While Dead Island: The Game didn't have the same emotional impact of Dead Island: The Trailer, it still offered a unique take on the survival horror genre, skillfully incorporating the kind of action RPG mechanics that the Fallout series does so well these days – so much so that it's now receiving the customary next-gen remaster, along with its very similar 2012 sequel, Dead Island: Riptide.Weapons have a limited lifespan and break over time, although they can be repaired at the various workbenches you find dotted around the island.While Dead Island might sound like a solitary experience – especially when you factor in the many comparisons made to solo RPGs like Fallout – it actually boasts a co-operative multiplayer mode which is active at all times.The frame rate still feels a bit jerky but graphical detail is certainly improved, with new lighting effects, anti-aliasing and focus blurring adding to the realism; all in all, this is a striking game on a purely aesthetic level, especially when you consider the large and feature-rich environments.It's well worth playing and doubles the 30-odd hours that Dead Island offers, but the lack of fresh content is a little disappointing.Another oddity is that with the PS4 version, Riptide isn't actually on the disc but instead is offered as a download code – so beware if you choose to pick this up second-hand.
Technically, the E3 kicks off Tuesday, June 14, but we all know that much of the show s biggest news out will be announced before the show floor opens, at the parade of publisher keynote press conferences in the days prior to the show.We ve rounded up some of the biggest broadcasts, including all of the press conferences, so you can follow along the news as it happens, hassle-free.At its keynote, you can expect to see the games EA has already said it plans to show at the event, including Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Madden NFL 17, but they may have few potential surprise appearances, like Mass Effect Andromeda?Monday, June 13Microsoft – 9:30 a.m Pacific/12:30 a.m. EasternMicrosoft may kick off E3 s de facto press conference day with big announcements about new Xbox consoles and more in-depth looks at games like Crackdown 3 and Recore.With Microsoft s recent initiative to bring Xbox and Windows 10 closer together, there be also be some news about its plans for PC gaming, VR, or even a new peek at gaming on the HoloLens headset.The Tuesday morning show, which takes place during Nintendo s usual keynote slot, will focus on The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon and Moon.
Of course, it then quickly transpired that it was just a jumped-up smartphone case that cost $150 it came with the Collector s Edition of Fallout 4 and sold out in roughly 23.6 seconds.Revealed today by ThinkGeek, the Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition is coming in November 2016 and bears the apocalyptic as far as your bank balance is concerned price tag of $350 about £250 plus shipping – but that s because it s a much, much less underwhelming prospect than its predecessor, despite looking very similar at first glance.This time, there s an integrated screen and software, so you won t need to enlist your smartphone as the innards.Yes, essentially this is a smartwatch, albeit one that s a little less practical for everyday use than the techy wristwear we ve seen from Apple, Motorola, Huawei et al.The Pip-Boy is foam-lined for comfort, weighs about a kilo, runs off a rechargeable battery, and ThinkGeek claims it s designed to fit most human arms .You might get a few funny looks at the pub or supermarket with it on, of course, but it ll doubtless be worth months of ridicule for the moment when a fellow Fallout player eventually recognises it and, heart aflutter, discreetly gives you the nod .
Fallout: New Vegas and a range of other Xbox 360 titles are now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.Microsoft has added a bunch of new games to its backwards compatibility program on Xbox One, including the wonderful Fallout: New Vegas and all of its expansions.Major Nelson announced the list of new additions in a recent blog post, revealing a total of eight titles.You check out the new games below which include New Vegas and seven Xbox Live Arcade releases:Blood KnightsComic JumperCrystal QuestDungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraFallout: New VegasI Am AliveJoe Danger: Special EditionRed Faction: BattlegroundsIf you previously owned any of these games digitally on Xbox 360 they should automatically appear in your Xbox One library.Those with a physical copy of New Vegas can just insert the disc into their Xbox One and install it straight away.Be sure to check our Xbox One backwards compatibility article for a list of all the supported titles.
The nuclear apocalypse has been covered in countless video games and films, with perhaps the most famous example being the mutant-filled world of the Fallout series.But while Bethesda s take on the end of the world is filled with danger and mystery, it largely ignores one aspect that will almost certainly play a role in the hopefully not inevitable doomsday: loneliness.The Bunker, a live-action game from Splendy Games and Wales Interactive, follows a thirty-year-old man named John played by The Hobbit s Adam Brown , who is the last survivor of a nuclear bunker three decades after England was destroyed.Gameplay initially consists of John s mundane daily routine, including taking his medication and opening cans of rations, but he eventually discovers terrifying mysteries held underground.Curiously, it doesn t appear to be set in the future, but is rather an alternate history; dates on a computer terminal point to the nuclear event taking place as early as the 1980s.Described by the developers as a psychological horror game, don t expect to see over-the-top monsters in The Bunker.
Every week, we bring you the best crowdfunding project that's worth backing, and one to avoid.Related: Nura are a pair of headphones unlike any otherIt's a remastered version of System Shock, a classic sci-fi horror game that was first released back in 1994.Nightdive Studios is rebuilding the game from the ground up using the Unity Engine, which is the same engine used to make games such as Deus Ex: The Fall, Temple Run, Monument Valley and Superhot.As that list suggests, the Unity Engine makes the game easy to port, and so it will be available for multiple platforms including Mac OS X, Windows 10, Xbox and Linux.Enter System Shock, with its unique mix of stealth, sci-fi horror and action.
