There are a lot of options for the type of technology you should choose to create your web application.Two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks include Angular and React.Both technologies give each other tough competition as they grow with time.This is a grand thing, but can also cause a lot of confusion among developers and vendors.It’s difficult to choose one over the other, especially since there is a lot of debate over the matter.Many app owners question whether they should go with React app development or Angular app development.In this post, we will clarify the confusion and help you get started on your project.
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According to a new study published by Polaris Market Research, the global virtual reality (VR) in gaming market is anticipated to reach USD 48.2 billion by 2026.The market for VR in gaming is propelled by factors including, increasing disposable income of people worldwide and continuous improvement in existing gaming technologies including, 3D effects, motion tracking, and interactive graphics for drawing users’ attention.With the increase in spending capacity of people, people are demanding for new sources of entertainment and VR games offers a unique way of entertainment.The hardware component segment of VR in gaming market held more than 50% of the market share in 2016 and is further expected to lead during the forecast period.However, with the increasing demand for these products, the prices are expected to decrease in the near future.Get Sample copy of this report: hardware segment is expected to grow very rapidly, the software segment is anticipated to experience modest growth.Adoption of the virtual reality technology has raised user expectation for enhanced software solutions, hence increasing challenges for developers than before.By Geography, North America region accounted for the largest share for VR gaming in terms of revenue globally in 2017.
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Image: Innersloth Among Us was one of the smash hits of 2020 — it reportedly had nearly half a billion players in November — and there are some exciting updates announced for the game, including a new airship map and an account system. In a blog posted yesterday, developer Innersloth discussed how it has adapted in response to the game’s enormous popularity and why new features are taking a while to be released. “Among Us gained incredible traction pretty late into 2020 that we weren’t expecting, and that meant A LOT of change for us,” the developers said. Innersloth, which is comprised of just four employees, had to spend two months restructuring, figuring out processes, and working with new external partners, according to the blog. “It’s all... Continue reading…
With Entity Framework Core 6.0, a planned upgrade to Microsoft’s open source data access technology, the project’s developers are planning for higher performance and the addition of support for SQL Server temporal tables and JSON columns.Due in November, Entity Framework Core 6.0 would align with and likely target the planned .NET 6 release, according to a bulletin published January 18. Project developers hope to leverage compiled models in Entity Framework Core 6.0 to improve startup performance. Plans also call for improvements to the project’s infrastructure for performance tests and adding new tests.To read this article in full, please click here
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Vidyasagarc UsJust now·4 min read Mobile apps appeared after the evolution of smartphones and tablets.On the one hand, if on-demand applications are making our lives more comfortable, they are also boosting business and economy, so, now, customers do not have to wait until they call the service centers and offer relevant personal solutions.However, in this blog, we will explore the relevant reasons why the Android operating system is a good and preferred option for on-demand application development for businesses and startups.1.Review time in the Play Store is very fast and even developers do not have to abide by strict terms and conditions.To add even more, start-ups and new business entrepreneurs are developing an on-demand app for the first time, paying only a one-time registration fee of $ 25 before uploading the app.You need a GPS and map feature to track the exact location of the product.4.You get access to many data points, which makes Google Assistant more efficient and better than Siri.6.Data storageWhen you plan to develop an on-demand app and launch it on the Google Play Store, you will get 15GB of free storage capacity along with the expanded facility of cross-platform.
