US and Japanese warships are keeping a close eye on Chinese navy drills.The deal would be the largest US tech-sector IPO of the year, and a big step toward the market's comeback.5.The man accused of killing nine people in a South Carolina church could face the death penalty.Dylann Roof is accused of killing nine black parishioners in a racially motivated attack at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.8.Grizzlies and polar bears are increasingly mating for an alarming reason.Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico turned violent Tuesday night.
When it comes to desired traits in fitness, raw strength and speed often overshadow mobility, or how well your joints move.Fortunately, it s a process that contributes to strength, and everyone can work on it.Mobility is different from flexibility, and in general, having good range of motion lets you exercise and perform everyday movements like getting off the couch or reaching behind something to plug it in better.Mobility exercises, then, let you actively improve your strength, control of your body, and range of motion all at the same time.This video from Calisthenic Movements explains that if your joints move only in a small range, you are basically limiting the development of strength and muscle from your exercises.To start, check out this awesome one for hip mobility great for runners too!
We are non profit local sports team who mainly fundraise and as for grants for equipment, field usage and the like.often finding majority of people saying"i didn't know anything like this existed in new zealand"About the club.We currently mainly advertise through facebook with paid ads leading up to our season a month in advance, approximately $10/ week We also have a lot of word of mouth, and again facebook, through photos tagging players and hoping that it appears on their friends timelines etc.This was done more of a chance to get in the good books with a bar, this isn't possible now since the bar has changed owners who now no longer want to help us with sponsorship.T shirts, hats, maybe a bag , which people can buy at near cost.We also help out with community events when we can.
"Most companies have a very old-fashioned way of investigating a breach," said Bill Hau, an executive at Mandiant.It is a booming time for the sector.Dwelling data-thievesMandiant and other incident response firms often get called in when techniques based around traditional security tools have failed to find and remove all the loopholes through which hackers have slipped.Patrick Grillo, a senior director at security firm Fortinet, agreed that many firms spent too much time securing the edges of their networks at the expense of looking more closely at what happens internally."What the bad guys want to do is get in undetected and then be able to move laterally through the network until they reach their goal."He urged firms to run their own drills and exercises to help their own security experts familiarise themselves with a company's network and to root out any intruders.
We ve gone hands on with early builds of both games, and have put together our first impressions in a little face off to see who wins.Hunter will only be able to play in a limited number of positions in the mode, all of them attacking, but you ll be able to take part in training drills to improve his skills and attributes to become one of the best players on the team.If Hunter gets sent off during a game, expect to be having a meeting with the manager the next day in which you ll have to explain why you lost your cool.EA has focused on four key areas this year: set pieces, AI, physical interplay and attacking techniques.They now react much better and are capable of making superb double saves, adding to the drama or indeed frustration of a match.Related: Sony E3 2016 press conference newsMuch like FIFA we will also see plenty of new animations to create a more immersive football experience.
Dewalt s current battery technology maxes out at 40-volts and is primarily designed for use in outdoor tools that often rely on gas engines for power—think leaf blowers and weed trimmers.But the new Flexvolt batteries go well beyond those limits.The new batteries are rated at 60-volts, but when connected to smaller tools like a handheld drill, they ll automatically step down to just 20-volts of power and run four times longer than similarly-rated batteries.The Flexvolt system means you can quickly swap batteries in the middle of a project without having to double-check that the fresh one is strong enough to power the tool you re using, or not too strong that it will damage it.But to take advantage of the $150 batteries 60-volt capabilities, in October Dewalt is also introducing five new 60V MAX tools and two new 120V MAX tools including a circular saw, a grinder, a reciprocating saw, drills, and two different miter saws.Just think, your workshop might become completely wireless before your office does.
As a result, clients went to specialty shops, found software solutions or hired boutique agencies that focused on doing one thing well.Four things successful agencies do wellIn the face of daily fire drills, filling talent gaps, employees leaving and trying to scale to meet the needs of their clients, agencies should keep their eyes on doing four things well:Scale teams, expertise and resources efficiently.Google freelancer Go to CraigslistAnd the advertising industry appears to be coming around to the idea.Consider the senior designer making minute design edits.Cons: Intellectual property/Lack of NDAsRarely are things kept confidential on the internet anymore.But understanding what the crowd is capable of executing remains an issue.
