English at the university of Exeter, working physicists Katy Sheen claims twinkle in his eye to have solved the Santa claus riddle of relativity.He told me he wrote seven years old, Santa claus letter, which the wondering why Santa's age at all.the Young Sheen got the answer that it is magic.however, This does not fully satisfy the physicist began, but now 26 years later, he told me that he got rational solution for the trail.the theory of Relativity to help you understand as well as ancient Santa claus aging stops that Santa's ability to deliver the presents to all the world for christmas to those children in just one evening and during the night.Sheen, according to the Santa and his reindeer got to about 10 million miles an hour to get to take a gift for all the world's approximately 700 million christmas party for children.
5 Little-known Shopper Segments that Boost Email Marketing is a free, 30-minute webinar.The sponsor is Klaviyo, a innovative marketing platform to accelerate ecommerce email and Facebook campaigns.The live webinar will occur on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 11 a.m. Pacific.Targeted Email Produces Highest ReturnsPersonalized, segmented emails produce the highest returns.Common segments include geography, gender, and pricing preferences.
the Swedish people's party president Anna-Maja Henriksson, according to the sote-reform is causing a strange situation of their municipalities, who have taken care of their mission and their finances so well, that have managed to keep the municipal tax rate to low, write the New English.the Sote-reform may well stay half way, estimates Henriksson New Finnish municipal election in an interview.He was astonished, why the basic in the Finnish social affairs and health minister have nothing to say about the social and health sector reform."Who was last heard of when some basic Finnish minister had said something important to the social and health care reform."This is now the industry's largest reform, and it is a little amazing that it only the minister of social affairs and ministry of health, which is this issue of opinions on this issue seems to be a basic service of the minister."the Sote-reform is taking the municipality except a significant portion of the obligations is also significant money in the pot.
Earpiece Pilot allegedly cope just that. To get the story flowing, everyone is talking simply English. Now, however, there is a babel fish-inspired product that claims to be able to bridge the language barriers. Read also: Google translates the text into any app - directly in the app By inserting a small device in your ear, they can be involved in a call to get the other participants' speeches translated into their own languages. The price tag is said to land at $ 299 for an earpiece. The company is now on the way out of crowdfundingsajten Indiegogo in order to get together the capital needed for the plans to become reality.
Chaired by President President Park Guen-Hye, the meeting will focus on proposed changes to current laws that will allow pilot programs for drones and driverless cars.Limitations on the exportation of map data created by the South Korean government to other countries means that Google Maps currently lacks many of the functions—such as 3D maps, driving and walking directions, and indoor maps—available to users elsewhere.South Korea approves map data exports only if certain satellite images are edited or obscured for example, blurring army bases or disguising them as forests , even though they are visible for users of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and similar services in other places.Ironically, the Google says the restrictions mean that Google Maps actually has more features in North Korea, including driving directions, than in South Korea.The South Korean government promised to make English-language digital maps available for companies in 2013, but Google said at the time that the new data did not have enough information to ensure that it can provide accurate directions.According to Joongang Daily link via Google Translate , the automaker sells its Sonata sedan with built-in Android Auto in 30 markets, but not in South Korea because the in-car operating system needs full access to Google Maps features.
Google today unveiled Android Wear 2.0, which the company is calling the most significant update to Android Wear since the platform launched over two years ago.Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang promised there would be multiple previews over the summer, with the final release to users slated for the fall.Android Wear 2.0 brings a slew of improvements for both developers and users.It covers the new navigation drawer swipe down in an app and action drawer swipe up in an app components in the Wearable support library and guidance on adopting the new dark color palette.Android Wear apps will now finally be able to access the Internet directly over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular.Yes, that means they don t need to rely on the Data Layer APIs, meaning they no longer require your phone.If this sounds familiar, you re probably remembering the Android Wear update in April 2015 that let you get notifications, send messages, and use apps as long as your smartwatch was online.As a result, developers can now even create their own custom input methods.Last but not least, messages have a new notification template, which is also available on phones and tablets using Android N. The template s layout is supposedly optimized for quick and responsive messaging, as Google has found that this is the app type that is used the most on watches.It s now easier to develop apps that use fitness data and detect activity.That includes Data Saver, Java 8 Lambda support, and emojis.The new Android N developer preview also launched today at I/O 2016, and you can read about features that arrived in the first two previews here and here.Singleton expects the vast majority of Android Wear watches will eventually get Android Wear 2.0.
