Fresh from revamping its recommendations tab in April, Instagram is leaning hard into moving pictures by adding super-specific video categories for you to peruse.Instagram's upgraded "Picked for You" channels beefs up its Explore tab - which helps find accounts for users to follow based on their interests - with a range of video content tailored to your exact tastes.While only available in the US at the time of writing, Instagram plans to roll out its new categories worldwide in due time.The types of recommendations Instagram put together are vaguely Netflixian, with both broader crowd-pleasers like comedians and athletes, to more niche genres like makeup tutorials, barbers, cake decorators, and comic book artists.The Facebook-owned app has seen a recent return on video content since the feature launched in 2013, with the company announcing that the total time spent watching video through Instagram increased 150% in the last six months alone.Facebook and Instagram aren't alone in the big push for video, however, with YouTube stepping up its own recommendations on mobile and Twitter doubling down on its own video uploads.
Taking advantage of the rise in mobile photography, Pinterest says its image-discovery app in coming months will let users point their smartphone cameras at something, and the app instantly will search within its vast online showroom of 75 billion images for a visually similar match of the items in the photo.Pinterest first must prove it can persuade consumers to embrace a technology that for years has been riddled with slow and inconsistent results.The technology has flummoxed companies such as Inc., AMZN 0.63 % Alphabet Inc. AMZN 0.63 % s Google Inc. and a range of startups.Not yet, said Marshal Cohen, chief retail industry analyst for research firm NPD Group.Pinterest, whose site encourages amateur interior decorators and fashion mavens to hunt for inspiration, last week offered a sneak peek of what it would look like when people search for a baby stroller they see on the sidewalk, for example.Users can tap on dots that appear over the objects to get recommendations of similar items.
The land where all you have to do is show up with most of your body parts intact and any job is yours!Well…no so fast.Sure, the national unemployment rate is at a respectable 4.9 percent.But new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that finding a job in California isn t as easy as one might think.According to the BLS data, as reported by 24/7 Wall Street, California stands as the fourth-hardest state in the nation to find full-time work.Only Alaska, New Mexico and No.1 Nevada where you would think you could fall across the state line and get full-time blackjack-dealing gig are more difficult than California when it comes to finding a full-time job.So…What gives?There are actually several factors affecting Californians ability to find full-time work including:And as if all of that weren t enough, there s also the fact that many job seekers might just not be prepared for the job market.The data compiled from the BLS statistics sayid that only 82.1 percent of adults in the state have graduated high school–the lowest rate of high-school graduation attainment of all 50 states.Well,  hey…California s No.1 in something, right?By they way…The easiest state to find full-time work?
A senior finance executive at Twitter Inc. is joining Pinterest Inc. as its first chief financial officer, signaling the image-discovery site may be laying the groundwork for an eventual initial public offering.Todd Morgenfeld, a vice president of finance at Twitter, will leave the social-media service roughly a year and a half after being recruited by finance chief Anthony Noto.The hiring reflects that we re scaling the business up, he said.In a statement, Mr. Noto praised Mr. Morgenfeld s contributions at Twitter, calling him a talented leader.Natalie Fair, Pinterest s current head of finance since 2012, is looking at other opportunities within the company, Mr. Silbermann said.Pinterest s finance team has about 40 people.
Game music is expected to be on a level with films … Final Fantasy XV.A few years ago, decorators varnished the floor of Studio Two, whose decor is somewhere between a 1950s prep school gym and a ballroom on the Titanic.The varnish was promptly chipped off, at vast expense.Everything else remains preserved, with monastic reverence.As such, the sight of the London Philharmonic Orchestra LPO tuning up in Studio One on a sweltering September evening in 2016 looks much the same as when Edward Elgar took up his baton during its opening in 1931.There is one key difference: the music performed tonight will not end up on vinyl, film or in a concert hall.
Words can make some pretty beautiful art (aside from being works of art themselves), and Postepic is here to help you make some of your own.If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the return on a picture of words?A new app called Postepic is here to help you find out, describing itself as a way to capture quotes from the books you read and turn them into elegant images.So the next time inspiration strikes (or rather, you find inspiration in someone else’s words), just grab your phone, snap a photo, and turn those words into works of art.At its heart, Postepic is a way to organize visual information in a way that is easily digestible and visually pleasing.Given the frequency with which we see words adorning walls on large canvases, it seems like Postepic will find an eager audience in modern home decorators.
