Newark Venture Partners announced today that it closed a $23 million investment fund, part of a $50 million intended fund, to finance seed and series A-stage tech startups.The CEO of Amazon subsidiary Audible, Don Katz, founded Newark Venture Partners with backing from Audible, Dun & Bradstreet, Prudential Financial, and angel investors.The recently launched venture firm also announced that it will start accepting applications for its accelerator program, which will be homed in 25,000 square feet of state-of-the-art coworking space in Newark, New Jersey.Newark Venture Partners Labs, as the program is called, will be working with New York tech entrepreneurs, as well as people from all over the globe, starting September 2016.NVP will funnel $80,000 into each participating company, and award alumnus that complete a qualified financing with up to $1 million in follow-on investment.
It s really how we executed our strategy, says Dave, With the modernization of the brand, we really focused on our purpose and values and obviously, our entire go-to-market strategy, which was oriented towards personas.Dave says what the brand needed to do – from a marketing technology and strategic perspective – was to scale its pipeline and leads against those personas.Marketing technology investments without the supporting people and process investments will drive negative ROI.Rishi Dave: Sure, my focus as CMO is running global marketing here at Dun and Bradstreet.Secondly, I have an organization that s focused on demand generation.It was a great challenge to work with all those groups, understand what kind of experience they want to architect for their customer type, vertical department, etc., and then how to make that come alive on the web, leveraging technology so that we don t serve up a big, multi-million dollar enterprise message to a small business for example.
From Marketing Land:5 essential skills that great link builders knowMay 25, 2016 by Julie JoyceThink that building links is all a good link builder needs to do?Competitive threats to Google, and what they mean for youMay 25, 2016 by Eric EngeIf the majority of your digital marketing is aimed at boosting your rankings on Google search results, contributor Eric Enge contends you might want to rethink your priorities.Why you should be looking at Facebook s Audience NetworkMay 25, 2016 by Andrew WaberIf you haven t started using Facebook s in-app advertising network, it might be time to hop on board.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsDoes Data Analytics Help Deliver Superior Customer Experiences?, www.emarketer.comGet Ready for Predictive Content Analytics, www.cmswire.comBlogs & BloggingBusiness IssuesApple Opening Siri, Developing Echo Rival, www.theinformation.comDoes Google Really Think It Doesn t Have to Pay Taxes in Europe?, www.thedailybeast.comEurope Seeks Greater Control Over Digital Services, New York TimesMicrosoft is laying off 1,850 to streamline its smartphone business, takes $950M charge, techcrunch.comUber taps Foursquare s Places data so you never have to type an address again, techcrunch.comYahoo Participates in Capitol Hill Encryption Panel, yahoopolicy.tumblr.comContent Marketing4 Content Trends Every Marketer Should Be Following, contently.com4 Reasons to Publish Your Content Marketing Piece Today, www.verticalmeasures.com5 Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close Deals, contentmarketinginstitute.comDebate over short-form vs. long-form content irrelevant, www.mobilecommercedaily.comDos and Don ts for Repurposing Content Across Channels, movableink.comEliminating Your B2B Content Marketing Headache, www.97thfloor.comHow to Calm Your Content Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps, www.copyblogger.comHow To Monetize Relevant And Engaging Content?Reward Creators, adexchanger.comConversion OptimizationCopywriting, Design & UsabilityDisplay & Contextual AdvertisingThe 7 Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness, www.jeffbullas.comDomaining1,000th new gTLD goes live, domainincite.comE-CommerceAlibaba Faces U.S. Accounting Inquiry, www.nytimes.comHow to Deal with Negative Customer Feedback for your eCommerce Business, vwo.comMega-menu design trends in ecommerce: 2014 vs 2016, econsultancy.comReport: E-commerce growth driving rush for warehouse space, www.retaildive.comEmail MarketingHow to Ask for Email Addresses A Simple Script that Works Anywhere!, blogs.constantcontact.comThe Ultimate Guide to Email Design Best Practices for Marketers, www.convinceandconvert.comThree Things Email Marketers Should Do to Stay Competitive, www.marketingprofs.comGeneral Internet MarketingCustomer service is the new marketing, myemma.comFour Traits of a Successful CMO, adage.comHow the Availability of New Data Is Changing the Way We Do Influencer Marketing, www.convinceandconvert.comMarTechMobile/Local MarketingReputation ManagementCustomFive Effective Ways to Build a Strong Online Reputation, www.marketingprofs.comSocial Media3 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Snapchat, www.socialmediaexaminer.comFacebook Faces More Potential Privacy-Related Legal Issues in EU, www.adweek.comFacebook Shuttering Ad Exchange FBX, adage.comHow online retailers can price for profit in the age of data, www.internetretailer.comInstagram Partner Program Adds Media Buying Specialty, www.adweek.comTwitter open-sources Heron, its real-time stream-processing engine, venturebeat.comWhat Our Data Revealed for Brands on Facebook vs Instagram, www.newswhip.comYou Will Be Immediately Impacted by Twitterâï¿ ï¿ s Revamped 140-Character Limit, Some images used under license from
