The NHS’s 111 online symptom checker for coronavirus isn’t “up to the task”, according to a new study, which warns some people with severe Covid symptoms may have been incorrectly told to stay home, rather than seek medical help.The digital triaging tool, which asks users questions about their symptoms as well as details such as their gender and age, advises on the most appropriate course of action from a set of pre-determined responses.It’s one of several online ‘symptom checkers’ for Covid-19 that has been rolled out across the globe.But as yet, there’s hardly any evidence for the effectiveness of these checkers for prioritising – or triaging – patients for treatment during a pandemic, say researchers. The report, published in BMJ Health & Care Informatics, suggested digital Covid-19 ‘symptom checkers’ may stop some patients from getting prompt treatment for serious illness.Researchers studied the efficacy of national government-sponsored digital symptom checkers used in Singapore, Japan, the US and the UK to triage people in need of a medical assessment and/or treatment correctly.Both the US and UK symptom checkers “consistently failed to identify” the symptoms of severe Covid-19, as well as bacterial pneumonia and sepsis, frequently advising those with serious cases to stay home, the findings indicated.However, NHS Digital says the symptoms checker is “not a diagnostic tool” and has been updated since the study took place. Researchers looked at four trackers including: the Singapore Covid-19 Symptom Checker; Stop Covid-19 Symptom Checker (Japan); CDC Coronavirus Symptom Checker (US); and 111 Covid-19 Symptom Checker (UK). Covid-19 death rates in Singapore and Japan are comparatively low compared to the US and the UK.The study was designed to see if symptom checkers were able to differentiate mild cases of Covid-19 from severe ones – and how well they picked up Covid-19 ‘mimickers’, such as bacterial pneumonia and sepsis in 52 case scenarios.Those cases simulated common Covid-19 symptoms of varying severity and risk factors. These included: cough and fever; a co-existing condition (such as high blood pressure) plus cough and fever; suppressed immunity as a result of drug treatment plus cough and fever; and shortness of breath and fever. The symptom checkers in Singapore and Japan triaged twice as many cases for direct clinical assessment as the symptom checkers in the US and UK. Singapore had the highest overall referral rate at 88%; the US the lowest at 38%; while the UK had the second lowest at 44%. The online NHS 111 symptom checker “frequently” advised those with possibly severe Covid-19 and bacterial pneumonia to “stay home” with no follow-up, the researchers said, and is likely to have delayed treatment for sepsis, severe Covid-19, and severe sepsis.The UK’s symptom checker was singled out for its complex algorithm, and for attempting to quantify symptoms such as shortness of breath and the overall severity of illness by asking subjective, qualitative questions with multiple choice answers. The questions used to discriminate between degrees of severity “aren’t up to the task”, the study suggested.Researchers acknowledged that by reducing physical contact, online symptom checkers can save valuable resources and reduce viral spread, and noted they require fewer resources than phone and telemedicine triaging services.However, they warned that some symptom checkers (including the NHS 111 checker in the UK) “are likely to delay presentations of serious medical conditions to appropriate care, and as such, are likely to confer an increased risk of morbidity and mortality”.  Responding to the study, NHS  Digital told HuffPost UK “NHS 111 online is not a diagnostic tool”.“It allows people to assess their symptoms and signposts to other NHS services as required,” a spokesperson added. “This simulation study was based on an early version of the tool. Over the past year it has been continually revised and updated in response to new scientific information, government guidance and public health strategies.”HuffPost UK has also contacted The Department of Health and Social Care in relation to the study and will update this article when we receive a response. READ MORE:Here's Why The Official Covid-19 Symptoms List Needs ExpandingNasal Sprays Are Part Of The Fight Against Covid-19. Here's HowYou've Had The Vaccine, So Can You Hug Your Grandkids Now?These Needle Phobics Had The Vaccine, Here's How They Coped
Loop Hero is Steam's latest out-of-left-field indie bestseller. Here's what to know about the chill, but complex roguelite.
The Aya Neo — a Nintendo Switch-style handheld gaming PC that promises to offer a full-fledged PC gaming experience in the palm of your hands — is now available to back on Indiegogo, starting at $6,120 HKD (~$789 USD) for the 500GB model. This version of the Neo is technically the second, following the limited, sold-out run of the “Founder’s Edition” that Aya offered back in January. The new, broader release promises several improvements over that initial version, including: An improved operating system Reduced weight The option to toggle rumble Better buttons Better power consumption and performance presets Improvements to issues that caused resolution scaling problems or blurry screens The company also showed off a... Continue reading…
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The app, developed by IATA, will store information on passengers' health to streamline travel as borders reopen.Participants will need to take pre-departure Covid-19 tests, and will be able to view their results and whether they are confirmed to fly on the app
NFTs are appearing everywhere online, and you’re probably wondering what they are, so we’re here to explain the latest digital fad.
