p One in four adults has been diagnosed with a mental illness – but a fifth of people still think "one of the main causes of mental illness is a lack of self-discipline and willpower".A survey conducted by the National Centre of Social Research asked 5,000 adults about their experience of mental health and found that 26 per cent had been diagnosed with a mental illness.A further 18 per cent of adults reported having experienced a mental illness but not having been diagnosed.Women were more likely to have been diagnosed with a common mental health disorder – 31 per cent of women compared to 17 per cent of men.The most common diagnosis was depression, with 19 per cent of people surveyed saying they had been diagnosed with the condition.Other common diagnoses were anxiety, phobias and OCD, with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and eating disorders categorised as "serious conditions".
Imagine serving your country in the United States Air Force.An innovative non-profit has taken matters into its own hands, and aims to effectively rehabilitate veterans into society by teaching them integral software development training skills to transition them into jobs in the tech sector.Considering that roles such as a Ruby on Rails developer top the highest pay in the nation for programmers, there is a high ROI for veterans, who invest time into this program.Vets Who Code is a streamlined, highly selective software development training program with the mission of transitioning military veterans into the vacancies of the technology sector.Stunning Success Rates of VetsWhoCode Motivate Future Expansion PlansWithin two years of launching the nonprofit, VetsWhoCode has trained 75 veterans across 12 different states, and boasts a 100% job acquisition rate.- Jerome Hardaway, Founder, US Air Force Veteran Employers need people that have the discipline to acquire those skills and acquire them quickly.
Photo via YouTube screenshotRacing is inherently dangerous, and that danger presents itself each time a vehicle rolls onto a track.While both cars and motorcycles participated in the board-track era of racing, motorcycles identified with the discipline more—cars had road courses, streets, ovals, board tracks and the like to race on elsewhere, but motorcycle board-track racing was a spectacle that popped up throughout the U.S. soon after it began.That led newspapers to refer to the motordomes as murderdomes beginning midway through the 1920s, when the discipline was already on the decline.Photo credit: Tom Pennington/Stringer/That danger came from all around—the speeds, the track surface, the spectator placing and the lack of brakes in the motorcycles.On one particularly lethal day in 1912, several observers—from four to six, accounts vary—were killed along with Eddie Hasha and another rider at a motordrome in Newark, New Jersey, when Hasha lost control of his bike and slammed into the crowd.As with all things, motorcycle racing evolved from one of its most famous early states to become what it is today.
A house, a car, a retirement plan, heck even your TV are all investments.As personal finance site Mom and Dad Money explains, you don t necessarily have to understand every single detail about an entire industry to be able to buy anything, but understanding how something works on a basic level should be a prerequisite to investing in it.Before you invest in something, make sure whoever s telling you about it can explain it in a way you understand:I don t care how good something sounds.However, in any industry there s probably someone out there hoping to make a quick buck off of someone who isn t looking too closely at the terms of their investment.Taking time to understand what you re investing in isn t just a good discipline, it s protection against being taken advantage of.8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing in Anything Mom and Dad Money via Rockstar Finance
Sure, it s in your best interest as a manager or employer to give your emerging B2B marketers access to all the training they want and need.Send them to conferences, encourage and facilitate learning amongst peers.Curiosity, initiative and a discipline for self-improvement are key attributes for successful professionals in the modern economy, let alone B2B marketing.Perhaps the hardest part about accepting this personal responsibility for self-improvement is making the time for it amidst an increasingly busy, harried schedule.Ever wonder how some people have so much time to read, to learn, to find new best practices and ideas to apply to their work?In the end, what s most important is doing the work and generating results .
That s according to a group of researchers who have investigated the link between people s profile pictures and their personality traits.According to the study, social media users can be grouped into one of the Big Five model personality traits – openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – based on their profile picture alone.They are also likely to portray a younger image either through the use of a picture from years ago or with them posing with younger people.Users are often seen wearing glasses, but not sunglasses, show less emotion and the ratio of the face size is usually larger than others.ConscientiousnessThe study describes conscientiousness as the personality trait associated with orderliness, planned behaviour and self discipline and for that reason these users prefer the expected behaviour .A picture showing the users face only is therefore most expected and they are more likely to appear as happy, smiling or positive than any other trait.