Need something to keep you busy this weekend?The Weekend Workshop is our weekly column where we showcase a badass DIY project that you can complete with minimal skills and expertise.We ve dug through all the online tutorials on the web, and gone the extra mile to pinpoint projects that are equal parts easy, affordable, and fun.In Bethesda s Fallout franchise, gamers assume the role of a vault-dwelling protagonist who s forced to brave a post-apocalyptic wasteland in order to survive.Above ground, this protagonist forages for weapons, supplies, and just about anything they can get their hands on.Th currency in this scorched world looks a tad different than you might expect, though.
Ready to take your Fallout experience to the next level?Fallout 4 s Vault-Tec Workshop add-on is out now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms, giving players the opportunity to build an underground society and perform experiments on its unsuspecting populace.The Vault-Tec Workshop add-on is available as a free download for players who purchased Fallout 4 s Season Pass, and can be purchased separately for $5.Vault-Tec Workshop builds upon established Fallout series lore, putting players in the role of a shady Vault Overseer.Ostensibly designed to protect survivors in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, Vault-Tec vaults offer underground living quarters and enough supplies to last a makeshift society for decades.As players explore vacant Vaults in previous Fallout series games, however, they discover that Vault-Tec was secretly performing experiments on Vault inhabitants, often with unexpected and deadly results.
When you look back at reviews for the first additions to the classic Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, the majority of slightly-confused critics seemed to say little more than: "The game was already huge, but this is awesome, thanks!"Horse Armour is the go to "lest we forget" example of just how trivial DLC can be.I didn't quite realise how weird the horse looked in glittering gold elven armour.It still had many of the same issues as the main game – it was buggy and held together by little more than the sheer will of its developers – but it was also more of what we loved.Operation: Anchorage threw players into a military simulation of a famous pre-apocalypse battle, and while it was a nice idea, the buggy linear two to three hours it provided focused too much on the game's weak combat.From the animated opening for Fallout: New Vegas expansion Old World Blues.
To some extent this argument has always held water, even if the overall medium's reliance on player agency is potentially a wider issue when discussing the creation of "living, breathing worlds", where NPCs refuse to put a foot out of step or inhale oxygen until a player avatar enters their vicinity.For the vast swathes of converted fans however, Bethesda has almost always circumvented this problem by building expansive, finely-detailed open-world environments whose visual cues and designs tell a rich story that enhances the moment-to-moment narrative.The nightmare-Disneyland-stylings of the now raider-infested theme park promises the kind of oddball irreverence with a wry-eyed look at child-friendly cultural capitalism that the Fallout series can – and really should – excel at.Plodding through the once-bustling Nuka-Town you'll meet an avid Nuka-Cola Cappy collector, still intent on willingly consuming gauche brand advertising despite living in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, and you'll also hear whispered rumours pointing to the existence of a Nuka-Cola recipe – a reference to legendarily secretive brewing technique for Coca Cola.On the surface then, Nuka-World is everything Fallout should be, but look under the fizzy, brightly-coloured, cheery facade, Bethesda's send-off for Fallout 4 only serves to satirise its own design tropes and its parent game's inescapable failings.Nuka-World's introduction teases a shut-off, perilous battleground, only accessible after traversing a death-trap-filled gauntlet while the park's "Overboss" taunts you, over and over again.
If you ve ever wondered if the vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter continue to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving underground, wonder no longer.Bethesda delivered the answer to that question today, announcing Fallout Shelter s new 1.9 update.In short: Yes, vault dwellers celebrate Thanksgiving, and they seem to do it in style.The rollout of version 1.9 marks the beginning of Fallout Shelter s Thanksgiving festivities.With it, you ll find new limited time quests that you can take advantage of throughout the month of November or what s remaining of it, at least .Rooms will also be decorated with a Thanksgiving theme, and you ll be able to find Thanksgiving outfits in lunchboxes.
Bethesda fans are extremely passionate about the Fallout series, with cosplay helping them to share their love for the apocalypse with the world.What the cosplaying super-fans don t yet have, however, is this custom-made laser rifle, complete with rotating parts and sounds that transport you right into the middle of Diamond City.Built by Chris Wolfe of Combustible Props, the laser rifle s barrel spins at a ludicrously high speed, while an LED light at the very front of the weapon flashes quickly in unison.Using a soundboard, Wolfe was able to include realistic audio, as well.When fired in single-shot, semi-automatic fashion instead of the rapid-fire mode seen throughout most of the video, the shots appear to ring out a bit more.More: Fallout and potentially other Bethesda games are coming to Zen Pinball
Microsoft-owned developer Mojang revealed that a new post-apocalyptic content pack inspired by Bethesda s Fallout series will launch for the console versions of Minecraft in the days ahead, giving players access to 44 new character skins and other exclusive perks.The upcoming Fallout Mash-Up Pack will also overhaul Minecraft s overworld, replacing the game s once-green pastures with miles of bombed-out wasteland filled with deadly mutated creatures.More: Minecraft Exploration Update introduces the Cartographer, llama caravansAfter installing the Fallout Mash-Up Pack, Minecraft players will venture into a blocky, low-resolution spoof of Bethesda s post-apocalyptic RPG series.The pack replaces Minecraft s standard heads-up display with a green-tinted UI inspired by Fallout s Pip-Boy, and players will hear a collection of new background music tracks as they explore the irradiated wastes.Explorers who survive encounters with the two-headed cows and mutant spiders that populate the Fallout Mash-Up Pack may live to see block-by-block recreations of famous Fallout series locations like Fallout 3 s Tenpenny Tower and Capitol building.
