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A comprehensive guide to Class 21 of the Trademark Filing Classification.Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services.In this post, we comprehensively cover the goods which fall under Class 21 of trademark classification.Trademark Class 21Trademark Class 21 pertains to household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes (except paint brushes); brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; steelwool; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes.The following goods are also classified under Class 21:Utensils and containers for household and kitchen use, for example, kitchen utensils, pails, pans of iron, of aluminium, of plastics or of other materials, small hand-operated apparatus for mincing, grinding or pressing;Electric combs;Electric toothbrushes;Dish stands and decanter stands.Therefore, Trademark Class 21 includes mainly small, hand-operated utensils and apparatus for household and kitchen use as well as toilet utensils, glassware and articles in porcelain.For the purpose of attaining the information about trademark class, you can click on this link following goods must NOT be classified under Class 21Certain goods made of glass, porcelain and earthenware (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);Cleaning preparations, soaps, etc.;Small apparatus for mincing, grinding or pressing, which are driven by electricity;Razors and shaving apparatus, clippers (hand instruments), metal implements and utensils for manicure and pedicure;Cooking utensils, electric;Toilet mirrors.For trademark registration online visit Starteazy.inComprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 21The following goods must be classified under Trademark Class 21:abrasive pads for kitchen purposesabrasive sponges for scrubbing the skinaerosol dispensers, not for medical purposesanimal bristles [brushware]aquarium hoodselectric devices for attracting and killing insectsautoclaves [pressure cookers], non-electric / pressure cookers [autoclaves], non-electricbaby baths, portablebaking matsbasins [receptacles]baskets for domestic usebasting spoons [cooking utensils]basting brushesbeaters, non-electricbeer mugsbird baths*birdcagesblenders, non-electric, for household purposesboot jacksboot trees [stretchers]bottle openers, electric and non-electricbottlesbowls [basins] / basins [bowls]boxes for dispensing paper towelsboxes of glassbread baskets, domesticbread boardsbread binsbroomsbrush goodsmaterial for brush-makingbrushes*brushes for footwearelectric brushes, except parts of machinesbrushes for cleaning tanks and containersbuckets / pailsbuckets made of woven fabricsbulb bastersbusts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glassbutter dishesbutter-dish coversbuttonhookscabarets [trays]cages for household petscake molds [moulds]candelabra [candlesticks] / candlestickscandle ringscandle extinguisherscandle jars [holders]candy boxes / boxes for sweetmeatscar washing mittscarpet beaters [hand instruments]carpet sweeperscauldronsceramics for household purposeschamber potschamois leather for cleaning / buckskin for cleaning / skins of chamois for cleaningcheese-dish coverschina ornamentschopstickscinder sifters [household utensils]cleaning instruments, hand-operatedcleaning towclosures for pot lidscloth for washing floorsclothes-pegs / clothes-pinsclothing stretchers / stretchers for clothingcoasters, not of paper and other than table linencocktail shakerscocktail stirrerscoffee grinders, hand-operatedcoffee services [tableware]coffee filters, non-electriccoffee percolators, non-electriccoffeepots, non-electriccomb casescombs for animalscombs*electric combsconfectioners’ decorating bags [pastry bags]containers for household or kitchen usecookery molds [moulds]cookie [biscuit] cutterscookie jarscooking pot setscooking skewers of metal / cooking pins of metalcooking potscooking utensils, non-electriccorkscrews, electric and non-electriccosmetic utensilscosmetic spatulascotton waste for cleaningcruet sets for oil and vinegarcruetscrumb trayscrushers for kitchen use, non-electriccrystal [glassware]cupscups of paper or plasticcurrycombscutting boards for the kitchendecantersdeep fryers, non-electricdemijohns / carboysdeodorising apparatus for personal usedish covers / covers for dishesdishesdishwashing brushesdisposable table platesdrinking troughsdrinking vesselsdrinking hornsdrinking bottles for sportsdrinking glassesdripping pansdrying racks for laundrydustbins / garbage cans / refuse bins / trash cansdusting apparatus, non-electricdusting cloths [rags]earthenware / crockeryearthenware saucepansegg cupsenamelled glassepergneseyebrow brushesfeather-dustersfeeding troughsfibreglass other than for insulation or textile use / fiberglass other than for insulation or textile usefibreglass thread, not for textile use / fiberglass thread, not for textile usefigurines [statuettes] of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass / statuettes of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glassflasks*flat-iron standsfloss for dental purposesflower potsflower-pot covers, not of paper / covers, not of paper, for flower potsfly swattersfly trapsfood steamers, non-electricfruit cupsfruit presses, non-electric, for household purposesfrying pansfunnelsfurniture dustersfused silica [semi-worked product], other than for buildinggardening glovesgarlic presses [kitchen utensils]glass bulbs [receptacles] / glass vials [receptacles]glass flasks [containers]glass jars [carboys]glass stoppers / glass capsglass bowlsglass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glassglass wool other than for insulationglass incorporating fine electrical conductorsglass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]glasses [receptacles]glove stretchersgloves for household purposesglue-potsgraters for kitchen usegrill supports / gridiron