Exact figures on how much it is costing British firms vary but recent research from the UK government found that eight out of ten large companies had suffered a breach and most were seeing attacks on at least once a month.But nowadays it is increasingly attracting professional criminals.They can make good money from cybercrime and the risk of getting caught is low.Even if they do get caught the punishments are far less arduous than if you get caught robbing an actual bank or dealing drugs.The huge growth of Bitcoin and other alternative currencies have also made it much easier for the crooks to get paid.The traditional way of protecting a business against cyber-attack was to protect the perimeter.
Fujitsu has launched a new global campaign in an effort to demonstrate how its products and services can help harness the power of data.Using the tagline Shaping tomorrow with you , the campaign features an online film showcasing different industries implementing Fujitsu technology.Interestingly, the film was shot live, in-camera and released without any post-production.To achieve this, the film s creators mcgarrybowen and Found Studio used 3D projection mapping and holographic technologies to transform a white set into a series of live-action scenarios.Jane Briers, creative director at mcgarrybowen London, said: "We had a real opportunity to make the medium of projections part of the message itself, and bring to life the theme of 'digital transformation' in a way that had never been attempted before.
From Marketing Land:Data provider Acxiom opens up its turnkey marketing analytics environmentMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment or AMAE, it offers the first full integration of the company s 2014 LiveRamp acquisition.9 reasons you should attend SocialPro in Seattle this JuneMay 17, 2016 by Marketing LandAre you a professional social media marketer focused on driving results for your company or clients?Botnet hijacks search results to siphon Google AdSense for Search revenueMay 17, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe click-fraud botnet Redirector.Paco has infected nearly 1 million computers worldwide since 2014, according to researchers.Email provider Bluecore, UGC platform Olapic team up to use consumers photos in marketing emailsMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineThe collaboration points to the growing incorporation of user content into more marketing channels.Google launches their new mobile-friendly testing toolMay 17, 2016 by Barry SchwartzGoogle revamped the mobile-friendly testing tool after its launch back in November 2014.The Biggest Mistakes in Usability Testing, www.uxmatters.comAmazon Wants Alexa to Take Control of Your Smart Home, www.wsj.comConnexity, Inc. Launches Enhanced AudienceView, connexity.comFirst Intentionally-Initiated Out-of-Stream Format Displays Both Direct Response and Engagement Ad Creative, www.vibrantmedia.comLatest Hootsuite App Dynamically Manages Social Between Desktop and Mobile, hootsuite.comMavrck Launches Beta Program for Pinterest Influencer Activation Engine, www.mavrck.coNetLine Advances with Account-Based Marketing Platform Powered by First-Party Intent Data, www.prnewswire.comProgress Announces New Digital Transformation Solutions to Combat Digital Denial, www.businesswire.comFive Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology, www.marketingprofs.com30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos, www.problogger.net5 Best Practices to Consider Before You Use Livestreaming Video, blogs.constantcontact.comTwitter is testing a Periscope live-streaming button inside its mobile apps, techcrunch.com
Ruby Tuesday managed a significant reduction in its drop-off rate.Ruby Tuesday now has better analytics on factors such as employee retention and training, helping business leaders understand the engagement level of employees.Improving the application process is just one part of a broader digital transformation across the business at Ruby Tuesday, including elements such as shifting more of the company s marketing to digital channels.Reduced IT support, increased innovation focus: Ruby Tuesday s HR team still needs IT support for some activities, but now less of that HR-related IT effort is spent on maintenance activities.With the time saved on application maintenance, Collins HR analysts and the HR IT team can spend their time on more strategic goals, such as exploring whether to use options like those raised by the Oracle optimization team.Collins HR team piloted its first HR system implementation within four months, a breakneck pace for such a large organization.
