Delhi Chief Minister once again has shifted our attention and won all the limelight by making a historic announcement regarding electricity costs.Delhi people would now get Free Electricity on the consumption of 200 and lesser units of electricity per providing 50 % subsidy for families consuming less than 400 units of electricity and now his announcement regarding free electricity is stealing everyone’s attention.Delhi was already the state charging minimum electricity costs, but after this decision of Kejriwal, Delhi would become the first state of India to offer Free Electricity.Electricity was one of the major issues highlighted by AAP govt.during their campaign and they did reduce electricity rate in Delhi as soon as they got power.
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Creating a major impact right before the Mughal dynasty, today it is the powerhouse of Indian politicians and also the house of carrying a big chain of network smuggling of drugs and alcohols.Oftenly we hear about rage parties and meetings having drugs and alcohol inside with police carrying away their investigation and the area is around the terrain of New Delhi.As the sudden increase of drug and alcohol consumption has increased in the New Delhi sector region, many rehabs in New Delhi, been opened due to a surge of news and headlines reported in relation to this major issue.There are more than 100 major rehabs in New Delhi region, where these rehabs in New Delhi help people to manage their consumption over drugs, alcohols and even other types of addiction issues, rehabilitating them via very careful planning.The rehabs include specialists with psychiatrists, experienced and certified therapists, psychologists, experienced service providers and even other team members working together to provide the intense recovery required for every patient of substance abuse and even related to the other psychiatric disorders, getting rid of addictions such as binge drinking, chronic drinking, smoking, drug consumption, alcoholism etc.Just like any other metro city, New Delhi people also face stress due to their busy lifestyle factors, and between all this rushes, they try to find solace, however some end up in these rehabilitation centers.