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:In time for summer, Informatica opens its Marketing Data LakeMay 25, 2016 by Barry LevineThe company says this is the first such marketing-focused data repository, which accepts all data, organizes it on the way out, and enables fast integration.Study: smartphone location only accurate to within 93 feetMay 25, 2016 by Greg SterlingThe report says data reflect bottom line for mobile location accuracy across the industry.A CMO s View: How Dun & Bradstreet used MarTech to modernize its brandMay 25, 2016 by Amy GesenhuesCMO Rishi Dave shares how his team leveraged marketing technology to completely overhaul its go-to-market strategy.Apple building Amazon Echo competitor, will open Siri to third-party apps — Report May 25, 2016 by Greg SterlingThe virtual assistant revolution is ushering in the next era of search.From Around The Web:Does Data Analytics Help Deliver Superior Customer Experiences?, www.emarketer.comGet Ready for Predictive Content Analytics, www.cmswire.comApple Opening Siri, Developing Echo Rival, www.theinformation.comYahoo Participates in Capitol Hill Encryption Panel, yahoopolicy.tumblr.comBeware the Siren Song of Marketing Automation, adage.comBuilding Blocks: Michele Dambach, Digital Marketing Manager at MedReps Talks Marketing Tech, www.martechadvisor.comTools, Technology Are Musts to Advance B2B Account-Based Marketing, www.emarketer.comGoogle Steps Up Pressure on Partners Tardy in Updating Android, BloombergMenus, sharing, and dynamic CSS classes in AMP, amphtml.wordpress.comWhy bots won t replace apps anytime soon, venturebeat.comTwitter open-sources Heron, its real-time stream-processing engine, venturebeat.comAbout The Author
Mark Zuckerberg, aka King of Social Media, got a little digital egg on his face this weekend as word spread that the Facebook CEO s Twitter and Pinterest accounts had been hacked into.Who dun the whodunit?A Saudi Arabian hacker squad dubbed OurMine took responsibility for breaking into Zuck s personal archive of tweets and photos, although a report in Hacker News pointed out that the CEO has not been incredibly active in many of these social-media accounts.Mr. Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the account since 2012, said the note.It quickly became clear how OurMine did the deed.The AP reported that the hackers went on Twitter themselves to say that they d found Zuckerberg s personal account information in a recent data breach at LinkedIn from which they took his SHA1-hashed password string and then broke it and tried on several social media accounts.As Ethan Baron wrote in May, the professional networking site warned that problems from a theft in 2012 had not gone away.Personal data of more than 100 million LinkedIn users may have been taken.From Hacker News:Ouch!But the best kicker of all was Zuck s password:  dadada.
Investors are thrilled at the hefty boost in the stock price, while salespeople dream of connecting their Outlook and LinkedIn accounts to make their jobs easier.Amid all the conversation, there s one thing that email marketers, particularly those on the B2B side, need to think about: With this purchase, Microsoft just became one of the largest data houses, joining ranks with Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet, and Experian, but with a twist.Microsoft is also a data house with inbox statistics on activity through its Outlook email application.This raises many questions about privacy, data management, and how comfortable end users of both Microsoft products and LinkedIn are with the company knowing so much about them.Although the acquisition has advantages for everyone, the bigger issue is that we now have one company with active access to individual usage on both the B2B and consumer sides.Data accuracy has always been challenging for B2B marketers because people job-hop so often.Am I emailing the right person?B2C data, on the other hand, is rich because of a constant influx of updated and accurate data through publicly available sources, such as home address or presence of children in the home.The LinkedIn acquisition gives Microsoft highly accurate data available daily about users connected to LinkedIn and can identify Microsoft users and their daily active usage.LinkedIn isn t a perfect source of business intelligence – it still relies on people to self-report their resumes and accomplishments, with no checks for accuracy or timeliness.The Microsoft acquisition should make that issue bubble up to the top as we talk about what data protections the B2B population has or expects.Will the company be able to pinpoint the person who s a senior vice president at XYZ Co. and also enjoys skiing and rafting in Colorado?He is currently serving as the Chair of the Email Experience Council email arm of the Direct Marketing Association Member Steering Board and is a member of the ESPC.
