As AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processors get closer to their final release, Intel is rumored to slash desktop processor prices by up to 15% – or up to $75 (about £60, AU$110) at the high end.This all comes from anonymous sources within the motherboard market, according to a report from DigiTimes.This price cut will apparently apply to desktop chips across the 8th-generation Coffee Lake and 9th-generation Coffee Lake Refresh lineups.Be sure to pair your processor with the best motherboardIf these rumors are true, the AMD vs Intel competition could certainly heat up, as the Intel Core i9-9900K, if cut by 15%, would only cost about $415 (about £370, AU$600).This would make it a much more competitive price against the $399 (about £315, AU$580) Ryzen 7 3800X that will challenge its position in July.
Planning to paint the exterior of your house to give it a refreshing look?You will have many questions circling in your mind like what will the best colour, where to get professional painters?From the list of many questions, one of the most important questions is what will be the right time to paint the house exterior?In the following blog, we will be giving you the answer to this question and will tell you about the things that you need to keep in mind to get satisfactory results.Following are the few things that you need to consider and three things that you should avoid when planning to paint the exterior:To paint properly, appropriate weather is the pre-requisite.
'Should you buy a TCL TV?'With so many TVs around these days, making head or tail of all the names on the market can be nigh impossible.That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the Chinese electronics brand, so if a TCL television comes your way, you know whether it’s the right one for you.We’ve seen competing stats putting TCL at either second or third place, based on the number of TVs shipped globally – neck and neck with LG, but behind market-leader Samsung – but suffice to say it’s definitely in the big leagues.So how do TCL’s TVs differ from the competition, and are they worth your money?TCL’s main advantage in the TV market is its aggressive pricing.
When you go out and ask the question “how much does SEO cost in Australia” or local SEO cost, what you’ll hear probably is “it depends”.Determining the cost of Search Engine Optimisation is certainly a minefield as the prices can vary considerably depending on a number of factors.MOZ ran a survey on over 600 SEO companies from all over the world and gathered all of the data which shows that the cost of SEO could be less than $25 per hour or over $20,000 per month!Though performance-based SEO is free to begin with, the pricing can be dynamic.Older businesses may have a lot of content, but there could be some technical problems such as broken links, lost images, unresponsive website design, and other technical issues which hold them back from ranking well in search engines.While computing your SEO spending and budgeting, make sure that you have an ultimate goal in mind and desired ROI.
While stories in the media present automation as having the potential to eliminate large swaths of jobs in the near future, a new study by researchers Maury Gittleman and Kristen Monaco argues otherwise.These authors found that the employment loss among U.S. truck drivers will be significantly less than the 2-3 million reported by some media accounts.They found that three factors attributed to the inflation of this report:The count of truck drivers is increased due to a misunderstanding of its occupational classification used in federal statisticsTruck drivers do more than drive and these non-driving tasks will continue to be in demandSome segments of trucking will be easier to automate than others
A person’s actions, intentions, and state of mind all come into consideration when meting out judgement over any wrongdoing.AI is now involved in the making of decisions over which, previously, only humans were in a position of control.Fouad Husseini is the founder of the Open Insurance Initiative, and author of The Insurance Field Book.I think there was a time when it was – there are almost certainly going to be some insurers who haven’t quite got it yet, but by and large the bigger ones have got it.Legislators have faced criticism in the past for dragging their heels on bringing in new statutes to cater for emerging tech, but in this instance, Frears thinks progress has been made:“I think they’ve been quite good – not wholly successful yet, but quite good at looking into the future and saying, ‘This is going to come, so let’s prepare for it,’ and had they not been, then I don’t think we would have seen the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act being passed after such a relatively short consultation.”
