An adorable birthday party decoration not only makes a celebration look even more amazing but also signifies the spirit of the memorable day if done with a little touch of innovation.And doesn’t a birthday party call for a theme and decor that goes just well with the mood of the birthday boy or girl?Here are Birthday Party Decoration Ideas You Need For A Truly Memorable Celebration!Birthday party Balloons Decorations:The bunch of balloons on the ceiling takes the charm of the patterned paper with a spectrum of dots on the table underneath to all new heights, while the centrepiece constructed of coloured pencils highlights the art party theme just perfect.Birthday party Garland decorations:Those wonderful fringes that make this tassel garland pretty as a picture are all credits to the most simple of paper cutting skills, calling for a hot glue gun, twine, and coloured tissues papers.Birthday Party Foil decorations:That dose of glitter can transform just about anything from plain to enchanting, and these Birthday party Balloons are the perfect example of the same.Apply some glue at the bottom and immerse the balloon in a bowl of glitter.Happy Birthday, Banner:Golden and pink form the most incredible union of colours, adding a much-needed hint of glitter to an otherwise subtle shade of celebration, and this Easy DIY Banner with flag cut-outs backs the statement even better.Birthday party Favour:Try your hand at this star string paper garland sporting lots and lots of bright golden 5-pointed stars, and let the party join the hottest decor trends, hanging them on the ceiling, the walls, or simply the mantel.
European astronomers mapped 25,000 supermassive black holes in the northern sky using a large radio telescope.
Astronomers have used a combination of low-frequency telescopes, supercomputers, and algorithms to create a vast sky map of 25,000 supermassive black holes. The map shows thousands of twinkling dots that look like stars, but are actually enormous black holes, each of which is located in a different, distant galaxy. The researchers pinpointed the celestial objects by analyzing radio emissions emitted by matter that was ejected when it got close to the black holes. These emissions were detected by LOFAR (Low Frequency Array), an enormous radio telescope network spread across 52 stations in nine European countries. LOFAR operates at the lowest frequencies that can… This story continues at The Next Web
It entails the analysis of information sources, statistics, facts and any other research to come up with a fair solution by connecting the dots in an accurate fashion.Although many may scoff at this type of thinking, this is part of the procedure called reflective reasoning.Reflective reasoning is one of the most important critical thinking skills and should be learned as soon as possible.This skill permits you to reason from available information without the emotion of defending yourself or twisting the facts to fit your point of view.Another type of critical thinking is critical communication skills.The ones that don't have these abilities, often find themselves out of a job because they don't know what to say or how to argue in an argument.Critical communication skills also involve listening effectively and ensuring you truly understand someone else's point of view before you begin to side with this.When you are involved in critical thinking training, there are a variety of resources you can learn to hone your skills and become an expert in your particular area of expertise.
Everything to know about Samsung QD Display, which has the potential to be the next great TV technology.
It comes in cool looking earthy colors, blacks and grays and are adjusted for various styles, similar to the pilot style, the troublemaker or rock style, the 'police' style or just complemented with metal studs.Nonetheless, keeping up this fortune of a aviator jackets will require a few safeguards with the goal that it stays stunning for quite a while.You can follow the given tips for cleaning cowhide coats: If you are deciding on expert cleaning, ensure that you don't do so routinely, as all calfskin pieces of clothing lose their normal color when cleaned and the shading should be reestablished appropriately by the cleaner's.In this manner, it is better not to select light shades of calfskin as their colors are difficult to coordinate.In the event that the stains are harder, at that point you can utilize a mellow cleanser or seat cleanser with water to eliminate it.It will help in the event that you hose the cowhide to test on the off chance that it has a completion, as water dots on completed calfskin or, in all likelihood it spots on incomplete calfskin.In instances of calfskin articles of clothing, utilize a softened cowhide brush or fine sandpaper for cleaning.
If in case, the user is facing the issues MS Edge opening a New Tab every time a link is clicked issues then you should check for system issues, and the corrupted files.But for help, just contact to the expert of Microsoft via download the get product key for free buy online.After this, you should go to the menu just by clicking those three dots which is located on the right side of the screen.It basically focuses on content around the web.Now, you have to choose Custom option and then turn on or off Show quick links switch.www office com setup Initiate a Clean Boot to stop MS Edge Open a New Tab Every Time a Link is Clicked: For this, you have to open the Run box.
If you allow cookies, then this will help websites to remember you and it will make your experience more comfortable.For more information about privacy, just go to the site of Webroot via download the product key code for free 2021.Disable and Enable cookies In Google Chrome: First, you have to launch Google Chrome and then click on the little three dots in the top-right corner.Then under the Privacy and security section, you should find the Content settings entry and click that.If you want to re-enable cookies, then follow the same process and turn on the feature again.And you can access this page just by typing chrome://settings/content/cookies into the Google Chrome address bar.
