to lose weight by the NHS, without sufficient support, had a serious impact on his mental health, he adds. “I think it’s safe to say that my relationship with food is now terrible,” he says. “I have a borderline eating disorder and feel guilty every time I eat anything, often eating very little and then smashing a load of calories at once making myself sick.”Daniel was initially completely against the idea of crowdfunding for treatment, saying: “It felt like begging, at a time where most people were really struggling.”Eventually, his desire to be a dad and Sarah’s persuasion won over, and he’s now glad they’re seeing a private consultant. Being turned away for NHS treatment has made a difficult fertility journey even harder though. “There was definitely a strain on our relationship afterwards, throughout, and still now,” says Daniel. “We’re working on it, we have ongoing therapy to help us work through this entire thing. I think the whole process has made us a lot more anxious.” If you’re paying, apparently BMI doesn’t matter.Alice, 42Like Daniel, Alice, 42, from London, says her experience with NHS fertility services has altered her relationship with food. In 2011, when she accessed her first round of IVF, her BMI was around 28kg/m2, but she put on weight during treatment. “I don’t know if it was the stress or hormones or what, but at the end of that cycle, which wasn’t successful, my BMI was just above 30,” says Alice, who chose not to share her surname.At her follow-up appointment, her doctor informed her she no longer met the BMI criteria for NHS-funded IVF. She was advised to lose half a stone and come back for another appointment in six weeks time if she wanted to try again. “To achieve that, my normal, healthy, balanced diet and exercise habits went out of the window and I started taking a fat blocker and went on a really extreme diet to try and meet that threshold,” she says. “The whole time I was doing it, I was thinking: ‘This can’t be the best preparation for a healthy pregnancy.’”Alice and her husband had a daughter from that round of IVF. A few years later, when they wanted to give her a sibling, they had to go to a private clinic: in their area, as she puts it, “you only get one free baby”.At the private appointments, Alice’s weight was never raised. “If you’re paying, apparently BMI doesn’t matter,” she says. “I was 10kg heavier probably when I had my son, and nobody said ‘you’re too fat’.”That all three couples who spoke to HuffPost UK found private clinics willing to offer them treatment poses questions about the medical basis of the NHS limits.So why does BMI continue to be treated as a factor in IVF access? “The use of BMI as a shorthand for overall health has always been controversial and the debate is ongoing – just this month a Parliamentary Committee urged Public Health England to scrap it in favour of a more health-focused approach,” explains Dr Marta Jansa Perez, director of embryology at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).“Certainly you can only tell a very limited amount about somebody’s health from their BMI in isolation: overall health depends on so many other things.”Dr Perez says there is some evidence that patients with higher BMI may have a lower chance of success conceiving, as well as higher risks from fertility treatment. Obesity – which can be identified by BMI in some instances – is associated with lower fertilisation rates, poor quality embryos and higher miscarriage rates, the NHS says. “There will be some patients for whom treatment is not safe at their current weight (whether that’s too low or too high),” says Dr Perez. “So BMI needs to be considered when deciding whether to proceed with treatment, but it’s not the only factor.” But instead of blanket BMI limits, Dr Perez believes suitability for fertility treatment should be considered by medical professionals on a “case-by-case basis, making decisions in the best interests of the patients in front of you.”After hearing these three couples’ stories, she agrees that more support – both practical and emotional – should be given to those who are told their BMI is too high. “Any policy that promotes crash dieting to get the BMI down below a certain magic number – regardless of the other negative health consequences – should be re-examined,” she says. “Every patient deserves the chance to have a supportive, respectful conversation with their health professional about their readiness for treatment. If during this conversation it is agreed that they do need to reduce their weight, they should be supported to do so in a way that’s healthy.”HuffPost UK contacted the Department of Health and Social Care about the variation in BMI requirements faced by those wishing to access NHS IVF. We also asked for comment regarding mental health support in relation to BMI.“Patients should have fair and equal access to NHS infertility treatment when they need it, no matter where they live. Decisions on IVF treatment are rightly made by doctors, based on a patient’s individual clinical needs, in line with NICE guidelines,” a spokesperson said.They added: “We are committed to creating a health and care system that works for all women and we urge all women to come forward and share their experiences in our call for evidence so we can create the first government-led Women’s Health Strategy that will improve the health and wellbeing of all women across England.”Without a change to the system, patients like Carolyn will continue to suffer.A decade on, as well as managing the grief of not being a parent, she’s still struggling with low body image after being denied NHS IVF. “My mental health took a real bashing, as I felt that we had failed to have children because of my weight,” she says. “I hate how I look and am always conscious of my shape and how my body moves and works because of my weight.