You may be familiar with Theragun, a handheld massage gun that's taken over Instagram with slow-motion videos of athletes' muscles rippling under the device, which looks (and sounds) kind of like a power drill.Also called percussion therapy and vibration therapy, percussive therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation (the same thing that a massage therapist does to you during a massage) intended to reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion.Some models also use circular motions, and most offer varying speeds and pressure.Because they are so powerful, it's thought that these devices can reach deeper layers of muscle than human hands, a foam roller or other muscle recovery methods can.A common misconception is that percussive therapy can totally eliminate soreness once it's already present.I don't know about you, but even when I get an hour-long deep tissue massage, soreness persists -- the massage just reduces the amount of time I suffer.
Kaspersky warns of fake 'dirty agent' scam circulatingFraudsters are posing as CIA investigators gone rogue in emails to marks, offering to take bribes to drop bogus investigations into the recipients and claims of online pedophilia, according to Kaspersky.The security shop says the scammers are spraying out spam messages in which they pretend to be Uncle Sam's agents conducting a probe into online pedophilia rings, as part of a "large international operation set to arrest more than 2000 individuals in 27 countries."The scare-tactic email claims each recipient has been caught up in the sweep, with investigators having collected the mark's home and work addresses, contact information, and relatives' details.Additionally, the scammers claim to have recorded each recipient's ISP and browsing history, Tor browsing activity, chat logs, and social media activity.After rattling off the list of details supposedly collected, we get to the pitch.
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We're just hours away from the EA Play live-stream at E3 2019 kicking off, where we're expecting to get all the official details on FIFA 20.But has one of its biggest, most-wanted features already been teased?Yes football fans, FIFA 20 could be getting a five-a-side indoor football mode.The rumor comes from the below teaser trailer shared by EA, which we've embedded below:8.6.19 FIFA20 EAPLAY June 2019It features a 'V' symbol, which many fans online believe refers to The Vault, a new mode that will include indoor five-a-side football modes.
From Kenny Wu, director of corporate marketing, ScorpionFranchisors are concerned with brand awareness and cohesion, but franchisees see marketing as just a small slice of their daily to-dos and are hyperfocused on performance.Both sides can be made happy…but it means a lot of careful planning, and no rogue franchisee campaigns!The ideal strategy: Build a playbook that broadens and deepens brand awareness, while also developing localized, brand-compliant tactics to help franchisees stand out in their neighborhoods.To pull all this off, franchisors should shop around for a holistic marketing agency that works in different channels -- not just search engine ads but also social media, email advertising, remarketing, and video marketing.It’s an approach that goes beyond low-hanging fruit, and instead helps franchisees reach their ideal customers wherever they’re already spending time on the internet.
re:MARS At Amazon's AI event in Las Vegas this week, the company introduced Alexa Conversations, a new way to code skills that support more natural conversation and participate in multi-topic interactions.Alexa Skills are third-party extensions to Amazon's chat bot.Developers register their own wake word or custom phrase – so, for example, you could create a Reg news skill invoked by something like "Alexa, ask El Reg for today's tech news" and get back some content.If you can persuade a user to authorise your skill for Amazon Pay, "customers can pay for physical goods and services in your skill using the information already in their Amazon account – without needing to remember their username and password".Anything more sophisticated is hard to code and arduous for the user, which is why those customer service bots that attempt to triage your support call are so frustrating; we take every possible shortcut to get to an actual human."Alexa Conversations combines an AI-driven dialog manager with an advanced dialog simulation engine that automatically generates synthetic training data," stated Amazon.
Tim Cook on tariffs, immigration and whether we spend too much time on our iPhones – CBS NewsWhat happened: Neither Chinese nor American authorities have targeted Apple with import tariffs, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with CBS News last night, adding that he doesn’t expect they will.He argued that because iPhone components are manufactured in several countries and the final product is assembled in China, tariffs on iPhones would hurt many countries, but especially the US.Should American authorities decide to impose a tariff on the smartphone, which is assembled in China, the company’s business would certainly suffer a blow, Cook said, but he thinks that this scenario is unlikely.He added that he doesn’t expect China to use Apple as a retaliation tool as the Huawei standoff escalates.Why it’s important: Cook’s comments come at a time when Apple’s position in global smartphone manufacturing is facing difficulties.