supportsgrills [cooking utensils] / griddles [cooking utensils]hair for brushesheat-insulated containers for beveragesheat-insulated containersheaters for feeding bottles, non-electrichip flasksholders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]horse brusheshot pots, not electrically heatedice cube molds [moulds] / ice cube molds / ice cube mouldsice buckets / coolers [ice pails] / ice pailsindoor terrariums [plant cultivation]indoor aquaria / tanks [indoor aquaria]indoor terrariums [vivariums]insect trapsinsulating flasks / vacuum bottlesironing board covers, shapedironing boardsisothermic bagsjugs / pitcherskitchen grinders, non-electrickitchen containerskitchen utensilsknife rests for the tablelamp-glass brusheslarge-toothed combs for the hairlazy susansliqueur setslitter boxes [trays] for pets / litter trays for petslunch boxesmajolicamangers for animalsmenu card holdersmess-tinsmills for domestic purposes, hand-operatedmixing spoons [kitchen utensils]mop wringersmopsmosaics of glass, not for buildingmoulds [kitchen utensils] / molds [kitchen utensils]mouse trapsmugsnail brushesnapkin ringsnapkin holdersnest eggs, artificialnoodle machines, hand-operatednozzles for watering hosenozzles for watering cans / roses for watering cansopal glassopaline glassoven mitts / barbecue mitts / kitchen mittspainted glasswarepaper platespastry cutterspepper mills, hand-operatedpepper potsperfume burnersperfume vaporizers / perfume sprayersfitted picnic baskets, including dishespie servers / tart scoopspig bristlespiggy bankspipettes [wine-tasters] / wine tasters [siphons]plate glass [raw material]plates to prevent milk boiling overplungers for clearing blocked drainspolishing leatherpolishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electricpolishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stonepolishing glovesporcelain warenon-electric portable coldboxes / non-electric portable coolers (Am.
Giffi is a mobile application that provides multiple services to the customer like deliveries of food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flower, parcel, and any eCommerce purchasable items.Client RequirementUser should be able to get the service like deliveries of food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flower, parcel and also eCommerce platform through the single mobile application.Users should able to pay for the delivery, track, and get the delivery item successfully.The merchant should able to register, choose the appropriate category for the service, list out the product/item and receive order/delivery requests.The driver should able to register, choose the delivery category, get the delivery request automatically, and deliver the item/product from merchant location to customer location.The application should support multiple languages.Giffi User App features and functionalitiesUsers can see the various merchant & product details from each and individual categories like food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flower, parcel delivery, and eCommerce platformUsers can choose the delivery type, search & filter the product/item.Also view details of the product, order product, and pay through the mobile applicationManage shopping cart details, order details, and manage the returns of the ordersAble to request home delivery or take away the orderChat with the merchantTrack the order status and driver on the map with ETAProvide the rating and review to the driver and merchantManage profile information, delivery address, and settingsGiffi Merchant App features and functionalitiesRegister into the panel by choosing the category of the business from delivering food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flower, parcel or eCommerce platformMerchant can manage the product listing and offer & discount detailsMerchant can view and manage the e-wallet and transaction historyMerchant can chat with the usersMerchant can management the ordersMerchant can receive rating and review from the userManage merchant profile and other settingsGiffi Driver App features and functionalitiesRegister into the application by choosing the category from deliveries of food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flowers, parcel or eCommerce.Or through personal information and vehicle informationDrivers can manage the availability status - online and offline.Drivers receive the delivery request from the customer automatically.Manage the delivery request and delivery of the items/products from the merchant’s location to customer’s locationDriver can receive the rating and review from the customerDriver can view and manage the e-wallet and transaction historyDriver can chat with the customerManage driver profile and other settingsThe Solution we providedTechnical Specification & ImplementationAndroid: Android Studio with JavaiOS: XCode with SwiftWeb panel: PHP with the Codeigniter FrameworkChallengeIt was quite a challenging task to manage the complete application architecture as it involved multiple categories for the services and assigning them to an appropriate driver.From the perspective of the UI/UX design, it was tricky as well.It has been managed in such a way that it does not make it difficult to interact with the mobile application; the navigation is made easier for each user type.SolutionWe successfully developed & implemented the mobile application (Android & iOS) for the customer & driver and web panel for the merchant.Through mobile app, a customer can order product from service like deliveries of food, grocery, liquor, pet food, flower, parcel and also eCommerce platform through single mobile application.Link for Play Store Giffi User AppLink for App Store Giffi User AppLink for Play Store Giffi Courier AppLink for App Store Giffi Courier App
When a Hollywood awards show lets stars appear virtually from home, backgrounds and clothing choices are the real winners.