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According to a new market research report "High Performance Computing (HPC) Market by Component (Solutions [Servers, Storage, Networking Devices, and Software] and Services), Deployment Type, Organization Size, Server Prices Band, Application Area, and Region - Global Forecast to 2025" published by MarketsandMarkets™, the HPC market size expected to grow from USD 37.8 billion in 2020 to USD 49.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period.The demand for HPC is driven by the increasing need for efficient computing, enhanced scalability, and reliable storage, emerging need for the high-speed data processing with accuracy, adoption of HPC in the cloud.Browse in-depth TOC on "High Performance Computing (HPC) Market”160- Tables45- Figures 134- PagesDownload PDF Brochure @ server solution segment to hold a larger market size during the forecast periodThe components is sub segmented as Solutions as services.The solutions segment further sub-segmented as server, storage, networking devices, software.This growth these segments are supported by enterprises are transforming to the digital world and cloud adoptions by enterprises from verticals across the world.SMEs segment to grow with higher market size during the forecast periodThe Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs) segment is expected to grow with a higher rate contributing to the market.This growth of SMEs is supported by the implementation of the HPC solution, along with services, is expected to result in better risk mitigation, reduced administrative overhead, reduced cost of compliance, favorable business outcomes, and improved business efficiency for SMEs.North America to hold the largest market size during the forecast periodThe North American HPC market is already mature for HPC systems, and a significant number of new installations of HPC and upgrade of the existing HPC solutions.Currently, the United States (US) holds the highest share in the HPC market as it is home to large telecom giants, well-established suppliers, as well as end-user industries that continuously adapt to newer technologies for improved business productivity and work efficiency.Request Sample Pages @ PlayersMarket players profiled in High Performance Computing Market report include AMD (US), Intel (US), HPE (US), IBM (US), Dell (US), Lenovo (China), Fujitsu (Japan), Atos (US), Cisco (US), NVIDIA (US), Sugon (China), AWS (US), and Dassault Systems (France).Major growth strategies are adopted by the players, including acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations and agreements, and new product launches/product enhancements.About MarketsandMarkets™MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies' revenues.
When organizations first take the step towards a digital or cloud-based system, the management information system that comes at the top of the list are ERP and PMS, followed by CRM, and then, ecommerce and CMS.For some reason, quote-to-cash technology and automation is always the last thing in the mind of managers.These companies lose anything between 20% and 30% of their potential revenue because they stick with dated, inefficient systems, as reported by IDC Market Research.It also results in a waste of time as sales representatives give up 32% of their time looking for missing data and entering them manually into the system.This tardiness can cost B2B companies a lot of business, as 35-50% of buyers tend to choose the vendor that responds to their call for business first.Elimination of shortcomingsThese shortcomings can be eliminated with the use of a CPQ billing system that integrates with your ERP and CRM systems.Only 22% of quote-to-cash software users utilize the integrated software system and they are the ones who report the highest satisfaction.Many other B2B companies are also following suit.As McKinsey reported at Dreamforce, sales automation should have gone up from 40% to 85% within a year in 2020.Using a CPQ and billing application thus has several advantages throughout the sales process.Here, we will discuss how billing software under Salesforce CPQ and Billing can help you deliver targeted business outcomes, increase customer retention, and grow revenue.Salesforce BillingAnalyzing the quote-to-cash process map will reveal that there are ten essential steps in the entire quote-to-cash workflow.One comprises the steps before order processing, and the other consists of the two steps after order fulfillment.The former is defined under CPQ while the latter is the billing process.In other words, steps 1 to 5 signify opportunity management in quote-to-cash, vs order-to-cash being signified by steps 8 and 9.Salesforce quote-to-cash provides CPQ and Billing facilities separately.Salesforce policy dictates that to use the Billing software, you need to buy the entire package for quote-to-cash vs CPQ platform, which can be used independently.Salesforce Billing is available as an add-on to the Salesforce CPQ package and inherits all data and records from it.