“At the end of my weekly yoga class, my teacher offers the promise ‘I love and honour my body’ – I just can’t join in.”Related...'Infertility Doesn't Discriminate' So Why Are Women Of Colour Suffering In Silence?This Is How It Feels To Be 'Cut Adrift' After IVF, Say WomenWhen You’re A Woman Of Colour, Infertility Comes With Extra StigmaThese 'Fat Activists' Are Fed Up Of Being Part Of The Covid Blame GameExclusive: Women As Young As 35 Are Being Denied NHS IVF Because Of Their AgeWomen Can Now Test Their Fertility At Home. So I Tried ItThis Is How It Physically Feels To Go Through Each Stage Of IVF
Specs about the MG Cyberster Concept were out even before its official debut at Shanghai Auto Show. It’s a two-door, two-seater sports car with an eye-catching, futuristic design that I’d say is a bit haunting. Maybe it’s just me, but its grille reminds me of Venom’s smile – yes, Spiderman’s villain. Credit: MG - Edited It’s expected range of 800km and speed of 100kph in less than three seconds aren’t the only striking features of this EV.  In fact, MG hopes to develop it with capital raised through a crowdfunding program. Prior to the car’s display at the show, the company announced…This story continues at The Next Web
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It is striking how many different tales the poet Benjamin Zephaniah can tell about being stopped by police.Recounted in the deft storytelling voice that has won him a remarkable literary career, the famous writer goes over a succession of incidents ranging from the bizarre to the brutally cruel.He is speaking to HuffPost UK as the conviction of Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd in the United States places renewed focus on the death of his own cousin, Mikey Powell killed in similar circumstances 18 years ago.Yesterday, in a special report, we spoke to the families of four British men who died in police custody between 1998 and 2010.Zephaniah, 63, and his brother Tippa Naphtali, 59, have been campaigning over the issue for decades, and Tippa set up a memorial fund in Mikey’s name to help other families in 2015.Tragically, the dub poet says, he was not surprised when a death happened within his family – because of his own encounters with police as a young man.“I just knew the way our communities were being policed and I knew that you could die, basically, because I’d known other families who it happened to,” he says.He remembers being pulled into a shop doorway and beaten by police when he was only 15 or 16 in Selly Oak, which he describes as “kind of a slightly posh Birmingham”.“I remember this police car just stopped at the side of me, they were marked, they were uniformed, they just got out, put me in a shop doorway and just beat me, jumped in the car and just drove off,” he says. “I didn’t understand what my rights were. I didn’t understand Citizens Advice Bureaux or anything like that, I just thought: ‘Well, that’s what the police do to us.’”On another occasion, in Stoke Newington, north London, in the 1980s, Zephaniah witnessed a woman being kidnapped and dragged into a car at knifepoint. He went into the nearby police station to report the crime but says police instead accused him of being the perpetrator of a burglary. “So they said, come around the back, and as soon as I walked around the back they dragged me and said: ‘You’re under arrest,’” he says. Zephaniah said he wanted to speak to his solicitor, giving the name and number of the renowned human rights barrister Michael Mansfield, who is a friend. “And they just looked at me – ‘Michael Mansfield, is this the Michael Mansfield?’ – and I went: ‘Yeah.’“And they wouldn’t think that a Rasta walking down Stoke Newington High Street knows Michael Mansfield, right?” says Zephaniah. “So when they saw that, I was free within like 10 minutes. If it wasn’t, that would be me probably framed up.”Two more recent experiences of being stopped by police in rural Lincolnshire, where he now lives, are described by Zephaniah as “kind of slightly sad but slightly hilarious”.In an incident he compares to what is bleakly known as “driving while Black”, the poet says he was pulled over while running.“I got stopped jogging once, and I think that was hilarious,” he says. “It was raining and the cop said: ‘Where are you coming from,’ and I said: ‘Well, home.’ “He said: ‘Where are you going to,’ and I went: ‘Well, home, I’m jogging around in circles.’ “He went: ‘Can I search you? Have you got any keys?’ and I actually said to him: ‘Have you just joined the force? Do you need to, kind of, prove something, you know?’ I just laughed and laughed at him.”On another occasion he was stopped in a local park while babysitting the white child of friends. There was a stand-off with police officers asking if the girl was his daughter.“I’ve got white friends who adopted a Black child and I said: ‘Have you ever been stopped for having a Black child?’ and he went: ‘No, absolutely not,’” he says. “It’s just a weird one being stopped for having a white kid.”But Zephaniah says he has to be cautious in what he says, or in making light of these stops, because of the treatment and racial profiling of younger Black people.