As much as 29,400 gallons of oil spilled and flowed a quarter- to half-mile from the spill, fire authorities said.Scott Quirarte.Initial projections that up to 210,000 gallons may have spilled were later reduced.Quirarte said the spill was reported in a 911 call from a resident at 5:35 a.m.Resident Kirk Atwater, 56, said he called 911 after smelling and hearing the flowing crude.The spill came 13 months after more than 120,000 gallons of oil spilled on the coast of neighboring Santa Barbara County.The report was issued just two days after Plains was indicted in Santa Barbara County Superior Court on 46 criminal counts, including four felonies of polluting state waters and three dozen misdemeanors of harming wildlife.
According to Margevicius, the department had the idea for the hydrant rigs following the success of its water buggy —a mobile water station with eight spigots—during the Cavaliers Championship Parade in June.Milo Yiannopoulos speaks in Cleveland on July 18, 2016.Republican Convention Diary: Riot Gear and Hugs in ClevelandOur Transporter Drives Uber at the Republican ConventionHow Cleveland s New Park Will Define Resistance at the RNCHe went on to illustrate the point by saying that transgender people have a brain disease; that it s perfectly rational to be terrified of Islamic people; and that the left is a cancer that you need to eradicate.
News: promises to deliver driverless vans two years before BMW and Ford.BMW and Ford may be beaten to the driverless punch by UK autonomous driving start-up, which plans to deliver fully autonomous vehicles by claims to have the technological edge over competitors by using sophisticated machine-learning that will help with the vehicles understanding of its surroundings, as opposed to early approaches which rely on 3D maps and localisation.The latter approach is currently being tested by Ford and Google.Speaking to Quartz about s approach, Alex Flamant, an associate at Notion Capital, an investor in the startup, said: They will have an ability not to rely on existing 3D models.There are a lot of incumbents not targeting this strategy because it s not low-hanging fruit.
Google, Facebook, Twitter and Disney were among the companies that asked outrageously difficult questions in job interviews, including one that required extensive knowledge about fire hydrants, according to a survey released Thursday by Glassdoor.entertainment giant Disney asked a job applicant in 2016.The opening at Disney Interactive Studios wasn t for a job as a paramedic or public safety worker at the subsidiary of the Happiest Place on Earth.It was for a job as a software engineer with the Magic Kingdom.Disney s interrogatory made the list of the 27 toughest job interview questions that job applicants encountered last year, according to Glassdoor, a Mill Valley-based website that allows current and former employees to share, anonymously, reviews and insights about companies where they work or used to be employed.During today s tough interview process, almost any question can be thrown your way, so you need to be prepared for anything, Glassdoor said as part of its annual report.Burbank-based Disney s question was deemed the second-toughest.How do you explain a vending machine to someone who hasn t seen or used one before?The opening wasn t for the maintenance or logistics team, it was for a global data analyst job.Mountain View-based Google s tough question had the merit of appearing to be relevant to the job.
Odessa, Texas has been featured in pop culture landmarks like No Country For Old Men as the quintessential middle of nowhere town.It’s so isolated that when an estimated 100,000 tires caught fire on Sunday, the closest fire hydrant was about four miles away.That means that a lot of toxic smoke filled the air and there was plenty of time to shoot some jaw-dropping drone footage.It was way beyond our means to put it out last night,” West Odessa Volunteer Fire Chief Jimmy Ellis told a local news outlet on Monday.Because of the lack of fire hydrants, local firefighters found themselves in a losing cycle of bringing in fire trucks, spraying their water resources and going back for more.When they returned, the fire had just grown larger.
Mario has gotten up to some weird shenanigans in his 30 year existence.He's been a doctor, Olympic athlete and graffiti removal expert, but none of those dalliances will ever rival the sheer madness of Super Mario Odyssey.In this all-new adventure your favourite plumber can be a flagpole, a fire hydrant and a dinosaur.And that's just what we've seen so far of this Switch game’s delirious charms.An open world platformer that's every bit as ambitious as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we really can't wait to play it in full when it hits stores in just a few months time.Not got a Switch yet?
