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As the premiere for a new season of fan-darling-TV-series-brought-back-from-the-dead Veronica Mars draws closer, Hulu has released the first full trailer for the show.Previous clips were just teasers, but this one really fleshes out what viewers can expect.In general, it looks like it will retain the original series' wit and darkness, just without the heavy 2000s-ness of it all.(Previously, Veronica usually relied on her dog Backup or her taser to do her dirtiest work.)In this reboot, the small seaside town of Neptune, California has seen a rash of bombings of late, and Veronica and her father are hired by the family of one of the victims to figure out what’s going on.Cult classic TV show Veronica Mars is Hulu’s latest resurrection
If these names ring some kind of long-lost bell in your mind, back there with the memories of Koogle peanut-butter spread, Schoolhouse Rock, and Time for Timer, it's time to lock all your doors and start sleeping with a machete and a giant dog.I was a 1970s kid, so I watched a lot of television (duh), but it being the 1970s, much of it was terrible television.We watched whatever was on, whenever it came on, staring at anything that filled the time before all the TV stations switched over to golf or pro bowling and mom kicked us all outside to step on rusty nails with our bare feet while she drank Tab and smoked Larks.I watched the original Charlie's Angels, endless Brady Bunch reruns, and everything Sid and Marty Krofft got their crazy puppeteer hands on.And I watched The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, Hanna-Barbera's first attempt at mixing live action and animation, with the costumes and sets made by the Kroffts because of course they were.The Banana Splits were four guys in animal costumes who played music in a (terrible) rock band, had meetings in a (psychedelic) clubhouse, and drove around in the (coveted) banana buggies, customized six-wheel ATVs that looked like Fisher-Price-mobiles.
Hand sanitizer is about as common these days as potholes in Michigan.And now that the weather's getting warmer, people are going to reach for sunscreen, bug spray and other chemicals.Trouble is, if someone gets into a car with the stuff on their skin, it could have some pretty gnarly effects.Ford thinks it can engineer around that, though.Ford UK on Friday put out a new video discussing chemical wear on interior materials and how it hopes to mitigate those effects.Leather, vinyl and plastics can prematurely wear when exposed to these compounds.
In a paper scheduled to be presented next week during the annual Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), scientists at IBM, Tel Aviv University, and Technion describe a novel AI model design — Label-Set Operations (LaSO ) networks — designed to combine pairs of labeled image examples (e.g., a pic of a dog annotated “dog” and a sheep annotated “sheep”) to create new examples that incorporate the seed images’ labels (a single pic of a dog and sheep annotated “dog” and “sheep”).The coauthors believe that in the future, LaSO networks could be used to augment corpora that lack sufficient real-world data.“Our method is capable of producing a sample containing … labels present in two input samples,” wrote the researchers.“The proposed approach might also prove useful for the interesting visual dialog use case, where the user can manipulate the returned query results by pointing out or showing visual examples of what she [or] he likes or doesn’t like.”LaSO networks learn to manipulate label sets of given samples and synthesize new ones corresponding to combined label sets, taking as input photos of different types and identifying common semantic content before implicitly removing concepts present in one sample from another sample.(A “union” operation in a LaOS network will result in a synthetic example labeled “person,” “dog,” “cat,” and “sheep,” for instance, while “intersection” and “subtraction” operations will result in examples labeled “person” and “dog” or “sheep” alone, respectively.)
At face value, this isn’t really a big announcement…more along the lines of “dog bites man.”For some time now, Microsoft has defined itself by being open and focusing on interoperability.And while Apple hasn’t exactly embraced competing systems like they did when Steve Jobs ran the company (after all, the Apple watch is simply a wearable iPhone), putting their stuff on Windows PCs isn’t new, either.It got me thinking about the evolution of the computer, a history in which we’ve largely focused on the hardware.Mainframes to PCs to client/server to smartphones…and, finally, to cloud.I mean, if you think about it, the behavior around smartphones (initially) and mainframes (initially) was highly proprietary and closed.