Haseeb Qureshi is an Airbnb engineer who drew a lot of attention last month for his blog post that explained how he negotiated a starting pay package from $120,000 to $250,000 in a matter of a few weeks.Qureshi has an interesting background — he's a former professional poker player with an English degree.Despite getting rejected by all 20 jobs he initially applied for, Qureshi worked his way up by learning how to code on his own, and ended up landing 8 job offers, including positions at Google, Uber, and Yelp.Earlier this month, Qureshi updated his blog post with tips on how to nail your interview and find your dream job.We've put together some of the highlights: View As: One PageSlides
The football season is almost over – but don t despair: as far as the FIFA franchise is concerned, it s only just beginning, with FIFA 17 certain to be announced at E3 next month.But rather than let Twitter decide, why not reward the undisputed English stars of this Premier League season – Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Jamie Vardy?With Lionel Messi s deal as the face of FIFA still to be renewed, and given that EA has been experimenting over the past few years by having different cover stars for different territories, this wish could well be granted.Personally, I endorse this, but suspect any return might be saved for the 20th anniversary of that game, in 2018.DivingThis has been a real blind spot for the FIFA series, and probably has more to do with the governing body the game gets its name from than any sense of righteousness from EA Sports.But it does seem pretty remarkable that the most realistic football video game omits a very real part of the game today, whether we like it or not.
CEO Sundar Pichai kicks things off with a two-hour keynote, which you can watch online of course.Pinkstone says that the engineers, whom he called Tom and Ezra, spent the better part of a recent Saturday unsuccessfully trying to recreate the events that led to the deletion of his music library, which Pinkstone was able to restore from a backup.Pinkstone detailed a contentious conversation with an Apple customer service rep who told him the software was essentially working as designed, which of course, didn t help him get his music back.Apple says that the most recent update to iTunes includes improved safeguards against accidental deletion of user-added files, and we re checking our libraries to see if anything comes up missing.A video from Waverly shows creator Andrew Ochoa talking with a friend across the English/French divide, and the makers say the initial commercial version of the Pilot will translate German and Euro romance languages – Spanish, French, Italian, etc.The earbuds also play music, of course.
A company called Waverly Labs claims to have developed a realt-time-in-ear translation unit.Just how the Pilot pulls of the trick hasn't been fully explained on the company's site or the saccharine video that purports to show the device in action.Translated text reaches your ears a few seconds after speech is uttered in a language you don't understand.The device will initially translate between English and European based Romance and Germanic languages , with other world languages, including Slavic, Semitic, Hindi and East Asian to follow.The product's being crowdfunded, at US$299, with cash sought in this quarter and a mobile app offering the basic phrasebook for translation while traveling delivered in the Northern summer.And there's a fair bit of bait-and-switch about its website, which is full of inducements to either promote the device to your friends or sign up for special pricing.
Applying the 'right to be forgotten' only to searches on sites aimed at European users should be enough, said GoogleGoogle warns when search results may have been delisted as a result of a 2014 ruling by the Court of Justie of the European Union.Google is appealing a fine from the French data protection authority for failing to implement the so-called right to be forgotten as ordered.In a 2015 order, the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty CNIL took a very broad approach to how companies should hide such results, saying the delisting should apply to searches on all Google properties worldwide, not just to EU domains.Google, on the other hand, took a narrower view, removing results from searches performed on its European domains, including google.co.uk and google.fr, but not from its main site, google.com, even though it is accessible from within the EU.CNIL, though, wants them hidden from all searchers, everywhere, a policy Google's global general counsel Kent Walker criticized in an opinion column published in the French newspaper Le Monde on Thursday and republished in English on the company's public policy blog."But if French law applies globally, how long will it be until other countries - perhaps less open and democratic -- start demanding that their laws regulating information likewise have global reach?"