Ed Vaizey MP tells Salesforce audience about digital growth as SAAS giant expands capital investments in UK techEd Vaizey, MP, minister for digital economy told the Salesforce World Tour event in London that the UK tech sector is best off in Europe and that the free flow of information around a digital single market of 500 million people would spur economic growth for the sector.Safe Harbour and the investigatory powers bill were important topics for debate with Mr Vaizey saying the discussion with the tech industry should not be characterized as a binary debate where one is either in favour of encryption or in favour of security - 'you are not either pro encryption or pro surveillance.'At its event Salesforce Ventures, the company's global corporate investment group said it had invested in 10 companies inside EMEA."It's an incredible time for us to be working with some of the U.K.'s best-loved brands, as well as many of its innovative startup companies -- helping to drive the digital transformation that will propel the U.K. economy forward."Events such as the Salesforce World Tour London serve to underline this and throw light on the vibrant technology ecosystem we have in this country."Read a full exclusive interview with Ed Vaizey on the prospects for the UK Digital Economy
Brocade reported second quarter revenue of $523m, down 4 per cent year-over-year from $547m, and a 9 per cent quarter-over-quarter decline from $574m, as general storage networking sales weakness impacted its results.Segment-wise:SAN product revenue of $297mn was down 5 per cent year-over-yearFibre Channel directors down 6 per centFixed-configuration switches down 4 per centEmbedded server switches down 9 per centSequentially, SAN product revenue decreased 15 per centFibre Channel directors declining 12 per centFixed-configuration switches down 14 per centEmbedded server switches down 25 per centThe q-on-q decline was larger than expected mostly because of unusually weak storage demand as reported by many of Brocade's partners and peers.CEO Lloyd Carney talked about a challenging environment and looked to the future: "We continue to drive the strategic evolution of our business as a pure-play networking provider for the digital transformation era.Additionally, we expect our product roadmap to deliver further advancements across our portfolio that set the stage for expanded opportunities in the quarters to come."Despite the lower revenue, Carney's tightly run ship produced a profit, with net income being $43m, down more than 50 per cent sequentially from $94m and 44 per cent less than the year-ago's $77m, but a decent profit nonetheless.There's the completion of the Ruckus wireless acquisition to look forward to in the third quarter, and investors got an increased dividend.
Another method is agile unified process AUP designed by Canadian software engineer Scott Ambler.Its working environment is based around repeating a series of learning methodologies and cycles of repetition, collaboration and learning cycles.XP improves a software project in five different ways: communication, simplicity, feedback, respect, and courage.These include the planning process, small releases of the software, common metaphors, simple design, testing, refactoring, pair programming, collective ownership of every line of code, continuous integration, constant customer relationship, and the respect of a coding standard which stipulates that all coders have to write in the same way.Elsewhere, another agile software development method is dynamic systems development DSDM .DSDM is vendor-independent, covers the entire lifecycle of a project and provides best practice guidance for on-time, in-budget delivery of projects, with proven scalability to address projects of all sizes and for any business sector.
No more is it a measure of geekiness, as Linux drives the entrepreneurial wheel with complete control.Days are gone when this open-source operating platform was more of a luxury with enthusiasts raving about the flexibilities on offer.The command line prompts, intuitive OS and sticky hardware drivers do ring a bell as Linux takes center-stage in the era of front-end systems, which build technical cognizance, via user-friendly platforms.A reserved niche for technological junkies, Linux now makes its presence felt in the world of marketing, finance and what not.Related Article: The Shocking Truth: Why Every Company Is a Technology CompanyLinux distros have been largely improved as we move closer toward bridging the historical gap, surfacing within us.Most businesses are undergoing digital transformation, making it imperative to include Linux into virtual appliances and varied web servers.Be it Canonical s sought after Ubuntu or community dominated Debian, things have gradually changed with more players striving for perfection.Linux has made sizeable improvements even at the user-front and much credit goes to Android.Mobile integration has offered additional tool to employees, mostly the low-end offerings, which comprise at least 80 percent of smartphone market.High-end alternatives can easily challenge the iOS, even during enterprise usage.Presently, most cloud providers bring in Linux images for enhancing the essence of "Virtual Instance Creation".Bigger names including Google, AWS and Microsoft have set up Linux machines as well.This brings us to the inclusion of Linux as it can easily handle the nooks and crannies of software development.Linux has certainly taken massive steps towards growth: Reports 2015Be it test or dev systems, Linux plays a pivotal role when it comes to adding something extra to the production environment.
