at the beginning of 2017 onwards, the entrepreneurs can pay the vat only after you have received the money from the customer, told Finnish entrepreneurs.the Possibility of fee-based value-added tax applies to companies whose turnover does not exceed eur 500 000.the law change will help small entrepreneurs and to contribute to improvement of these liquidity as well as ease the administrative burden.the president of the Republic approved the amendment to the law today.the federation of Finnish Enterprises has driven change for a long time.Today, the sales date to determine the value of the additional tax payment date.
Researchers from Risk Based Security have Shodanned up a Cabcharge database that was running without security.The taxi fee monopoly has lurched into damage control, telling the Sydney Morning Herald it's contacting the 3,400 Cabcharge Fastcard holders whose details were left lying around in public.RBS's post says the database exposed sensitive information of both customers and drivers.While only the last four digits of credit cards were held, the customer's name, pickup, and dropoff locations and times were all in the database.Driver information included name, ABN, taxi ID, terminal ID, and trip logs.The company sent a statement over to the SMH to the effect that the old information didn't put customer payment information at risk, and claiming that the information hadn't been misused.
In case you forgot to mark the date or got distracted by Google's huge keynote today, here's a friendly reminder: the HTC 10 is now available from T-Mobile, right on time.As previously promised, the Uncarrier has a couple of gifts for those who grab one of the new HTC handsets…assuming you do so by May 24 and that supplies don't run out first.Those who grab the HTC 10 from T-Mobile before the aforementioned date will get an HTC Ice View case and an HTC Rapid Charger for free, whereas buying them separately would be $85.Those who get the handset on T-Mobile s monthly device plan will pay $28.34/month for 24 months, as well, on top of a $20 SIM starter kit fee.The handset features a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and the option of expanding the storage up to a huge 2TB.Battery life is substantial at up to 30.4 hours of talk time and nearly 21 days of standby time.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said during the company s annual shareholder meeting Tuesday that it wants to open more physical bookstores and add additional services to Amazon Prime.The e-commerce behemoth has never disclosed the precise amount of subscribers to Amazon Prime, which offers services like free two-day shipping and video/music streaming for a $99 annual fee.TechCrunch has contacted Amazon for more details.Bezos said that Amazon is definitely going to open additional stores, but it hasn t yet decided how many.But even a few brick-and-mortar locations would help Amazon gain a footprint in physical retail which still make up more than 90 percent of total retail sales in the U.S., despite the growth of e-commerce , attract new customers, and collect more data about shopping habits.Other e-commerce businesses that have opened stores for similar reasons include Warby Parker, Birchbox, and Bonobos.
Thanks to the visual social network s growing active user base, major ROI on direct response advertising, an average annual follower growth rate among brands of 100 percent and new advertising formats and capabilities being rolled out regularly, companies are investing heavily in Instagram-based promotion.Let s not forget – it took several solid years for the YouTube economy to gain enough momentum and maturity to get where it is today, with creators able to earn handsomely from sponsors and even share ad revenues with YouTube itself.Then again, if you re an Instagram influencer, then you re probably already aware of some of the opportunities out there that can earn you money, most of which are based on selling sponsored posts to brands.And as a result of this increase in demand, several new marketplaces have launched to match brands with semi-pro photographers.Simply install the free mobile app, upload the images you want to make available, and start seeing your fee tally rise.Best of all, the same photo can be sold an unlimited number of times, so skilled photographers have plenty of earning potential.
It stores data on every ride you take using the service, as well as the ratings that drivers give their passengers.UK residents can file something called a "subject access request" with a company to find out what data is held about them.Please give me details of the source of this data if available.If you need any more information from me, or a fee, please let me know as soon as possible.It may be helpful for you to know that a request for information under the Data Protection Act 1998 should be responded to within 40 days.If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer.Here's what I found:Uber knows where I've beenThe document Uber sent me included the precise locations of where I had requested rides, where each ride began, and where it ended.Five is the best, meaning they were a great driver, and one star means you had a really bad experience.But what you might not realise is that drivers are also encouraged to rate their passengers.I'm not doing that again.Uber stores every email you send itIncluded in the data Uber sent back to me was a record of every support email I've sent the company.Feedback I sent about driversEmails about my request for the dataI've spent over £750 on Uber in less than two yearsThe PDF file that Uber sent me meant that many of the figures weren't readable.