Adobe has provided free iOS apps for creating visually rich social media posts, web-based stories and animated videos for a while, in the shape of Adobe Post, Slate and Voice respectively.The creative software giant has now updated these mobile apps and integrated them with a new web app called Adobe Spark, renaming the iOS offerings Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video.Most people know what they want to achieve, but they lack the design skills, and the time, to create beautiful content that'll look good on any device.You can use the new Spark web app to create all three types of content -- social posts/graphics, web stories and animated videos -- on desktops, laptops or any other platform that can run a browser.Adobe Spark is available for free in English only at Spark.Adobe.com, with paid-for versions planned in due course.Adobe is also teaming up with social change platform Change.org to co-create training materials for petitioners and change agents.
Today, Google said that it has filed an appeal in France s Supreme Administrative Court, the Conseil d Etat, in opposition to a new, expanded order from the French data protection regulator CNIL : the CNIL wants RTBF requests and delistings to apply to searches globally, not just in domains viewed in a person s home country.The announcement of the appeal was made originally in an opinion piece penned by Kent Walker, Google s global general counsel, and published today in France s LeMonde newspaper, where he also revealed that Google now reviewed almost 1.5 million webpages and delisted around 40% of them across Europe.But Google s opposition to the CNIL s expanded requirement takes things a little further: from Walker s and Google s point of view, complying with CNIL would be setting a bad precedent for international law and how countries today set and follow their own national laws that may differ from those of other countries.But if French law applies globally, how long will it be until other countries – perhaps less open and democratic – start demanding that their laws regulating information likewise have global reach?While there is definitely an argument to be made about the sanctity of international law, the question will be whether it s fair to say that expanding RTBF globally is an accurate example of how this is being violated.Similarly, it s worth remembering that RTBF delisting doesn t remove pages from the Internet or search engine results altogether.
The sci-fi blockbuster would have to get from script to special effects at warp speed.When he was 8, the Lins invested their life savings in a fish-and-chips shop in Anaheim, California, and moved to nearby Buena Park, where they worked nonstop, overstayed their visas, and lived in fear of deportation until President Reagan s Immigration Reform and Control Act granted them amnesty in 1987.Unable to speak English, Lin was sent to the Boys Club of Buena Park, where Coach Bob tapped him and his younger brother, John—the only Asian kids—for the basketball team.He envied his neighbors, the Klug brothers, who had a trampoline and all the Hot Wheels cars I couldn t afford.Last year, Lin coproduced Hollywood Adventures, an American action comedy about Chinese tourists in LA, created for a Chinese audience.Now the team has set up a comedy with Jeremy Renner at HBO and a Bruce Lee-themed series at Cinemax, and they re developing the classic samurai graphic novel Lone Wolf and Cub, among many other projects.
Of course, it s hard to think about something you know nothing about.Beyond his personal account, which documents his adventures around the world, Kelly curates Everyday DPRK, an Instagram account rich in snapshots and short videos that take you beyond the stereotypes and state-sanctioned stories.Every photo I take is a time-capsule of a culture and society unlike anywhere else in the world.Kelly was teaching at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology when he started posting to Instagram more than three years ago.Kelly likes shooting with an iPhone because he finds it less threatening as you go for the perfect candid street shot.I try to look for pure candid moments with the idea that photography should allow you to transplant yourself to the moment it was taken, he says.
