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Earlier this week, the Senate unanimously passed legislation designating Pulse, a gay nightclub in Florida, a national memorial.
"My gut reaction is disappointment," Donalds told WINK-TV. "There are going to be issues we're not going to agree on. But iron sharpens iron."
Though Florida and Texas famously have no personal-income tax, they still have to generate state revenue - so they hike up other types of tax.
NASA said Friday it was seeking proposals from commercial companies for two new private crewed missions to the International Space Station. The first mission would likely take place between fall of 2022 and mid-2023. The second one would follow sometime between mid-2023 and the end of 2023. Private astronaut missions are a relatively recent initiative […]
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Former President Donald Trump has lived in Florida since losing the presidential election to Joe Biden.
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There was an unusual scene on Thursday of a member of Congress questioning the head of an agency currently investigating him.
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Americans have been leaving high-tax states for for years, IRS data shows. While "tax migration" isn't confirmed, the evidence of it is mounting.