Xbox One is getting another Fallout game, but it s not the role-playing experience you may expect.Microsoft announced today that Fallout Shelter is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 7.The free-to-play game originally came out for iOS and Android in 2015.It has players managing a Vault, an apocalyptic safe-place built underground.The Fallout series consists mostly of role-playing games, but Fallout Shelter shows how the franchise could work in a casual-friendly capacity.At its height in June 2015, it was the No.1 ranked game in the U.S. Apple App Store, according to App Annie.Fallout Shelter will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that you can share your progress between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game.The game already came out for PC last year, but this Windows 10 version gives it Xbox features like this progress sharing with the Xbox One version and achievements.
The Walking Dead threw a wrench in the works last night when they introduced an entirely new group to the equation, one not found in the comics, that Rick attempts to recruit as allies in the upcoming fight against Negan, joining Alexandria, the Hilltop and eventually the Kingdom and the Amazons, most likely.It was a bit of an odd episode without all that much action, but there was something about this plotline that I found awfully familiar.As Rick s adventure was unfolding, I was very much seeing the entire situation as a quest from Fallout 4.The Fallout series and The Walking Dead already have obvious parallels between existing in the post-apocalypse and with zombie-like ghouls roaming the land, but this episode in particular made that comparison more stark than usual.I want to try to frame this as a literal quest from Fallout 4 as best I can with perhaps slightly better dialogue options , so this will be uh, an experiment in formatting, shall we say.This will only really make any amount of sense if you ve watched the episode, so go and do that first.
Minecraft Pocket Edition players on Android are now able to purchase a new DLC pack for the popular sandbox game, which brings content based on another highly popular game series.The Fallout Mashup Pack, which was previously released for the console versions of Minecraft, is now available for the Pocket Edition as well.The new pack offers up content based on the Fallout post-apocalyptic role-playing series from Bethesda Softworks.It includes all-new textures so you can turn your Minecraft world into something that looks like the nuclear bomb-blasted landscape of the Fallout universe.It also includes some new mobs, including mutated two-headed cows, huge scorpions and much more.It also adds over 40 new character skins to access, based on the many colorful characters in the Fallout series.
p ZeniMax, the game publisher who has been in a legal fight with Oculus over its PC-based Oculus Rift headset for some time, is now dragging Samsung into court as well.ZeniMax, who has published games in the Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom franchises, has filed a lawsuit against the South Korean-based company, claiming its Gear VR mobile headset uses code originally created at ZeniMax.According to The Verge, ZeniMax claims in the lawsuit that Oculus executive John Carmack helped to develop the code that’s used in the Gear VR headset while he still worked at ZeniMax’s id Software development studio.In fact, ZeniMax alleges that Carmack secretly enlisted the help of Oculus employee Matt Hooper, while Carmack still worked at id, to create a plan to make a mobile VR headset, which eventually was offered to Samsung.ZeniMax claims Samsung was aware of its earlier lawsuit against Oculus, but decided to continue working on the Gear VR headset with Oculus-based software.ZeniMax accuses Samsung of copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment in this new lawsuit.
And today, the studio is set to show off what it’s been working on for the past year.Bethesda will be live streaming its E3 press conference at 9pm PT / 12am ET, which you can watch below.Watch out for the reveal of Starfield (rumored to be an open-world sci-fi series), Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim for Switch, new Wolfenstein, and maybe even some games in VR.You can watch the live stream below, or on Twitch.Check out our full E3 coverage here.
The scenery and in-game elements looked pulled directly from the non-VR version of the game, complete with a Pip-Boy computer you can bring up on your virtual wrist and massive explosions from grenade launchers.I wonder if it will also feature Pop In, which has been a near constant companion since Fallout went First Person.
Evil computer Glados makes you take this heart-festooned block throughout Test Chamber 17, where it helps you to complete a series of puzzles – then you are forced to incinerate it.But no one designed whole levels around incendiary metal canisters like id Software.In Doom, shooting just one of these gunk-filled receptacles could often set off a massive chain reaction of glorious monster-slaughtering chaos – the legendary barrel frag.The iconic wrist-based computer of the Fallout series is where players find all their stats, maps and item information.Available in various iterations (including the golden, gem-encrusted Pimp-Boy 3 Billion from Fall Out: New Vegas), a wearable replica was produced for the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition, allowing users to slide a mobile phone into the display slot.Well, it’s our list so yes it does.