Real Desert Man Camel Safari provides you theBest Desert Camping & Camel Safari Tour package at the popular Sam Sand Dunes and Khuris in Jaisalmer.
Camp in Jaisalmerhr-white-threeWe at The Golden Camp are the abode of true Rajasthani culture and hospitality.We believe in serving our guests with warmth and love.We ensure that our guests see and experience the true vibrant colors and warm hospitality of Jaisalmer and also Pre Wedding in Jaisalmer.Our emphasis is on taking complete care of various requirements of the travelers from all over India and the world who visit our Desert Camps in Jaisalmer.Working since 2003, The Golden Camp spreads a sense of imperial beauty with our majestic comfort.Experience the supreme lifetime of the Kings of Jaisalmer being just 10 minutes away from the sand dunes.Visit our desert camping resort and check your bucket list, going on adventure sports.
The uncountable sand dunes of Jaisalmer get geometrically coated with golden hues in the sunset, which makes it the perfect picturesque location.Jaisalmer Desert Camp has a touch of royal Rajasthani culture, exuding a feeling of Rajputana heritage in its premises.Jaisalmer Desert Camp is a getaway for people looking for an exciting desert camp adventure.Marvin Jaisalmer has a number of beautifully decorated traditionally furnished tents that are surrounded by small huts.The huts have both private and shared rooms available.It offers the guests a uniquely designed luxury temporary accommodation with Luxury Cottage Tents in Jaisalmer and houses a team of dedicated individuals with a flair for fine service.In fact, it is one of those places where the experience is everything; the beautiful sunshine, the sound of the wind, the spectacular view of beautiful sand dunes, evocative food, and an idyllic location - all combine to create a memorable visitor experience that will leave the guests wanting to come back again and again.Marvin Jaisalmer Desert Camp is the best place to meet the charming and exuberant desert dwellers of Rajasthan.
Admire the beauty of sunsets, sand dunes, and palaces in this tiny city.With its golden sand and lofty houses, Jaisalmer stands out in the Thar Desert like a sparkling gemstone.From here, you can go on camel rides through the desert to visit sand dunes, neighboring forts, and rural villages.If you are planning to have one of the awesome and adventurous trips of your life, there are many things to look forward to, the enthralling beauty of the desert land is among them.If you are opting for Standard Rooms in Jaisalmer, then Marvin Jaisalmer is the best option.Camel safari is among one of the most well-known events in Jaisalmer.Camel Safari in Jaisalmer is famous for its serene landscapes and mild local weather.Be it camel safari or any other tour, a visitor is bound to discover an ideal adventure that may suit his or her timeframe and funds Within the region.
The splendid Jaisalmer Fort stands proudly on its land and narrates the stories of the valor and chivalry of the Rajput rulers.Jaisalmer still retains its medieval charm, which is evident in its colorful narrow streets, splendid forts and palaces of Rajasthan, opulent havelis and bazaars.During the festival in Jaisalmer, the city displays the wealth of its culture and traditions to the rest of the world.Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer is one of the most sought spot for camping, Camel Desert Safari and many other tourism elements.Jaisalmer from its one end touches a never-ending stretch of Golden Sand Dunes and just the love for the Thar Desert has raised a Real Desert Man Safari Camp.Serving the customers with the very idea of exploring the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer since ages, Real Desert Man Safari Camp is a renowned name in tour and travel industry where the travel plans are solely based on the idea of spreading the rich heritage and culture of Jaisalmer.
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The unbelievably lovely boundary city of Jaisalmer on the western finish of Rajasthan is a previous middle age exchanging focus.Is it accurate to say that you are pondering then what makes individuals rush here?Jaisalmer joins the most awesome aspect of nature with a striking social encounter that makes it a special travel objective, in India as well as on the planet.On the off chance that you like history, The remnants of Kuldhara, Jaisalmer War Museum, and Baa Ri Haveli Cultural-historical center are something you shouldn't miss.Peruse on to find out about the desert safari in Jaisalmer.Jaisalmer charms traverse the world.These sandhills are for sure a traveler's focal point for camel safaris and jeep visits.
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If you have been to Dubai before, chances are you must have heard of this traditional desert.The never-ending sand dunes, a wonderful sunset and sunrise view, adventurous activities, a camp in the middle of the dunes, and some local artists are a few things the tourists get to enjoy in the desert.Despite being a traditional desert, the Dubai desert safari offers some modern activities, such as a hot air balloon ride and quad biking.Adventure desert safari trip is for those who want an adrenaline-pumping experience in the vast sand dunes.It gets even better when you get to spend a night at the camp with a bunch of tourists and locals.It is your best chance to savor some Arabian cuisines.Get Picked up by the SUVYour safari desert journey begins with the SUV ride.The journey gets exciting when the SUV reaches the outskirts of the desert.It takes quite a few turns, giving you a wonderful dune bashing experience.You could also watch the other cars on the rear camera.
Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camps is the best & affordable desert camping. This camping will include hygienic food 24/7 local services, Rajasthan Desert Safari Booking.
Dubai sand is clean, fresh, and consists of crushed shells and corals.Dubai deserts will give you unforgettable memories to cherish forever.The beauty and serenity of the desert are enjoyed most when it's empty.The weather remains so pleasant that it makes it a perfect time for you to luxuriate in adventures like sand boarding, quad biking, camel riding, etc.Don't forget to discover the Arabic dunes on a four-wheeler cruiser.You can also enjoy a delicious breakfast, including several delicacies from Dubai.
