Because competition is tough, business is getting harder to manage and grow, and knowing your customer means half the battle has been won.Customer insights include what they like, how they react, how they shop, and how you should be interacting with them.An increasing number of marketing managers state that their companies vie for better CX in order to do better than their competitors.In turn, it lets you provide better answers and solutions to your customers’ queries and problems.It also lets you personalize the experiences that you create for your customers, making them feel important and understood.As for marketing, making use of business intelligence tools, you can achieve visibility into sales information and design your marketing strategy and campaigns based on it.
Sonata Software gives aid to your organization in attaining digital transformation and to gain a competitive advantage. It provides a wide range of data analytics services with a comprehensive kit of informative data reports, data management, analytics services, and business intelligence.  
We living in a world where the sum of data collected is increasing every second.When such a high capacity of data is being produced, it’s only natural to have tools that will support us handle all of this data.Data analysts use their skill to originate statistically important information from the data.Data Analytics Services.What is Data Analytics?Data analytics is the method of transforming, extracting, packing, modeling, and drawing decisions from data to make decisions.It’s the “drawing conclusions” bit that BI tools are most worried about, as the extracting, transforming, and loading phases usually occur at the database level.Types of Data AnalyticsThere are four types of data analytics to making sense out of information once it’s been arranged for reporting, and these areDescriptive data analyticsDiagnostic data analyticsPredictive data analyticsPrescriptive data analyticsDescriptive Data AnalyticsAs the name suggests, descriptive analysis or information can review raw data and change it into a procedure that can be simply understood by persons.
Data is a strategic asset for every organization and organizations are striving hard to adopt many advanced technologies that help them to serve their customers with high performance.These organizations are implementing advanced analytics to enhance their productivity, make quick and precise decisions, for discovering advanced business models, cost reduction and have fruitful engagement with customers, partners and employees.These companies implement Advanced analytics working with existing systems and implement a modern data supply chain.This supply chain helps organizations in using the data very precisely in order to bring insights and values to the organization.Digital Transformation Company enables successful digitization using three crucial features - smart people, suitable business strategy for enhanced business models and emerging technologies like analytics and data management.This results in gaining more accurate and actionable insights into competitor marketing strategies, customer needs, trending business models, etc.
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As the process of analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions, the definition of data analytics captures its broad scope of the field. However, it includes many techniques with many different goals.The data analytics process has some components that can help a variety of initiatives. By combining these components, a successful data analytics initiative will provide a clear picture of where you are, where you have been and where you should go. Descriptive analytics aims to answer the question “what happened?” This often involves measuring traditional indicators such as return on investment (ROI). Descriptive analytics does not make predictions or directly inform decisions. It focuses on summarizing data in a meaningful and descriptive way.
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