The move is the latest in a string of adjustments designed to boost HPE s service unit and it is claimed the the new pure play IT services company will be worth $26 billion £18bn when the deal is completed by March 31 next year.The spin-merger of HPE s Enterprise Services unit with CSC is the right next step for HPE and our customers, said HPE CEO Meg Whitman, who said the offload will help HPE refocus its efforts in the cloud and mobility space.Enterprise Services customers will benefit from a stronger, more versatile services business, better able to innovate and adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape.CSC boss Mike Lawrie said that his own company will become more powerful and versatile, and well positioned to help clients succeed on their digital transformation journeys .The quarter marked HPE s first revenue growth in five years.However, in terms of pure enterprise services, the unit reported sales of $19.5 billion £13.3bn , down 10 percent from the previous year.
News: New business entity will be focussed on helping digital transformations succeed.HPE will own a 50% stake in the new combined entity and will nominate half of the board members.CSC chairman, president and chief executive officer Lawrie said: "As a more powerful, versatile and independent global technology services business, this new company will be well positioned to help clients succeed on their digital transformation journeys.Buoyed by income from its server and storage business units, HPE also reported a 1% increase in net revenue for the second quarter ending 30 April - the first rise in five years.HPE president and chief executive officer Meg Whitman said: "The businesses comprising HPE grew revenue over the prior-year period on an as reported basis for the first time in five years.Software revenue also dropped, sharply, by 13% to $774m in the quarter, mainly due to a fall in license and support revenues.
The phrase digital transformation has done the rounds for years but means different things in different agesThe application of all things digital to all business processes continues apace.Once it meant moving from analogue processes to digital technology.Or paper to electronic documents or medical X-rays moving from film to HD screens.And those skills are about working in Dev Ops, working with Spark, Kafka, working in an agile fashion, working on fast iterations from short development cycles.IT is the platform and the catalyst for change.Two thirds of CIOs reported this week that CEOs want projects that make money against one third that want projects that save money.
It s not widely known for archaeology, but JPMorgan Chase & Co. found an ancient relic a few weeks ago as it was closing an office in Houston.It was literally nearly a foot thick, sheets of paper in there for each of the different asset accounts that we had, Jonathan Ridgwell, director of Global Procure to Pay at JPMorgan, told an audience at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 last week — and guessing that the ledger dated to the 1970s.Powering Massive ScaleAt the time JPMorgan used that foot-thick ledger — long before it became a multinational banking and financial services holding company — it probably employed about 2,000 people, according to Ridgwell.I don t even think it would be possible to do that manually, in ledgers, in paper form today.Only 10 to 20 percent of the code addressed the business challenge, while the other 80 to 90 percent dealt with performance limitations in the relational database.So giant multinationals such as JPMorgan couldn t exist without digitization and digitalization — or the software and hardware that enable them, Ridgwell stated.
But by the time you've sifted through hundreds of applications, sat through many interviews of varying quality, negotiated on salary and finally got someone behind a desk, it could be an entirely new set of skills that your business needs.The concern amongst IT decision-makers is evident; Experis research found IT leaders thinking on average that 29 percent of their teams need to be replaced in order to drive digital transformation and increase productivity.67 percent of IT leaders said they lacked the balance of team expertise required to provide these services.Part of the solution is in ensuring that proper training is in place for existing workers.She notes that "outlook and approach are the glue that holds our teams together" rather than any specific skill, and that the company explores what skills they have at what level before structuring the projects around that.Talking about the DPO, Bunker cites strong IT skills as a bedrock, but also non-technical skills such as great communication and an ability to be "inquisitive, innovative, in order to put together a solution on a shoe-string, because the days of limitless budgets are gone."
