There are many areas of marketing technology that are considered “hot” right now.And yet MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global event management software market alone is expected to grow from $5.10 billion in 2014 to $7.78 billion by 2019.Despite all the event creation, promotion, attendee check-in, and management solutions available — both at the low end and within the enterprise — many companies still run their respective seminars and conferences exactly as they used to decades ago.In B2B circles, the days of stapling business cards to manually completed “lead sheets” are still with us.Even now, with smartphones and tablets as prevalent as they are, double-entry of attendees is rife, and sales reps have no clue when an “important person” walks into the conference hall.Today, Attend wants to change that for good with the release of a new mobile app that augments its existing event management platform.
South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world — to such an extent that parents will often pay for their children to have double eyelid surgery before they start college.A plastic surgeon in Seoul's Gangnam District explains the obsession with plastic surgery.Produced by Will Wei and Drake Baer
The Star Wars universe is packed with evocative locations, from the desert planets of Tatooine and Jakku in The Force Awakens, to the frozen environs of Hoth, the Cloud City of Bespin, the entrancing lakes of Naboo and the volcanic nightmare of Mustafar.Tatooine's binary suns in A New Hope - Kepler-16b"If there's a bright centre to the universe, you're on the planet that's farthest from," says Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.Actually, it's our solitary Sun that's the odd one out here; astronomers reckon that about 80% of stars are multiple-star systems, which means that worlds with two, three or even seven sunsets are the norm.Multiple star systems are everywhere you look; next time you're outside in clear night skies, look north to find the second star in from the tip of the handle of the Plough/Big Dipper and you'll notice that it's an obvious double star.However, the bigger star Mizar is actually four stars while smaller star Alcor is two, all gravitationally bound.
Three years into the life cycle of the Xbox One, storage space has become a valuable commodity.The base model’s 500GB drive doesn’t seem quite so spacious when your “Ready to Install” list is packed with AAA games that can take up more than 50GB, and almost double that if you’re downloading 4K-compatible games on an Xbox One X.Unless you’ve invested in an external drive to increase your console’s storage capacity, you’ve probably experienced the feeling that comes when you’re forced to delete one of your games to make room for another.To help you out, we’ve assembled this handy guide on how to delete and re-install your content.From the Xbox One home screen, press the Xbox button to bring up the dashboard, then select the “My Games & Apps” tile.Highlight the tile of the game you’d like to remove from your hard drive and press the Menu button on your controller.
Just because a product gets the job done doesn't mean it's a one-trick pony.In a recent AskReddit thread, people shared their favorite products that also pull double-duty as solutions to other problems (One caveat: we haven't actually tried these, so experiment at your own risk).How many of these products have you found alternative uses for?Newspapers rival any rag for streak-free cleaning.Nail polish remover on a cotton ball easily removes hair dye from surfaces.Binder clips make better chip clips than the actual chip clips.
Helsinki, coming from a popular fast food chain Fafa s plans to conquer Finland in the city at the time, told the trade magazine.Fafa s plans to double its restaurants to its amount, if the franchise plans to fruition.currently, Fafa sila has 12 restaurants, four of which works on a franchise basis.Restaurants is already in addition to Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti, Turku and Jyväskylä.Fafa p Plats Oy is now looking for new franchise partners around Finland.the New target cities are Oulu, Kuopio, Kouvola, Pori, Joensuu, Lappeenranta, Hämeenlinna, Vaasa, Rovaniemi, Seinäjok, Mikkeli, Kotka, Salo and Porvoo.
minister of Defense Jussi Niinistö ps to start the project, whose task is to prepare the necessary proposals for legislative changes, which are necessary for national security, improve armed forces military official's name, when and officer in the studies leading to the selection."the Prime minister Juha sipilä of the government programme in accordance with the government focus double nationality-related legislation.Now set the project began planning in December 2016 when it became clear that official legislation development project did not proceed to double-citizenship issue, as security authorities was seen as necessary", the defense ministry said in a statement."the aim of the Project is to bring the legislation to reflect more comprehensively the changed security situation and new threats.the Project's main objective is to increase national security.of the military posts in the could be for this purpose in the future as a rule, appoint a person who is only a Finnish citizen", the bulletin describes.
the International chamber of commerce ICC Finland believes that the European parliament's positive view of the EU and Canada Ceta free trade agreement is Finland's useful.the Decision to accelerate the development of Finnish exports to Canada.the Reason is, because Canada is Finland only 18. the main exporting countries , said the ICC Finland country director Timo vuori release.ICC Finland concluded a treaty to strengthen the EU's credibility as a trading partner.When the Canadian public procurement opened, find the potential of the arctic conditions expertise as well as technology.the Traditional forest-, ICT - and health technology exports will benefit from the product double-testing will be reduced , Mountain said.
