As huge as the United states dominance in popular and high culture throughout the world, the country has not been able to in the same fashion in the field.the Successful individual american designers and clothing brands, but for the most part the peak of fashion and its authors come from elsewhere.One of the largest mid-market fashion factors is however american, elmira n.y. from New York, from the Tommy Hilfiger, whose name carries the character to rely on aesthetics I get american visual symbols, blue and red colors, the stars and stripes.Hilfiger's American Dreamer -the biography tells that even the designer of the iconic first inspiration source comes from the american football uniform: Cleveland Browns brown-orange colors make a lasting impression.the American Dreamer is a book on entrepreneurship, song of praise.Hilfiger established the first clothing store for 18-year-old.
Ornamo awarded the service designer Mikko koivisto for today, Monday the design field recognition, Ornamo award.hello, I as the lead service designer and customer experience manager at working Koivistoa will be held in Finnish service design industry as a pioneer, who has contributed to the growth of the industry in Finland."the customer companies want for themselves more and more service design expertise, and service design agencies offer organisational development related services.Projects are more strategic, we do services strategies – we are not the individual service in the development of catch up but we're filing the entire service business.When the first service design companies started operating in Finland in the early 2000s, they focused mainly on services and processes, i.e., how their services were used.Later in the service design, expanded product innovation and the value of the promises.
LONDON Reuters – Britain s ARM Holdings, the provider of technology for the iPhone, has bolstered its exposure to the developing market of embedded computer vision with the purchase of Apical for $350 million, it said on Wednesday.Embedded computer vision involves the use of digital processing and algorithms to interpret meaning from images or video – allowing devices to understand their environment through visual means.Cambridge-based ARM said the acquisition of Apical would accelerate its growth into new markets such as connected vehicles, robotics, security systems as well as industrial and retail applications.It said it would also extend ARM s product portfolio in existing markets such as smartphones and cameras.Computer vision is in the early stages of development and the world of devices powered by this exciting technology can only grow from here, said ARM Chief Executive Simon Segars.ARM said Apical s imaging products are used in more than 1.5 billion smartphones and approximately 300 million other consumer and industrial devices.Founded in 2002, Apical employs about 100 people, mainly at a research and development center in Loughborough, central England.Last month, ARM reported better-than-expected first quarter profit.Its shares have, however, fallen 11 percent this year on reports Apple has continued to reduce iPhone production.The stock closed on Tuesday at 928 pence, valuing the business at 13 billion pounds.Reporting by James Davey; Editing by Mark Potter
ARM has acquired Apical, a U.K. designer of embedded computer vision technology, and plans to incorporate that technology into future ARM microprocessor and system-on-chip designs, it said Wednesday.The move will open up new opportunities for designers of autonomous vehicles and security systems, among other connected things, according to ARM CEO Simon Segars.That technology also turned up in Samsung Electronics' new laptop, the ATIV Book 9.Assertive Camera is another of Apical's developments: It's a range of software packages and silicon-based image signal processors for reducing image noise, managing color and shooting high dynamic range images.ARM makes its money by designing chips that others manufacture, or licensing its chip modules for others to incorporate in their own designs.Putting image analysis and interpretation capabilities in hardware could accelerate and simplify the design of a whole host of products, including self-driving cars and security systems.
If you ve been looking for a way to make your favorite IDE or text editor easier to work with, you might want to start with the font you use for coding.Mononoki is a beautiful new monospace font by designer Matthias Tellen.It s available for free in four weights regular, italic, bold and bold italic and was created with a view make it easier to review code.To that end, it s highly legible thanks to its easily distinguishable characters.It also works well on both high- and low-resolution displays in just about any sensible color scheme.It s also a hell of a lot cheaper than this $200 alternative from Hoefler & Co. You can grab the free font in TrueType and WOFF formats from Tellen s GitHub repository.
Caption: Mineralbad BBStephan ZirwesRelated GalleriesAlways Moving?This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take ApartDreamy Photos That Will Put Your Instagram Filters to Shame$30K Retrofit Turns Dumb Semis Into Self-Driving RobotsThis Trippy Looking Building Is Modeled After a Sand DollarMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroStephan Zirwes has a thing for aerial photography.He loves seeing the patterns in mundane places like golf courses, soccer fields and swimming pools.Pools often have nice structures and sometimes also strange designs, he says.Revealing these designs required caaaaarefully shooting his Hasseblad 50Mp from the window of a helicopter hovering 1,000 feet above pools in cities throughout southern Germany.Zirwes uses Photoshop to eliminate distractions like buildings and make a patterned frame of the surrounding title, transforming an ordinary swimming pool into a lovely minimalist scene.
