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Markets regulator Sebi today cancelled the certificate of registration of Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd as a sub-broker citing its failure to fulfill the 'fit and proper' criteria
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GolfGloves with grip are important to have, if you are a true golf fan.However, buying them is not easy because the market is full of cheap imitations and fakes.So how do you know which ones are good and which ones are bad?There are two types of grips that golfers employ, the interlocking grip and the ten-finger grip.The shaft of the gloves should be stiff yet flexible.They can help improve your grip strength as well.
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The primary objective of these processes is to generate water fit for a specific purpose.For instance; in industries, a proper water treatment program is essential to protect the boiler and  steam system from corrosion and thereby to save the high maintenance costs, improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and to minimize the consecutive use of treatment chemicals and the total cost of plant ownership and thus to maximize the productivity.Growing ecological concerns are pointing towards the depleting water reservoirs worldwide, further promoting the need to use the remaining reserves wisely and smartly.Simultaneously, growing industrialization is promoting the extensive use of these chemicals globally, further presaging the galvanizing growth the market is poised to witness in the immediate future.Analyzing the factors substantiating the market growth and the extent the market will expand up to, Market Research Future (MRFR) published a study report giving the insights to 2022.Growing population along with growing industrialization and urbanization worldwide, is presaging the growing demand for food, water, and electricity.Environmental changes such as the global warming are indicating the need to use the remaining water resources wisely, demanding more & more investments in the wastewater & water treatment industry.The huge demand for these chemicals from the end-user industries such as food & beverage, municipal water treatment, energy, and oil & gas, among others are in turn, generating a huge demand for these chemicals, defining the market landscape for water treatment chemicals in the years to come.On the other hand, factors such as increasing prices of these chemicals, volatility of supply & cost of feedstock required in the manufacturing of these chemicals are expected to obstruct the market growth considerably.Also, the increasing number of counterfeit treatment technologies are impeding the market growth.Access Report @ Water Treatment Chemicals Market – SegmentationThe MRFR analysis is segmented into three key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding;By Types              : Scale Inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, Biocides & Disinfectant, Anti-foaming agents and Chelating agents, among others.By Applications   : Food & Beverage, Municipal Water Treatment, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas, among others.By Regions :  North America, Europe, APAC, and Rest-of-the-World.Water Treatment Chemicals Market - Regional AnalysisThe Asia Pacific region accounts for the leading market for water treatment chemicals mainly due to the ample availability of feedstock, and cost-combative labor force.Factors substantiating the market growth include the presence of well-established end-use industries and rising expenditures on R and innovation in the countries like the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy.Evidently, the resurging economy in the region is a key driving force for the market growth which is invariably increasing the consumer spending, improving their purchasing power.
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03rd Mar 2021 - With reference to the statement published by the specialists the scope of the global Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals Market was projected at US$ 13.11 billion in 2017.Decreasing obtainability of fresh and fit to drink water, mainly in Middle East & Africa along with Asia Pacific, is expected to boost necessity to treat wastewater during the period of forecast, which in turn will boost up the demand for industrial water treatment chemicals.The maximum frequently utilized chemicals are iron, chlorine dioxide, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum, chlorine and algicide.The chemicals of water treatment comprising above stated products are utilized in contaminated seawater, rivers and wastewater discharges, so as to make the source harmless for humanoid drinking.Access Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals Market Report with TOC @ as the outcome of growing industrialized accomplishments, speedy urbanization and rising financial growth the demand for water is increasing constantly.The four elementary procedures comprises the purification, treatment of wastewater effluent, cooling treatment and boiler treatment.In the U.S.A, demand for freshwater is expected to upsurge due to altering type of weather, alterations in the generation of energy, usage of land and increasing humanoid populace.The freshwater is majorly utilized within the country for irrigation, livestock, in aquaculture, also for cooling of electric power plant, industrialized and metropolitan usages.Due to the unpredictable rain fall within the regions of Africa, Asia Pacific and Central & South America, there is low per head availability of freshwater for human ingestion.Growing industrialized productivity in the sector of power generation and decreasing water footmark by way of recycle are expected to motivate the global industrial water treatment chemicals industry.Companies:Some of the important companies for industrial water treatment chemicals market are: BASF SE, Suez S.A., Kemira Oyj, Solvay S.A., Buck man Laboratories International Inc., The Dow Chemical Company, Ecolab Incorporated, Snf Floerger, So lenis LLC, AkzoNobel N.V., Cortec Corporation and BWA Water Additives.Classification:Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals Application Outlook (Volume, Kilotons; Revenue, USD Million, 2014 - 2025)Raw Water TreatmentWater DesalinationCooling & BoilersEffluent Water TreatmentOthersRequest a Sample Copy of Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals Market Report @ Lookout:By Region the global industrial water treatment chemicals market can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.