Online streaming is bigger than ever, and with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week, it can be nearly impossible to sort through the good and the bad.If you need something to watch and don t want to wade through the digital muck that washes up on the internet s shores, follow our picks below for the best new shows and movies worth a watch.Like Rosenfeldt s previous work, Marcella follows a troubled detective, Marcella Backland Anna Friel , who comes out of retirement to hunt a serial killer she had investigated years before.The plot is muddled even further by Marcella s psychological problems; prone to blacking out and occasionally waking up covered in blood, Marcella s own actions can be as much a mystery as the killer s.The action movie market is so strangled by media empires like Marvel and Star Wars these days, it s hard to remember a time when movies like Big Trouble in Little China could get the green light.Directed by John Carpenter Halloween, Escape From New York , Big Trouble follows truck driver Jack Burton Kurt Russell and his friend Wang Chi Dennis Dun as they try to rescue Wang Chi s sister from a Chinese street gang.
B2B marketing lists need to be tested for contact-level accuracy, one analyst warnsIt's difficult enough for marketers to stay on top of the latest data about consumers, but reaching the right people in the B2B world presents a whole host of new challenges.On Friday, Oracle unveiled what it calls the largest marketplace of audience data targeted specifically at brands that sell to other businesses using programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing techniques.Factored into that mix are proprietary insights from Oracle BlueKai, Datalogix, and AddThis as well as data from Oracle partners Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, FullContact, Gravy Analytics, HG Data, Infogroup, PlaceIQ, and TransUnion.The data derives mostly from the U.S., but some international B2B segments are available, Oracle said."B2B marketers can now take advantage of more than 700 enhanced Oracle B2B audience segments, as well as a robust B2B audience marketplace boasting more than 4,000 pre-built audiences from partners," Oracle said.
Oracle has beefed up its data chops with the launch of what it describes as the largest B2B audience data marketplace.Part of the company s Data Cloud, it offers access to over 400 million business user profiles that are sliced into more than 4000 pre-built audience segments, plus a million U.S. companies with addressable decision makers for account-based marketing.Account-oriented segments can be based on such criteria as specific enterprise purchases, and individuals can be targeted by parameters like job functions or named industry events they ve attended.The data comes from Oracle-owned BlueKai, Datalogix, and AddThis, as well as from such B2B data partners as Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, FullContact, Gravy Analytics, HG Data, Infogroup, Place IQ, and TransUnion.In addition, predictive analytics are supplied by Leadspace.The key differentiator, Oracle noted, is the access to such a large amount of B2B data in one place, with pre-built segments and tools to be build others.
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.Oracle launches largest B2B audience data marketplace Aug 17, 2016 by Barry LevineThe new Data Cloud resource provides data from Oracle-owned BlueKai, Datalogix, and AddThis, as well as leading providers like Bombora and Dun & Bradstreet.Predictive scorer Infer unveils first account-based behavior scoring Aug 17, 2016 by Barry Levine
Recently retired Lakers icon Kobe Bryant has announced he is starting a $100 million investment fund that has a solid tech focus, according to ESPN.The fund is already active and is getting guidance from Dun and Bradstreet vice chairman Jeff Stibel, who was also the president of for a while.Stibel is also involved with BrainGate, a tech company that makes cybernetic brain implants that helps the disabled control movement.The Wall Street Journal says the fund has already invested in over a dozen companies, many of them tech-related, and Kobe isn t the first NBA player to go on a financial adventure.Magic, David Robinson and Carmelo Anthony also started investment projects, with varying degrees of success.Unfortunately, the fund isn t open for just anyone to jump on board, but we ll keep an eye on how it does going forward.
Content Marketing continues to drive marketing strategy for many companies and yet most companies doen t document that strategy and continue to be challenged in created a variety of compelling content on a consistent basis.Smart, creative and results-focused advice on content marketing that actually works is in high demand and I m happy to say that over the past few years we ve published just under 500 content marketing articles on topics ranging from strategy to measuring ROI.There s a lot of insight in those interviews and below is a list of the 10 of the most popular, featuring conversations with brands that include: MarketingProfs, Visa, Facebook, Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn, 3M, Bank of America, Xerox, and Dun & Bradstreet.And for us as marketers, good writing is good marketing In business and in life, writing is an essential part of communications – no matter how digital, virtual and science fiction we get in our communications.Use existing staffers and resources and get to an always-on strategy that puts customers needs first as fast as you can.
CD Projekt Red is releasing a new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt alongside the RPG's Game of the Year/Complete EditionCD Projekt Red is releasing a brand new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, alongside the open-world action RPG's Game of the Year Edition that launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC.The Witcher 3's update 1.30 will address a wide range of technical problems, quest bugs, gameplay glitches and visual issues, according to its changelog.Some of the issues addressed in the update include a fix for Geralt's horse Roach's vanishing tail, one for the glitch that made two NPCs from the 'Without a Trace' quest impossible to defeat and tweaks to the loot randomisation system.The oil descriptions of the swords will be removed while the Adrenaline Rush buff value during the fight against a group of bandits in the "Capture the Castle" quest will be corrected.The patch also notes that Dwarf banker Vimme Vivaldi is "now sporting a new look" which the Rabid Rock Trolls near the Dun Tynne crossroads will be "slightly less rabid".