Photo: Blue Origin Blue Origin will try something new follow-up of successful landings rakettiensa, The Verge says. Amazon-man Jeff Bezosin space company Blue Origin is not going to settle for a mere restoration of the rocket intact, the next time it hit a reusable blue sky Shepard. Bezos told The Vergen gaining an e-mail that the intention is also to discipline the rocket nose miehistökapselia empty properly properly. - During the next task we will also stress test miehistökapselia by landing intentionally used deceit to demonstrate our ability to parachute safely handle such a failure. Blue Origin has been able to return to New Shepard rocket intact to the ground by its own engines already three times as part of a plan to fly space tourists may already be in 2018. Another rockets to return the space the company has learned Elon Musk SpaceX, which makes commercial satellite and kapselilaukaisuja on a regular basis.
Southern Finland toughest growth companies top 30 list for all the companies reach growth of more than one hundred percent. Both turnover of only EUR over three million. Reasonable growth of the average company's operational performance has improved markedly. The improvement has been achieved, as well as cost discipline, that of the growth tulosvivun thanks. Companies' balance sheets are mostly strong, with a median equity ratio has risen slightly and is at a good 44 per cent. TOP 30: Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme and Kymenlaakso Place Company Domicile EUR million Growth% 3 years. 1 male Ltd Helsinki 3.3 642.1 2 Lifting Solutions Ltd Helsinki 3.3 547.6 3 Unity Technologies Finland Oy Helsinki 118.0 345.9 4 Hausia Ltd Espoo 28.7 305.6 5 Sisco Housing Ltd Helsinki 12.1 262.6 6 Odeal Ltd Helsinki 16.7 240.9 7 Elite Roofing Ltd Bay 10.8 236.5 8 Privanet Group Group Helsinki 8.4 226.4 9 Adlibris Finland Oy Helsinki 18.5 211.8 10 Super Cell Group Helsinki 2109.2 199.7 11 SCM Finland Oy Helsinki 3.0 178.9 12 Finland rebate Group Eagle 1.9 167.8 13 Tower Property Advisors Ltd Helsinki 5.2 166.8 14 Attendo Dental Practice Ltd Helsinki 3.5 149.8 15 Plumbing Expert Porvoo 2.6 147.5 16 Nosh Company Ltd Hämeenlinna 3.3 145.5 17 Passion Logistics Espoo 2.1 143.6 18 Helsinki Hospital Ltd Helsinki 3.5 142.2 19 A twinkle in kindergartens Group Espoo 14.3 138.3 20 Frosmo Ltd. Helsinki 2.5 136.7 21 UpCloud Ltd Helsinki 2.0 133.8 22 Skyr Finland Oy Helsinki 22.0 132.4 23 KSK Logistics & Infra Ltd Lohja 11.0 128.1 24 4-Motion Ltd. Helsinki 1.9 126.1 25 Cloudator Ltd Helsinki 5.3 114.8 26 Booxmedia Ltd Helsinki 1.7 114.6 27 Mankkaa Taxi Ltd. Espoo 3.8 114.0 28 Allied Travel Consultants Oy Ltd Helsinki 6.9 108.3 29 Fitness24Seven Ltd Helsinki 8.7 107.3 30 Mobila Electronics Ltd. Vantaa 6.1 106.1
The purpose of this post isn t to discourage learning, but rather to help you understand your capabilities so that you can provide the best work.The strategies outlined here speak to how you can focus on your strengths while getting assistance in areas where you aren t as knowledgeable.I initially dismissed the comment, but as search as a whole began to evolve, I realized that I needed to choose one discipline.There s no I in teamI know that this saying is a cliché, but I ve found utilizing teams to be a brilliant way to crowdsource knowledge.Ashley isn t doing the work for her colleagues but instead sharing her knowledge to help others about a topic she enjoys.You don t have to be good at everything, because chances are, there s someone else who can help.