Photo: ReutersChinese internet giant Tencent Holdings saw net profit rise 33 per cent in the first quarter to 9.2 billion yuan HK$10.9 billion , but China s slowing economy may take its toll on the firm s online advertising revenue.In the past it took two meetings to nail down a certain amount of contract.The monthly number of people using WeChat rose 39 per cent year-on-year in the period to 762 million.In March the company introduced a 0.5 per cent transaction fee for users taking money out of the WeChat wallet, the app s popular online payment function that rivals Alibaba s Alipay.This relatively young business is still at an early, fast-growing.Chief strategy officer James Mitchell said the online video landscape is getting extremely competitive with new market entrants like LeTV.
Conversely, 74 percent of all companies kokonaiserokorvaus is greater than the sum of the equivalent of 12 months' salary. Old leader of contracts Sipilä government obviously can not intervene, but in future the above-mentioned companies with the boss is going to be weaker than their predecessors dismissal. Outokumpu fuss has been onkeen new CEO at. Central Chamber of Commerce held its report to the CEOs of listed companies a fee. According to the survey of listed companies, CEOs wage is ice. Central Chamber of Commerce is right in saying that poor or mediocre performance do not like to pay high fees.
ParkmercedUber has announced a partnership with Parkmerced, an expanding townhome and apartment complex adjacent to San Francisco State University, which gives new residents who don't have cars a monthly $100 stipend as a way to encourage car-free living.Residents must use at least $30 of the subsidy toward Uber rides, and they ll pay a flat fee of $5 to travel from the residence to the nearby BART and MUNI stops.The remaining $70 will be auto-loaded to a Clipper Card, which can be used on nearly all of the Bay Area s transit systems.The subsidy will last for the duration of the lease, up to two years.The immediate benefits to residents will be to decrease or eliminate the need for private car ownership, facilitate a more efficient commute, reduce transportation costs, and minimize the need for parking, Rob Rosania, founder of Maximus Real Estate Partners, the developer of Parkmerced, said in a statement.US Census records show that the average household income in this zip code is over $90,000 per year.
The flourishing online shopping industry is fostering the need for business owners to facilitate easier and more varied payment methods to cater to their growing range of customers, as evidenced by the following statistics: Data from Statista suggests that in 2015, the number of online shoppers in the U.S. reached 205 million, with figures projected to reach 224 million in 2019.From $231 billion in 2012, Forrester Research predicts that U.S. online retail sales volume will steadily increase to $370 billion in 2017.In a study enumerating the payment methods most popular with E-commerce customers, debit card preference topped the list at 43 percent, credit card preference followed at 35 percent, while PayPal and other online wallets trailed behind at three percent.So if you re in the market for payment tools to try, here s a list of payment processing applications to consider: Related Article: Payments Suck: Breaking Down the Current Landscape of Payment Processing1.Dwolla Founded in Iowa in 2008, money transfer services company Dwolla launched in the U.S. in 2010, effectively positioning itself as an alternative to then payments processing giant PayPal.Opening an account with Dwolla is free, and it lets you avail of their money transfer services for one-time, recurring, and even mass payments.For faster, next-day money transfers and other features, users will have to pay a flat monthly fee that starts at $25 per month, instead of per-transaction fees.Established in 2008, from being mainly used for money-pooling, donation initiatives, WePay pivoted to focus on lending its intuitive, user-friendly payments processing platform to businesses.Venmo Venmo is a PayPal-owned payment processing service that allows you to request for, send to, and receive money from other Venmo users.
One of two things will happen as you scroll through these images: either you will reel at the sight of a classic muscle car in such an outlandish bluish-purple burple color, or you ll fall in love with those bold, sensual lines all over again in a new, gorgeous context.While the gray Shelby was headed to a German customer, this one is headed a bit further East, to a Sheikh in Saudi Arabia.Although the owner may well own faster, lighter, lower, and more expensive cars, but it doesn t get much more unique than a 1967 Burple Stang.Specific upgrades include Wilwood six-piston front and rear brakes, a VaporWorx fuel pump, Magnaflow exhaust, Rod and Custom suspension system, 225 front and 315 rear BFG Rival tires, and Carroll Shelby Signature seats and gauges.All told, there are thousands of dollars of modifications, but almost all of them are below the surface, maintaining the car s classic curb appeal.Like the other Shelby we shared, the final price paid for this custom project wasn t disclosed, but we do know that Classic Recreations charges a starting fee of $219,000 for your own rolling piece of history.
