There are many areas of marketing technology that are considered “hot” right now.And yet MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global event management software market alone is expected to grow from $5.10 billion in 2014 to $7.78 billion by 2019.Despite all the event creation, promotion, attendee check-in, and management solutions available — both at the low end and within the enterprise — many companies still run their respective seminars and conferences exactly as they used to decades ago.In B2B circles, the days of stapling business cards to manually completed “lead sheets” are still with us.Even now, with smartphones and tablets as prevalent as they are, double-entry of attendees is rife, and sales reps have no clue when an “important person” walks into the conference hall.Today, Attend wants to change that for good with the release of a new mobile app that augments its existing event management platform.
I am always looking for things to write about and PR firms are helping me to do my job.Don t send me an email addressed Dear James or Dear Phyllis when my name is Gene.I think we can agree on that answer.How about a subject line like: Your Dog May Die Young Because You Didn t Read This or This Food Is Probably Killing Your Dog And You Don t Even Know It.Help me make more money and better my dreary life with the expertise that you have.No one likes to get unsolicited emails, particularly if they re just a sales promotion for a product or a client you re pitching .
That number could be dialed after a user sees an email or a web page on a desktop/laptop machine, or it could be the result of a click-to-call link in an email or web page on a mobile device.Salesforce will now show such info as the caller s email address, name if known, ad or email that led to the call, any resulting purchases and about a hundred other pieces of data, which are automatically added to the caller s profile in the customer relationship management system.Invoca VP of Marketing Kyle Christensen pointed out that the customary announcement — This call may be recorded — is generally heard at the beginning of an incoming call.Call operators can see first-party or third-party data that is immediately displayed when the caller is identified, matched on the fly by caller ID, email address or other linkages.Christensen said this is the first time phone calls have been detailed to this degree on the platform, with phone-related actions now available at decision points in Journey Builder, Email Studio and other Salesforce tools.Invoca had previously integrated its platform into Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, but those implementations were intended to assist outgoing B2B calls in Sales and incoming customer service calls.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has previously said his goal for the company is to hit $10bn in annual revenue.The cloud-based CRM company says the expansion of its London-based office will be necessary to house new hires.Salesforce has previously said it will recruit more than 1,200 people in EMEA this year, to help support a growing customer base in the region.Many of those roles will be based in the UK, which Salesforce describes as "one of the company's largest operations outside the US".Ed Vaizey, the UK minister for culture and the digital economy, welcomed the news, saying: "Digital innovation is at the heart of the U.K. economy and plays an important role in driving growth."Revenues are up across Salesforce as a whole, with the firm's financial results for Q1 of this year beating Wall Street's expectations.
Analysis: The good news keeps rolling in for Salesforce as profits rise.Well, technology is the backbone of everything, but for a conference keynote it was enjoyably lacking in product pitching, at least not in the typically manner.The show was all about enablement and helping others to reach their customers better, which is why the company took a long time focusing on customer stories - this took up about 80% of the hour and a half presentation.Polly Sumner, chief adoption officer, Salesforce, took control of proceedings and set the tone early on by saying: "The tech isn't important, what's important are the people connecting to it."Yes there were remarks about how the Salesforce tech has enabled businesses to better serve customers, and there were the obligatory live demos role-playing buying an Aston Martin and having a high-fiving robot were good ideas but it simply didn't have the same feel as an EMC talking about its new appliances for two hours.By using its technology, STEMettes has been able to more closely help young girls to build a foundation to break into the science, technology, engineering and maths.
After few discussions with my VP Sales I am considering purchasing a CRM.Salesforce is the leader and I want something super stable even after what happen recently and easy to use.My point is I would like to provide the best tools to my sales team that can be synchronized with Salesforce CRM.I am ready to purchase 5-10 software but it has to be very efficient and boost their productivity.Any advices with previous experiences are welcome!
Software as a Service has become an essential component of any businesses operations.It has allowed them to reduce overheads and move much more quickly than they could with legacy software.SalesforceSalesforce has utilised the cloud to be an integral part of businesses.Salesforce works as a contact and pipeline manager that allows sales reps to function more efficiently whether working remotely or in the office.The German company is increasingly being seen as an integral component of operations inside a business.With well over 2.3 million paying subscribers to its Creative Cloud and more than two-thirds of Fortune 50 companies using its Marketing Cloud, the company is paving the way to SaaS success.
Co-founder and CEO Gil Allouche said the company s technology offers an effective way for businesses that sell to other businesses to find and target new potential customers through advertising.Companies connect their Salesforce and other CRM accounts, then Metadata uses third-party data to help them target their ads at people who are similar to the existing customers and prospects.Allouche said Metadata isn t looking at everyone in the sales database, but rather qualified leads who have actually expressed interest in your product: It makes our targeting very, very effective.We want to be the one place where B2B businesses can essentially have their demand generation machine on auto pilot, he added.As for where the ads actually run, Metadata runs search and social campaigns.The funding which was also revealed in a regulatory filing comes from 500 Startups, Right Side Capital Partners and various angel investors.