Caption: This summer, millions of eyes will be watching Rio de Janeiro, as the 2016 Summer Olympics descend on the Brazilian city.It s at the Jewish Museum of New York until September 18, and it represents recognition at last of the tremendous influence Marx had on modern landscape architecture.Decades later, you can see that influence in, for example, the abandoned rail viaduct in New York City that James Corner Field Operations turned into the vaunted High Line.It sounds ridiculous that in a place like Brazil, that s so blessed with incredible flora and nature, people were importing roses and European species for gardens, Nahson says.The Jewish Museum show, the first comprehensive survey of Burle Marx s work in a quarter century, includes photos of all those parks, as well as paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, and works of stained-glass.But the designs live on, as a backdrop for the wheels of speeding Olympian cyclists.
Henry HarrisRelated GalleriesHeavenly Aerials of Pools Will Send You Right Into SummerAlways Moving?This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take ApartDreamy Photos That Will Put Your Instagram Filters to Shame$30K Retrofit Turns Dumb Semis Into Self-Driving RobotsMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroOn the third floor of Arup Global Acoustics office in Lower Manhattan is a small, fabric-enclosed space that looks and feels like a cocoon.The company line is that the SoundLab creates virtual sonic environments to help architects improve the acoustics of their buildings.We re using the data to help you feel, says Raj Patel, Principal at Arup Global Acoustics.To make it work, engineers build a computer model of a building or space and then map a web of measurements called impulse responses that create an acoustic signature.Patel and his colleagues are coordinating with researchers to recreate sensations of light, touch, temperature, and even smell.
This way, pedestrians or cyclists who happen to find themselves being struck by a Googlemobile would be protected from what s called secondary impact.The patent was filed back in 2014 and seems to be designed as a temporary solution to keep the humans around the self-driving cars safe as autonomous technology improves:While such systems are being developed, it must be acknowledged that, on occasion, collisions between a vehicle and a pedestrian still occur.Such safety mechanisms may become unnecessary as accident-avoidance technology is being further developed, but at present it is desirable to provide vehicles with pedestrian safety mechanisms.As for what kind of glue Google is planning to smear across its hoods, it s described in the patent as having some kind of eggshell -like coating over the main adhesive layer so the car doesn t drive around scooping up insects and other small animals like actual flypaper.Nissan s pop up engine hood uses tiny explosives to slightly raise the hood of the vehicle once it senses an impact to help stop pedestrians from hitting their heads.Given their role with Android OS, they could have the world s smartphones telling pedestrians when they are at risk of getting hit.
Oliver Franklin-WallisAssistant Editor, WIREDFollow @olifranklinThis article was first published in the June 2016 issue of WIRED magazine.Be the first to read WIRED's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online.The Singapore-based designer hand-built the walking mecha toy Codename: Colossus from 435 3D-printed parts."I learned from scratch."Sng also hand-wired the working legs, guns and lights, and hand-painted each part, including the interior and tiny characters.HMC Boudicca can traverse the battlefield or room with its RC hexapodal legsColossus was part passion project, part audition: under the Machination Studios moniker, Sng's conceived a fictional universe for the toys, set after the first world war "where air power never happened, and tanks just got bigger and bigger."
Google is updating its Android Studio developer environment with a whole slew of upgrades under the hood that ll make it faster.The company unveiled the new tool at its Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View.Making the developer experience easier is critical to companies like Google to encourage developers to build apps Android-first, which is important to capture moments of exclusivity over the App Store.This is a huge pain point for developers, who need to monitor the experience and tune the app constantly.Tests are critical for ensuring that new deploys don t break the app before shipping it off to devices and quickly identify issues with the application.There s a new layout designer that has more features, making it easier to lay out what developers want the app experience to be like.
Apical's computer vision in actionARM Holdings, the British microchip company whose designs power the iPhone, has looked to a future beyond the smartphone, buying a computer vision company whose technology allows cars, cameras and robots to see the world around them.ARM announced has paid $350m £240m to acquire Apical, a Loughborough-based designer of imaging processors.ARM designs the low-power processors that feature in almost all smartphones and tablets around the world, but as these markets reach maturity, it has extended its ambitions into other areas.Computer vision is in the early stages of development and the world of devices powered by this exciting technology can only grow from here, ARM s chief executive Simon Segars said.Shares have fallen 9pc since the start of the year, during which time Apple has reported its first-ever decline in iPhone sales.The company's shares rose by 1.6pc on Wednesday after the deal was announced.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California Reuters - Alphabet's Google Inc unveiled its answer to Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant along with new messaging and virtual reality products at its annual I/O developer conference on Wednesday, doubling down on artificial intelligence and machine learning as the keys to its future.Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai introduced Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant designed to perform voice-controlled tasks, along with the tabletop speaker appliance Google Home.However, Pichai said Google Assistant can use images and other information to provide more intuitive results."You can be in front of this structure in Chicago and ask Google who designed this and it will understand in this context that the name of that designer is Anish Kapoor," said Pichai, pointing toward a photo of Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture.It will also connect to Google's new Allo messaging App, which is scheduled for release this summer.Google did not offer a specific release date or pricing for Google Home, saying only that it will be available later this year.