This century’s riches of genetic and chemical data seem like it should have sped up research, but so far, the drug pipeline is more faucet than fire hydrant.They’re partnering with nine pharmaceutical companies and labs at six universities, including Oxford, the University of Toronto, and UNC Chapel Hill.They’re pledging to share everything with each other—drug wish lists, results in open access journals, and experimental samples—hoping to speed up the long, expensive drug design process for tough diseases like Huntington’s.After slipping the cells a DNA vector that directed them to produce huntingtin, Rachel purified and stabilized the protein—and once it hangs out in a deep freezer for a while, she’ll map it with an electron microscope at Oxford.Harding’s approach deviates from the norm in one major way: She doesn’t wait to publish a paper before sharing her results.Given a certain protein, he develops a way to measure its activity in cells, and then tests it against chemicals from pharmaceutical companies’ compound libraries, full of thousands of potential drug molecules.
In my 25 years as a branding consultant, I've seen companies make major branding mistakes, some real doozies.One company wanted to tout itself as the most innovative, even though it spent zero dollars on research and development.Many other companies make all-too-common--subtle yet avoidable--mistakes that sap the value right out of their brands.But investing in training and infrastructure to improve service will enable you to market your great service and still look yourself in the mirror As more information about companies and products is available online, a great company and product are your brand's only defense.Establish trust with your customers, and you can breathe a lot easier when the newest competitor undercuts your price.Then make sure your lobby looks awesome and has wow power.
On October 19th 2017, I handed in my new book, How To Be Human: The Manual, to the publishers at Penguin.The agony of writing a book is not dissimilar to having a baby.When I was writing while I was on tour I'd spread out my books and notes and turn that seat into an office as soon as I got on the train.They'd all move away so I had an empty four seats and table even during rush hour.I could look up and notice the odd cow whenever I needed a rest.I'd often arrive at the theatres still writing up to walking onto the stage.
Red, yellow, violet— fire hydrants come in many different colors.These colors have an important meaning that could just save your life one day.Following is a transcript of the video.Certain colors are meant for different types of fires.Each color represents a different GPM or Gallons Per Minute.Here are the 4 most popular colors, and the biggest fires they can extinguish.
Next to it is a bag of balls -- still not real.I point my glasses at another nearby bull's-eye, click the button and watch as digital flames flicker to life within the fireplace.Think of the way Pokemon Go's pocket monsters appear on your phone sitting on top of a real-world fire hydrant, or the way you canplace digital IKEA furniture in your own living room.But this demo, set up by engineers from Ericsson for the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, was more than just about AR.The point of the experiment was to illustrate the idea that much of the processing power to make such an AR experience work could be offloaded from the smartglasses to another piece of hardware through a speedy 5G connection.Smart glasses were once billed as a new wearable trend with the debut of Google Glass, but consumers rejected them as unwieldy and ugly.
It’s not hard to find an inexpensive phone that’s both gorgeous and admirably kitted out for $300 or less.Two of our favorites for 2018 are the Nokia 6.1 and Moto G6, and they’re both similarly priced.If you want to see more camera comparisons, check out our smartphone camera shootout series.The Moto G6 is Motorola’s first G-series phone to feature a dual camera setup.There’s a dual-LED dual-tone flash as well.HMD Global, the company licensing the Nokia brand, decided to stick with a single lens setup on the Nokia 6.1.
