You might not have heard of Automated Insights before, but chances are you ve probably seen what its software can do.The company has developed Wordsmith, which is essentially AI that can write human-sounding reports from raw numerical data, such as financial reports and sales forecasts.Available from today in beta for free, the plugin comes with an ExplainIt feature that can automatically generate descriptive captions for charts and graphs, making it easier to interpret your data.It works just like any spreadsheet formula: select your data visualization and hit the ExplainIt button, and Wordsmith will automatically generate a description you can place on your spreadsheet or embed right into your chart.The templates let you define how Wordsmith should interpret your data, what words it should use to describe things like rising and falling figures and which parameters it should focus on, such as average sales or median prices.And if you re using it in Microsoft Office, you can export those descriptions in other apps like PowerPoint and have them update on-the-fly.
Marketing then tracks the sales rep s interactions to help the platform learn and improve, and to prove ROI.That includes $1.4 billion in the productivity and enablement sector, specifically in content enablement systems like Seismic, $652 million in data visualization, and another $618 million in the contracts management sector.Why is inside sales such a hot space?Essentially, sales has become a more challenging job in recent years, so new tools are popping up to solve these new problems — namely, figuring out how to help extremely informed buyers.They know more about you than a junior salesperson that was just hired knows about you, Seismic CEO and founder Doug Winter told me in an interview.These extra-educated buyers have given rise to broadly adopted, high-touch, one-on-one strategies like consultative selling.This group plays an increasingly important coordination role in the enterprise — like business operations, a corporate function emerging to help optimize for business metrics like revenue while utilizing marketing and sales teams.And the sales team will say, Hey we work really hard and try and have a conversation with them and don t have the right content , Winter said.One thing is clear with respect to this flurry of new platforms — particularly those that automate basic functions in the sales process: We are definitely entering a world of fewer, more effective sales people, Winter said.
Google has released Google Data Studio, a free version of its new reporting and data visualization tool, Google Data Studio 360.The paid reporting product, Google Data Studio 360, is part of the new Google Analytics 360 suite, which began rolling out to all Google Analytics Premium and Adometry customers Tuesday.Babak Pavalan, product manager for Google Analytics, told Marketing Land in a press briefing Tuesday that all options are on the table.Pavalan explained it s a matter of offering tools that small marketing teams will find convenient and valuable.Pavalan also noted that Google is going to double down on integrations for Google Analytics 360.If you haven t seen his demonstration of the voice-activated Data Assistant in Google Analytics 360 during Google Performance Summit Tuesday, be sure to check that out here.
Credit: GoogleGoogle is doubling down on its commitment to the business analytics market with the launch of a new free data visualization tool.The product competes against Microsoft's Power BI data visualization suite, which has been one of that company's most-hyped products under the guidance of CEO Satya Nadella.As companies collect more and more data, tech firms want to provide them with a way to better understand it.Data Studio lets businesses take in information from a variety of sources and then compose it into reports that they can then share internally or externally to give viewers a better understanding of potentially complex raw data.Businesses that want more premium features still have to purchase a subscription to Google's Data Studio 360 service, but this free tier will give companies a way to get a taste for the functionality that's available to them.The biggest difference between the two products is the number of reports users can create -- free customers are limited to only five while Data Studio 360 users will get an unlimited number.
A new Azure service that supports databases of up to 60TB, versions 250GB to 1TB for Azure SQL, but optimized for data warehousing with massively parallel processing for queries but a more limited subset of T-SQL available.For example, a sales person might only be allowed to see their own sales records, despite other records existing in the same tables.Dynamic Data Masking is another new feature.A simple concept, but one that enables easy monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues.Entire tables can be migrated to Azure, or if a table has a mix of current and historical data, you can create a function to determine whether a row will be migrated.The ScaleR library, developed by Revolution Analytics, includes algorithms for data import; sorting, merging, and splitting; statistical functions and cross tabulation; data visualization; modeling algorithms and decision trees.
The business intelligence firm has been exploring a sale this yearQlik, a vendor of data visualization tools, has agreed to be acquired by private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo for US$3 billion.Qlik is touted as a software package for business intelligence needs, with some customers saying it has strong data modeling features.Qlik offers what it calls "self-service" data visualization and discovery, with customer able to build custom charts based on their data needs.Qlik "blends best-in-class associative analytics and visualizations with data governance, scalability and interoperability," Seth Boro, a managing partner at Thoma Bravo, said in a statement.Thoma Bravo, with offices in Chicago and San Francisco, has investments in several tech companies, including IBM mainframe optimization company Compuware, digital certificate company DigiCert, and enterprise content management software vendor Hyland Software.Qlik will keep its corporate headquarters in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and its existing executive team is expected to stay there.