Emergency Response Procedures, Emergency Drills and Incident ManagementEnergy management firm Schneider Electric has mapped out emergency response considerations for data centres.The firm warns that data centres must be prepared for exceptional events or emergencies and have plans in place to maintain continuous operation.For example it says that despite best practices being observed during site selection, extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown that facilities may at any time be exposed to risks above and beyond hazards those from which they are normally protected.Emergency Response Procedures include: operational measures to deploy in the event of a crisis that safely isolate faults and restore service; a crisis management plan CMP which is a detailed step-by-step procedure to follow when emergency strikes; and Escalation Procedures, which are documented, prioritised contact lists outlining internal contact requirements for specific situations related to data centre operations.Emergency Drills, which should be developed in advance and scheduled to occur regularly, guide operators through what should be done to counter the top 10 identifiable operational risks.
Come on and slam, and welcome to the mobile jam.Electronic Arts announced today that it has launched NBA Live Mobile for iOS and Android, a free-to-play basketball game.The mobile business is worth $36.9 billion, and traditional publishers like EA are eager to get a piece of that money by leveraging its console and PC brands, including other sports series like Madden.NBA Live Mobile provides a variety of ways to play, including Live Event drills or game scenarios, head-to-head matchups against fans all over the world, and single-player Season mode, EA noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat.As players participate in matches they will earn coins and other rewards that will allow them to further build up a team to beat.The game also features intuitive onscreen controls that allow players to express their skill through taps and swipes, creating an entertaining, engaging, and high-quality mobile basketball experience.With so many ways to play, build a team and challenge the competition, NBA Live Mobile is the perfect way to keep the basketball season going, all year long.
Traditionally, you learn to squat from top to bottom, but as we mentioned in our squat primer, many variables can limit your ability to squat well or to depth.For some, bad flexibility in the upper back, ankles, hips, and calves are to blame, but it s also insufficient practice.These drills help you work on both.Reverse patterning is this idea of learning a movement in reverse.In a squat, the bottom half is where 99 percent of people run into trouble because of poor technique, form, or flexibility.Here these reverse patterning drills can help you groove better-looking and safer form at the bottom of your squat.
Their uniqueness in the retail landscape will be driven home next week as the two chains report second-quarter earnings.Analysts project sales at existing stores will rise 4.8% at Home Depot and 4% at Lowe s, according to data provider FactSet.The retailers that have reported earnings thus far have pointed to slightly improving trends from earlier in the year.But they also have seen their business models upended by the rise of online shopping that reduces the need to visit a store for a sweater or blender.Macy s is responding by closing 100 locations.Executives from the home improvement chains cite a litany of favorable housing trends for their good fortunes.
Many of today s greatest Olympians have been training since they were very young.But how young is too young to start preparing for Olympic glory?According to LaGuardia Cross, that s a ridiculous question.In his hilarious new video, How to Train a Toddler for the Olympics, the dad shows how he s molding his 1-year-old daughter Amalah into a champion.The father-daughter training regimen includes kitchen floor cleaning drills, putting toys away exercises, and nap hurdles.Unsurprisingly, Cross has opted not to inform his toddler that these are not actual Olympic events.
There's only one catch: it s critical that nothing melts until it travels most of the way around the world.Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.Antarctic ice core research at USGS National Ice Core LabshareplaysaveI am a skip button.Go south until you can tIce cores are so magical that glaciologist Richard Alley titled his book about a Greenland core The Two-Mile Time Machine.Obtaining it took two two-month campaigns.We have two of everything that goes down-hole, not only for mechanical or breakdown reasons, but also, should we get the drill stuck and have to start over, we need a backup, Johnson told Ars at the Madison, Wisconsin, shop where these drills come together.
For some reason, be it a lack of a proper wood shop class in schools these days or a desire to use a smartphone over a cordless drill, fewer and fewer people know their way around a set of power tools.Understanding this as a critical flaw, University of California, Berkeley computer sciences Ph.D. candidate Eldon Schoop decided to develop an easy-to-use tool for teaching people the fundamentals of shop classes of old.Dubbed Drill Sergeant, Schoop s innovative new tutoring system is essentially like having a robotic teacher attached directly to whatever tool you are using.Schoop developed Drill Sergeant as a series of sensor-based contraptions one would attach to off-the-shelf tools like power drills, miter saws, or CNC routers.Packed to the gills with various displays and sensors, Drill Sergeant knows exactly how someone is using their specific power tool and offers immediate feedback.For instance, if someone is drilling too far into a piece of wood or plaster, the head-up display will read Pull back drill.