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Chinese regulators imposed a RMB 6.5 million (around $1 million) fine on the five biggest community group-buy platforms for irregular pricing.
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People with asthma have been left angry and confused by the government’s decision not to prioritise all asthmatics for the vaccine, meaning they’ll have their jabs later than originally thought.Those with asthma have been deemed clinically vulnerable throughout the pandemic – people are at a higher risk of Covid if they have “a lung condition that’s not severe (such as asthma, COPD, emphysema or bronchitis)”, the NHS website states. Those with severe asthma are deemed clinically extremely vulnerable.  But many with moderate asthma are disappointed they won’t get the vaccine until their age group is called up. The hashtag #AsthmaticsAtRisk has gained traction on social media, with hundreds of people sharing their stories of struggling to breathe, but not being considered vulnerable enough for the jab.Angela Stapleford, 46, from Dumfries in Scotland, was diagnosed with asthma in her mid-30s. She had attacks that left her with shortness of breath between coughing fits and now carries her reliever inhaler with her everywhere. She will not be prioritised for the vaccine.When she found out, she was shocked and confused. “It felt like the light at the end of the tunnel that had been slowly growing had been pushed further back and had become only a tiny point of light overnight,” she tells HuffPost UK.“Being in the clinically vulnerable category has led me to turn down work in a public environment. It made me feel anxious about going out in public spaces even when restrictions were lowered.”It was previously thought people with severe asthma would be in priority group four as they are “clinically extremely vulnerable individuals” and the remainder of people with asthma would be in priority group six which described “all individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality”.All the people HuffPost UK spoke to believed all asthmatics using inhalers, or those eligible for the free flu vaccine, would be in group six. This belief was held by doctors, too. Dr Neil Bhatia, a GP in Hampshire, told The BMJ he had assumed those who regularly received a flu vaccination because of their asthma would be offered the jab.However, this is not the case. While those with severe asthma, who would’ve been sent a shielding letter, remain in priority group four – the national medical director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Powis, explained “that’s those who require regular hospital admission or who take steroid tablets for asthma” – those who’ve had an emergency hospital admission for their asthma, or have been prescribed three courses of steroid tablets in a three-month period, fall into priority group six. And anyone with asthma who does not fall into either of these groups, and is under the age of 50, will be vaccinated after the first nine priority groups. In Scotland, the eligibility is slightly different: those who have a recorded hospital admission because of asthma, or have had three prescriptions of oral prednisolone in the last six months – or 168 tablets in the last six months if they use the Chronic Medication Service – are included in group six.Eligibility for the vaccine is based on advice from experts on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), whose aim is to prevent as many deaths from Covid-19 as possible.It’s this shift away from the narrative that all people with asthma are at risk – to now just some people being at risk – that is causing a lot of confusion.All the people with asthma that HuffPost UK spoke to don’t fall into either of the vaccine priority groups because they don’t fit the criteria detailed above. However, they still struggle with asthma attacks and have “waves” where they’ll struggle to breathe. Many of them are frightened and anxious to go about normal life after being told for so long that they’re at higher risk.Megan Jane Lillie, 27, from Teesside, has lived with asthma since she was two. “All this time, we’ve been told that we’re more at risk due to our condition,” she says. “When the priority list came to light, severe asthmatics were in group four and the remaining in group six. I feel somewhat robbed.”Lillie can go months, sometimes even years, with her asthma being well controlled. But there are times when the condition – which affects 5.4 million people in the UK – can leave her gasping for air. One episode a few years ago left her crawling into her parents’ room because she couldn’t breathe. “I don’t think people understand the full impact asthma can have on you,” she says.The priority list confusion has caused a lot of anxiety for Lillie, who has heard nothing from her GP and is now in a state of limbo. “I rang my local hospital switchboard and they told me to wait until I get my letter. I have my yearly asthma review this week, so I’m hoping to get some further clarity.