Samsung said that it created the Galaxy S20 FE, short for Fan Edition, to give Galaxy fans the smartphone they want. In its mind, those fans wanted near-flagship specs, a decent camera, and an accessible price tag. To some extent, Samsung was actually able to deliver those, much to the chagrin of owners of the Galaxy S20 base model. That … Continue reading
Compared to its Find line of smartphones, OPPO’s Reno leads its mid-range family. While the performance of mid-tier devices has been catching up to high-end premium phones, especially in the 5G department, their photography performance still leaves a lot to be desired. Once in a while, a mid-range smartphone does rise among the ranks and, depending on your needs, OPPO’s … Continue reading
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Vivo has definitely been rising in the global smartphone market, in no small part thanks to some of its rather bold new features. The Vivo X50 Pro, for example, brought the world’s first phone camera gimbal system and, despite the lukewarm reception, is returning this month to a slightly smaller degree. That said, the Vivo X60’s claim to fame won’t … Continue reading
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The future of Huawei’s smartphones may still be uncertain, but one thing does remain certain. Huawei’s top flagships still get top scores in mobile photography, at least as far as DxOMark’s criteria are concerned. So it isn’t much of a surprise that the Mate 40 Pro+ bags the highest score in the site’s benchmark rankings. That said, it’s not a … Continue reading
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Huawei just recently announced its Mate 40 series and, perhaps to no one’s surprise, it was already rated with high scores on DxOMark’s photography and new display benchmarks. While its new flagships may be able to keep the company afloat for a while, there is still a lot of doubt whether it can survive for long if it can’t get … Continue reading
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Huawei has finally unveiled its last high-end smartphone of the year and it was pretty much as what leaks have said it would. Nothing was really left to be surprised about, including what is expected to be the constant highlight of Huawei’s flagships. As usual, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro was able to bag DxOMark’s top spots, both in regular … Continue reading
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Of course, the smartphone’s major highlight is the camera module, which has gained the number one spot in DXOMARK ranking by scoring a whopping 130 points.Only a few months ago, Xiaomi released another device, the Mi 10 Pro, to kick off their 10th anniversary.So let’s find out what’s changed in the recently launched flagship.The four-camera setup includes a 48-megapixel primary sensor with an f1.85 aperture having optical image stabilization, two telephoto cameras, and an ultra-wide camera.Video can be shot at 8k and 4k, and it’s all powered by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset.Compared with the pro, there are some important differences in the hardware.Xiaomi has also made improvements to the ultra-wide camera by offering an optical photo length of 12 millimeters that, even after distortion, the correction was still measured at 12.5 millimeters, the widest field of view we’ve seen.It comes with a 6’7 inch OLED display which does not have any notch or punch hole, Xiaomi has decided to go with a pop-up camera module instead.Yes, you read it right, 120x.
The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra was earlier described to shock the world and, in at least one aspect, it may have done just that with a bit of a pun. It didn’t, however, meet at least one rumored feature that would have really set it apart from the rest of the smartphone brood. Despite the absence of an under-display selfie … Continue reading
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LG has never really been known for its mobile photography experience, even though it was one of the first to give the market a wide-angle camera. It has mostly tried to play to its strengths, particularly in the audio department, but it knows it couldn’t afford to ignore cameras for long. With the V60 ThinQ 5G, it set a higher … Continue reading