British Salesforce customers have been disproportionately hit by a price hike of the cloudy business' enterprise CRM system.The price for its Lightning Enterprise Edition software in the US increased by 20 per cent to $150 £103 per month, while in Blighty prices rose 41 per cent to £120.One customer got in touch with The Register to say that Salesforce has been keen to stress the new product contains more features "which is fair enough to a point but nothing mentions anything about a disproportionate UK price increase."Last week the 17-year-old loss-making biz bounced back into the black for the first three months of 2016, its first quarter of fiscal year 2017, reporting net income of $38m £26m .Revenue rose 26.8 per cent to $1.91bn £819m .Service Cloud Lightning empowers your agents to make your customers love you, and Field Service Lightning expands this power to your field service technicians."
Despite the success of their inbound marketing, the company recognized they were missing out on many potentially valuable opportunities—leads weren t aligned to the right accounts.To improve results, RingCentral implemented an account-based marketing strategy.SPEAKER: Julian Palacios, Manager of Data Analytics & Global Strategic Pricing, Johnson Controls Inc.TIP: Join Colin Day s Keynote speech at the ROI Award Winner Presentation with FIS on Thursday May 26 at 8:35 a.m., Delta BallroomSPEAKER: Colin Day, VP of Global Demand Generation, FIS GlobalWHEN: Tuesday, May 24: 2:45 – 3:30 p.m.ROOM: Ryman Studio F7.SPEAKERS: Dawn Hawk, Co-founder and Executive Dir.Manager, Demand Generation, SolidFire now NetApp TIME: Tuesday, May 24: 3:45 – 4:30 p.m.ROOM: Ryman Studio FG8.
The company also uses a custom build content management system that it built and developed to handle the investor data.One of the reasons why the FCA regulated company chose Salesforce was because of the necessity to protect key bits of information such as anti money laundering checks, client bank details, information around credit checks and home addresses.Wilkinson was full of praise for the regulators, particularly the FCA, saying that the company owes a lot of thanks for it being "incredibly flexible and malleable.""The challenge I see that a lot of the banks have is that structurally from a technology point of view, everything is so widespread and across countries and regions, what they are doing with technology is trying to use it on top of what they are already to improve what they are doing already," he said.Meanwhile, the challengers in the market are using technology to forget what was done before and simply provide services that meet the customer needs.There is one on the site at the minute goHenry that's done about £3.4m," said Wilkinson.
Public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services AWS today announced that cloud-based customer relationship management software provider Salesforce will be moving more workloads to AWS.AWS is now Salesforce s preferred public cloud infrastructure provider, according to a statement.Specifically, AWS will host Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics Cloud as Salesforce expands its geographic availability abroad.Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal reported that Salesforce would be running its previously announced IoT Cloud atop AWS.Indeed, today s statement notes that IoT Cloud already runs on AWS, too.Salesforce also uses AWS for services like Heroku and SalesforceIQ in addition to the IoT cloud, the statement says.Recently there s been some speculation about Amazon acquiring Salesforce.But that s not what s being announced today.It s just a good amount more compute and storage workloads — and money — going from Salesforce to AWS.Salesforce does operate its own data center infrastructure but will now be counting more on external service providers.The AWS upsell could be read as a bit of snub to Microsoft, which has done multiple partnerships with Salesforce.AWS has been around for more than 10 years and produced $2.5 billion in revenue for Amazon last quarter.That s believed to be considerably bigger than what the Azure public cloud fetched for Microsoft and what the Google Cloud Platform brought in to Alphabet.
As Informatica explains in a recent e-book on the subject, a data lake is a data repository that lets you store and process all your data, from multiple sources, in its native format without having to pre-structure it.Warehouses, senior vice president of marketing Franz Aman told me, are better solutions for financial operations that require penny-perfect and secure processing.You don t worry about how you re going to organize it when you are collecting the data, Aman said, adding that the new Marketing Data Lake offers more of a self-service model.The data is ingested in native format from such sources as Salesforce customer relationship management text fields, tweets or other social media posts, web site traffic, or email responses.Aman also pointed out that the data could come from products, as the Internet of Things begins to take hold.In addition to this product being geared for marketers, Aman said Informatica s data lakes are distinguished by the breadth of its integrations with other systems.
The CRM company's introduction of Service Cloud Lightning Snap-ins is designed to help companies quickly deploy capabilities such as Cases, Knowledge, Live Chat, SOS, and Tap-to-Call to their mobile and web apps.The first is the Unified Snap-in SDK for web which will help to ensure that customers have a seamless experience on web.The company says that this will help to add a more personal touch to engagements with service agents.Mike Milburn, GM and SVP of Service Cloud, Salesforce said: "Customers today expect service that is smart, personalized and fast -- wherever and whenever they are interacting with a brand."The Service Cloud Lightning Mobile and Web Snap-in SDKs are expected to be generally available in June 2016 as will Cases.Live Agent will cost $75 per user, per month for users with a Service Cloud Lightning Enterprise license or great.