Anyone who wants to see animals going after each other for some reason can just search on YouTube and find a wealth of disturbing videos.But there’s one especially disgusting sub-genre of animal attack content on the platform that seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon: fake rescue videos.The producers of these videos seem to set up an animal—often a puppy or kitten—as bait for another animal, often a snake, to attack, so a person can then “save” the victim.And despite what appear to be clear violations against YouTube’s policy prohibiting videos that depict “infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress,” far too many of these hell videos remain on the platform.A quick Gizmodo YouTube search of “save puppy from python” immediately turned up about 20 videos showing snakes attacking dogs and cats before people, often children, intervene to stop the snake from killing the mammals.Then as the snake wraps around one of the animals, moments from killing it, someone “discovers” the situation and pries the snake from the cats or dogs.
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This gives new meaning to the phrase "dog days of summer."An incredible video of a 6-year-old dog named George shows the crafty canine barking the word "hello."Thirty-six-year-old Kathryn Schofield, who first got the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a puppy, said he started barking the word two years ago and she kept telling him to do it until he got the word perfect, SWNS reports.Now he does it when anyone comes up to him, according to Schofield, who lives in Weymouth in southern England."He comes right up to the camera and sticks his face in it, like a real poser," she continued."George basically tries so hard to talk, mostly when he's excited when you come home from being out, or when visitors come round - and it's then I can get him to say it."
They'd been among the top teams in the eastern conference for the better part of the season, so it wasn't all that surprising they had the championship within their grasp, but they were up against the Golden State Warriors, a megazord entity that doesn't quite know how to lose.When I think of the Warriors and all that they’ve amassed—three championships in the last five years; top-dog status in the league; a litany of records I won’t attempt to list here because who has the time?—my mind immediately rushes to that definitive Harvey Dent line from The Dark Knight: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” It’s so indisputable and befitting a team like Golden State.In obvious ways, the team mirrors its home region of the Bay Area, a place now flooded with tech overlords who seem invincible and wield immense powers, the true nature of which has yet to be revealed.Of course, if you're from Northern California or a fan of Stephen Curry’s superhero talents, this doesn’t quite apply; no Warriors fan thinks their team wins thanks to unspoken magic.But for the majority of us, for those of us who have found the perfect avatar in Kawhi Leonard and his Raptors, all of this backstory—the rise and rise and rise of the Warriors, the turn from David to Goliath—has made the series all the more gripping.Maybe what I'm really trying to say is, as much as we have paid attention to what's in the foreground of the 2019 NBA Finals—the Raptors' savvy defense; clutch performances from Fred VanVleet; Drake's meme-worthy courtside antics; Kevin Durant's return and career-derailing injury—it's the backdrop, the particulars of the surrounding environment, that drives the real plot.
But if you broaden the scope of your thinking to dog years, E3 actually gave us plenty to chew on.Together, they're offering us a chance to live the dream dream of chucking games consoles in the bin and solely streaming games direct to your device, Netflix style.Onstage at E3 Phil Spencer announced that it'll be a big powerful machine designed for 8k gaming at 120 frames per second.The harsh reality is the global games market -- at the retail and consumer level -- is barely prepared for an , let alone a bold Netflix-esque streaming future where gaming is nothing more than an app on your TV, phone or tablet.It's not exactly the utopian dream of flicking a switch and being able to stream every game available direct to your TV.Take the Founder's Edition of Stadia, for example.
Amazon just made a 40% price cut on an already heavily discounted certified refurbished iRobot Roomba 860 a premium-level robot vacuum .The Roomba 860’s cleaning head automatically adjusts to various types of flooring as it moves from hard floors to carpeting and back, so the robot vac’s brushes can clean effectively and efficiently.With five times the power of base Roomba models, the 860 has a 3-stage cleaning system with power-lifting suction, a side sweeping brush, and tangle-free multi-surface brushes to suck up dog hair and embedded dirt and debris.If you’re in the market for a Roomba with premium features, this deal can help you save up to $180 on an Amazon certified unit that’s already $149 less than a new Roomba 860.Your potential savings compared to buying a new Roomba 860 could be up to $329.You can schedule the Roomba 860 to clean rooms up to seven times a week or just press the big “Clean” button on the top of the vacuum.