That in three years, we look up and it s gone?"Commercial cloud services revenue has posted impressive growth rates -- with Azure product sales rising more than 100 percent quarterly -- but the total business contributed just $5.8 billion of Microsoft s $93.6 billion in sales in the latest fiscal year.Thompson praised the technology behind smaller cloud products, such as Power BI tools for business analysis and data visualization and the enterprise mobile management service, which delivers apps and data to various corporate devices.Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood in April said that lackluster transactional sales were likely to continue.Microsoft s two biggest cloud businesses are the Azure web-based service, which trails top provider Amazon but leads Google and International Business Machines Corp., and the Office 365 cloud versions of e-mail, collaboration software, word-processing and spreadsheet software.They re also lower-margin businesses, squeezed by the cost of building and maintaining data centers to deliver the services."It s jarring for some investors, but the other option is worse, said Thompson.Thompson doesn t finish the sentence, but makes it clear he s referring to IBM, the company where he spent more than 27 years, which he says is "not relevant anymore."
Now there s a nifty animated visualization of how all those different airports around the globe are connected—a total of 3,200 airports and 60,000 routes in all.It s the creation of Swiss data visualization designer and programmer Martin Grandjean, designed to focus less on geography and more on the connections within the vast complex network that makes up the airline industry s global infrastructure.As Grandjean writes on his Website:A network, in its very essence, is already a map.And the global transportation maps that represent the flight connections rarely make this network intelligible: on a world map, Europe is often a very dense area where it s almost impossible to distinguish the dots/airports.The distinguishing feature of any small-world network is having a lot of locally connected clusters, with a handful of critical long-range connections ensuring maximum efficiency, whether you re transmitting information or transporting passengers, or even spreading a virus.It still won t get you through those massive TSA lines any faster this summer.
At first blush, this data visualization looks a bit intimidating, but it s actually pretty straightforward.Here, we ve chosen The Watchers on the Wall from season four.Each circle represents a character, and the size depends on how often the character was mentioned in tweets, and the color represents that person s or institution s affiliation.In this particular episode, Jon Snow was mentioned in 33.2 percent of tweets, followed by Ygritte 15 percent , and the Night s Watch 10 percent .The circles are also clustered together here in shades of grey, orange and blue , which signifies story lines.Lastly, there s a useful scale at the bottom where you can show characters and connections based upon a percentage strength of your choosing.
Twitter has become the unofficial second screen when it comes to watching TV, and it s no surprise that HBO s Game of Thrones is one of the most-tweeted television shows on the air.This week, Twitter released a fascinating data visualization that shows how each episode was talked about on its platform, down to the characters and emoji used for them.For example, in the episode The Door, warning: minor spoiler there were naturally a lot of tweets about Hodor and his back story.You can also probably imagine the types of emoji many users tweeted associating with Hodor.The visualization also links characters when they are often mentioned together, such as Sam and Gilly.It s a fun interactive tool for fans of Game of Thrones – especially ones who loyally tweet every Sunday night – to see how each episode racked up based on your discussions, and how these character mentions progress through the season.
It's supposed to help employees build plans -- no project management expertise neededA board in the new Microsoft Planner Web app.It's a Web-based tool for Office 365 subscribers designed to let them easily lay out plans for projects and business objectives and then share them with other people.Planner appears to be a response to the likes of Trello and Asana -- startups that have built their businesses on making it easier for other companies to improve their employees' productivity.Microsoft is no stranger to the work-planning world.Dynamic Events CEO Alison Magyar, whose company used Planner in beta, said that the app was an easier-to -use version of Project.Case in point: the company has also been pushing Power BI, a data visualization and business intelligence tool that makes it easier for people who aren t data analysts to slice and dice company data.
Location intelligence and marketing platform xAd announced this morning that it has developed a new data visualization and location insights tool called MarketPlace.You ve undoubtedly heard numerous times that roughly 92 percent of US retail sales happen in physical stores.The internet now touches most of these transactions in one way or another: business NAP lookups, maps, reviews, product or provider research and so on.It almost goes without saying that the implications of having visibility into offline consumer behavior are dramatic:Campaigns keywords, creative, channels, publishers can be optimized based on offline actionsMedia planning becomes more efficient by exposing which channels digital and traditional are actually working vs. clicks/impressions Offline data can be used for online retargeting and personalizationLocation history operates as a kind of cookie for audience segmentation and targeting based on real-world actionsLocation analytics offer competitive and operational insightsThe one significant caveat here is location data accuracy, which can be uneven.Some sources, publishers and networks are more accurate than others.But that s a separate, longer conversation.
