On 71st Constitution Day, we take a look at the manner in which the Narendra Modi government has demonstrated its commitment to the values and principles inherited from the founding fathers of India in the form of the Indian Constitution.
He elaborated that, while he takes a few minutes to deliberate on the national security issue, which he considers very important for the nation, the greater part of his speech does include developmental issues.Whose claim is correct here?Although national security and surgical strikes etc., indeed found the top mention in his speech, he also went on to give the specific accounts of his development works.7 cr+ women: free cylinder under UjjwalaToilets to 10 crore families ensuring dignity to women1.5 cr+ poor got affordable pucca houses
Even as the dust has barely settled down post-Indian airstrikes on terror in PoK and Pakistan, the Union Cabinet held its meeting yesterday and took a number of key decisions, security as well as non-security, signifying the government’s resolve not to get distracted by the prevailing security issues.This is a clear signal to the country and the world at large that despite the ongoing security issues artificially created by Pakistan on the borders, the administrative machinery is up and running in the usual mode and governance can’t be derailed under any circumstances.The government has also asserted its natural sovereignty on the borders clearly telling the neighbouring country that unlike earlier governments, India is in no mood to tolerate any misadventure on its borders.By extending the EWS reservation to the state, the government has shown its concern for the economically struggling sections of the state irrespective of caste or religion, while also establishing its secular and non-partisan credentials.Significantly, it had been hanging for 24 long years.Through these measures, the government has earnestly endeavoured to extend the same benefits that rest of the country enjoys.