“I feel completely lost. I feel like nobody is acknowledging this.” I feel completely lost. I feel like nobody is acknowledging this.Megan Jane Lillie, 27, from TeessideKarishma Champaneria, 26, from Leicestershire, is particularly concerned about the consequences of catching Covid-19 as she’s also from an ethnic minority – another high risk group.One study found adults with asthma specifically from Black and South Asian groups are at an increased risk of hospital admission for Covid.Like Lillie, she has also lived with asthma her entire life and always carries a blue inhaler. “I feel like asthmatics are being discriminated against,” says Champaneria. “It’s worrying, especially as I’m from an ethnic minority.”The 26-year-old was led to believe she’d be having the vaccine in the next few weeks, however now it’s looking like she won’t be vaccinated until July because of her age, with the second dose in flu season – another worry in itself. Even medical professionals don’t appear clear on the guidelines. Sarah, from Lancashire, says her GP initially refused to place her in priority group six, despite the fact she was hospitalised with pneumonia and severe asthma five years ago, which led to her being placed on steroid medication for six months.“I was disappointed and surprised I wasn’t being placed in the group by my GP,” the 33-year-old, who preferred not to share her surname, tells HuffPost UK. “I quoted the criteria from the JVCI and within an hour they U-turned their decision. I’m due my vaccine a week today.”The science that directed the JCVI’s decision to not include millions of asthmatics on the priority list is also being questioned. It’s thought the JCVI used the findings of a study, published in the BMJ, that concluded those with asthma were no more likely to die from Covid than those without asthma. The study looked at more than six million patient records during the spring and summer of 2020, of which 13% had a diagnosis of asthma. They tracked whether people got Covid and what their outcomes were.On February 15, Prof Powis, from NHS England, said: “The good news is that mild asthma, inhaler-treated asthma, doesn’t carry that increased risk for coronavirus, so in fact that’s a good news story for mild asthma sufferers that evidence has shown that the risk is not there for them.”But there is also evidence that shows people with asthma could be at risk of hospitalisation or long-term side effects of Covid, suggests Asthma UK.Another study suggests women with asthma might represent a susceptible sub-group for severe Covid-19 requiring hospitalisation. Roughly 37-53% of all individuals hospitalised with SARS-CoV-2 are women. However, when you factor asthma into the mix, 56-71% of patients with asthma hospitalised for Covid-19 were women, the study found. “It may not necessarily come out that asthmatics are more at risk from death, but certainly we are at increased risk of long Covid complications,” says Sarah. “We’re offered a flu vaccine due to being vulnerable, yet with Covid, which is also a virus that attacks the lungs, we’re told we are no more at risk than a healthy individual.”The long-term health implications of having Covid and asthma shouldn’t be ignored. Gemma Gedling, 25, from Surrey, believes she came down with Covid-19 last year before testing was widely available and says it “knocked her sideways” for six months. The 25-year-old, who has had asthma since she was five, says it’s “terrifying” being on the NHS’s clinically vulnerable list for Covid, but not being prioritised for the vaccine.“The idea of lockdown starting to lift from March 8 indicates I’m going to need to continue self-shielding wherever possible, because I’m too scared to go out into the general population right now unless absolutely necessary,” she says.Some, like Gedling, are relying on the discretion of their doctors to get them fast-tracked for the vaccine, meaning it’s turning into a bit of a postcode lottery that depends on whether GPs are willing to put them forward. This, in itself, might depend on whether there’s enough vaccine supply in the area.Asthma UK – and many asthmatics – are calling on the UK government and governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to prioritise everyone with asthma for the next wave of the vaccine rollout. Sarah Woolnough, the charity’s chief executive, said: “The decision not to prioritise all people with asthma, who are not already in group four and six, ignores the evidence that they are more at risk of going to hospital with Covid and more at risk from long Covid. “There are thousands of people with asthma who will rightly feel anxious, angry and ignored by