A survey of 2,000 UK respondents polled by OpenText, has also found that one quarter of the population thinks that robots could replace them within the next ten years.Those aged 25 to 34 represent the majority 9% of Brits that think a robot could replace them within two years.Mark Barrenchea, CEO of OpenText, said: "As many as 25 to 40 million jobs globally will disappear as a direct result of extreme automation and extreme connectivity, with the greatest losses occurring in white-collar office and administrative roles.He said: "Despite these statistics, many companies are off to a poor start on the journey toward digital transformation.In January, the World Economic Forum WEF revealed in Davos that by 2020, as many as five million jobs in 15 major developed economies including the UK, could be replaced by robots, automation and AI.In February, Professor Moshe Vardi, of Rice University, US, told the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, that robots could make unemployment rates skyrocket to as much as 50% in the future.
On Wednesday, IBM announced an acquisition that could help.The PC giant will acquire Israel-based EZSource, it said, in the hopes of helping developers "quickly and easily understand and change mainframe code."Essentially, it exposes application programming interfaces APIs so that developers can focus their efforts accordingly.Developers must often manually check thousands or millions of lines of code, but EZSource's software instead alerts them to the number of sections of code that access a particular entity, such as a database table, so they can check them to see if updates are needed.Large organizations still run a lot of mainframe systems, particularly within the financial-services sector, noted analyst Frank Scavo, president of Computer Economics.It's a smart move for IBM, he added.
Without the latter, you ll waste time blindly attempting digital initiatives without understanding how to make them successful; without the former, your digital efforts will not yield strong results, since they won t be aligned with larger business goals.The dilemma and danger of I don t know The problem, in a nutshell, is that a lack of digital expertise within large organizations makes it difficult or impossible to pivot the business effectively.Some top-level managers don t know what they re looking at, or what they should be looking for.Unless you fix whatever is broken early, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, it will come back to bite you when things start scaling to a higher level.About The AuthorTrond Lyngbø is the founder of Search Planet and a senior SEO Consultant.He has over 10 years of experience in SEO, e-commerce, content strategy and digital analysis.
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"Appointing a Chief Digital Officer, with no budget and no clear mandate, is not digital transformation.Increasing the social media marketing budget is not digital transformation.Even building an app is not digital transformation.Many established organizations hope that they can stay competitive making only minor tweaks—when these new disruptors have a different approach to everything."Couldn't agree more.https://hbr.org/2016/06/to-go-digital-leaders-have-to-change-some-core-beliefs
We keep asking, but all the Shorten Squad will say is they liked online services firstAustralian opposition leader Bill ShortenAustralia's opposition Labor Party ALP won't commit to continued funding or operations of the nation's Digital Transformation Office DTO .The DTO is modelled on the United Kingdom's Government Digital Service GDS and has adopted many of its methods and tools as it pursues a mission of reforming online service delivery.Agains the background of Australia's current election campaign, The Register asked the ALP if it would commit to that funding, or to the continuation of the DTO as a seperate entity.The answer, provided by a campaign headquarter spokesperson, follows:Labor is supportive of Digital Transformation Office s key objective to get government services…delivered digitally from start to finish.Of course we are – it s Labor policy.The objective of Digital First is priority government transactions will be end-to-end digital by 2017 so that by 2020, four out of five Australians will choose to engage with the Government through the internet or other types of online service.
The report quotes Keiichi Shiotsuka of Hitachi, Ltd, the Executive Officer Senior Managing Systems & Services Business Vice President.This is translated from Japanese text, so bear with the wording of the rough translation.HDS will concentrate its storage developments on flash and Big Data IoT storage management, according to slide 13 in Shiotsuka s June 1 presentation at the Hitachi Investor Relations Day on June 1:Slide 13 from Shiotsuka s deck.He enlarged on this, saying:Any freeze of investments does NOT mean SVOS functionality investments stop works from entry to mainframe , flash improvements stop leadership FMD capabilities span G200 to G1000 or innovation is done.There are other innovations that will advance our customers digital transformation journeys faster and that s where we are prioritizing our investments."In effect, Hitachi sees the dawning of the end-period for monolithic array hardware.