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Some of the themes have been around for hundreds of years.There is one however, that has been around for over one hundred years and is still very much alive today - fast Christian music.Most people have heard of hymns and have enjoyed some form of Christian music at some point in their life.Most just use one or two instruments and most of them are very slow.It just takes someone with a high quality Christian musical background and a touch of innovation to make a fast Christian song sing well enough so it can be used in a church or at a funeral.The reason why Christian musicians feel the need to create something like this is because many traditional songs are just flat and dull.Many are boring because the singer uses the same words over again.There is repetition and the lyrics don't change.
Some fast-food restaurants in Los Angeles County failed to follow COVID-19 protocols and kept infections a secret, according to a new report.
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Oral thin films (OTF) are an innovative method discovered by pharmaceutical scientists for delivering drugs orally or bucally (absorption or dissolution in the mouth).The global oral thin film drugs market is predicted to exhibit an 8.10% CAGR from 2019 to 2027 (forecast period), as per the latest report by Market Research Future (MRFR).Continuous investment in research and development (R) by companies to create easily dissolvable solutions for other diseases is expected to spur market growth over the forecast period.Introduction of OTF drugs in developing countries can act as a good revenue source for the OTF drugs market.Browse Sample of the Report @ OverviewThe report provides an accurate overview of the market complete with statistical graphs to support the forecasted figures.It analyzes new revenue sources for players and emphasizes on the various strategies implemented by players.Segment OverviewThe global oral thin film drugs market is segmented by product, disease indication, and distribution channel.By product, the market is divided into sublingual and fast dissolving buccal film.
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Dialysis machines use hemodialysis to purify the blood and balance the constituents.In this course, the patient’s blood is distributed through the machine which is filtered and well-adjusted for pH electrolytes and fluid concentration before sending it back to the patient’s body.Dialysis machines have extensive applications such as directing medical help to patients suffering from renal diseases.Browse Sample of the Report @ the last decade, there had been many advances in renal dialysis equipment (both in portable and home dialysis machines), accessories, and consumables.According to the MRFR Research report, the global market for kidney dialysis equipment is likely to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from an assessed USD 16.5 billion in 2017.The development in this market is due to the rise in a number of End Stage Renal Disease Patients (ESRD), advanced technologies, and rise in cost-effective and accurate portable dialysis apparatus.The fast growth in the aging population, growing frequencies of diabetes and hypertension problems, and patients opting for dialysis treatments over kidney transplants due to lack of donors boost the market.Additionally, restrains for the market comprise the time consumption, risks and difficulties involved, and rules and regulations associated with dialysis.SegmentationThe global kidney dialysis equipment market has been segmented on the basis of type, apparatus type, and end-user.On the basis of type, the market has been classified as hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT).
Virtual personal assistants are taking control of the globe!Due to the many advantages that they provide for organizations, they are fast ending up being one of the most searched for employees that a business can not do without.
Market SnapshotIn the recent study, Market Research Future (MRFR) has asserted that the global vocal cord paralysis market is likely to expand at a CAGR of 3.8%, amassing the market value if USD 2,920.2 million by 2023.The increased incidence of larynx, neck, and head cancers are estimated to be the most substantial factor driving the global vocal cord paralysis market 2020.Further, the rise in expenditure on healthcare, particularly in developing countries, has played a vital role in stimulating the market considerably.Besides, the favorable reimbursement policies have encouraged the patients to opt for the treatment, which is predicted to further escalate the market growth across the globe.Request Sample Copy:, the enormous price involved in the treatment of the diseases is projected to be a substantial factor obstructing the market.Despite the impeding factor, the global market is anticipated to grow owing to the development in treatment procedures such as laryngoscopy, endoscopy, and other methods that allow fast diagnosis of the condition, which assists in combating the constraining factor.Market SegmentationThe segment analysis of the global vocal cord paralysis market is performed on the basis of type and treatment.The type-based segments of the global vocal cord paralysis market are unilateral and bilateral.On the other hand, the bilateral segment is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.80 during the forecast period.The treatment-based segments of the global vocal cord paralysis market are voice therapy and surgery.The voice therapy segment is anticipated to record a CAGR of 3.4%, amassing the market value of USD 1,848.7 million by 2023.