government. We have been urging the government to ensure everyone with asthma is prioritised in the next vaccine roll out and more than 18,000 people with asthma have signed our petition in support of this.”HuffPost UK understands that adults with mild asthma who do not meet the inclusion criteria will not be included within JCVI priority group six. But asthmatics don’t want to have to wait until their age group is called up before having the vaccine – compared to their peers who do not live asthma. Stapleford, who spent years working with consultants to control her symptoms, says her attacks are under control – but she’ll still get breathless and wheezy. Being in her 40s, she should get the vaccine after the nine priority groups. “I feel slightly relieved,” she says, “but this doesn’t stop me from worrying about younger people with asthma who will have a long wait while still being clinically vulnerable.”Related...Under-50s Will Be Vaccinated Based On Age Not Occupation7 Types Of Chest Pain You Should Never IgnoreWhat People With Diabetes Need To Know About Covid-19 RiskNew Vaccine Passes Could Be Coming. Here’s How They Might Work
My father’s estate was settled during the Covid-19 pandemic, not long before police killed George Floyd. My dad wasn’t among the economic elite but for many racial justice protestors, that might be splitting hairs. Along with some money, there was a rambling house in East Hampton with a heated pool in which my kids learned to swim. My wife and I thought to put most of the inheritance aside for our children’s (and fingers crossed, grandchildren’s) education and down payments on future homes, the kinds of things my father ― a generous caretaker who grew up poor during the Depression ― did for my brother and me.“No,” my kids pushed back. “Just give it away.”The pandemic and racial justice uprising that took place last year make for a strange time for parenting and a stranger time still to receive an inheritance. On the one hand, the pull to protect one’s own tugs hard. Harder than I’d imagined. On the other hand, glaring inequalities in health care and powerful calls for racial justice make that instinct a little out of touch. My kids had to shout before we heard, “We’re fine. We’re swimming in privilege we did nothing to deserve and that we received based on the colour of our skin.”  My wife and I work in community service. We’ve tried to raise the kids with generous, civic-minded values. We were Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) supporters and lived and volunteered in El Salvador for many years before and after the civil war, accompanying a struggle for radical redistribution of wealth. You’d think we would be easy targets for their agitating. And yet we stalled. Although fundraising and grant-making are a big part of my job, I was new to giving away my wealth. “Let’s have a family meeting to figure out philanthropic priorities,” I suggested. “Do some research, make a plan.” My kids rolled their eyes, impatient.We weren’t the sole targets of the kids’ badgering, or, as they put it, invitation to step up. My daughter had previously raised money for a women’s agroecology project in Ghana, where she’d volunteered. During the early waves of protest against police impunity, she sent a plea to family and friends with the subject line, “Please Don’t Stop” and continued, “we NEED to be giving ALL (not some) of the money we spend ... to Black people at this time and forever. This email is not meant to attack anyone. But I do want to remind all of us of our privilege. WHITE WEALTH IS RACISM ... White people will ALWAYS have a leg up.” Her uncle reported that the email was grist for not one, but two therapy sessions.My father climbed his way into the upper middle class by being a beneficiary of the GI bill, pretty hard-working, cheap and extremely lucky. His estate included my mother’s savings, who died years before, and her father’s ― a Lithuanian immigrant. My parents’ philanthropic gestures were modest at best ― my mother weirdly, but sweetly, referred to me as her charity ― and for my maternal grandfather, it consisted mostly of giving multiples of $18 for Israel. Having what I thought were decent social justice credentials, I flinched at being schooled by my daughter, the more vocal instigator. On a night last year when we returned raw and opened from a Black Lives Matter march where we’d locked arms with the kids, my wife and I took a big step and donated thousands of dollars to Black- and immigrant-led organizations, which for us constituted significant giving. Unimpressed, our daughter bested us. She’d given away her Covid-19 unemployment benefits, on top of which she threw us a curveball.At her age, I was studying to be a community organiser. For years, I door-knocked in Boston public housing, supporting community leaders fighting City Hall for