Just last week as I was trying to log in to my bank’s website, I was confronted with a green screen of jumbled code.And at every attempt to close Internet Explorer 11, I am alerted that the browser has stopped working and needs to close.Koreans can’t stand it anymore, with Chrome quickly overtaking the old Windows browser in the past year:Yet trying to access even basic info on government websites on a different browser will send the page crashing and begging for IE.Finally, someone has heard the cries and swears of frustrated web-savvy netizens across South Korea using the world’s fastest internet on a browser that even Windows is trying to put to bed.Moon Jae-in, the top contender for this year’s general election, has vowed that if he becomes president, he will push to abolish ActiveX -- Microsoft’s 1990s software framework that is the brittle cybersecurity solution once forced upon government and financial websites and whose very name makes web users in Korea cringe.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reportedly used a private email account to transact state business when he was governor of Indiana, and his AOL account was hacked once, according to a news report.Emails released to the Indianapolis Star following a public records request are said to show that Pence used his personal AOL account to communicate with his top advisers on issues ranging from security gates at the governor’s residence to the state’s response to terror attacks across the globe.A hacker seems to have got access to his email account in June last year and sent a fake mail to people on the former governor’s contact list, claiming that Pence and his wife had been attacked on their way back to their hotel in the Philippines, according to the report.Pence subsequently changed his AOL account.The use of private email servers by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state was a key issue during the campaign for the presidential elections in which she was the candidate of the Democratic party.The FBI had concluded in July that Clinton or her colleagues had been "extremely careless" in the handling of very sensitive, and highly-classified information, but the agency did not recommend filing any charges against her.
Prior to last night’s joint session of Congress, at which President Donald Trump delivered his first formal address to legislators, there was much anticipation of what gestures, symbolic or otherwise, the Democrats would make to register their antipathy for the President and their repudiation of the positions and policies he has sought to enact in the past six weeks.At the event, the most striking demonstration of dissent was the wearing of white by many female members of Congress, who responded to a call put out by the Democratic Women’s Working Group to outfit themselves in the color associated with the women’s suffrage movement—the same choice that Hillary Clinton made when she wore a white Ralph Lauren pantsuit to accept the Democratic nomination, last July.Television cameras showed several rows of female representatives attired in white blazers, dresses, and suits: “Not the white power Trump intended,” “The Daily Show” quipped on Twitter.But as the chamber filled with lawmakers and their guests, the TV cameras revealed another expression of dissent.The spouse of the President is, by convention, expected to be the nation’s hostess: choosing flower arrangements for state dinners with diligence and taste; conducting guests around the White House with impeccable manners; selecting an unimpeachable cause—the welfare of children is a favorite—for which to be a not-too-strident champion; and humanizing her husband when his politics render him unpopular.And it is unbearably invasive, as the sphinx-like Laura Bush telegraphed in every gesture while she occupied the East Wing.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cleaned (some of the) house at this year’s Razzies, winning four awards and making us all a little more afraid that Ben Affleck really will end up dropping out of The Batman altogether.The Golden Raspberry Awards, which happen the day before the Oscars, celebrate the worst and most ridiculous films of the year.While the event’s top honours (like Worst Picture and Director) went to Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Batman v Superman tied for number of awards received.It won for Worst Screenplay and Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel.Dinesh D’Souza, the guy behind Hillary’s America, spared Affleck and Henry Cavill the humiliation of one of them getting Worst Actor, but they did share the honour of Worst Screen Duo.Jesse Eisenberg also took the prize for Worst Supporting Actor.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cleaned (some of the) house at this year’s Razzies, winning four awards and making us all a little more afraid that Ben Affleck really will end up dropping out of The Batman altogether.The Golden Raspberry Awards, which happen the day before the Oscars, celebrate the worst and most ridiculous films of the year.While the event’s top honours (like Worst Picture and Director) went to Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Batman v Superman tied for number of awards received.It won for Worst Screenplay and Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel.Dinesh D’Souza, the guy behind Hillary’s America, spared Affleck and Henry Cavill the humiliation of one of them getting Worst Actor, but they did share the honour of Worst Screen Duo.Jesse Eisenberg also took the prize for Worst Supporting Actor.
