Energetic Bear team caught breaking into govt systems, no harm done to Nov 3 elections The FBI and the US government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Thursday issued a joint warning that a Kremlin hacking crew is probing or breaking into systems belonging to the US government and aviation industry.…
Emails purporting to be from the right-wing group Proud Boys were actually sent by Iranian intelligence, according to the FBI.
James Clapper questioned Ratcliffe's suggestion that 'spoofed emails' by Iran were designed to 'damage President Trump' rather than Joe Biden.
From targeted misinformation to manipulated data, these are the cybersecurity concerns election officials worry about most.
Two people told Time that they were approached with the emails, and one said the person making the offer already had a buyer in mind, Trump's allies.
Both countries have obtained voter registration data, which Iran used to send emails to intimidate voters.
Both Russia and Iran have gotten a hold of voter registration data ahead of the 2020 election and may use it to sow chaos, Ratcliffe said.
Gates pleaded guilty to two felonies and testified against his former boss in court. But he struck a different chord in an interview last week.
Hackers are chaining multiple vulnerabilities in VPN software and Windows 10 together to take over government networks.
Approaching 40 years since the CD made its debut, the strange thing about CDs is how they have largely faded from our nostalgic consciousness.
The man, Adam Fox, also appeared to have intentions to incite violence against racial justice protesters earlier this year, BuzzFeed News reported.
Zerologon gives attackers instant access to all-powerful domain controllers.
"I was aware of a lot of the threats being made against me and my family, and I asked for their help. They didn't do anything about it," Whitmer said.
Miller attacked Whitmer during a Fox News appearance after the Michigan governor was critical of the president's behavior toward far-right groups.