Plants are a lot smarter than we once thought. While a bedtime alarm is there to wake humans up in the morning – for plants it may be a matter of life or death, new research suggests.Scientists studied the arabidopsis flower – a member of the mustard family – and found that it has an inbuilt biological time-keeper to survive the night.Plants use sunlight to make their own sugars from photosynthesis during the day and store them to provide energy during the dark hours.A metabolic signal adjusts their circadian clock in the evening, ensuring enough energy is conserved to survive overnight.Dr Mike Haydon, who worked on the study at the University of York, said: “We think this metabolic signal is acting rather like setting an alarm clock before bedtime to ensure the plant’s survival.“Plants must co-ordinate photosynthetic metabolism with the daily environment and adapt rhythmic physiology and development to match carbon availability.”The research, published in the PNAS journal, involves a set of genes known to be regulated by the chemical compound superoxide, a molecule associated with metabolic activity.Professor Ian Graham, from the University of York, added: “Distinguishing the effects of light and sugars in photosynthetic cells is challenging.“Our data suggest a new role for superoxide as a rhythmic sugar-related signal, which acts in the evening and affects circadian gene expression and growth.”Forget sleep trackers. Reading this study, we want some superoxides, too.Related...The Full Moon Really Could Be Messing With Your SleepThese Pictures Of Spring Blossom Are The Weekend Vibe We NeedIs Your Sleep Tracker Ruining Your Sleep? What To Do About 'Orthosomnia'5 Super Simple Food Swaps Worth Trying For The Planet – And You
What is a Headstone flower saddle is not as easy to answer because the term can be used to describe two distinguished items, and each of these items may also have other names.When they say they are looking for a Headstone flower saddle, they don’t just want the metal bracket; they want to have a flower arrangement already built on top of it.We typically refer to the metal frame as the headstone saddles and the whole arrangement as a Headstone flower saddle to save confusion between the two.Headstone flower saddle is an elegant way to show respect to your loved one.They depict love, make a great impression, and can be seen from far away because they are fairly large and sit on top of the headstone.Since these stay off the ground, they don’t impede cemetery maintenance crews and, thus, can remain in place for extended periods of time.If you are wondering where to buy a headstone flower saddle, plenty of online websites can offer you create and magnificent flower arrangements.This saddle is specifically made to fit the headstone without harming it or causing scratches.The saddle consists of four metal arms used to clamp the floral arrangement over the headstone.
We’ve officially become a nation of subscribers. From TV streaming services to food and meal delivery kits, personal hygiene products and beauty buys, fitness subscriptions, as well as crafts kits and toy boxes, there isn’t anything we aren’t happy to subscribe to. Yet many of us are vastly overspending on subscriptions, shelling out a monthly sum on services we don’t need or use.  We’re all guilty of signing up to subscriptions and not keeping tabs on them. Read on for some easy ways to monitor your outgoings, as well as some ideas on how to consolidate your subscriptions to save your hard-earned cash.  You don’t need as many as you think you do Here’s a staggering figure: Over 13 million households in the UK had Netflix in the first quarter of 2020, a number that’s continuing to rise. Thing is, lots of those households are likely to also have Sky, NOW TV, Amazon or Disney+, too. That’s the thing about subscription services: They’re kind of addictive. You find a produce box with vegetables, and then you decide you should also start getting one with fish. Or you decide that a weekly flower delivery would simply be fabulous on top of those wine kits you’re loving.While subscriptions are a treat in the post every time they show up, as well as a lovely way to support small businesses - OK, they’re ultra-convenient too – we don’t need them all. Give your subscription services a good audit to determine which ones are worth keeping because you’re enjoying and using them, and which ones can be ditched. If you live with others, it’s worth checking in to see if they want to split the cost on any subscriptions with you.You probably have a couple you’ve forgotten to cancel…Almost a third of adults in the UK are paying over £100 on subscriptions they no longer want - or need, according to research from Marcus Goldman Sachs. The best way to remedy this? Well, it’s going to involve a deep-dive