“I do think I’ve always got to be careful about this because you see those situations of being stopped,” he says.For example, he says, “the young guys coming out of a pub or club or something like that and they’ve got no bus fare so they have to walk home – and there’s three or four of them and they’re walking home.”But the way police see it, he adds, “especially when it comes to Black youths, if there are more than three of you it’s a gang.“That’s how the police see it. It’s not like a group of friends as it would be with a white group. It’s a gang. And so their experience, the young people’s experiences, is so much different to mine.”Zephaniah also believes racism played a part in his cousin’s death.Mikey Powell died after being detained by West Midlands Police during a mental health crisis on September 7, 2003.“There’s a time I talk about in [my autobiography] where I’m at Thornhill Road police station, which is where Mikey died, actually,” he says.“And I’m in there and the police have given me a bit of a beating and then they take me into a room and on the wall of the room – it’s almost as if there are scalps – there are dreadlocks pinned on the wall of the room or hats. “And the police officer is telling me that this hat belonged to Errol, this hat belonged to Leroy, this hat belonged to Winston, this dreadlock I pulled it off this guy’s head. “It was just like a wall of scalps, trophies almost, and the police were bragging that they’d pulled out locks from these people and that if I don’t confess to something mine will be up there too. “Have you seen the TV programme Life On Mars? It was kind of like that.”In another incident, Zephaniah says police officers stamped on his toes in a corridor of Digbeth Police Station after a beating. “I mean, they had fun with us, you know. They knew we had nowhere to go,” he says.Zephaniah says his family tried to pursue justice for his cousin Mikey through the official legal channels.But he alleges police told him that if he spoke out he could end up prejudicing any legal case and made it clear that they would “come down” on him if he did.“So it was really weird, because in other cases of deaths in custody I was really active, but with Mikey I had to be really careful,” he says. “They were kind of waiting for me to put a word out for place. So, for that reason, I kind of stepped back.”But over his long career he has continually campaigned, written and spoken frankly about institutional racism in the police and wider structural racism in society.“My Stephen Lawrence poem, there’s a line in there where I say: ‘Why are we paying for a police force that will not work for us?’” says Zephaniah. “I mean, sometimes I think if I could take away the bit of my taxes that pays for the police, because they’re useless for me.”But the UK Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder by white police officer Derek Chauvin in the US did give him hope.“I’ve seen these surges before and it goes away,” he says. “I really think the difference this time is that the Black Lives Matter movement is not just peopled by Black people. I think that’s one of the greatest things about this time.“I think there is something about the George Floyd video. You couldn’t watch that if you’re a mother or a parent or a student and go: ‘Well, it’s not that bad.’“And some of the young people I’ve seen just coming up and saying: ‘Not in my name.’ I’ve seen some of the banners people are carrying, they’re quite funny, but quite telling. “There’s one banner that says ‘Black Lives Matter’, and then it says something like: ‘Come on dad – don’t you get it?’“It’s young people who have got racist parents saying: ‘Come on – wake up.’ And that’s what it needs.” He wants to see a “cultural mindset change”.“I kind of have more faith in those at grassroots level, the students I work with, grassroots organisations,” he says.“What depresses me a little bit is government and they’re kind of hardened. Just thinking about the statues and stuff like that, and you’ve got people like [Boris] Johnson saying: ‘No, absolutely not, we’re not going to look at the history books, we’re not going to do anything.’“Well, they really need looking at. You know, because some of them are telling lies, some of them are telling half-truths and some of them are just not telling you the other half the story.”On the topic of policing reform, he says: “Let’s just say the amount of Black officers is completely representative of the amount of Black people in the country – that wouldn’t impress me because I want to know that the culture of policing has changed. So it’s not just one thing.”While he no longer feels an active threat from police, Zephaniah says he remains acutely aware that he may be at increased risk, like his cousin Mikey Powell, because of his race.“Well, when I walk or drive in the street, every time I pass a police officer there is a little thing that goes off inside me,” he says. “I don’t see them as a threat to me personally. But I know it’s not impossible that I could get harmed.”END KICKER: For more information on how you can support the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund, please visit its official website or donate here. Readers can also donate to the Justice for the Family of Christopher Alder crowdfunding campaign. Visit the United Families & Friends Campaign which supports those affected by deaths in custodyRelated...Exclusive: The Met Police Are More Likely To Publish Your Mugshot If You're Black7 Things That Contradict The Claim Britain Is ‘Not Institutionally Racist’Labour MP Dawn Butler Accuses Met Police Of Racial Profiling After Being Stopped By OfficersWhat Brits Need To Know About The Derek Chauvin Murder Trial
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