From previously announced games coming in the Fall and winter of this year to never-before-announced titles scheduled for 2019, there was so much content shown that it was hard for anyone to keep up.We got a preview of some gameplay showing off her moves which include shooting off confetti poppers, smacking opponents around with poms-poms, summoning a fire hydrant rocket, and floating around on a bench attached to two bunny-head shaped balloons.Following that announcement, Tom Nook stole the show and Nintendo revealed the big news.Presently, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a working title coming in 2019 with no release date.If only one person owns the game, friends can still play boss battles in the gallery using download play.Five features were announced with the Nintendo Online Membership that include Online play, a growing NES games library with online multiplayer, a save data cloud that automatically uploads your game data online, a smartphone app that pairs up with certain games, and special offers we’ll find out more about in the future.
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I don't normally cover scanners on CNET but this one scans cars, so it's pretty interesting.Originally founded to scan the undersides of cars for threats like bombs, Israeli startup UVeye wants to bring that tech to an everyday audience.To scan a car, a flat, ground-mounted module looks up at the bottom of the car with three high-res cameras and over a dozen calibrated LED lights.As the car rolls past, a 3D image is built and processed with proprietary image-recognition software.It claims to spot any anomalies under the car, ranging from damaged areas to missing parts or leaks.UVeye says a key part of its technology is the combination of machine learning paired with stock data about cars, which allows it to quickly identify what's normal and what isn't.
Mike Chen, a portfolio manager at PanAgora Asset Management, said firms are struggling to find value in alternative data because of their approach.Instead of trying out a variety of data feeds, Chen said firms should first develop a specific investment question they'd like to solve.Wall Street investors have recently voiced frustration over generating substantial returns using alternative data in their trading strategies.Like trying to drink water straight from a fire hydrant, investors are having difficulty sifting through the massive amounts of alternative data providers to find insight that can quench their thirst for big returns.Chen, who is a portfolio manager at $43 billion PanAgora Asset Management, told Business Insider too often firms are willing to test out different data sets without any sense of direction.What is the technique that you should use?
This week, the Democrats and President Trump are talking about a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, a number in line with American Society of Civil Engineers' estimates for infrastructure needs, but it isn't clear where the money will come from or if a bipartisan plan will actually move forward.We need good new ideas to make the most of whatever money is approved by the federal government or local governments.New technologies are threatening jobs, but they also offer the possibility of completing projects we otherwise couldn't afford, minimizing disruption, improving safety, and optimizing systems in ways humans working alone could not.In Minnesota, spider-like bridge-inspection drones crawl along high abutments and into narrow gaps while hovering drones inspect the undersides of bridge decks.In Saudi Arabia and Mexico, water pipe inspection robots are inserted in one fire hydrant, carried by the water flow and captured with a net at another fire hydrant down the line, reporting the locations of leaks a tenth to a third the size old methods could find.In Oslo, Norway, submarine drones are mapping the landscape of underwater garbage: old tires and toys, plastic bags and the carcasses of abandoned cars, so boats with cranes and human divers can be deployed to clean up the fjords.
While the unconditional love they give back may be all your favorite dog mom really needs, it would be nice to give her a present too -- even better if it's themed around her favorite thing (dogs, of course).Not us, so here's another round of perfect gifts for dog lovers, whoever they may be.All featured products are curated independently by Chowhound editors.Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription: $13.99/monthIf you know a dog mom who loves coffee almost as much as she loves corgis, get her a coffee subscription from the wonderfully named Grounds & Hounds -- they sell fair trade, organic, specialty coffees (and other coffee-related products) and donate 20 percent of profits to support rescue organizations that help dogs who are between homes.Now Designs Basic Cotton Kitchen Chef's Apron in Dog Days: $18.85
But as with a homicide investigation, geologists also have to consider natural causes.A new study led by the University of Oxford’s Karsten Haustein takes a look at the influence of natural causes on the temperatures of the last century.While natural variability inherent to the climate system was thought to play a role in some features of our temperature record, the new results suggest that the record is dominated by external forces—though some of those are natural, too.That ’70s myth—did climate science really call for a “coming ice age?”It’s well-established that human activities are the dominant cause of recent climate change.Why, for example, did global temperatures drop for a time after World War II before resuming their upward ascent in the late 1970s?