Swedish cosmetics chain Kicks, the increase in pace.It has 24 stores, but the goal is to double the amount the next couple of years."the Swedes know how to concept and pushing them through.we Get the market leadership in all countries where we operate", the Finnish country manager Krista Etzell said the Economy in an interview last October.Etzell said he was pleased with the rental price development, which has enabled the enlargement of the accelerated timetable.Kicks-chain shows the growth that the chain's sales in Finland last year to 30%.
He and his siblings later moved in with a basketball coach to flee an abusive, alcoholic father.But Willis' remarkable story of empowerment and reinvention might not have happened this way at all.This February, Athlon ranked Willis the 22nd-best linebacker in NFL history — a plaudit that's double impressive when you consider his career lasted half as long as those of some other players."Apple's Steve Jobs Would See Himself in Tech Pioneer Eren Niazi," squawked a headline on TheStreet two years ago.As the two neighbors got to know one another more, Willis found himself impressed by Niazi's rags-to-riches story and tech-industry success.And now Willis: "It just felt like, a lot of times in my other occupation, it was all about you as an individual.
Microsoft has announced that it s selling its feature phone division to Foxconn for the princely sum of $350 million.While Microsoft claims it will continue to work on Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia smartphone brand, it will hand over all of the assets relating to its Nokia-branded feature phones, including brands, software and services, care network and other assets, customer contracts, and critical supply agreements.It s expected the deal will be completed in the second half of 2016.Microsoft purchased Nokia s phone division three years ago for $7.1 billion.Its foray into phone hardware hasn t been a huge success so far, but maybe jettisoning the feature phone wing will allow it double down on the smartphones it clings to.Did someone mention Surface Phone?
The Google Allo release comes just months after Apple s high-profile court battle with the US government over encryption built into its iPhones.At its developer conference, the company announced that its new messaging app, Allo, would feature an incognito mode that offered end-to-end encryption.The FBI had wanted Apple to rewrite the software on a phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters to help it retrieve data.Following that showdown, it was unclear if the tech industry would double down on strong encryption or begin to soften its stance.Users will have to select an incognito mode and will have control over how long messages are stored on their devices.End-to-end encryption can also make it harder for users to search through past messages going back into the distant past.
And lastly, all the code enhancements mean that pesky "Android is starting" post-update screen, in which all of your third-party apps have to be optimised before launching the OS, will be gone forever.Also, you'll be able to double-tap the Recents button from anywhere to switch over to your last-used app, making multitasking easier and faster than ever.Additionally, Android TV will get a new picture-in-picture mode in Android N, letting you continue to watch video in a small pane while, say, browsing the Play Store or accessing other apps and info.For example, the new system-wide ability to reply directly to messaging notifications in-line means you don't have to pop into an app to send a quick response.You'll also see the top five most-used icons up top thanks to some slick streamlining of the notifications bar, although you can pull down to find the rest.Android N can also trim down your data usage, thanks to a data saver function that nudges your apps to cut down on wasteful cellular data use.
GIFMastering the game of chess is infinitely complicated, but getting started just got easier with a chess board that s perfectly set up and ready to go as soon as you open the box.Before newcomers can even begin to start learning how the various chess pieces move around the board, they have to know what squares the pawns, bishops, rooks, knights, kings, and queens all call home.GIFAs a game of chess plays out, captured pieces are returned to their designated and labeled slots in the game s box.The bottom of each piece, and the double-sided chess board, are all magnetic.The game s design also helps ensure that every piece is accounted for at the end of a game, and that none of them go missing when it s being haphazardly stuffed into your game shelf.It s not indestructible, but should certainly survive being swept off the table in a rage every time your partner puts you in check.