Python Vs Matlab programming comparison – CodeAvail Here in this blog, Codeavail experts will explain to you the best programming comparison of Python vs MATLAB.We regularly hear of spirits (and all research groups) that change from Matlab to Python.The clear Python ecosystem has been evolving fast in the past few years, and Python is an appealing alternative, because it’s free, open-source, and growing ever more powerful.This expert blog explains the distinctions between Python vs MATLAB.Python Vs MATLAB (facts)Python Vs Matlab and their ecosystemsPython, by interpretation, is a programming language.The most basic implementation is that in (also known as Python) and is what is often pointed to as “Python”.Apart from the programming language and editor, Python also consists of a large standard library.The concept of Matlab refers to the full package, including the IDE.
Netflix is launching a new mobile feature that gives subscribers the opportunity to get their fill of laughs in for the night without having to watch a whole TV show or movie. Fast Laughs, currently only available for iOS device owners in select countries, looks and feels like TikTok or Instagram Reels. Different short clips — taken from shows like Big Mouth or stand-up specials from comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Ali Wong — play directly within the Netflix app. If one of the shows, films, or specials sparks interest, people can add said title to their saved list to watch later. “We’re always looking for new ways to entertain and make discovery easier for members,” Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix, said,... Continue reading…
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How does having a proper pace make for better B2B marketing? Is there such a thing as an ideal pace when it comes to marketing efforts, and does it matter if you’re in a sprint or an ultra-marathon? Part of proper pacing is recognizing the length of your marketing race and maximizing your efforts to fully take advantage of each mile of the journey, whether its a short one-off campaign or a protracted always-on marathon. Knowing and implementing steady pacing are often-overlooked elements in long-term B2B marketing success, so let’s take a look at five ways they pay off. 1 — Burning The Marketing Candle at Both Ends Will Fizzle Out It’s unfortunately all-too-common for marketers to engage in marketing efforts at an unsustainable pace, leading to burn-out, especially during the pandemic when the boundaries between professional and home life have narrowed or disappeared entirely. Since penning it in 1978, Neil Young’s iconic lyric, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away,” has been co-opted by countless people in all walks of life, including marketers and many in the frenetic technology sector. Our content marketing manager Nick Nelson shared how — from SEO and social to experiences and strategy — in our fast-paced digital world, B2B marketers can gain many benefits from slowing down. You'll find his collection of tips for avoiding burnout in, "In a Fast-Paced Digital World, B2B Marketers Can Benefit from Slowing Down." Marketers who overcook their pace sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains, and often fail to recognize the harm that comes from trying to sustain a pace that is beyond their ability. Operating at a pace that's too fast can take time away from important tasks in B2B marketing, such as getting to know your customers, as we looked at in "Create a Stellar Audience Experience By Slowing Down with These Tips from Ann Handley #CMWorld." [bctt tweet="We live in a fast-paced world. But slowing down our marketing efforts — from experience to strategy to social to SEO — can help brands differentiate and achieve more. @NickNelsonMN" username="toprank"] 2 — Steady Doesn’t Mean Glacial Pace On the other hand, marketers who take too much of a wait-and-see approach, and get bogged down in labyrinths of overtly gratuitous procedures won’t be nimble enough to keep up with necessary changes. Today's marketing world undoubtedly rotates at a faster clip than ever before, so it is important for B2B marketers to keep up with the latest industry news and changes. Our own weekly TopRank Marketing B2B news, published every Friday, and numerous other industry news sources can help you stay on top of the swift marketing shifts our industry experiences, so that you can apply them to your own efforts. If you do find yourself in a marketing marathon, check out my "26.2 B2B Marathon Marketing Lessons" article, which shows that racing a marathon and running a successful marketing campaign have a surprising number of similarities — including 26.2 things they share in common. [bctt tweet="“If the marathon if a part-time interest, you will only get part-time results.” — Bill Rodgers @BillRodgersRACE " username="toprank"] 3 — Don’t Burn Out or Fade Away, Use Always-On Instead What’s a B2B marketer to do, then, to keep from burning out with an unsustainable pace or losing any hope of winning the race using bogged down marketing? When someone says, “Always-on marketing,” what does it mean do you? It might be tempting to immediately relegate such an effort to the destined-for-burnout pacing category, yet in this case always-on doesn’t mean unsustainable. As our CEO Lee Odden has written, always-on influencer marketing is the practice of ongoing relationship-building, engagement and activation of a specified