We know that users using the Android 10 system can easily share WiFi passwords in the form of QR codes, with the help of the ... The post Android 12 will allow users to share WiFi passwords via the “Share Nearby” function appeared first on
 PredictiveHire (, an Australian technology company that has pioneered transparent AI-assisted hiring solutions, today announced the global release of its Fair AI for Recruitment (FAIR™) framework to educate HR executives in assessing AI technology for use in their organisations, as well as act as spark conversations  for AI developers in the space: framework has been released to begin conversations around transparency in HR technology against an explosion of AI solutions in the sector, with many using algorithms that operate in a ‘black box’.The absence of any form of accreditation of vendors, and the fact that regulation is light years behind tech innovation, has meant a lack of collaboration among vendors to champion AI ethics in the sector, something PredictiveHire hopes to help change.The Fair AI for Recruitment (FAIR™) framework :– Focuses on establishing a data-driven approach to fairness that provides an objective pathway for evaluating, challenging and enhancing fairness considerations.– Includes a set of measures and guidelines to implement and maintain fairness in AI based candidate selection tools.-For hiring managers and organisations, it provides an assurance as well as a template to query fairness related metrics of AI recruitment tools.-For candidates, FAIR™ ensures that they are using a system built with fairness as a key performance metric.In launching the framework, PredictiveHire CEO Barb Hyman said: “We have created a framework that we hope can be used as inspiration to ensure that AI is being used to build inclusive teams – something humans are not capable of doing on their own because we cannot subvert our biases.” “Our mission is to help HR leaders make bias interruption more than rhetoric, which is why we also published this guide to Making inclusion an HR priority, not a PR one”.
Remember when you installed a mobile game application, uninstalled it within a couple of minutes, why it happens, and what made you remove that mobile game from your phone?The answer is simple: the poor gaming experience and outdated features for a modern mobile gaming application.Building a mobile game is not enough; mobile game developers need to understand the market trends & user's demand according to recent movements in a specific industry.That's where major game developers messed badly.This article will cover trends of the mobile game development process to keep in mind while building a mobile gaming application from scratch and the key aspects to focus on while working on the gaming application.Visit Article:
Google is now in full swing preparing for the launch of its new mobile platform – Android 12. Meanwhile, details about it began to leak ... The post In Android 12, users can block apps from accessing the internet appeared first on
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App development has long been the domain of programmers and developers, but the arrival of no-code platforms is changing that.
Market HighlightsThe Cloud API Market analysis 2020 offers a steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2023 of 20% during the years between 2016 and 2022.Market Research Future estimates the figures and reveals that the market will witness high growth prospects in the coming years.Top Impacting FactorsIn the current time, cloud APIs have become more accessible and intelligent to developers, in support of the increased power of analytics and cloud technologies.These developments are providing developers numerous opportunities to grow the mobile market and the market of cloud API also.These factors are thus leading the global market of cloud API to gain more prominence in the coming years.Also Read: study further indicates that the main driving factor for the cloud API market is the mounting number of applications that are built using micro-services architectural design.Thus, cloud APIs provide the necessary flexibility so that they can quickly and precisely perform user-defined actions.Cloud APIs differ as per the provided service or solution, which are software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS).IaaS APIs offer raw computing and storage, SaaS APIs provision connectivity and interaction with a software suite and PaaS APIs provide backend architecture for building intensive and feature intense applications.
Nowadays most of the developers are using ASP.NET and the latest framework ASP.NET Core for web development. The code of these frameworks written in C# under the Apache license 2.0 and supports a cross-functionality platform. Know ASP.NET Core Features Easy login interface Reducing the runtime storage Razor Pages Configuration and authentication upgrade Eliminate usage of each package Emerge code automatically Identity Update Kestrel Improvements Supports anti-forgery tokens All of these are the major features provided by the latest framework ASP.NET Core. In this technology, the code is available on GitHub. Apart from this, open-source leads this framework to the support of a very huge community, which is helpful to resolve the bugs and errors speedy. It is helpful to the developers to build secure and reliable web applications easily and speedily.
As one of the few employment areas to enjoy near constant growth over the past decade, software development faced new challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, both for those working in the field and for those hiring them. But during the pandemic, developers became even more important, as we all came to rely even more on software in our daily lives. As a result, many developers have been working more hours than normal and have had to quickly adapt to working from home and contending with their home broadband connection.To read this article in full, please click here
Starting your own business is never easy.Starting a business in a pandemic is even more difficult.However, if you are up for this anyway, we are here to help you.First of all, you are going to need the best Shopify Agency that can help you.So, this article is all about the ways to find the best Shopify experts that suit you and your business perfectly.BENEFITS FROM HIRING SHOPIFY EXPERTSShopify experts are highly qualified professionals who work with the Shopify app and store development.Thus, Shopify developers provide all services that the beginner online store needs.