Lenovo is planning to kill off the Moto X branding with subsequent releases falling under a new Moto Z banner, according to reports.VentureBeat s Evan Blass, who claims to have spied marketing materials, says new devices are on the way to replace the existing Play and Style handsets.The two new flagships will be called Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style according to the well-connected Blass aka @evleaks .Recent reports have claimed these new flagship models are set to launch this summer with 5.5-inch displays.See also: Moto G4 2016 vs Moto G3 2015 Speculation has also suggested the devices, codenamed Vertex Moto Z Play and Vector Thin Moto Z Style will also feature modular backpacks.These may include a Pico projector, an optical zoom lens, stereo speakers and more.
It matches the earlier leaked photos see below top to bottom aside from colour scheme, which is... a bit odd.Blass identifies it as gold but opts to call it "desert camo" instead, and we'd say it's more beige than we usually like in a gadget.Still no word on a release date or pricing for the likely AT exclusive in the States.If these photos leaked out of Vietnam are any indication, Samsung wants the Galaxy S7 Active to look more comfortable in a battlefield than a fashion show - unlike the standard Galaxy S7.Water and dust resistance were collectively one of the big enhancements for the Galaxy S7 this year, and that that same IP68 rating is reportedly maintained on the Active model, unsurprisingly.Leaks suggest the Galaxy S7 Active will have much the same specs as the Galaxy S7 in the States, including the Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM, plus the Quad HD display.
Well, consider that rumor now much more likely to be true, as Lenovo just filed a trademark for the new name.Famed tipster Evan Blass linked to the 'goodbye Moto X, hello Moto Z' rumor last week as well, so it's just about as confirmed as it's going to get without any official word from Lenovo itself.We're thinking the new batch of phones could be launched at Lenovo's Tech World event on 9 June.The name gameThe Moto X Style and Moto X Play were launched last year to mostly favorable reviews and based on the leaks we're hearing it sounds as though those two names are going to be added to the Moto Z moniker this year, so get ready to meet the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play.VentureBeat reports that modular backplates adding speakers, camera lenses and more are going to be sold to help differentiate these phones in a crowded market - all sounds very LG G5, doesn't it?Is Lenovo really going to bring back the flip phone?
Evan Blass of evleaks fame dropped a few details on Twitter that give us a look at what will be powering the next OnePlus phone:OnePlus 3 basics: 5.5-inch 1080p, Snapdragon 820, 64GB storage, 16MP rear camera, NFC.SS from an N preview build.pic.twitter.com/u1a0hQoEIP— Evan Blass @evleaks May 24, 2016On the one hand 1080p doesn t sound that exciting, particularly with a 5.5-inch display.The OnePlus 3 launch is coming soon, as the company announced it will begin sales from a virtual reality storefront in space.Granted, no current phone is compatible either—compatible phones won't launch until the fall.But it s something to think about if you like your phone to have some degree of future-proofing.
It won't be too long until OnePlus releases its next flagship, and thanks to the work of known and accurate leaker Evan Blass, potential specifications for the OnePlus 3 have been revealed.All of these hardware features sound pretty typical for a high-end smartphone released in 2016, perhaps with the exception of the 1080p display which is still a step behind current-gen 1440p panels.It seems that OnePlus will not be selling a version of the OnePlus 3 with just 16 GB of storage inside, after inital sales for the 16 GB OnePlus 2 were weaker than expected.The company is also set to include NFC in their high-end handset after reviews of the OnePlus 2 panned its omission.pic.twitter.com/u1a0hQoEIP— Evan Blass @evleaks May 24, 2016A screenshot of the OnePlus 3 provided by Evan Blass appears to show the smartphone running a version of Android N with the company's OxygenOS skin applied.Google is set to release Android N this summer, and the OnePlus 3 could be one of the first devices to launch with the new OS on board.