What happens when five direct-to-consumer brands come together for an event and focus not on selling themselves but on lavishing attention and love on their furry friends?Burrow, Ollie, Fi, Recess and Wild One threw a “Make Your Dog at Home” event at Burrow House in New York on June 8, where more than 120 people rolled through (along with 60 very good dogs) to test Burrow’s pet friendly couch, dabble in a taste test of Ollie—a DTC human-grade pet food company, try out Fi—a wireless collar for dogs, relax by sipping on Recess and try on leashes and other pet accessories from Wild One.For most of the brands involved, it was less about making a sale and more about connecting with each other’s consumers—particularly for Ollie, Fi and Wild One, which don’t have retail footprints.“It’s as much brand building as it is customer building and authentically engaging with our consumers,” said Gabby Slome, co-founder and CXO at Ollie.“We’re not there to sell; we’re there to connect with our potential customers.”Ollie, which currently sells via in addition to its own site, isn’t ready to open up a retail store, considering there’s a level of personalization in its products.
I listen to mostly Indie rock, but my favorite musician is Iggy Pop.| I am making plans to go back to college to pursue a career Geography.I'm a huge dog lover.I have a part time job at a accounting
I listen to mostly Indie rock, but my favorite musician is Iggy Pop.| I am making plans to go back to college to pursue a career Geography.I'm a huge dog lover.I have a part time job at a accounting
I listen to mostly Indie rock, but my favorite musician is Iggy Pop.| I am making plans to go back to college to pursue a career Geography.I'm a huge dog lover.I have a part time job at a accounting
I listen to mostly Indie rock, but my favorite musician is Iggy Pop.| I am making plans to go back to college to pursue a career Geography.I'm a huge dog lover.I have a part time job at a accounting
While Fox was perfectly fine spoiling Dark Phoenix’s major death in early advertisements, the true identity of Jessica Chastain’s alien character was kept conspicuously hush in the weeks leading up to the film’s premiere.Though an explanation for the codename she was referred to by the studio (“Smith”) is never explained in the film itself, a brief exchange is packed with just enough information about Chastain’s character to reveal who they are and how they fit into the larger Dark Phoenix Saga.It would be logical to assume that, being an alien in an X-Men story about the Phoenix, Chastain might end up being Lilandra Neramani, Majestrix of the Shi’ar Empire and former lover of Charles Xavier.But rather than completely passing on its chance to finally pit the X-Men against proper aliens, Dark Phoenix instead cherry-picked a notable (yet small) group of characters to highlight that have an important canonical connection to the Phoenix Force.Early into Dark Phoenix, a number of huge, glowing objects crash to Earth near a wooded area.A human woman (played by Chastain) at a dinner party that’s particularly close to an impact site wanders off to see what’s up when her dog begins barking nonstop outside.
Dogs are active, playful pets and the last thing you want is for them to get bored.It is important to choose items that will entertain your pet and that it will find exciting.When shopping for suitable toys for your dog one of the first aspects you have to consider is the age of the dog.Puppies need softer toys like rubber or plush and snugly fabrics; also, they need a wide range of chewing toys that will keep him from ruining your favorite shoes.After the chewing phase you can move on to harder rubber toys.Another aspect you should bear in mind when shopping for Dog Toys is the size and the texture of the toys.Also, we should not forget about tug toys that are made of linen, leather, fire house or rope and that need to be replaced as soon as get they damaged.
What matters is that they find high-quality food that is tasty and made from natural ingredients.It is worth mentioning that this type of food is not suitable for older dogs or those with limited mobility because it might cause them to gain weight.Grain free food is the perfect choice for active dogs and for those who suffer from grain intolerance.Grain free pet food does not have any grain and it contains meat, vegetables and fruit proteins that are easy to digest.It is also a good choice for pregnant and lactating dogs and if you are determined to start feeding it to your dog you should introduce it gradually.The best way is to add new food to the old food of the pet, start with 25% new food in the first days, afterwards with 50% and so on until you can replace the old food completely.This brand has a diversified range of food for dogs such as grain-free recipes, grain inclusive recipes and specialized recipes for small breed dogs, weight loss and old dogs.It also has a canned selection that your dogs will love.