The green or orange dots on your iPhone signal when an app is using the camera or microphone, respectively.
Sometimes, Google Chrome notifications are very annoying and distract the user.In this situation, if the user wants to change their Chrome Notification setting, the user can contact Webroot antivirus team through download the free key code with activation.Adjust Chrome notifications on Windows 10 or Mac:First, you should open Chrome and then click on the three dots which is present in the upper-right side of the screen.If in case, you're on a Mac, then you should use the keyboard shortcut command, just to go to your setting.Here, you should scroll down to Permissions and then select Notifications.First, you should choose whether or not sites can ask you for permission just to show you notifications because many sites ask this when you land on their page, by showing you a little pop-up.But if you want to prevent all permission requests, then you should switch the blue toggle to the off position just under Sites can ask to send notifications.
(King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)) Tiny light-emitting probes give researchers a better option for noninvasive imaging of living tissue.
Essentially the most exciting and frightening of the emerging systems is nano technology.Nano engineering is just a mix disciplinary field that relates to building and synthesizing products at machines of 100nm or less.They're also working on quantum dots that enable doctors to quickly identify numerous disorders quickly and accurately.Nanotechnology will get down the scale of electronics.And you are able to guess that the military will be clamoring for nano technology.Such advances include performance enhancing nanotechnology that products physical functions.
Posted by chrisgiarratanaAdd value to SEO reports with storytelling Monthly SEO reports are a vital part of any SEO strategy because they provide an outlet to educate customers, show ROI, and guide the conversion for upsells. While SEO reports are crucial in many ways, they are usually reduced to boilerplate PDF templates sent to clients each month with a generic message. If this describes your SEO reporting approach, you’re missing out on vital opportunities to retain clients and upsell with carefully crafted storytelling strategies. SEO reporting has always been an important part of my deliverables. Whether I'm working with clients through my agency, StrategyBeam, or when I worked in a corporate team, I found that good reporting made a big difference with trust building and overall strategy. Regardless of who you're working with — national brands or local businesses — I’ve found that solid SEO reporting helps ground the client relationship. Over the past eight years, I've been able to grow StrategyBeam to a mid-six-figure agency. Customer service and results have always been our bread and butter, and SEO reports help us show how we stand out from the competition, and create long-term relationships with our clients. Be sure to incorporate SEO reports into your regular cadence if you are struggling to keep a client, or you just want a way to engage with your clients in a deeper way. Now, more than ever we need to show clients the value we bring to the table. So, let's take a look at the things all useful SEO reports should include, and how you can use storytelling tactics to build a relationship with your customers, prove your strategies' value, and uncover upsell opportunities today! 1. Organic impressions, clicks, and CTR While SEO has a broad reach, you need to get the right message to the right people if you want them to click through to your content and convert. This is why a good SEO report should include high-level metrics like organic impressions and clicks. While this information doesn’t provide much insight into on-page performance, it does offer a jumping-off point for you to talk to your customer about changes in market trends and user behavior. I like to cover high-level data at the start of each reporting call to set the table for more detailed discussions with customers. I've used this data to recommend additional work for clients and use these metrics to show YoY improvement, and justify work during specific periods. I present data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help my clients understand how we can influence their site's overall performance. Here are a few points that I touch on based on current click and impressions: What it means: Impressions = how often content appears, clicks = how many times people click on SERPs.Where to find it: Google Search ConsoleWhen to use it: Identify content and build approach. Build sprints to address problem areas. Pages that are performing between 3-12 should be optimized, and low CTR should improve meta, interlinking, and technical considerations. How to optimize: High impressions + low clicks = update title and meta description. Low impressions = add FAQ schema. Even though clicks and impressions don't convey too much information about a website's performance, you can use this part of your SEO report to ease into upsell opportunities and show your SEO chops when it comes to the broader scope of SEO marketing and how everything is interconnected. 2. Keyword ranking Since SEO is all about getting specific pages to rank for target keywords, you need to include keyword performance and rankings in your SEO report. I love using keyword information to jumpstart a conversation with my clients around user intent and bringing SEO strategy back to their business goals. I love using this time to show that I understand SEO is more than keywords and Google. At the end of the day, if my SEO strategy is not driving qualified traffic and boosting conversions, then my clients will find another agency. Keywords are the basis of search engines, and I like to use keyword ranking data to tie in the "bigger picture", along with specific SEO tactics and push to secure more sales. Here are a few talking points to consider with keyword performance in my monthly SEO reports and client check-ins: Show snapshots of keyword tools like Moz Keyword Tool and Ahrefs to show patterns. Tie MoM changes into an SEO report template to show progress and boost each client call's energy. Recommend content optimizations, outreach, and other SEO tactics to drive target keywords. Tie keyword ranking to your services, results, and your client's business goals. Run a quick technical SEO audit and content audit to provide new opportunities for additional work. This is a great way to improve your client's site's performance while also increasing trust and monthly income. Keyword rankings give a strong signal around user intent, market trends, and competitor strategies. You can use keyword rankings in your SEO reports to focus attention on success and move the conversation towards upselling opportunities to shift gears and align your SEO strategy with your clients' business goals. 