Image Source: Evan BlassChinese smartphone maker OnePlus, which has reached quite a level of popularity among hardcore Android users, is about to unveil its third flagship killer, a phone that appeared in countless rumors leading up to its June launch.A new report brings more details about the phone s specs, including one feature Apple should definitely copy for the upcoming iPhone 7.DON T MISS: Microsoft completes disposal of Nokia s remains with new round of layoffs and $950M hitSerial leaker Evan Blass, who s been fairly accurate with his leaks in the past listed in a tweet the main features of the upcoming basic OnePlus 3 version – the company, is rumored to have at least two distinct OnePlus 3 models.No matter how hard Apple might defend its choice, 16GB of storage is simply not good enough for a flagship device like the iPhone, especially when competitors are seriously upping their game in the storage department.Naturally, there s no way to confirm the OnePlus 3 specs just yet, but the Chinese smartphone vendor is said to take the wraps off the OnePlus 3 flagship soon.According to a chat transcript between a customer and a OnePlus representative, the OnePlus will be unveiled on June 14th during a VR-focused event.
In recent weeks, rumours about the future of Lenovo's Moto X line have ramped up, and the consensus is that it'll have a new name - Moto Z - and bring along a wave of optional add-on upgrades.Thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass @evleaks , here's our first look at the MotoMods.The MotoMods should work interchangeably between devices, eliminating any compatibility issues between device types, plus they should work with the expected Droid variants of each phone coming to U.S. carrier Verizon.Blass also shared the above image, which appears to show the back of one of the Droid versions in three colour options.A Moto reveal is planned for 9 June at Lenovo Tech World, where we ought to see both Moto Z models and a host of different modules for them.Unless you really think Lenovo is about to release an upgraded RAZR flip phone, in which case... good luck with that.
Image Source: Evan BlassThe OnePlus 3 s final design isn t a mystery any longer, as the Chinese FCC-like regulator has published several details about the upcoming handset, including official pictures and hardware details.Unsurprisingly, the images and specs list seem to confirm what numerous leaks and rumors said in previous weeksDON T MISS: Google knows that Android s update system sucksNot only does the handset in the picture below looks very similar to the press render above, leaked just a few days ago, but the specs that TENAA is listing are the same ones we saw earlier this week in a trustworthy leak.The phone will run Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box although a recent screenshot leak suggested OnePlus is already testing Android N on a OnePlus 3 pre-release unit.What TENAA doesn t say is whether a 6GB RAM version of the OnePlus 3 is also going to launch this year, which is something older rumors have suggested.However, OnePlus did reveal that the phone will be unveiled in VR, with a fresh rumor indicating June 14th as a potential launch date for the handset.The full TENAA OnePlus 3 certification listing is available at the source link.
So far these had only been spoken about, but now thanks to Evan Blass we might have caught our first glimpse of them.In a leaked image he shows off three of them, though only one is fully visible and no details are attached to the shot.The other two MotoMods are far less clear, but the middle one appears to include a kickstand, so it's likely media focused.As well as the possible modules Blass also tweeted an image that appears to show the Verizon Droid edition of the phone in black, silver and gold.It largely lines up with earlier leaked imagery, including a large circular camera housing, a slightly rounded design and a likely metal finish.If these leaks turn out to be true the Moto Z could be a stylish, innovative handset and we probably don't have long to wait, as both the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play, or whatever they're ultimately called, are expected to launch on June 9.
Blass has posted an image of what appear to be three Moto Z modules, as well as a pretty obvious but hitherto-unknown name.This 'MotoMod' picture appears to include a high-grade camera add-on complete with physical shutter button , but we're not entirely sure what the other two are.If we were to guess, we'd go with a speaker-boosting module and a battery-boosting module.Another reliable tipster, hellomotoHK, previously supplied us with a list of the six initial modules that Motorola will be offering: Pro camera Mod, Adventure Mod, Theater Mod, Stereo Mod, Power Mod, and Style Mod.That's probably the biggest lingering mystery now that we've ogled these MotoMods.Let us know in the comments below
The images in this article comes from Evan Blass and they said to show the year's flagship from Motorola Moto Z? And three of the phone's modular shell. These shells connected as rumors through the holes at the bottom of the back. Special sleeves, as Blass now call MotoMods, extends phone functionality in various ways. The reasons previously mentioned in the reputation of the turn is an extra battery, a wide-angle camera, a projector, and a shell that gives the device optical zoom.