neighbourhood improvements. The next decades were spent moving (other people’s) money into international social movements ― farmer-led struggles for land and water rights. I tended to be dismissive of charitable giving that helps individuals but doesn’t build grassroots power ― scholarship programs for example. “Let’s pay off Naima’s college debt,” our kids proposed. Naima is a Black, immigrant friend who has been part of our extended family since middle school. I balked, arguing that we need policies and programs for debt-free college and comprehensive reparations. My daughter’s eyes rolled again, skeptical that justice will emerge from a historically racist political system, the new administration notwithstanding. “Naima and her family are financially stressed every day,” she replied. “We have the resources to zero out their debt now. A kind of mini-reparation.”“Which then?” I sighed. “Pay off her loan or fund social justice organisations?” “Both,” the kids said.Argh. Having what I thought were decent social justice credentials, I flinched at being schooled by my daughter, the more vocal instigator. How could I feel simultaneously so proud of our kids for their values while dodging their criticism and feeling ever-so-slightly fleeced? Quarantine dinners were fractious.I visited the kids in Greece in 2019 while they both volunteered with refugees. (Note: Plane flight paid for with grandpa’s money). Stray cats were everywhere; my daughter lugged around a ten-pound bag of cat food to feed them. “There are too many,” I blurted, as we walked maddeningly slowly. “Feeding them is no solution.” Bending to scatter food, she calmly responded to my fit as a cat rubbed against around her ankle: “I can help some.” We’d had the argument many times before about being more “strategic” and less impulsive; it was strange, I admit, to suggest that she be a little less compassionate in such a heartless world. Racial justice, Covid-19 recovery, reversing climate change. It was starting to feel difficult to justify holding onto grandpa’s estate. To study nursing, my son had recently snubbed NYU and chosen community college. He couldn’t stomach the expensive elitism. “Use grandpa’s college fund money for Naima’s debt,” he insisted.But still. The kids are in their early 20s ― could they possibly know they wouldn’t need money later? The layers of irony made my head hurt. Privilege got us the money and it’s an even greater privilege to be able to give it away with the blessing of one’s children. We had just been relieved of the age-old parental worry to leave something behind by kids who would rather take their chances. And they’re probably right ― being white and middle class, even their children likely won’t need help.But a question nagged: What would my father think? Although crazy about the kids, he’d think they were just plain nuts and would say so. My father was a woodworker; he crafted grandfather clocks, hutches, jewellery boxes ― things that endured. My parents weren’t lavish; pretty much the entire point of making the money was to leave it to the next generation who would use it and leave it to the one after that. Nothing would draw a bigger grin from my dad in heaven than watching his great-great-grandchildren step into a college classroom using the remains of his bank account. So he would not be happy. But then I imagined the kids returning his firehose of affection: playing with his hair, rubbing his bald spot and cajoling him to flex his once formidable biceps. He’d surely melt. He was doting and tender first; work and money were always a distant second ― priorities he inherited from a father he idolised. So we took the plunge. We paid off Naima’s loan and are giving most of the rest away in a public way that might motivate others, which risks ― we realise ― receiving undeserved praise for simply doing the right thing. We trust our kids to understand what no inheritance means. We don’t want a philanthropy in perpetuity, taking advantage of unfair tax loopholes and joining the likes of Bezos and Gates in granting pennies on the dollar. As the kids have pointed out, hoarding leaves privilege intact.And in this time of so much injustice to repair and no roadmap of how to do it, the kids’ hearts, fed by their grandfather’s embrace, offer a sort of compass. Their generosity is my dad’s real legacy ― not his money. Daniel Moss is the Executive Director of the Agroecology Fund. This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalHave a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] More from HuffPost UK PersonalPeople Like Me Rely On The Universal Credit Uplift. Don’t Take It Away From UsI Wanted To Get Covid-19 Over With, Thinking It Would Feel Like A Bad Flu. I Was So WrongWe’re Married But Never Moved In Together. Here’s Why It Works For Us
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