3. Describe how people engage with your content SEO strategies are typically described in abstract terms, so it's our job as SEO professionals to connect the dots for clients whenever possible between SEO metrics and their business goals. You probably spend a lot of time talking about different SEO marketing angles, like the customer journey, website performance, and user intent. All of these factors influence how search engines rank content, and even more importantly, all of these factors influence conversion rates. However, SEO is abstract and challenging for our clients to understand. That's why we need to include concrete terms, visuals, and explanations in our reports for ongoing education and trust-building measures. For example, I manage SEO and content for a large player in the shipping industry. This industry is extremely niche, but each sale can lead to 8-figure deals for my client. I was able to illustrate to the client about how they could increase leads by expanding their existing content Hub/Spoke model and use their SEO reports to talk them through different aspects of their business like: Categorize content on your site and assign specific metrics and goals for your clients. Track content based on topics and what content moved people through the customer journey. Use Content Drill Down in Google Analytics to show how readers move through the website. This information is valuable to highlight opportunities to optimize content. Jumpstart a conversation around other SEO tactics like interlinking, blogging, and on-page optimizations. Showing how people engage with my client’s website was a key part to increase education, and help visualize how your monthly SEO work impacts your client's website. If you can point out a bottleneck in the customer journey and offer CRO, interlinking, or on-page optimizations, then you are on your way to build client trust and slide into an upsell opportunity. 4. Google Analytics events Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can be used to show how your SEO and CRO strategies impact user behavior when they reach your website. You can educate your customers about on-page SEO by tracking clicks on specific CTAs throughout individual pages. In recent months I've started working with several clients on CRO and content optimization projects. Not only are these great ways to help clients reach their goals, but they are also high-margin projects that can show immediate results. One of the metrics I focus on when I review clients' results is how people engage with their CTAs. This means that I have to connect Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to show that our optimizations push more website visitors to valuable pages like contact forms and sales pages. For example, I recently ran a small test for a client to show them that with some on-page SEO tweaks we could improve CTR for various posts and pages. I identified a few pages that would show the best results, closed the project, and after a month of testing I was able to include CTA clicks on different pages that I optimized. After a few months of on-page optimizations I can see a big improvement for CTR and lead generation on their site. Here is a quick screenshot of CTA clicks on the client’s site from the pages/posts I optimized:  This small test was a success and lead to ongoing monthly optimizations across their deep content library. As a result, I am able to show the impact our on-page optimizations make to their lead quality and bottomline. This is a perfect example of how we can use reports to build rapport, show our knowledge, and test ideas with clients. Plus, it can all lead to beneficial upsells- but none of this is possible without a good looking and informative report to backup our claims. While this is not a big part of my SEO reporting process, I try to include metrics around user behavior to explain how people engage with on-page content. This information can also help tie high-level SEO metrics to business goals, which are significant parts of the overall story I convey to my clients each month. 5. Add local SEO info Local SEO is an essential part of an SEO strategy to drive qualified leads and sales for local business owners. You can save a lot of time by using a tool like Moz Local to keep NAP and listings consistent for your clients, and you can use excellent local SEO reporting tools to show the results of your local SEO tactics. I have several clients that offer local SEO services. Not only do these services offer immediate value to these clients, but the local SEO services also provide me with a great way to pitch additional services like outreach, page optimizations, and blogging. While local SEO is not a great fit for all of your clients, you can unwrap great opportunities if you offer honest solutions to address their needs and present precise data to show your efforts' value. Be sure to include local SEO metrics in your SEO reports when it makes sense, and point out the metrics that matter to business owners like phone calls, foot traffic, and driving directions! Use SEO analytics to tell a story and build customer trust! Reports are not the main reason many SEOs started in this profession, but monthly SEO reports help us paint a picture of our clients' SEO efforts. You'll be able to show the value of your SEO services and keep clients longer if you know how to tell a story around each metric, and tie results back to your agency!Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read!