A South Korean mobile hit is going to try its luck with a global audience.Nexon announced today that Heroes of Incredible Tales, an action role-playing game for mobile, will get a worldwide release this summer.It has already been downloaded more that 5 million times in South Korea.The mobile industry was worth $34.8 billion last year, according to market research firm Newzoo.NAT Games, a studio created by Yong-Hyun Park who was the lead designer for popular online games Lineage 2 and Tera , developed Heroes of Incredible Tales.Built on Unreal 4, we are able to push today s powerful mobile devices to deliver truly immersive, visceral gameplay, said Lawrence Koh, general manager at Nexon, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.Yong-Hyun Park creates incredible RPG experiences that resonate with players globally.We are very excited to bring his epic slasher to mobile devices worldwide later this year.
Natalia "Supernova" Vodianova is probably best known for her work as the face of Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume.Vodianova, 34, is the fifth-highest-paid model in the world, but she has used her fame to promote nonprofit causes that are close to her heart.In 2004, she set up the Naked Heart Foundation, which supports families raising children with special needs and seeks to create an inclusive and inspiring environment in which to play for every child in urban Russia and internationally.And this year she became a tech entrepreneur by launching Elbi, an iPhone app that lets people donate small amounts of money to good causes and interact with the people and charities who receive the money.The name stands for "Little Big" LB , and the philosophy behind it is that you can make a big difference through little actions.Download the app here.Elbi's advisory board includes Jimmy Wales Wikipedia founder , Michael Birch Bebo founder , Arianna Huffington Huffington Post , designer Diane von Furstenberg, and Brent Hoberman cofounder of and .Business Insider asked Vodianova to show us, in words and pictures, what a typical day in her life is like.Here's what she came back with.View As: One PageSlides
Tools to keep track of crashes, easier to create tests for Android apps and new APIs. - I think Fire Base will make a big impression on developers, especially when with a few exceptions, completely free and unlimited and available for both iOS and Android, says Erik Hellman, a consultant at Hellman Software that are in place on the I / O. Test Recording used to create automated tests in a simple way and Layout Designer for designing user interfaces for Android apps. Even the next Android version, called N, is interesting for developers, for example, with the new APIs. It is a collection of HTML 5-based APIs, for example, to build offline solutions, and also includes AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages is a solution to load webpages faster. - All this means that the Web is now a more realistic alternative to native apps, says Erik Hellman.
When companies like Microsoft and the mysterious Magic Leap present their visions for augmented reality, it is like dreams coming true.But on the internet, dreams have a funny way of becoming nightmares — ad-filled, overwhelming nightmares.Designer and filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda has created a short film that shows an alternative vision of what augmented reality might do to our world.He describes "Hyper-Reality" as "a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media."It shows how ads and other media might make our new reality a digital version of New York's Time Square.Here is the film, which was surfaced by Gizmodo:NOW WATCH: The defense attorneys from 'Making a Murderer' respond to criticism from Steven Avery s new lawyerLoading video...
Self-propelled Bolt, Google I / O and a new space suit. Here are the latest technology news. Tests are underway on the streets of San Francisco. Now, a brewery developed an alternative, consisting of beer products, which also goes to eat. have met the designer behind NASA's new space suit. Swedish Radio has looked at an attempt to let a machine take care of cardiac compressions in the ambulance call-outs.
The famed developer behind the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has revealed that his well-documented world journey has actually been a mission to find a third-party development engine for his new game to speed up the development process.Kojima previously said he and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny were "searching for the newest technology" - a statement that has not been entirely clear, until now.During a Q session at the Nordic Game 2016 show in Malmo, Sweden, Kojima said although he believes developing games using internally-developed tools is preferable, it does take time to build an internal engine.The reason why I'm travelling around the world is because I am looking for an engine to use."The designer also mentioned that he was initially planning on planning on making a smaller title.While travelling the world in search of the new technology, Kojima took to Twitter to reflect on some of his findings saying you need more than technology "to make magic".
Right: A girl watches the event.Adrien Selbert/HansLucasRelated GalleriesBoosted's New Electric Skateboard Goes Farther, Is Less PunkMeet Justin Lin, the Most Important Blockbuster Director You've Never Heard OfInside the Sound Lab That Uses VR to Build Immersive SpacesMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroApple's New SF Store Showcases Jony Ive's Design VisionFrench filmmaker Adrien Selbert was 7 when the Bosnian War started in 1992, and he s never forgotten the horrible images he saw each night on TV.His fascination with the war and its impact on the country intensified over time, leading him to join a friend in making the 1,100-mile drive from Paris to Srebrenica in 2005.It was just 10 years after the war, but in a city like Srebrenica, it looked like the conflict had ended only yesterday, he says.The war killed 100,000 people between 1992 and 1995 and displaced 2.2 million more, making it Europe s most devastating conflict since World War II.Selbert explores these themes in Nino s Place, a documentary film he made in 2008, and Srebrenica, Night to Night, a photo series about Bosnian youth in 2014.Selbert occasionally combines scenes to form diptychs and create a dialog.