So far, that seems to be the case, but how will it help the average user?The smart home is an environment a growing number of us live in – a household that, besides possessing laptops and smartphones, also contains IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets, from smart speakers like the Amazon Echo to smart lightbulbs and smart locks, right down to all-in-one gadgets like Google Home Hub.Connected devices are a great way of streamlining how you do things around the home, but it's limited too, thanks to speed restrictions and other issues.Could 5G be the savior that makes the smart home a more appealing proposition to all?Everything you need to knowFaster and more efficient smart devices
Should we really be that excited about the launch of 5G?Leon Emirali, an entrepreneur and investor, says YES.While there is no doubt that extra-fast internet speeds will be welcomed by consumers, we must look beyond our own mobile devices to see the real benefits of the 5G revolution.As we move towards embracing emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, 5G connectivity will be vital.This promises to be the most transformational upgrade of wireless connectivity to date.The reliability and speed of 5G will enable hyper-connectivity between people and machines like never before.
Could your company benefit from global media coverage and investor attention?Take your resounding “yes” and act quickly, because you have less than two weeks to apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4.Since 2007, our epic Startup Battlefield pitch competition has launched 857 companies that have raised more than $8 billion in funding and generated 109 exits.If you make the cut, you’ll follow in the footsteps of some pretty legendary companies, including Vurb, Dropbox, Mint, Yammer and more.And that includes free pitch coaching from Battlefield-tested TechCrunch editors.Those editors will vet every application looking for roughly 15-30 exceptional startups.
Could it do for sleep what it did for walking?HuffPost is part of Oath.Oath and our partners need your consent to access your device and use your data (including location) to understand your interests, and provide and measure personalised ads.Oath will also provide you with personalised ads on partner products.Select 'OK' to continue and allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or select 'Manage options' to view your choices.
So, when you hire the manager, you will find yourself in the stress –free zone.It is highly needed that the rental agreement has been made that should take care of the local and state rules.If you are not aware of those things, then the lawyer will help you in the same.The importance of this can’t be ignored, so don’t be in a hurry and take quick decisions without getting the assurance about the same.It helps you to identify what is the wrong claim of the tenants.So, it saves the money and also your property gets the younger look for more years.
Ocean levels are rising due to climate change and the long-held view is that sea levels would rise nearly three feet by the year 2100.Instead, sea levels could rise more than double that amount if global temperatures rise more than expected.If sea levels were to rise by more than two meters (6.5 feet) that the study's authors believe is possible, an event they said "lies within the 90 percent uncertainty bounds," the devastation could be catastrophic.A rise in temperatures by 5 degrees Celsius would cause significant declines in ice levels in Greenland, as well as Antarctica.At the 2 degree Celsius level, Greenland would be the major concern in contributing to the rise in sea levels.NEW YORK CITY COULD SEE 'ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME' FLOODS EVERY YEAR 5 YEARS
Should nanotechnology and gene editing be used to enhance our foods?Would you eat bug-foods if it led to a more sustainable food supply?This is just a sampling of the questions addressed by Future Foods: How Modern Science is Transforming the Way We Eat.Author and food scientist David Julian McClements examines the complexity and magnitude of the food-related challenges our society faces today.Step by step, he explores how today's challenges, such as malnutrition, food waste and global hunger, could be solved by tomorrow's technology.Future Foods illustrates the developments in food science through (nano)techonological advances - for example, fertilizer optimization to reduce the impact of pesticides on the environment while at the same time improving yields and reducing losses.
Every business is prone to hurdles. The sooner you take it to your stride & move on, better for your business. Surprisingly, most of the businesses don’t realize that a CRM solution could be of great help in such situations. It’s not that a CRM will solve all your problems and your company won’t face them in the future. Rather, it can eliminate a lot of those challenges and make it easier for you to face them in the future as you grow.A report says, businesses that implement a CRM can not only increase sales by 29%, but they’re more likely to improve sales productivity and forecast accuracy.Here’s a list of the most common challenges that businesses face without a CRM Read The Full Article On Wakeupsales Blog