St. Paul s School failed to stop public taunting and harassment of a teenage girl who reported being sexually assaulted by a popular older boy at the school, a new lawsuit claims.He was found guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault and a felony charge of using a computer to lure his victim, but acquitted of more serious sex abuse charges.Carney, who has also defended gangster James Whitey Bulger.Two boys stood up to speak on an unrelated topic, according to the suit, and made a joke about the age of consent.There was no effort made to shield her from retaliation or discipline people for retaliating against her, he added.Lawsuit Against St. Paul s School Redacted examples of online messages show harassment of the victim after she reported that Owen Labrie sexually assaulted her.
the Chilean pv sector has grown so fast that the electricity price is part of the country dropped during the spring, several days of zero.Chile's electricity production growth is boosted by the biggest mining boom, which the country has built dozens of new solar parks.the Country's central grid solar power capacity has quadrupled in 2013 and is currently 770 megawatts, Bloomberg reported.according to Bloomberg estimates this year capacity will be built throughout the country increases from 1.4 gigawatts in front.the Chilean economic growth has, however, begun to slow down global copper surplus of discipline for the purposes of the mining industry.the north and south networks are not interconnected, which is why an excess of electricity transfer in the areas where it is in demand, it is not always possible.
Mark Zuckerberg may be the king of social media, but it does not mean that he did not have the same cash password as the rest of us.First came hackersen after Katy Perry and it followed the now to go after Facebookchefen.Mark Zuckerbergs Twitter and Pinterest were hacked over the weekend, and apparently it was not even also difficult for the hackers.Ourmine Team that is said to be responsible for the attack posted via Twitter that they got into the accounts because the passwords were among those recently leaked from Linkedin in may. Which would mean that not even the Facebook co-founder have the discipline enough to have a unique lösenrod for each of their socialamediekonton.Ourmine claimed in addition that the password was "dadada", which purely is not is so many degrees better than "1234" or "password".Facebook denies the fact that any of their systems have been broken.
Tutkittueen almost two hundred self-possessions kasannutta millionaires, leadership coach Jude Miller Burke found that these millionaires united just one feature in particular: conscientiousness. Conscientiousness can be found millionaire and multimillionaire significantly more than the less savvy people, Burke says the study. According to Burke's conscientious people tend to be very organized, they have good self-discipline, and they are trustworthy. Burke is also not ainot person who has noticed the same characteristic of joining the wealthy and successful people. Please observe is the number of studies, which combine conscience success. According to another study also spouse's conscientiousness can have a positive impact on the road, by extension, as a conscientious spouse can also bring your spouse a salary of up to 4 000 USD per year.
IBM reckons the rigs assembled to run the likes of Hadoop and Apache Spark are really just supercomputers in disguise, so has tweaked some of its supercomputer management code to handle applications that sprawl across x86 fleets.As explained to The Register by IBM's veep for software-defined infrastructure Bernie Sprang, apps resting on clusters need to optimise workloads across pools of compute and storage resources, and can benefit from templates that make it easier to deploy without dedicated hardware.That second point, Sprang says, is important because he's starting to see cluster creep , a phenomenon whereby different teams inside an organisation each cook up their own compute clusters that could perhaps be shared instead of hoarded.There's also the Spectrum LSF tool for workload scheduling.It does think the Spectrum range is a fine idea for those contemplating cloudy or hybrid cloud analytics rigs, as it will happily span on-premises and public clouds.But that's where the similarities end: this lot is aimed squarely at clustered apps and Big Blue hopes its high-end pedigree will interest those now wrestling with hyperscale workloads.
Before global direct-sale cosmetics company Mary Kay began digitizing its innovation process four years ago, many product launches took the company about three years.Since 2012, however, the company s product-launch time has decreased as much as 30%; Mary Kay has more visibility into how products—now tailored to regional requirements—are doing in each country; and product portfolio decisions are based on data rather than anecdotal information.Some of the obstacles are within organizations themselves—too many ideas, limited resources, cost-cutting initiatives, a lack of information about return on investment or market reception, and a lack of discipline about when to pull the plug on failing ideas.To improve its innovation process and results, Mary Kay implemented Oracle s Agile PLM applications and incorporated the following best practices recommended by Kalypso.Articulate and align on an innovation strategyAs with many technology-aided initiatives, start with the strategy.We found that our customers in Asia, for example, had very different requirements for their skin care than our customers in Latin America or the United States, says Deanna Fell, vice president of engineering and PMO at Mary Kay.