Ransomware that holds your computer hostage until a fee has been paid to unlock it is pretty evil as far as nefarious code goes.Apparently, the group behind the TeslaCrypt ransomware came to that same conclusion as they ve shut down the project and released the master decryption key.As Bleeping Computer explains, an analyst at security firm ESET noticed over the past few weeks that the developers of TeslaCrypt had slowly been closing their doors.Simultaneously, some distributors have been moving their operations to a different type of ransomware.On a whim, the ESET analyst hopped on the support chat of the Tesla payment site and asked if they would release the master decryption key.That of course doesn t make it right but the fact that they ultimately published the key and closed their operation does speak to their underlying character.
On Wednesday, before the stock market opened in New York, Goldman Sachs analyst Patrick Archambault upgraded shares of Tesla.Archambault put a "Buy" rating and a $250 a share price target on the stock because of what he sees as the market's failure to "fully capture the company's disruptive potential."On Wednesday, after the market closed in New York, Tesla said it would sell $2 billion worth of stock, $1.4 billion of which would be issued by the company.Tesla CEO Elon Musk would sell $600 million worth of stock to meet a tax obligation related to his buying even more Tesla stock."This would, however, be a breach of what the banks call a "Chinese Wall," or a separation of various divisions that could come into conflict one another.Research and investment banking are examples of divisions that could create a conflict of interest and between which there exists said wall — meaning that research analysts don't know who investment banks are doing deals with and investment banks don't know what analysts think of companies outside of published research.In an email to Business Insider, Goldman Sachs said: "Our Research is independent.As a result, investors buy.This report is delivered just as Goldman's sales force is about to hit the phones to push $1.4 billion of those very shares for a nice fat fee for Goldman and a dilutive hit to the shareholders.So then there are investors who, based on Archambault's note, bought the shares in the morning only to learn by that afternoon that Goldman would have a hand in diluting their newly acquired ownership stake.And the popular view says Goldman knew this was going to happen the whole time.There's an additional potentially uglier mess if you also think Goldman clients were told by Goldman sales-trader types not to buy the stock on the upgrade: What did they know, and so on.But analysts aren't really the problem hereA big problem here is that Goldman can't save itself from itself.Publishing a positive opinion on a company Goldman was about to do investment-banking business with — in order to secure more fees from said business — is a very public hill to die on.The firm can't have some sort of compliance middleman stop the publishing of Archambault's note without the Chinese Wall effectively coming down.Here's the conversation you can't have:Patrick, you can't publish that note upgrading Tesla until after the market close on Wednesday.Why?You just can't.Obviously, at this point, Archambault would know something is up, and considering everyone knew Tesla was going to tap the capital markets to raise cash — Elon Musk said as much on the company's most recent earnings call — Archambault would know it was this thing.And since his note deals extensively with Tesla's likely capital needs going forward — Archambault estimated Tesla needed to raise $1 billion, about $400 million less than the company tapped the market for — the whole piece of work is compromised.But I guess to my mind this all just seems like something that ought to be avoided, right?We're about five years past Occupy Wall Street and almost eight years past the collapse of Lehman Brothers.NOW WATCH: THE STORY OF GOLDMAN SACHS: From foot peddlers to a powerhouseLoading video...
What that means is that all of the content from the first five expansions – The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor – has effectively been folded into the main game.World of Warcraft retails for $19.99 but you ll also need to factor in the cost of the monthly subscription.Individually, you ll pay $14.99 per month but that fee can be lowered to $13.99 each month if you purchase three months in advance $41.97 billed every three months or $12.99 monthly for a six-month subscription $77.94 billed twice a year .Legendary Pictures Warcraft movie is set to hit theaters on June 10.The next major expansion, Legion, will be released on August 30 and Blizzard is currently accepting pre-purchases.Legion will raise the game s level cap to 110 and introduce a new continent called The Broken Isles.