Motorola Droid Z PhotoVerizon s first Motorola Droid smartphone helped set in motion a series of events that would ultimately see Android become the most popular mobile platform on the planet.Now, nearly seven years later, Droid branded smartphones are barely a blip on the radar.All that could change soon enough, however, because a new leak suggests that Verizon and Motorola s upcoming Droid refresh may be one of the hottest new Android phones of the year.MUST READ: The iPhone 7 might actually be in troubleSmartphone leaker Evan Blass posted an image on Twitter earlier this week that shows an unreleased smartphone in three different colors.The phone pictured in the leak looks fantastic, and it closely resembles a handset pictured in another leak earlier this month.Here s the leaked Moto Z image:Details specific to the next-generation Motorola Droid are scarce for the time being, but we can see from the photo that the phone appears to have a proprietary connector on the back near the bottom of the device.
News of yet another delay may make you wonder.That would have been fine, but HTC has claimed to have been working on this device since 2014.He's particularly hot on HTC stuff.So his latest proclamation on the HTC smartwatch holds a lot of weight:Yep, the HTC smartwatch release date has been pushed back to the autumn.Of course, you could look at it the other way.Are you still holding out for HTC's take on the smartwatch, or have you given up?
Long lines of people would form outside of pop-up OnePlus locations in the hopes of getting an invite to buy the latest OnePlus phone, and that's pretty impressive from a small Chinese company that was founded in late 2013.It's unclear if the abolished invite system will decrease demand now that everyone can buy the latest OnePlus smartphone, but that wasn't the only thing going for OnePlus phones.OnePlus smartphones are comparatively inexpensive, as they offer high-end specs for extremely low prices.But as with any coveted device, there are some rumors we've heard.Leaks and rumorsIf leaked images posted on Twitter from the notorious gadget leaker Evan Blass @evleaks are accurate, it looks like the OnePlus 3 will have a metal back.Even though that's the same resolution as the OnePlus 2's LCD display, an AMOLED display would still look better.The same MyDriver.com report also suggested the OnePlus 3 will run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a good 4GB of RAM, which would make for smooth and speedy performance.Megapixel count means relatively little in the camera world, and only a camera test will decide whether the OnePlus 3's camera has what it takes.And finally, the OnePlus 3 may come in two storage options: 32 and 64GB.If true, that means OnePlus ditched the 16GB option, which is realistically too little storage for most modern uses, like taking a lot of pictures, recording high-resolution video, and using several apps.More from Tech Insider:9 incredible features in Solarin, a military-grade Android phone that costs $17,000Here's what we know about Magenta — Google's new division working to make AI creativeThe billionaire founders of Airbnb just pledged to give away the majority of their wealth'Game of Thrones' is teasing the appearance of a long-awaited book character — againHospitals keep getting attacked by ransomware — Here's whyNOW WATCH: One of the best gadget reviewers reveals why he prefers Android over iPhoneLoading video...
Image Source: Evan BlassWe re getting closer and closer to the moment many Android users have been waiting for: The arrival of the OnePlus 3, the next flagship killer coming from the now-famous Chinese startup.The device launches in mid-June, and for the first time in three years, there s not going to be an annoying invite system to buy it – at least according to current reports.A few days ago we saw the full specs list and final design of the OnePlus 3, in documentation published on TENAA, the Chinese communications regulator, and a new report seems to reveal the incredibly affordable pricing structure of the 2016 OnePlus flagship.Here are the pricing details:OnePlus 3 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage: $349 CNY 2299 OnePlus 3 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage: $379 CNY 2499 OnePlus 3 6GB of RAM, 32GB of storage: $409 CNY 2699 OnePlus 3 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage: $425 CNY 2799 No matter how you look at it, the OnePlus 3 looks like one of the best Android flagship smartphones you can buy this year, especially considering its cheap pricing.A second report says that OnePlus has no less than one million OnePlus 3 units ready to go on June 15.The limited edition goes on sale on June 6th, and will cost $455 2,999CNY — OnePlus actually announced this blind buying promo on its website.