Listen to the full episode here:Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge fund manager, activist, and environmentalist, spent more than $65 million to back environmental causes and the Democratic Party in 2016.Now Steyer, the founder of Farallon Capital and the environmental group NextGen Climate, is using his his voice--and his wallet--to battle Trump administration.Tom Steyer joined The Forbes Interview podcast to talk politics, investing, and how he believes a big tax on fossil fuels will spur a green energy renaissance.I want to be part of the group of people that stands up and tries to protect our basic rights and put out a more optimistic view of what we can do together.Opposed to this terrible attempt to divide us, prove the world's terrible and only a true authoritarian can save us from ourselves.
Citing five current and former government officials with direct knowledge of the situation, the report says the investigations are taking place out of three field offices in Washington DC, San Francisco and Pittsburgh.The FBI's field office in Pittsburgh is working to identify the perpetrators behind the hacks into the Democratic National Committee's DNC computer systems which occurred in 2015 and the first half of 2016, the sources told Reuters.The DNC breaches and damaging subsequent leaks offered a glimpse into the complex internal running and communications of Democratic Party officials and hurt candidate Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House.However, Justice Department officials in Washington believe there currently isn't enough clear evidence for an indictment.The FBI's San Francisco office is trying to identify "Guccifer 2", the hacker suspected of posting emails stolen from Clinton's former campaign manager John Podesta's personal email account.In Washington DC, FBI counterintelligence agents are currently looking into leads from informants and foreign communications regarding the alleged Russian hacking of the elections.
Presidents Day is this Monday, which means it s the perfect time to look back on how some of the greatest people this country has known got things done.Presidents do not have the luxury of being afraid of change.We ve heard the idea of waiting five minutes before responding to criticism before, and it s always worth repeating.Other worthwhile tips from Jefferson s letter include, never spend your money before you have it, pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold, and rather curiously, take things always by their smooth handle.Nobody likes a rambling presentation devoid of meaningful points.Exercise is a very important way to keep your body and mind healthy.
consists of four hundred and forty-seven unelected Party functionaries—state Party chairs, obscure assemblypersons, former big shots—each possessed of his or her own local concerns.Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress, and I had asked about his religion, and its bearing on his conception of politics, because I couldn t quite figure out how someone with his background—he came to politics through the roar of student activism: protests, marches, rallies—would be happy in the role he was so strenuously seeking.Like many a Christian politician before him, Ellison had found a way to apply the particulars of his faith to certain timeless American themes—justice, equality, the ability to transcend the circumstances of one s birth.Perez has consolidated support from much of the Democratic establishment, and increasingly appears to have seized the role of front-runner.Ellison gained an advantage in the race by announcing his candidacy early, in November, but he has faced several obstacles in the months since: recurring questions about his more radical past; a palpable if rarely articulated uneasiness about his faith; and, perhaps most perplexing, the shadow of Bernie Sanders, whose support accounts for both the initial strength of Ellison s run and the intensity of the opposition that has gathered against him.Ellison had read the novel Cry, the Beloved Country in high school; soon he was a leading campus petitioner on behalf of divestment from the South African government.
Since winning the US presidential election last year, Donald Trump's administration has been in an almost constant state of turmoil.Yet Julian Assange, the outspoken founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, says it's not all doom and gloom.In a series of Australian radio interviews this week 15 February , broadcast from the Ecuadorian embassy where he lives under political asylum, Assange said the rise of leaks from inside the US government alongside a renewed journalistic aggression are both welcome changes from the previous administrations of Obama and Bush."I quite like the way that now suddenly it's permissible for most media to criticise government in a way that it wasn't in the past in the United States, and frankly, wasn't in major US allies as well," he said during an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O show."Now it's acceptable to look into policies of the White House and the Pentagon," he continued, adding: "I think that aspect, that suddenly it's acceptable for the press to actually do their job and hold government to account, is a positive."Last December, Assange spoke out in guarded praise of the incoming Trump administration.