I first meet Josh Mueller when he was at Director of Digital Marketing at Dell and I was presenting an integrated approach to search, social and content marketing.Fast forward to today and Josh is Senior Vice President Global Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet.He always seems to be two steps ahead, is results-focused and a genuinely nice human being.In this interview, Josh talks about everything from career advice for fast-tracking digital marketing executives to the impressive digital marketing initiatives he s led at Dun & Bradstreet.What best prepared you for that journey and what advice do you have for talented, aspiring marketing executives with eyes on a similar prize?Looking back, I m not sure if I was ever fully prepared, but my journey thus far certainly would not have been possible without focusing on a couple of fundamental things from the beginning.
Yardley Ip is the General Manager of Trulia Rentals at Zillow Group where she oversees product management and marketing for the rentals business.She is on the founding team of Women in Product, a new nonprofit organization focused on connecting women product managers throughout the tech industry.Yardley is also a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post where she blogs about work-life balance and how to succeed in the workplace.A Silicon Valley veteran, Yardley began her career as an Engineer at Apple before changing career paths to focus on product management at companies such as eBay, Yahoo, and Dun & Bradstreet.She has served on the regional board of the Canadian Cancer Society and she is an informal advisor to several startups.Born in Hong Kong and fluent in Chinese, Yardley graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and she earned her MBA from the University of Chicago.
Dun & Bradstreet is making its business data more readily available, with its announcement this week that it is acquiring sales and marketing data provider Avention for $150 million.Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Avention is best known for its OneSource line of data products that offer info on businesses, contacts, and markets for sales people and marketers.Of course, Dun & Bradstreet is also known for its massive supply of business data, providing what CMO Rishi Dave told me is the world s largest commercial database.So why would Dun & Bradstreet want to buy Avention?Because, Dave said, his company wanted to figure out how to best surface its data in realtime so it s usable.Search Engine Land's SMX West is returning to San Jose in 2017!
Gamers desperate to play on their new Nintendo Switches this weekend may have to wait a bit longer, with many reporting their preorders have been delayed.The device was due to be shipped today (March 3) priced at $299.99, £279.99 and ¥29,980.However, Twitter and internet forums are replete with disappointed thumb-twitchers complaining they will not be able to experience the much-anticipated new Zelda tomorrow after a week at the grindstone.One reader got in touch to report they ordered the device one-month ago, with an order delivery notice informing him it will not arrive until five days after release date."I noticed earlier tonight that I got an email saying my system and pro controller were delayed to a delivery date of Monday," said one customer in a forum.'They were both listed as "shipped awaiting ups pickup" since noon.
Details of more than 33 million US employees - including military staff - have been released online, according to a security researcher.The database is reported to contain information on 100,000 US Department of Defense employees, among others.Troy Hunt, who published news of the leak, said the information had "enormous" potential for scammers.Business services firm Dun & Bradstreet confirmed to tech news site ZDNet that it owns the data.Information on government departments and private sector employees is commonly collated by business services that sell the data to other companies, such as marketing firms.In this case, the records - including names, job titles and contact details - were originally compiled by NetProspex, which was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in 2015.
Researchers have discovered yet another massive cache of private data that was exposed online.This particular database was a whopping 52.2 gigabytes in size, and it included contact information and organizational structures of thousands of U.S. businesses and agencies.Troy Hunt, the security researcher who I spoke with about the CloudPets data leak recently, was provided a copy of the database by a trusted source.Hunt immediately noticed something different about this data.Everything was meticulously formatted, and the data was consistent throughout.It's the kind of data that marketers will pay top dollar for, and companies like Dun and Bradstreet work on tirelessly keeping it up-to-date.
Announces product integrations and new language for exchanging customer dataAdobe and Microsoft have announced new product integrations along with the XDM (Experience Data Model) language for interchanging behavioural and marketing data between platforms.A new piece announced at the Adobe Summit under way in Las Vegas is that Adobe Campaign – which manages cross-channel campaigns across web, mobile, email and print – is integrated with Dynamics 365.In addition, Adobe Analytics integrates with Microsoft Power BI, for visualisation of how different marketing efforts contribute to the sales pipeline, and Adobe Experience Manager, for managing web content, can be hosted on Microsoft Azure.Of most interest, though, is a new co-developed language for describing consumer attributes and behaviour.XDM is designed to enable easy interchange of customer profile data between applications, and has the support of MasterCard, AppDynamics, Qualtrics, Dun & Bradstreet and Zendesk.