If reading the previous sentence caused you to become angered and prepared to argue, instead of curious as to why I might say that, you're super-double-extra doomed with a side of "cheque please".The problem with self-identification as a minion-class button-pusher lies in the scope of awareness and the breadth of apathy.They design solutions by considering factors and elements outside the scope of the implementation of the technology.They view things related to business needs, business processes, laws, regulations, diplomacy, user experience concerns and documentation as "necessary evils" to be avoided if at all possible.What percentage of the company's monthly revenue is reasonable to be subscription fees for IT products and services?Whether or not your insert technology is up and running today is a very short-term problem requiring a very short-term focus.
The struggling apparel chain s chief executive, Art Peck, told shareholders that Gap is open to selling its merchandise on Amazon or other third parties in the U.S. To not be considering Amazon and others would be in my view delusional, Mr. Peck said Tuesday in response to an investor s question at the annual shareholder meeting.We are always considering all of our opportunities beyond our traditional mix of channels and stores.The company, which also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy, is scheduled to post quarterly results after market close on Thursday.As early as 2014, Amazon was in discussions with about 10 well-known retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co. ANF -0.82 % , to list their products on its online marketplace.Selling on Amazon presents a double-edged sword for specialty retailers with store fleets as large as Gap s. While they can tap into the online marketplace s growing shopper base, the listings might also discourage shoppers from visiting stores, where brick-and-mortar retailers tend to have better luck converting traffic to sales.Gap management spent last year revamping its merchandise offering after attributing weak performance in previous quarters to style and quality missteps.
View photosMoreThe logo of Hyundai is pictured at at the 37th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok, Thailand, March 22, 2016.REUTERS/Chaiwat SubprasomSEOUL Reuters - Hyundai Motor Co plans to launch its next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle in early 2018, Vice Chairman Yang Woong-chul said on Wednesday, to better compete with Japanese rivals and meet tougher emissions rules.Hyundai launched the world's first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle in 2013, dubbed the Tucson Fuel Cell, but sales have trailed expectations due in part to a lack of refueling stations and a high price tag.For its new fuel cell vehicle, the automaker is set to double the driving range to about 800 kilometers 497 miles , the Electronic Times reported in January.The automaker declined to comment on details of the new fuel cell vehicle when contacted by Reuters.Hyundai, which has long trumpeted fuel-cell vehicles - those powered by electricity generated using hydrogen and oxygen - also plans to launch its first battery-powered car later this year.
Corporate logos often remain with companies throughout many eras of production.Over time, the meaning of the symbol at its inception gets lost.Some companies give their logos barely-noticeable double meanings to encourage us to look closer at them, increasing brand recognition.Others do it as a tribute to their hometown, to influence us subconsciously, or simply for fun.You may have noticed the hidden features of some logos in the past.It can be a satisfying experience, so we gathered 22 of the most surprising.Dominic Green compiled an earlier version of this report.View As: One PageSlides
Step two: Destroy the infestation at every life stage, from egg to queen.The chemical cocktail you apply to your furry best friend s back uses a double tap—fipronil zaps flea and tick nervous systems, and S-methoprene keeps flea eggs from hatching—bound together with a secret blend of inert chemicals.Almost three decades ago, chemists working for French pharma Rhône Mérieux now known as Merial noticed that its fipronil-based flea killer was lethal for a lot longer than expected.Turns out, fipronil is fat-soluble and accumulates inside the oil glands that animals have on their skin.The poison attacks Jumpy McFlea s nerve cells, binding to receptors meant to receive signals that keep the critter s nerves sort of relaxed.One thing we do know: Without them, Frontline Plus would be less vigorous at vanquishing those tiny vampires.
HTC has made some of the most stunning-looking phones on the market in recent years and the trend continues with the HTC 10.As with any brand new handset, initial prices can be steep if you don't know where to look.Most of these deals include the silver, grey and gold models of the HTC 10.Don't forget to sign up to O2 Priority for lots of freebies and discounts.Using the voucher code EEHTC10, you can get the phone for £5.99 instead of paying £54.99 upfront, and then it's £35.99 per month for unlimited calls and texts and 4GB of double speed EE Extra data.Total cost over 24 months is £766.