Photograph by Elliott Brown via FlickrThe only court where you may appeal our spies' illegal activities in the UK has finally published a report covering its activities from 2011-2015, defending itself against accusations that it is a star chamber which always meets in secret and never rules in favour of complainants .Obliged to hear two particular complaints against the intelligence agents, the IPT receives applications from those who believe they have been the victim of unlawful interference by public authorities using covert techniques regulated under RIPA, and those who believe they have been the victim of a Human Rights violation conducted by the spooks.Its creation followed the passing of the Human Rights Act 1998, after which it became necessary to ensure that the UK met Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR which states:Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.While holding hearings in camera is not unheard of in English courts — especially for the purposes of protecting children — the practice of protecting the intelligence agencies from the attention which attends public trials has some under criticism following the disclosures made by rogue NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden, which revealed illegal activities had taken place under the existing regime.Not a single complaint brought to the tribunal regarding the security and intelligence agencies' surveillance activities had been upheld until supported by the documents leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013.This means that without making any decision in the first instance as to whether the facts alleged by complainants are true, where appropriate the Tribunal invites the parties to formulate and agree issues of law for the Tribunal to decide upon the assumption that they are true This has enabled hearings to take place in public with full adversarial argument as to whether, assuming the facts, any such conduct as a claimant alleged to have occurred, by, for example, the SIAs, would have been lawful.
This means when someone is speaking to you in any of these languages and you don t understand what they are saying, all you have to do is put the device in your ear and it ll translate what that person is saying as they say it.The user must also download an app onto their phone in order to toggle languages in the earpiece.Waverly LabsThe device may merit high demand as well.According to a report published by the Modern Language Association, the number of language enrollments in higher education in the U.S. dropped by 6.7 percent between 2009 and 2013 after increasingly steadily since 1995.Roughly 100,000 fewer students enrolled in language classes in American colleges.The Pilot System s founder and CEO Andrew Ochoa, who speaks English, even has difficulty with a second language and claims that I came up with the idea for a translator when I met a French girl.
The 20 who presented different solutions were all more or less inside the solutions to the problems of today's food system takes somewhere basis of sustainability. David Jackson from English winnow Solutions pointed to the still unorganized opportunities in the global market of 1 trillion dollars annually which is about bout of food. Glue the lock company has initiated cooperation with ICA, where food distributor may enter the dwelling and set the items in the refrigerator / freezer, which is desirable for it to last. Simon Schmincke from Creandum - formerly US Chief of grocery company Hello Fresh - told in vivid terms about what could happen with a box of food left outdoors in Texas a little too long ... Christopher Slim from iFoodbag then showed up their new paper bag that can keep cooling up to 24 hours. It is completely crazy, but amazing taste sensations. Firmly believe that it was the first time in history, someone made a feast based on garbage and a fairly powerful computer.
To help developers get a handle on machine learning, Google has open-sourced some of its platforms, including TensorFlow.Dean, who was heavily involved with the development of TensorFlow, said Google decided to open-source the library because it wanted to be able to help accelerate the free exchange of ideas.Last week, Google Research also open-sourced a neural network framework for TensoryFlow, known as SyntaxNet.Part of that release was an English parser, adorable named Parsey McParseface, that has been trained to analyze English text.Earlier, Giannandrea said that language and dialogue are the big unsolved problems of computer science.For him, he doesn t see an AI summer coming until we can teach a computer to read.
It will be a significant step forward in performance Lund University now have a new supercomputer. The key, according to Dell has been usability. Among the groups include Astronomy, High Energy Physics, BMC, LBIC and MAX IV, says Jonas Lindemann, director of Lunarc which is Lund University's powerful computing clusters. Aurora based as said on Dell servers, specifically their M630 blade servers with two Intel Xeon 2650v3 Haswell processors. The servers are installed in the M1000e blade chassis and each of them has at least 64 GB of memory and two local disks 1TB. Flops is short for floating point calculations per second, in English: floating-point operations per second.