DETROIT -- Despite tumbling U.S. sales and a falling stock price, General Motors CEO Mary Barra says she'll stay the course with a strategy of cutting low-profit sales to rental car companies and keeping resale prices strong.Speaking to reporters before the company's annual shareholders meeting Tuesday, Barra said GM's share of profitable retail sales to individual buyers is rising and trade-in values for cars and trucks remain strong.GM's sales fell 18 percent last month compared with a year ago.Here's how Barra answered questions from reporters, edited for length and clarity: Q: You've stuck to your pricing discipline and cut sales to rental car companies.That has caused your sales to fall.We will also work to continue to deliver superior results.
One of the more interesting aspects of Nest s fall from grace is that the higher ups at Alphabet were none too pleased by the progress, or lack thereof, that Nest was making.DON T MISS: This is what the Galaxy Note 7 will look likeUpon joining Google in early 2014, Tony Fadell and other Nest executives, while wary of joining a large company, were nonetheless excited about the prospects of leveraging Google s resources to further expand the Nest brand across the globe and ramp up development of new products.Whereas a property like YouTube was given a number of years to secure its footing, it soon became clear that Nest would not be afforded the same luxury.Alphabet money is not like Google money, according to several sources at Nest.Whereas Google was content to float the company, under Alphabet Nest was tightly constrained and asked to demonstrate a level of financial discipline at odds with what the founders had expected when they sold to Google.For a five-year-old hardware startup in a still-unproven market, that meant Fadell s role immediately changed — and that Nest s conversations with their corporate parent went from being focused on growth and investment in technology to what one source called effectively finance meetings.
Google parent company Alphabet just held its first shareholders meeting since blowing up its corporate structure last fall and one exec was notably absent: CEO Larry Page.Page has taken the stage to talk to shareholders for the last three years.In fact, since 2010, the only time he's missed a shareholder meeting was in 2012 when a medical condition with his vocal chords sidelined him.But Page wasn't even in the audience on Wednesday.Also absent was cofounder Sergey Brin, who has show up at the stockholder meetings in past years.To answer shareholder questions on topics like Alphabet's Fiber business and its government lobbying, CFO Ruth Porat, executive chairman Eric Schmidt, SVP of corporate development David Drummond, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai gathered at the front.A Google spokesperson declined to say why Page didn't show up.Schmidt's introduction of Pichai speaks volumes though:"To say that Sundar is the best CEO, speaking as the former CEO, would be an understatement," Schmidt said."To watch him navigate the challenges and space, I go, 'Oh my god, we're so fortunate to have Sundar, literally, as the CEO of our favorite part of Alphabet — Google — which is why you're all here." As long as Alphabet's golden child keeps spurting money and Porat maintains an era of fiscal discipline, Page may be able to avoid events like these.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Men should stop putting these 4 things in their profilesLoading video...
What do companies believe in, and why do people come to work every day especially in tech , and work so hard to help businesses solve their problem."Jennifer Johnson, VP of Corporate Marketing at RingCentral, the cloud-based business comms platform, was looking back over the twenty years which had taken from a product marketer for middleware, to proprietorship of marketing consultancy 454 Marketing LLC, and most recently--it's been about a year--the RingCentral role.Steadily moving upmarket to target fast-growing customers with global distribution, it needed to establish "more discipline and muscle" in its marketing.Although marketing tech underpins these efforts, Johnson describes it as "an area where we're still needing to build some more infrastructure."The creative team is highly productive "over 665 assets in the last quarter," said Johnson ; Kapost provides workflows for review and sign-off.Glip is a proprietary tool acquired last year which serves as a unified internal communications hub and collaborative environment--not just for conversations but for project management and file sharing.
Computer forensics is rapidly evolvingComputer forensics is the process of investigation to identify cybersecurity breaches and data stealing.Forensics began as a post event discipline.Experts examine systems following successful attacks and breaches and perform the clean-up and recommend mitigation actions.The skills required include:- Computer forensic security- Forensic digital evidence- Advanced digital investigation techniques- Information engineering- Computer systems and network technologies- Mathematics and statistics for computing- Procedural programming- Computer programming- Computer systems security- Cryptography and information assurance- Software development- Advanced legal, social, ethical and professional issues- Computers and the law picture courtesy of computersciencelabs.comComputer forensics is rapidly evolvingThe BA Hons course in South Wales University which offer the above says of Computer Forensics."Data stored on digital devices reveals what we do and where we have been.This means that skilled professionals who can gather and interpret digital data are in high demand, and this practical course produces such professionals."