The way we pay is changing dramatically.For example, people are beginning to use their smartphones for every kind of formal and informal transaction — to shop at stores, buy songs online, and even split their rent.At the heart of these changes in how we pay are thousands of companies competing and collaborating to facilitate transactions.To understand why the payments industry has faced so much disruption in such a short time, there's just one key thing to understand: Payments is about transferring information from one party to another, and nearly every stakeholder in the industry benefits when that process runs on digital rails.But payments is also an extremely complex industry that few fully understand.In BI Intelligence's 2016 Payments Ecosystem report, we make it simple, explaining how it works, who the key players are, and where it's headed.In this latest edition of the report, BI Intelligence drills even further into the industry to explain how a broad range of transactions are processed, including prepaid and store cards, as well as revealing which types of companies are in the best and worst position to capitalize on the latest industry trends.Here are some key takeaways from the report: 2016 will be a watershed year for the payments industry.Payments companies are improving security, expanding their mobile offerings, and building commerce capabilities that will give consumers a more compelling reason to make purchases using digital devices.Payments is an extremely complex industry.To understand the next big digital opportunity lies, it's critical to understand how the traditional credit- and debit-processing chain works and what roles acquirers, processors, issuing banks, card networks, independent sales organizations, gateways, and software and hardware providers play.Alternative technologies could disrupt the processing ecosystem.Devices ranging from refrigerators to smartwatches now feature payment capabilities, which will spur changes in consumer payment behaviors.Likewise, blockchain technology, the protocol that underlies Bitcoin, could one day change how consumer card payments are verified.In full, the report: Uncovers the key themes and trends affecting the payments industry in 2016 and beyond.Gives a detailed description of the stakeholders involved in a payment transaction, along with hardware and software providers.Offers diagrams and infographics explaining how card transactions are processed and which players are involved in each step.Provides charts on our latest forecasts, key company growth, survey results, and more.Analyzes the alternative technologies, including blockchain, which could further disrupt the ecosystem.To get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.
Fieldlys founder, Daniel Krusenstråhle th and Sven Paulin tv .the Agreement means that the Finnish Ramirent, which rents out everything from bulldozers to scaffolding and drills, puts Fieldlys project management system in the hands of the 3000 internal users.It is a first step.In the future we will get more users when Ramirents subcontractors to be switched on , " says Daniel Krusenstråhle, ceo of Fieldly NTL .Fieldly has developed a project management system which should facilitate the communication between the byggbolagens office and the employees out on the construction sites.Timecards, material usage and the runs to be reported digitally in an integrated system, rather than with paper and pencil, binders and e-mails.
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council PCI Council has floated a new standard it hopes will reduce credit card fraud that starts at the point of sale, in part by allowing easier upgrades.The new version 5.0 of the PCI PIN Transaction Security PTS Point-of-Interaction POI Modular Security Requirements emerged late last week.The most notable new bits of the proposed standard PDF are:A new control that means point of sale card readers ... must support firmware updates.The device must cryptographically authenticate the firmware and if the authenticity is not confirmed, the firmware update is rejected and deleted.Tamper-proofing requirements so that an attack involving drills, lasers, chemical solvents, opening covers, splitting the casing seams , and using ventilation openings results in devices becoming inoperable and deleting all data;
Every now and then, a scientific discovery comes along that is just so wild that you can't wrap your head around it at first.Electricity, the theory of relativity ... the slinky.Johann Beringer's lying stones in 1725The find: a collection of stones on the outskirts of a Bavarian town, brought to Johann Beringer, the chair of natural history at the University of Würzburg, by a few of his students.There were almost 2,000 stones, some carved with images of "lizards in their skin, birds with beaks and eyes, spiders with their webs, and frogs copulating, the Guardian writes.In fact, he was so sure that he wrote an entire book about it.
Handstands look wicked cool, and if you ve ever wondered how people do them without breaking their neck, this detailed video tutorial explains what you need to know to get started, crucial do s and don t do s, and the exercises that help you work up to your first handstand.It all starts with getting a handle on a few bodyweight exercises that strengthen the muscles required for a good handstand: push-ups, pike push-ups, frogstand, and tuck planche.Every one of these builds the necessary upper body strength and balance for you to eventually hold up your upside down body.In order to get that nice, straight line, you have to work on your mobility, such as in your wrists, shoulders, and upper back thoracic spine .Some drills that help with those include a modified child s pose in the video around the 4-minute mark.At around the 5-minute mark, Jackmonx shows you specific exercises to develop your core, back, and hip strength, along with drills to improve shoulder mobility and showing you how to start with wall-assisted handstands, gradually progress to tucked handstands, and then finally to a full handstand.
The bee species Anthophora pueblo excavate their nests in hard sandstone, such as here in Utah's San Rafael Swell.A newly discovered species of bee does things the hard way, gnawing its nests out of solid rock even when softer dirt is available.This hard work appears to pay off, however, by providing the bees greater protection from the vagaries of life in the desert Southwest.Though the bees seem to be solitary nesters, they build these rocky alcoves next to one another, like insect apartment-dwellers."The bee is very unusual," study researcher Michael Orr, a doctoral student in biology at Utah State University, told Live Science.See Images of the Sandstone Bee Nests