The eight year old company is a Pinterest-esque take on home renovations, giving users a near-overdose of inspiration with seemingly endless photos of products, design trends, and other useful images to interior decorators.As of this month, Houzz claims to have 4o million monthly site visitors, and more than 1.5 million home professionals on the platform.The OnePlus 5 refines what made the OnePlus 3T so desirable even further.You just settle into using the OnePlus 5 like sinking down into your favorite chair.Our OnePlus 5 review shows how the company impressively manages to rise above this, to achieve a level of brilliance that separates it from other high-end smartphones.The midnight black color scheme, carried over from the limited edition OnePlus 3T, is extremely close in shade to the matte black iPhone.
When Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water opens in December, audiences are going to be wowed by it.It’s a lush, amazing-looking film, and according to del Toro, its budget was a fraction of what you might think—partially because of another show he produces.Speaking as part of a Q held by Film Independent at LACMA, the co-writer and director said though the film looks like it cost about $60-65 million (around £45 million) to make, it really only cost $19.5 million (around £15 million) .“We were doing The Strain, and one of the ideas was to time the movie to shoot in between seasons and utilise the same stages that The Strain has and some of the metal structures of the sets of The Strain,” del Toro said.They also kept the majority of the show’s crew, including the wardrobe department, production designer, set decorators, and more.“That was brilliant because that way we were getting all of the momentum of The Strain, we would keep the sets for them, keep an eye on them by doing a movie, and since it was [a] Fox [movie] and [an] FX [show], that was doable.
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A cheap paint treatment turns them into giant sensors, creating new ways to interact with a smart home by just walking around in it.Unlike other methods of detecting the movement of people or objects in a room, Wall++ doesn’t need obtrusive cameras, bright projectors, or even garish tracking markers covering every last surface.It instead involves a unique paint treatment that even novice home decorators could apply.A final layer of standard latex house paint hides everything underneath, and the researchers estimate the treatment costs about $20 per square meter, but could be even cheaper when mass produced.The diamond and wire grid essentially create a very crude version of the capacitive touchscreens found on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and countless other pieces of tech.When your finger, which conducts electricity, makes contact with the screen, it changes the electrical charge on that specific area of the display, and the underlying hardware can use that change to pinpoint your finger’s position and movements.
You don’t need to be a professional to get professional-quality design help for your home.Thanks to a new partnership between Clever, a new digital channel from Architectural Digest, and Modsy, the home design company that leverages 3D renderings for a more accurate decorating experience, you’ll now be able to redecorate like no one’s business.With this new collaboration, customers will receive exclusive style tips from experts, visual representations of what their space might look like, and the option to purchase furniture directly through the full-scale digital renderings of a home.With this new experience, folks who fancy themselves interior decorators will be able to check out and shop for Clever editor-selected furniture and decor in a 3D rendering of their room.To begin the virtual decorating process, you’ll need to head over to Modsy and take the company’s style quiz — you’ll start by identifying the room aesthetics you’re most drawn to, then get more granular and begin selecting individuals pieces that you like best.Eventually, Modsy will create a style profile for you, at which point you’ll be responsible for submitting photos and measurements of your room.
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UPVC windows and doors are progressively turning into the material of decision for accomplishing monetary and ecological parity and in addition taking care of higher requests on occupant comfort.In the meantime the prerequisite of building materials is expanding numerous folds.UPVC Windows and other PVC Products are making a tremendous commitment to a wide range of parts of foundation advancement and consequently should be on each engineer, Interior Decorators or Builders radar screen.There is a scope of UPVC sliding doors for rooms, family rooms and galleries while the UPVC sliding widows can be appended in anyplace!There are possibilities for sliding doors, lift n slide doors, tilt n turn doors, casement doors, and on account of windows, there are sliding windows, tilt n turn windows, grill series windows and casement windows.One needs to comprehend that Squares UPVC windows and doors dealer.We are UPVC sliding windows suppliers.