But, what’s the point if you stay in the same brick and mortar hotel rooms?You can find out anything that is different in one or more ways like Swiss Tents in Jaisalmer.But, finding such a unique and comfortable place while having several tourist attractions nearby can be difficult.Writing about all the activities, the tourist places, the local cuisines, the culture and everything else will take another 2-3 blogs, if not more.But, we can tell you with surety that many people come back to Jaisalmer to experience the same peace and awe.It houses so much variety and a World Heritage Site after all!Swiss Tents in JaisalmerNow let’s talk about the attractive and luxury Swiss tents or desert camps in Sam Sand Dunes (Jaisalmer).These are way better and royal-like, with all the modern amenities and the basic facilities.
Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camp is the best & affordable desert camping.This camping will include hygienic food 24/7 local services.
CAMEL SAFARI "Exceptional EXPERIENCE OF THAR DESERT" With SAM SAND DUNES CAMEL SAFARIThe Great Indian Desert of Royal Camel Safari In Rajasthan can be investigated utilizing camels which is the incredible and energizing experience one ought to have in a lifetime.The uncommon social exhibitions on the sand hills, the camps set up for the voyagers, the customary Rajasthani dinners and the beautiful villas with benevolent people, all together make Camel Safaris one of the unique experience visits in India and Click more.'Dawn/Sunset' Camel SafariIt is your decision whether you wish to go on this safari at one or the other morning or night.To begin with, we get you straightforwardly from the lodging you are remaining at.After roughly three hours of seeing the wonderful territory, around sam you are then dropped back securely to your inn with heaps of photographs to show loved ones.(served tea espresso and roll too)GENERAL RIDING INSTRUCTIONSThe camel is a stunning and manageable creature, be that as it may, certain consideration should be taken and guidelines saw to make your ride as agreeable and protected as could reasonably be expected.
If you don’t want to go too far away from Jaisalmer city then these sand dunes are the perfect place for you.You will not only enjoy the vibes of the desert but also stay close to the city lights.However, you cannot enjoy all kinds of Desert Camp in Jaisalmer here because of   its small size, thus the only kind of adventure you can have is the Camel Safari.What is the cost for desert safari in Jaisalmer?The price of Jaisalmer Desert safari ranges from INR 500 to INR 4000 depending upon the time duration and the type of safari you are choosing for.For a single person, a 30 minute long camel safari might cost you around INR 500 while a similar safari in a jeep will be priced at INR 800 for the same.However, if you book it through online, you can enjoy various price drops and coupons on the final amount.
The Desert Safari in Jaisalmer is  the home for various kinds of beautiful areas which offers a perfect place to everyone where they can enjoy a thrilling session of desert safari.One of such beautiful location is the Sand Dunes of Khuri.It is Situated at a distance of 50 KM from the south western part of Jaisalmer.Khuri Sand Dunes are  basically famous for being less populated and it offers the crowd free tours and adventures to the people.Attracting the tourists from all over the world, these sand dunes are famous as this is the second best Jaisalmer Desert safari.From dune travelling to riding a camel, here you can indulge your self on various thrilling adventures.In addition to such activities.Khuri Sand Dunes are also a home to various resorts where you can book your tents and enjoy the all natural and scenic stay.
However, it is an Arabian adventure you will not find anywhere else at this affordable rate.This is a perfect getaway from the scampering of the most revolutionized city of UAE and to have some calm yet exciting adventure of evening desert safari with BBQ dinner (Veg and Non-Veg).Dubai desert safari is a superlative attraction in the arabian desert.the tour has something for everyone, such as red dunes safari ride, camel ride, sand-boarding, Jet Ski Dubai, live shows, henna art, and desert well, live belly dance, classic tanura, led tanura, & fire dance.follow by a flavorsome barbecue buffet dinner.our desert safari deals has perfect includes for sole, family, and couples.Evening Desert Safari has a huge preference amongst the travelers and tourists and it won’t be wrong to say that this Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is comparatively the best offer amongst the other desert safari Dubai.
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A beautiful heritage-style hotel, surrounded by sand dunes, Sanchal Fort is far from the city's hustle and bustle.A tale now lost in the wraps of time seems to have staged each sight of the fort.The imposing structure, high fresco painted ceilings, magnificent arches, pavilions of intricately carved pillars, and the stunning domes of the fort all recreated the elegance of the past period, faithfully retaining the rich architecture of Rajput.  
Barmer : For Weekend Tour Destination In RajasthanBarmer, Rajasthan's boarder district is crawled around with soft, golden sand dunes.Once considered to be the most backward region in the state, the drowsy and dusty town of Barmer is today unquestionably on a faith of enormous growth & growth discovered oil fields & this got Barmer on the global map.To enjoy unforgettable sunsets, the Thar Desert HOTELS invites you to enter the immensity of silence on the back of a camel.The Sachiya Mata temple is known for its sensual sculptures of the Jain heritage in Osiyan, a city in the middle of the desert.The hospitality of Sanchal Fort is recreated by history and derives its name from the very blessing Sodha received from his Sati sister Sanchiya Devi, "Sanchal Fort."Sanchal Fort is one of the luxury hotels in Barmer Rajasthan.We believe that we are not just a hotel, but represent a unique way of life, carefully preserving the traditions of our past but framing them in a modern idiom.Sanchal Fort is one of the luxury hotels in Barmer Rajasthan.