What is Amazon Prime?Amazon Prime is a platform where you can enjoy unlimited, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals & more.How I get Amazon prime Account?Follow Easy Steps To Get Amazon Prime AccountOpen the Amazon official website – in on website if you haven't Amazon account then you have to signup first,or, create new account with your credentialsClick or tap on Start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial.How I get Amazon prime Subscription?New members will be charged $119/year for an annual Prime membership and $59/year for an annual Prime Student membership, To get Amazon prime Subscription choose your plan and go with it.How To Activate My Amazon prime Account?To Activate My Amazon prime Account monthly or one-year paid membership any time in the future:Go to or tap the sign-up button.Follow on-screen instructions or some easy steps to complete the payment and sign up.How to redeem Amazon prime Account code?To redeem Amazon prime Account code,you have to login firstafter login click on three dots/dash at top left cornergo to my accounttap on gift cardput the code in the box you haveCongo !
(Uppsala University) Hydrogen for energy use can be extracted in an environmentally friendly way from water and sunlight, using photocatalytic composite polymer nanoparticles developed by researchers at Uppsala University. In laboratory tests, these 'polymer dots' showed promising performance and stability alike. The study has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
Developing critical thinking skills will help your children solve problems, understand the world around them better, and grow up with a mindset that helps them think and create instead of merely reacting to situations.Critical thinking skills are also the foundation for skill development.Most importantly, you want to make sure your children develop the skills they need to think and decide for themselves.You will find a curriculum that provides lessons and training to help children develop critical thinking skills.Be Alert to IssuesSome children have trouble reading.That will help you figure out how to help your child and move forward from that situation.Connect the Dots Help your child connect the dots of different issues around them.
The IoT has opened up many opportunities for businesses.Many business leaders think of IoT initiatives as setting up devices to help them make better business decisions.Day by day businesses are increasingly dependent on all digital things.During the pandemic, almost all the organizations crafted IoT strategies in hopes of creating intelligent, data-driven products, operations and services.Businesses are more focused on executing full-fledged IoT implementations.As per the Forrester Consulting and Cognizant resulting report on ‘How companies can escape pilot purgatory and reliably scale their IoT implementations to truly add organization value’  – there are five key levers for quickly moving IoT pilots to scaled initiatives, from most to least impactful factors.Organizational EnablementInfrastructure/technologyIntegrationStrategyData/analyticsOn a closer look, data/analytics requires the greatest level of IoT expertise but its impact is only starting to be felt and once the businesses get the other four factors in check, they can connect the dots to data and analytics as well.Putting IoT Data Intelligence into UseTHE KEY TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE REPRESENTATION.-JEFFREY HAWKINS, THE AMERICAN FOUNDER OF PALM COMPUTINGWhen companies move beyond collecting data to mining relevant and timely data in operations and services.And these predictions help them to make the best possible decisions with the least possible risks.
Ceramic balls are in fact, a type of additives that are used for rubber products.Inert ceramic balls have their own unique properties, so it is necessary to understand how they work and how to tailor them to manufacture special types of rubber products using these balls.Inert ceramic balls are typically used in thermal-storage systems.The mechanism is as follows: after the addition of a small amount of filtration, colloidal and finely divided material, fine ceramic balls for filtering and removing them from the powder mixture.Ceramic support balls are made by sintering sintered ceramic powders with a binder.They can be used in supporting media for adsorbents and catalysts, as well as in filtering media.Three major types of Inert ceramic balls can be divided by morphology and application: hemispherical-shaped, cylindrical, and ball products with clear dots on the surface.Ceramic balls have been used for many years in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries as support media for catalysts.
Buy LSD Sheet online (  is one of the most powerful mind-altering chemicals.It is a clear or white odorless material made from lysergic acid, which is found in a fungus that grows on rye and other grains.LSD has many other street names, including acid, blotter acid, dots, and mellow yellow.
Batik fabric, from which the clothing is produced, is almost immediately recognizable by the sharply lined patterns, spots and dots of the clothing, as well as the interplay of the colors that are often bright and contrasting.In the event that you have seen clothing following these patterning conventions, there is a good chance you were looking at a piece of batik clothing, which is a popular traditional form of dress that has been produced in Indonesia for hundreds of years and adapted in India as a popular technique.These materials need to be absorbent and free of impurities so that they can receive the waxes and dyes used in the process of creating the intricate patterns associated with the art.The raw fabrics are typically boiled to remove impurities like minerals that would interfere with the process.Occasionally the fabric is stretched or beaten to make it more malleable and workable.Since the wax resists the water-based dye, only the portion of the fabric that has not been treated with wax will accept the dye.Once the dye has set, the wax can be removed from the fabric using boiling water.At that point, wax can be applied to different parts of the fabric to make intricate, multicolored patterns and designs.