The deal highlights the increasingly tight relationship between the two companies.Earlier this year, Amazon agreed to expand its use of Salesforce s customer-relationship service.The company s Heroku software developer services and SalesforceIQ customer-relationship management products both use AWS, as will the Salesforce IoT Cloud, the company s new analytics platform for computerized devices.In a blog post, Salesforce said that it will now use Amazon s cloud for a wider range of products, as it looks to deliver them internationally.Amazon has data centers spread out over a dozen regions of the world and is planning to expand into Canada, the U.K and India, which will make its services run faster in those countries.On Friday, Salesforce disclosed in a regulatory filing that it had signed a four-year deal with an unnamed infrastructure services company worth $400 million.
Now the customer relationship management CRM company is planning to use the AWS cloud for an even wider range of products.Salesforce disclosed a regulatory filing on Friday revealing that it had signed a four-year deal with an unnamed infrastructure services company worth $400 million.According to sources close to the matter this company is AWS, reports Fortune.Salesforce will also utilize AWS in select international markets to help bring new infrastructure online as part of its broader data center strategy."The company blog was full of praise for its new infrastructure partner, saying that AWS has "sophisticated and robust enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of Salesforce's growing global customer base."The strategic move for Salesforce is expected to provide them more flexibility and global reach as AWS has data centres spread around the world.
The announcement comes a few weeks after suffered a major cloud outage in North America, resulting in data loss for some customers.Salesforce will use AWS for a majority of its core services, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.Sophisticated There is no public cloud infrastructure provider that is more sophisticated or has more robust enterprise capabilities forsupporting the needs of our growing global customer base, exclaimed Salesforce boss Marc Benioff on Wednesday.Whilst this month s NA14 outage may or may not have come after a deal was signed with AWS, the incident highlights how infrastructure disasters can cause severe headaches for software companies, and a move to AWS, with the scale it offers, should put Salesforce bosses at ease going forward.The deal will go a long way in helping Salesforce boost its international offerings too, without worrying about expanding its own infrastructure to cater for demand.Interestingly, HANA users already had the option of using AWS, but Microsoft claims Azure is king, with greater processing power.
Its latest investment was led by Riverwood Capital and will be used to not only hire more employees, but to expand its reach globally and with additional third-party enterprise applications.Other firms that participated in Spredfast s Series F funding round include existing investors: Austin Ventures, InterWest Partners, OpenView Venture Partners, and Lead Edge Capital.As a marketing platform, Spredfast focuses on giving brands like the Atlanta Hawks, Airbnb, Viacom, and 3M the ability to not only curate user-generated content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, but also distribute their own content across various channels, from the Web to television.Favaron thinks this gives Spredfast a competitive edge, as large companies move too slowly and startups won t be able to raise the necessary capital.While Spredfast has the core product down, it s looking to solve other areas and is eyeballing additional integrations.His company is also looking at facilitating shoppable content and establishing closer ties with customer relationship management tools.One of the important things that needs to happen in the market is knowing how many people are loyal customers of mine — do they shop at my store, frequent flyers, etc.It currently has customers that license its platform in more than 30 different countries and is looking to open offices in other areas.As we scale and want to do business with companies that aren t global, but big in specific countries, we ll need to put people on the ground…within the next few years, Favaron stated.To help grow the company, Spredfast has enlisted the help of more executives, bringing on board former Marin Software managing director Tim Collin as its first general manager for AMEA; former Nuance Communications vice president Eric Anderson as its chief revenue officer; former HomeAway general counsel Melissa Fruge as its chief legal officer; and Ogilvy executive Leo Ryan as vice president of customer solutions for EMEA.Spredfast currently has a team of more than 500 people spread across 5 offices worldwide.
By rebranding Demandware Commerce Cloud as its own, Salesforce will be able to combine e-commerce, order management, point-of-sale, store operations and predictive intelligence into its own platform.Demandware customers include L Oreal and U.K. retail chain Marks & Spencer."There are so many ways it accelerates our mission to transform retail," Demandware CEO Tom Ebling said in a conference call to discuss the deal.It will also help the company expand to new countries.Salesforce's Chief Product Officer Alex Dayon said the deal will increase its customers' insight into their business.The companies expect to close the deal, worth around US$2.8 billion net of cash acquired, before August, subject to customary closing conditions.
Zukin wrote that Demandware was ripe for an acquisition with possible bidders including Adobe, Oracle and IBM, other than Salesforce.Benioff confirmed that a bidding war took place."Yes, this was a very competitive deal."While Salesforce wouldn't confirm that Oracle was one of the bidders, and Oracle declined comment, that kind of "we won glee" implies that Benioff snatched this company away from one of his major competitors.Another clue that Salesforce grabbed this company away from a major competitor: Salesforce is taking out a $500 million loan to help pay that premium price for Demandware.It expects the acquisition to decrease earnings per share by $.07.However, Salesforce also expects Demandware to grow its revenues in its current fiscal year by around $100 million to $120 million, it says.Salesforce will create a new division called Commerce Cloud to sell storefront ecommerce software.Benioff explains that Demandware and Salesforce have a lot of the same customers and that by combining the two those customers can now use Salesforce to sell stuff to customers via Demandware and to track customer data via Salesforce's flagship customer relationship management software.NOW WATCH: This smart earpiece translates languages as they are spokenLoading video...