Hi, I m Lucia, and I m the the newest TechCrunch summer writing intern.I m going to write from Chicago – please note the standard Windy City hairstyle in the above pic – where I m also a graduate student of Journalism at Northwestern University s Medill School of Journalism.I came to the U.S. to study business reporting and data visualization after a five-year career as a freelance reporter in Italy.My interest in technology was spurred by the document preparation system LaTeX, which instantly replaced Microsoft Word on the bottom right corner of my laptop.At TC, I m planning on covering smartphones, the Internet of Things, coding and startups, as well as photography gear.However, my espresso-making skills are widely appreciated.
When writers hit a block, they read.When musicians get stuck, they seek stimulation by listening to music.It s the same with any craft.The more you surround yourself with the work of others in your field, the more opportunities you have to learn, be inspired, and channel those influences back into your own work.For data visualization practitioners, that means looking at inspiring graphics and reading about the creative processes behind them.In other words—spending a lot of time on Twitter and data viz blogs.
CartoDB, a data visualization company founded in Madrid in 2012, changed its name to CARTO to celebrate its new analysis tool CARTO Builder and to emphasize its attempt to enlarge its audience from developers to business people and non-coders.Historically, CartoDB has helped data specialists with knowledge of SQL perform location data analysis.In addition, the company allowed data visualization enthusiasts including data journalists with no coding experience to build interactive maps from scratch.Now, the company aims at providing large organizations with a data analysis tool to help them optimize business decisions and predict consumer trends.CARTO Builder can be used in every industry, but we are targeting financial services, to help them predict the risk of investments in specific areas, and telecom companies, Javier de la Torre, CEO at CARTO, told TechCrunch.CARTO Builder is a web-based drag-and-drop analysis tool that comes with a variety of data sheets from public platforms.
General Electric Co. GE 0.47 % and Microsoft Corp. MSFT 0.72 % announced a partnership to bring GE s industrial internet-of-things platform to Microsoft s cloud, as both companies continue to expand from their legacy businesses into areas more focused on mobile and the internet.The companies said Monday that GE s Predix software platform, which enables industrial machines to connect to the industrial internet, would come to Microsoft s Azure cloud platform, allowing users to analyze and share data from their machines using Microsoft applications.Predix is a software and cloud platform that provides a standardized way for companies to connect their industrial devices—from train wheels to package shipping machines—to the cloud in order to monitor and optimize them.Microsoft has been investing in its Azure platform, as competition in the market for on-demand computing power continues to heat up.It is battling with similar offerings from Inc. AMZN 1.17 % s Amazon Web Services and other technology companies.The partnership will allow Predix customers to access new capabilities such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data visualization and integration with enterprise applications.
News: GE s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet is now available on the Microsoft Azure cloud for industrial businesses.Microsoft and GE are looking to speed up digital transformation for industrial customers as part of a strategic collaboration between the two companies.A new partnership between the two firms will see GE s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet available on the Microsoft Azure cloud for industrial businesses.The move allows customers to have access to natural language technology, artificial intelligence, advanced data visualisation and enterprise application integration.It will also enable customers to capture intelligence from their industrial assets and take advantage of Microsoft s enterprise cloud applications.Azure will offer Predix customers access to the largest cloud footprint currently available, in addition to data sovereignty, hybrid capabilities, and advanced developer and data services.
The final product of that data usually comes in the form of pretty charts, graphs and visualizations — and yet many marketers don t know the principles of data visualization theory.As data visualization expert Alberto Cairo puts it in his book, The Functional Art, T he first and main goal of any graphic and visualization is to be a tool for your eyes and brain to perceive what lies beyond their natural reach.The data consists of four sets, labeled in Roman numerals, which each contain an x and y coordinate.When graphed, we see some differences in the data:Set I: Shows a simple, straight-lined linear regression.Nothing is obvious immediately — at least not until we decide to visualize this data.
Here s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.Don t call it a geofence.UberMedia introduces the Optimal GeoSpace Jul 13, 2016 by Greg SterlingCompany s dynamic targeting is based on actual foot traffic patterns throughout the day and is specific to each location.Marketers look to climb aboard the Pokémon Go phenomenon
IT experts are modern day superheroes in the world of business, with the skills and insight to secure and fortify the success of companies worldwide.Available for a limited time, the Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle will teach you, over the span of four in-depth courses, the steps and methodologies to earn a lucrative career in IT System Administration.For a limited time, readers can take 95 percent off the retail price on TNW Deals.With Python s comfortable learning curve and wide versatility – it s found in everything from game development to software – its applications are virtually limitless.The average salary of the professional Python programmer crosses the six-figure mark, and with this bundle you ll master the essentials in a massively useful programming language that executes complicated tasks with surprisingly minimal amounts of code.With 24/7 lifetime access you ll work at your own pace, developing syntax fluency from beginning to expert as you explore automation, the benefits of combining with other programming languages, analysis and data visualization, and more.