group of influencers to build community, content and brand advocacy. In fact, we've dedicated an entire series to the advantages of always-on marketing: Always On Influence: Definition and Why B2B Brands Need it to Succeed Always-On Influence: 5 Examples of Ongoing B2B Influencer Marketing In Action Always On Influence: Short Term vs. Long Term for Success During a Crisis Always-On Influence: Why B2B Needs Brand Research Always-On Influencer Marketing: Building Thought Leadership for B2B Brands For Successful B2B Marketers The Engine of Influence is Always On #B2BIMReport [bctt tweet="“Continuously listen to your audience and adjust your strategy to better meet their needs.” — Ann Handley @annhandley" username="toprank"] 4 — A Lifetime Network of Trusted Partners & Associates Marketing efforts that move at a healthy pace foster a lifetime network of trusted partners and associates, and provide a wide range of benefits that improve our lives on both a professional and personal level. Marketers operating at a pace they aren't able to sustain often not only produce sub-par work, but don't have the time to develop trusting relationships with a network of marketing industry professionals. B2B marketing especially is about the longer haul, and building and nourishing relationships over time is an important part of success. Proper pacing helps us not only have time to get to know each other over time, but also to learn more about our customers, and to gain empathy for their challenges. Microsoft’s Miri Rodriguez recently shared how empathy, creativity, authenticity, and heart are key to great storytelling, as I covered in "Microsoft’s Miri Rodriguez on How B2B Marketers Are Embracing Empathy For Better Customer Storytelling #B2BMX." Such goals are made possible only when we purposely adjust our pace and dedicate time to building connections and learning about our customers. [bctt tweet="“A long term, relationship focused and results driven influencer program is a tremendous asset to a B2B brand that wants to be trusted, capable of exerting influence in the market and seen as a thought leader.” @LeeOdden" username="toprank"] 5 — Marketing Fitness from Healthy & Sustainable Long-Term Pacing It pays off when B2B marketers practice a type of marketing fitness that is a necessary ingredient to healthy and sustainable long-term pacing. Just as it's possible to gauge the level of our own personal fitness, we can also measure the health of our marketing efforts, by looking at the previous four elements we've explored in this article. Healthy marketing is sustainable for the long-term, and can be achieved when we adjust our professional and personal pacing to match our abilities and goals. Lee has spoken and written extensively about marketing fitness, including the following pieces: B2B Marketing Fitness: 16 B2B Experts Share Top Tips for Optimized Performance #mpb2b Lee Odden Shares His Secret to Content Marketing Fitness #CMWorld Content Marketing Fitness: Are You Ready to Integrate, Optimize and Activate? [bctt tweet="“Healthy marketing is sustainable for the long-term, and can be achieved when we adjust our professional and personal pacing to match our abilities and goals.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis" username="toprank"] Add Precision Pacing To Your B2B Marketing Slate via GIPHY By being mindful of moving too slowly or quickly, B2B marketers can reap the rewards and benefits of a sustainable always-on cadence that includes a lifetime of trusted partners. Add precision pacing to your own marketing slate and you'll find a lifetime of B2B marketing opportunities await you. Creating award-winning B2B marketing takes considerable time and effort, which is why many firms choose to work with a top digital marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing. Contact us today and let us know how we can help, as we’ve done for businesses ranging from LinkedIn, Dell and 3M to Adobe, Oracle, and others. The post 5 Payoffs B2B Marketers Win From Precision Pacing appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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If you are planning to establish a mobile presence for your business or organization, do you want users to download (app) or create a mobile application for a mobile website or perhaps both?Mobile websites and apps are very similar at first glance and decide what suits your needs depend on many factors including the target audience, the available budget, the intended purpose, and the required features.Businesses are already aware of the need to adapt to mobile.With more than 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today, the question is no longer whether you should adapt to products for mobile devices, but how to do it right.Both responsive web applications and native applications have their advantages and disadvantages and it is important to understand them in detail before committing to a particular development path.What do people use more?The use of mobile devices is growing very fast, so every business should be on mobile devices one way or another.Great solutions for mobile apps or responsive web.Although the traffic on mobile‌ is heavy, it is not limited to apps.Apps only work if they are installed and any changes you make require updates.In general, mobile applications are developed for mobile platforms, with iOS and Android being the most popular.
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