DON T MISS: The OnePlus 3 might be incredibly cheap, new leak suggestsReliable leaker Evan Blass said on Twitter that the Galaxy Note 6/7 launch event is almost exactly two months away.Assuming that s accurate, then Samsung s upcoming Unpacked event will take place a few weeks earlier than expected.The move should give Samsung even more time to sell the Galaxy Note 7 to customers shopping for big-screen smartphones.The Android phablet was unveiled in early September, well ahead of Apple s iPhone keynote, but Samsung wasn t able to launch it as fast, or in as many markets, as Apple did.Last year, Samsung changed tunes, making sure the Galaxy Note 5 would hit stores well ahead of the iPhone 6s series.By the time that happens, the Galaxy Note 7 – an odd name choice for Samsung, which is looking to skip a beat in its numbering system – might be in stores for a full month.
Credit: OnLeaksWith the summer months here, it s only natural that smartphone enthusiasts look to the next big release on the horizon: the Galaxy Note 6.One of the many rumors about the next phablet suggests that Samsung will skip ahead in numbers to bring some brand consistency.The most recent leaks from OnLeaks Steve Hemmerstoffer , who has begun to rival VentureBeat s Evan Blass in terms of scoring exclusive images, show a phone that looks like a larger Galaxy S7 Edge with the stylus and USB-C port.On the spec front, we should have the usual water resistance, a high-resolution AMOLED display, a nearly 4,000mAh battery and possibly 6GB !We ll have to see if this turns out to be accurate and bring something else to think about besides the summer heat.All we need now is to see the thing in the flesh, which could happen before launch given how much we ve learned already.
Samsung s next phablet – rumoured as both the Galaxy Note 6 and Note 7 – is incoming, and we might already know when.The tweet went live on June 2, 2016, which suggests that the launch date would be August 2, 2016.While August 2 might seem early for a Note-series release, an August launch has been heavily rumoured in recent months.Galaxy Note 6: It's rumoured to be waterproof, just like the Galaxy S7It s also worth noting that even if Samsung does unveil the Galaxy Note 6 on August 2, that doesn t mean the phone will go on sale in August.There s every chance that the phablet won t start shipping until September.The Galaxy Note 6 or Note 7 is expected to feature the following specs, according to recent rumours:5.77-inch display2K QHD screen resolutionQualcomm Snapdragon 832 processorAdreno 530 GPU6GB RAM256GB storage4,200mAh batteryIP68-certified waterproof/dustproof bodyOf course, Samsung hasn t actually made any public comment about a new Note handset, so take this report – and any other such reports – with due caution.
The Note 6 may feature an iris scannerSamsung may launch its next flagship, the Galaxy Note 6 in early August, as per a new tip.Famed tipster Evan Blass, who has in the past made credible leaks, took to social media to hint that the Galaxy Note 6 which some recently claimed may be called Galaxy Note 7 instead will be launched exactly two months from now.Samsung generally releases its products in South Korea first unless it is being unveiled in a trade show and thus the delay in launch in the US.The phone may have two storage options with the base one being 32GB.While fingerprint scanners are largely prevalent on most flagships today, an iris scanner is still to be spotted on a flagship.It has also been rumoured that Samsung may incorporate a feature similar to BlackBerry 10's BlackBerry Hub on the Note 6 called Samsung Focus.
The pics, leaked to USwitch by supply chain-spying @onleaks, are the best look yet at Samsung's upcoming phablet king, showing off some clear design heritage from the Galaxy S7.Are the similarites so striking that Samsung's going to ignore numerical order and launch it as the Note 7?The curved screen looks almost identical to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the stylus slot in the bottom means there's no mistaking this for anything other than a Galaxy Note.The renders show the stylus sitting flush to the phone, so we're expecting some kind of spring-loaded release.There are a few extra sensors at the top of the phone as well - too many to be for the front-facing camera.Internal specs are still unknown, but there might not be too long to wait to find out: [email protected] Evan Blass reckons we're only two months away from an official launch, a month earlier than Samsung's usual IFA event.