The move is being touted merely because the recent government review of the BBC encouraged the ancient British public broadcasters to produce an Subscription Video on Demand SVoD service.If the BBC makes too much money from outside the licence fee, it will get less public money voted to it in its next review, making it a zero sum game.The man who conducted the government review of the BBC s funding for the next 11 years, Culture secretary John Whittingdale, would love to hear that the BBC has managed to get an SVoD service off the ground, because then he could insist on cuts.The BBC s income is around $7.75bn with $5.7bn collected from householders and $1.57bn from the BBC s commercial businesses plus a few government grants and some DVD and DVD rental and royalties collections from overseas broadcasts and online services.This move will make the BBC far more money than an SVoD service.And that is purely going to be the Global iPlayer changed into a US iPlayer for a few dollars of monthly subscriptions.
Invalid product key scam on the upCybercrooks have put together a new scam that falls halfway between ransomware and old school browser lockup ruses.Jérôme Segura, a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, said tech support lockers" represent a class of malware more advanced than browser locks and fake anti-virus alerts of the pre-ransomware past.Victims are told that their problems can be resolved, for a fat fee of $250, Malwarebytes discovered.Miscreants have already begun to flog these types of lockers on Facebook, a sign that scams of this type have reached script kiddie level and are therefore likely to become commonplace in future.There is an entire ecosystem to distribute these tech support lockers, which includes bundling them into affiliate Pay Per Install applications, Segura concludes.Bot-noteA keyboard combination to disable the tech support locker malware by holding Ctrl Shift while pressing the S key, was discovered by TheWack0lian.
The smartphone boom upended Google s advertising profit engine and it took years for the Internet giant to adjust to the new mobile world.What is less clear is how Google will make money from this.Google s main AdWords search advertising business generates more than $40 billion a year in highly profitable revenue from text-based ads that pop up alongside search results shown on personal computer and smartphone screens.When results are delivered by the company s AI-powered assistant, the existing ad business won t work.They are dead," said Carlos Kirjner, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.Despite decades of research and a larger focus in the last four years, the company is still grappling with "big unsolved" problems of computer science, like understanding language and dialog, Giannandrea said.As the very concept of the "device" fades away, the company must find new ways to make money from a business that is becoming increasingly invisible.
Some people are under the impression that if they want to buy a $25,000 car, instead of paying $1750 to evil New Jersey, they can just drive over the state line and pay $937 to Delaware.Since the buyer is a Jersey resident, his or her home state still is going to want a cut of that sale.Keep in mind the dealership pays people to deal process this paperwork; these are nice people with bills to pay too.However, some stores will give you a big enough discount off the price of the car to offset it.High-end and specialty cars have to be put on a truck to be moved long distances, the trucking company is going to charge the dealer and they will pass that cost on to you.It s your money and you should question charges you aren t sure about, but when comparing the best deal focus more on the total cost rather than the details.
In the end you might find you prefer using them to the more well-known alternatives.You will have to stump up some money for Poweramp but you can use the 15-day trial version to see if the app is really for you.$1.99, iOS JukeboxJukebox isn t a standalone music player in and of itself but it does turn Dropbox into one, slurping up all the tracks you ve stored in your cloud locker and letting you browse through them by artist, album and so on... just like any regular music player would.Obviously the appeal will be limited to those who ve got a ton of music stored in their Dropbox account, but Jukebox looks sleek and stylish, and new features are being added at an impressive rate.The entry fee is a little steep but it s worth it for the quality you get, both in terms of features and audio fidelity.$5.99, iOS DoubleTwistDoubleTwist has all kinds of strings to its bow, with support for music, video, podcasts, and online radio baked right into the app.
Do you love music and also saving money?And if you share the subscription fee with just one other person, you ll already save a few bucks every month.If you share it with five, you ll each be paying less than $3 a month for streaming music.But as we ve said so before, Spotify is not perfect, but all things considered, it is simply the best streaming music service.Heck, if you ve got a group of six ready to throw down, you could just sign up for all three streaming services and still pay less than $10 a month per person.Do use the money you re saving and buy concert tickets, though.