When Republican Steve King beat back Democratic challenger Kim Weaver in the race for Iowa s 4th congressional district seat in November, The Washington Post snapped into action, covering both the win and the wider electoral trend.Republicans retained control of the House and lost only a handful of seats from their commanding majority, the article read, a stunning reversal of fortune after many GOP leaders feared double-digit losses.A handful of companies with automated content-generating systems, like Narrative Science and Automated Insights, were capable of producing the bare-bones, data-heavy news items familiar to sports fans and stock analysts.What s more, they wanted a system that could foster a seamless interaction between human and machine, says Jeremy Gilbert, who joined the Post as director of strategic initiatives in 2014.After a few months of development, Heliograf debuted last year.It works like this: Editors create narrative templates for the stories, including key phrases that account for a variety of potential outcomes from Republicans retained control of the House to Democrats regained control of the House , and then they hook Heliograf up to any source of structured data—in the case of the election, the data clearinghouse VoteSmart.org.
WikiLeaks has blamed a "destablization campaign" perpetrated by the Democrats, media and "US spies" for national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's resignation.Flynn resigned on Monday following reports that he misled Vice President Mike Pence and other top White House officials about conversations held with the Russian ambassador to the US about sanctions before he took public office.After reports of the discussion first emerged, Flynn denied the allegations that he discussed US sanctions against Russia with ambassador Sergey Kislyak - a claim that Pence reiterated on CBS' "Face the Nation" in January.However, Flynn later said that he "doesn't recall" what was discussed and he "couldn't be 100%" sure whether sanctions were discussed or not.In a tweet on Tuesday, WikiLeaks wrote: "Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns after destabilization campaign by US spies, Democrats, press."In a separate tweet, the organisation also said the transcript of the conversation between Flynn and Kislyak should be made public "so everyone can act with complete knowledge."
Munich's city council has resolved to draw up a plan for abandoning LiMux, a Linux distribution created especially for its use, which the mayor wants ditched in favor of Microsoft's Windows 10 by the end of 2020.At a Wednesday morning council meeting, the coalition agreed to produce a draft plan for the migration, including cost estimates, before the council takes a final vote on the subject."The city council has not fully approved to change to Windows," confirmed Petra Leimer Kastan, a spokeswoman for the office of mayor Dieter Reiter.Little over a decade ago, Munich completed a migration from Windows to LiMux that involved some 15,000 computers, and reportedly cost over €30m.According to Munich's current administration, council staff members dislike the software they have to use each day, and the city needs to stick to one operating system: Windows."Employees are not satisfied with our IT," Reiter told a council meeting on Wednesday morning, citing a report he had commissioned from Accenture.
A proposal set for a vote this week would see council workers shifting to a Windows client with industry-standard applicationsMunich city council members are preparing to vote on a landmark proposal that would see the city ditch its decade-old LiMux programme, which currently sees most of the city government s more than 15,000 computers running Linux and the LibreOffice productivity suite.Council members tabled a recommendation last week that calls for the city to immediately draw up plans for a uniform Windows-based client to be rolled out across the city government by the end of 2020.If adopted, the plan means the end of Munich s Linux experiment, launched in 2003 and seen at the time as a challenge to Microsoft s dominance on the desktop.The implementation was finally completed in 2013, with around 15,000 systems now running a customised version of Ubuntu Linux, while roughly another 5,000 continuing to run Windows and Microsoft Office.In the meantime, a shift in power from a Green-Social Democratic Party SPD coalition to one dominated by the SPD and the conservative Christian Social Union CSU , along with the arrival in 2014 of the Microsoft-friendly SPD lord mayor Dieter Reiter, meant a loss of political support for LiMux, resulting in the current proposal to scrap the programme entirely.
the Two senators from the democratic party have written to the u.s. department of defense.Where expresses its concern that Trump can use his old, insecure Android phone for Twitter.While it is important for the president to have the opportunity to communicate electronically, it is equally important that he does it in a way that is safe and that ensures the preservation of the list of records , writes Tom Carper and Claire McCaskill, both senators in the u.s. government's committee on homeland security.The two senators are worried that your phone might be vulnerable to hacker attacks, and unauthorized can reach sensitive information by turning on the audio recording and camera functions, but also turn on a monitoring tool .And they are not alone – a number of experts have also expressed concern over the president's use of an unsecured telephone.the Senators now want to get information on Trump received a secure telephone before or after he was sworn in as president and if he in that case actually using it.
