Eight years after its console debut, Spelunky is trickier, more hilarious than ever.
The classic roguelike Spelunky, which helped pave the way for indie gaming, is finally getting a sequel. Here's what you need to know about Spelunky 2.
One of the most anticipated indie sequels isn’t going to make its 2019 release window.Developer Derek Yu explained that Mossmouth, his studio, is making a lot of progress on Spelunky 2.But he said it’s unlikely that they will finish the roguelike adventure this year.“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get to release Spelunky 2 this year,” Yu wrote on Twitter.“Development is still going well, and we’re not far off target, but the density and detail of the game is demanding more time.”Spelunky debuted as a freeware game for Windows in 2008.
The Asus ROG Phone may not be the only gaming smartphone coming from the company, with hints already being dropped that the Taiwanese firm may have more up its sleeve.While the company didn't specifically say there will be more ROG branded smartphones, Derek Yu, head of Asus' ROG division, said that the market response to this device could spark more.When asked whether the ROG Phone is the first in a line of devices, Yu said, "We've got a lot of ideas, believe me."Yu also said that Asus is working with mobile game developers to have games support the phone's configuration.Most of the current crop of mobile games aren't designed to run at the 90fps that the ROG Phone supports, so Asus' handset is ahead of the curve in that regard, just like the Razer Phone before it.Yu confirmed that Asus is working with developers in various countries to bring support for the ROG Phone's features.
The good news on Sword Art Online though is that both modes are still very playable, so from a gameplay standpoint, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 delivers regardless of how you want to play it. The lack of dialogue or any 'action' fills me with this strange sense of dread, Spelunky creator Derek Yu writes on TIGSource in a blog from 2008. This upcoming game was first found on a Chinese gaming platform called TapTap where Chinese gamers can pre-order games, as per IGN. Updated FID and Home flag will not be reflected in some portion of the game such as previous play historye. While the game looks and sounds great in docked mode, when your play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in portable mode it does take a very noticeable hit in performance. And if you need any further proof of that theory, all you need to do is check out the worldwide sales for EA Sports' FIFA 18, which has since become the tentpole title for the company, outperforming even the mighty Madden NFL series.
UFO 50 released a revealing trailer last month, and its team of developers, including Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Eirik Suhrke (Downwell), have followed that trailer with a massive world premiere of its playable version.I made the dubious decision to try and play all 35 games on offer—which appear in a giant menu, looking like a bunch of NES cartridges.Every game is designed to run within the constraints of NES hardware, too, and this doesn't just mean you have to use a two-button, NES-styled controller.In one case, the "jump" button triggers a gravity polarity swap (just like the indie platformer VVVVVV), while other characters have hop-and-hover maneuvers, Bionic Commando-styled swings, or "climb-a-magical-rope" powers.: What looks like a simple "attack the other base" battle game actually has a serious mix of strategic possibilities and twitchy reactions.Disc Lords: In recent years, the board game world has enjoyed a rise in what's known as the "flicking" genre.
p Time for some hot deals on some great games.A handful of the most popular titles from one-man developer OrangePixel have been reduced in the Play Store, including the Heroes of Loot 1 and 2, and action arcade series Gunslugs.OrangePixel’s games all feature a similar aesthetic, with impressive pixel art that looks like it would have been at home on the SNES.One of the dev’s more recent titles is Meganoid (2017), something that looks like a cross between Mega Man and Spelunky — the physics and level layouts look very similar to Derek Yu’s acclaimed platformer.Check out the full list of discounted games below:Have you played any of these titles?
In no particular order, here are 10 of the very best books about games, touching upon a wide variety of subjects and games that influenced us to gravitate towards this interactive medium.From game-centric publisher Boss Fight Books, Spelunky Derek Yu details the development of his rogue-like platformer, now regarded as one of the greatest indie games of all time.Sega was floundering against Nintendo in 1991 when Kalinske, a man who revived both Hot Wheels and Barbie at Mattel, was brought on to shake things up.Harris’ book provides a fascinating look inside the grand battle between Nintendo vs. Sega — a war in which, many of us forget, Sega was winning for a time.It isn’t entirely unreasonable to describe John Carmack and John Romero as the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of video games.Kushner’s now classic biography of the men behind Doom, Quake, and Castle Wolfenstein follows the duo’s path from their troubled youth, to menial jobs, to the founding of id Software and the creation of their most well-known games, titles that changed PC gaming forever.
At Computex 2016, 'ROG General' Derek Yu took the stage with a particularly flamboyant leather jacket to announce a whole modular PC standard called standard called Project Avalon.The PC also isn't holding back features hardcore PC gamers expect including full support for liquid cooling.The ultimate mini-PCOn top of announcing a new standard, Asus isn't ready to let go of its old form factors.The electronics firm also introduced the ROG G31 Edition 10 as a beefed up and updated version of the Asus ROG G20, while also being a special ROG 10th-anniversary gaming desktop PCInside the compact, 20-liter chassis, asus managed to squeeze in two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards and an Intel Core i7 K-series processor for the ultimate 4K UHD gaming experience.To help cool it all, Asus has also integrated a 3D vapor chamber first introduced in the Asus ROG G752 gaming laptop with dual air channels.Check out our ongoing Computex 2016 coverage