Deepfake tech has been deployed to create a new digital drag act that explores the social biases of artificial intelligence. The Zizi Show invites audiences to choose a deepfake drag artiste and performance to watch. As the digital bodies move across the virtual stage, viewers can switch between the different AI identities to expose the methods used to generate them. The project is the brainchild of artist Jake Elwes, who created the virtual cabaret by training a neural network on videos of 13 drag performers. “There are drag kings, queens, biologically female drag queens, trans drag kings and queens, drag monsters,”… This story continues at The Next Web
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Goldman's Matt McDermott said interest in crypto from hedge funds, asset managers, banks, corporate treasurers, and pension funds has soared lately.
15 women in SEO share tips on knowing your value as digital marketing and SEO professionals, getting paid fairly, and defending the title you’ve earned.The post Women in SEO: How to Know Your Worth, Negotiate Raises & More via @mirandalmwrites appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Without a doubt, the challenges and changes of 2020 have pulled business customers towards digital formats more than ever, especially with video and audio content. Is Text Content Dead? Of course, text will always have its place in content marketing like this very blog post, but video and audio in recorded or live formats have emerged as a top preference for customer engagement. Whether livestreaming on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or publishing podcasts and hosting rooms on breakout audio social network, Clubhouse, content marketers have a significant opportunity to create more engaging experiences to meet the evolving expectations of their customers in 2021. Understand the Why. But none of that matters if B2B marketers don't get their house in order when it comes to the why of using video and audio formats. "Because our competitors are there" and "I just read a B2B marketing trends blog post" cannot be the only drivers for business brands to start livestreaming video, produce a podcast or start engaging on platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Perspective Matters. The problem with how many B2B brands approach livestreaming video or producing audio content and experiences is the problem with all B2B content innovation: Brands that take an ego-centric view of content focus entirely on the information they want to promote vs delivering content experiences on topics and in formats customers are actually most interested in. The Big Mistake. For content marketers, the lack of a customer driven "why", regardless of how well innovative content formats are trending, is a disconnect. The lack of empathy towards customer content preferences reduces the effectiveness of the marketing investment as well as minimizing value to customers. Or worse, it creates a content disconnect and that is an experience all B2B marketers should avoid. The Truths of B2B Marketing. Content Marketing trends come and go, but there are some simple and highly effective universal truths to help marketers succeed year after year. One of the most important is a focus on creating marketing experiences based on an understanding of buyer information preferences are for content discovery, consumption and triggers for action - something we've evangelized here at TopRank Blog for a very long time. It's About Trust. Of course, great content experiences are not so great if no one can find the content or worse, if no one trusts the content if they do. Understanding these content experience preferences is what enables B2B marketers to optimize for the findability and credibility of their content. Optimize for Experiences. Content Marketers can boost the success of their marketing investment when they optimize content for discovery wherever buyers are looking, subscribing and influenced. This is as true for livestreamed and recorded video as it is for podcasts and audio conversations on Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces. But how can B2B brands engage in innovative formats and channels when they don't have the skills, experience or confidence? Partner for Success. For B2B marketers that are not fully confident about how to produce or promote content in newer digital formats and networks, one of the best ways to enter the new environment is to partner with those that are already there. By partnering with influencers that truly understand both the B2B brands' customers and the inside scoop on innovative content formats, B2B marketers can increase confidence that the experiences they are creating are relevant, meaningful and effective. Make the Influencer Connection. Working with external industry influencers not only validates the brand's message on those innovative content platforms and formats. but it also helps build the trust that is so desperately needed between consumers and brands. What's Next. Be sure to watch for our upcoming posts showcasing how B2B brands are partnering with video and audio creators to build content experiences that engage, inspire, and influence action. The post How B2B Brands Can Boost Confidence in Livestream Video, Podcast and Clubhouse Marketing appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
In the digital world, crypto mining is one of the most trending activities.Well, crypto mining is a procedure of obtaining cryptocurrencies by solving the puzzle of cryptographic equations with the help of computers.The answer is really simple and straightforward, and that is yes, crypto mining is legal.Before engaging in crypto mining, it is preferred to learn some of the significant aspects that are related to it.There are many professional crypto miners are that do each and every process of crypto mining efficiently.Top four tips that one needs to be taken Below are the mentioned some of the pro tips that act as a rampart on your pocket.Once you understand the information thoroughly, then no doubt you will get positive results.Backup is necessary- If you are the one who is using cryptocurrency for several transactions, then it is required to have a backup account.Therefore, if you are facing some issues with your computer, like a corrupted window, you can get every detail of your transaction in your other account.
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