The authority's administrative and personnel committee this week made a long-awaited recommendation for the reorganization of Munich's IT setup, calling for an immediate start to the creation of a uniform, Windows-based client architecture that can be deployed across the council by the end of 2020 at the latest.Just over a decade ago, the Bavarian capital city hall famously ditched Windows for an Ubuntu derivative called LiMux, a portmanteau of Linux and München.The migration, which involved some 15,000 PCs and a reported cost of over €30m $32m , provided what is still the biggest showcase for a Linux desktop in any German public administration.However, the 2014 arrival of a new lord mayor, Dieter Reiter of the Social Democratic Party SPD , spelled trouble for the flagship scheme.Reiter quickly expressed interest in readopting Windows, although he said at the time there were no plans to have Microsoft's product become the administration's main desktop operating system.Last year, Reiter commissioned a report from consultants, including Microsoft partner Accenture, which said staff should be given the option of using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.
Democratic senators have promised to fight any move by President Donald Trump's administration to gut the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules.Any moves by Trump or the Republican-controlled FCC to roll back the 2015 regulations will meet stiff resistance from Democratic lawmakers and digital rights groups, the five senators said during a press conference Tuesday.The senators were joined by seven digital rights groups, including Public Knowledge, Free Press, and Fight for the Future.While critics have suggested the regulations hurt broadband investment, providers spent US$76 billion to upgrade their networks in 2015, the second highest total since 2001, Markey noted.Late last month, Pai declined to outline a path forward on net neutrality.But in recent days, Pai closed an FCC net neutrality investigation into mobile free data plans, and he proposed to exempt small broadband providers from net neutrality requirements to tell customers about their network management practices and the impact on broadband service.
the member the vote of the president, the initiative of the pension index change and the development of the European union employ the Sdp chairman Antti Rinne, the party meeting, which began Friday in the Bay exhibition centre.Slope of said assembly in a speech, that tomorrow to elect a new party government to prepare an amendment to the regulations of the advisory member vote arrangements.Time for the preparation is given for two years.voting for the party leader I wish were already in the Sdp in the previous party meeting in Seinäjoki 2014, but the slope of the party led by the office couldn't get things to move forward.the Sdp is time to move on to also party democracy, the implementation of the front row , Slope of hope now.the Second Slope the main thing is the pensions increase.
Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek has said that hackers breached dozens of email accounts at the foreign ministry in an attack that resembles the one carried out against the US Democratic Party during the recent presidential election.The White House blamed Russia for the hack into the Democratic National Committee DNC and multiple top officials.Russia, however, vehemently denied the allegations.The Czech Republic's legislative elections are expected to be held in October this year.Zaoralek said the foreign ministry's internal communication system was not affected in the breach, which was discovered during a security check, and that no confidential information was compromised.Online Czech investigative news site Neovlivni.cz reported that highly sensitive messages were downloaded from Zaoralek and other diplomats' email accounts in the breach, describing it as the country's "biggest security scandal of recent years".
Google has a donkey on its back, and it s trying to shake it off and take a nice elephant ride instead.That s the metaphorical version of a new report that shows the firm, with parent firm Alphabet, aggressively courting Republicans while trying to shed what s perceived as a strong allegiance to the Democrats.Few companies have been as intimately tied to the Democratic Party in recent years as Google, an article in the Jan. 27 New York Times began.So now that Donald J. Trump is president, the giant company, in Silicon Valley parlance, is having to pivot.As pointed out by the Oracle-funded Google Transparency Project, the Mountain View tech behemoth had a revolving door with the Barack Obama White House, with Googlers leaving to take up government roles and government staff leaving to work for Google.The firm had many, many meetings with high officials in the Obama administration, according to records collected by the Google Transparency Project.Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt advised the Obama White House and worked with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.Last year, Google employees gave $1.3 million to the Clinton campaign, compared with $26,000 to Trump s, the Times reported.