into your direct debits, which we’d recommend anyway if you’re trying to save money (you should know what you’re spending on, and start diverting some money into a savings account automatically each month). We’d also suggest setting up notifications whenever your direct debit subscriptions do come out of your account, so you’re aware of what’s happening, when - and exactly how many you have on the go at once. This will help you keep track of where your money is going, so that you can trim any non-essentials and start saving. Try bundling your services togetherSubscriptions fall into a couple of different categories: The luxury, rather lovely but not strictly necessary ones, and the absolute essentials that we can’t survive without (weekly produce box to save us from making unnecessary supermarket trips).If you have your broadband, phone and TV with a few different providers, you could be missing a trick - and giving yourself extra hassle: bundling your services makes it easier to pay it all in one bill, and will likely be cheaper, too. Start comparing broadband deals now at Compare the Market, which will bring up various options when you type in your postcode. Then you can further personalise your search based on factors like speed and contract length.Skip a delivery - and make the most of discountsIf you’re keen to save on your subscriptions but don’t want to give them up entirely - you don’t have to. Take a look at how regularly you’re subscribing, and simply reduce your costs by skipping a delivery or changing the schedule so you’re receiving items on a monthly, rather than weekly, basis. If you’re disciplined, you can also benefit from hefty discounts and freebies with loads of these subscription services: Magazines and papers, as well as streaming services like Audible, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime, often provide access for a month or two for free. Recipe boxes like Hello Fresh tend to discount heavily for the first couple of boxes, and you can also get discounts for referring others who subscribe. Just remember to make a note of when your free offer is up so you don’t end up paying for something you don’t need. Meerkat Your Bills, Meerkat Your Life with Compare the Market’s online comparison tools 
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TRIP FACTSTrip Duration: 18 days.Destination: Nepal.Best season: March, April and May & September, October and November.Activity: Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek.Per day Hiking: 3 - 8 hours.Elevation:(minimum 1700m) and Maximum (5545m).Trip Difficulty: Challenging.Trek Cost: U$D 1350 - 1490.Accommodation: Tea House/Lodge/Hotel during the Trek.Meals included: (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) during the trek.Transportation: flight/Bus/Jeep.Trekking starting point:Phaplu.Trekking Ending point:Lukla.OVERVIEWPhaplu to Everest Base Camp (5,364m/17,598ft) trek, we drive Kathmandu to Phaplu by jeep 8/9 hour Which is local adventure trip with beautiful scenery on the way road in Nepal Himalayan region.Most of the tourist likes to flight Kathmandu to Lukla who have short Holidays in Nepal but some time weather is really bad.Travelling to Everest Base Camp trek from Phaplu it would be great, Don't worry about the flight to Lukla we have another option to go Everest Base camp by foot from Phaplu.We trek passes beautiful village of Sherpa, Tamang, Rai, Magar etc, Villages Likes Ringmu, Takshindu, Nunthala, Bupsa, Cheplung and join Chaurikharka village, main tourist junction of Everest trail with Lukla to Everest base camp and fllowing the crossing Phakding village, benkar, Monju,Jorsalle and along the Dudha Koshi river (Dhuda means Milk and Koshi means river.)this river look likes milks that’s way local peoples called Dudha Koshi River passes the beautiful flora and fauna juniper and neplese national flower rhododendron trees and crossing the Bridge again acceding to Namche Bazzar 3445m.Namche Bazaar is big city in khumbu region, you can buy for some gifts for your families from Nepal and while you have free time we do sightseeing likes Buddhist temple, Sonam Photos Gallery, Sagarmatha National park Museum and Sherpa Old Museum, or Hiking to (Everest view Hotel) , which is the beautiful view point of Top of The World Mountain Everest View and all Himalayan Ranges, visit to Khumjung Village, Sir Edmund Hillary School, Khunde Village and back to Namche Bazzar.Next day Trail leads to Tengboche Village(3867m) , Dingboche (4415M) , Labuche, Gorakshep (5160m) , and climb to View point of Kalapathar (5545m) and hiking to Everest base camp you can enjoy with natural Landscape, Khumbu Glacier and Amazing Mountains views of all Himalayan ranges and back down to Namche, Lukla and flight back to Kathmandu.TRIP HIGHLIGHTS:More than 8 thousand mountains like; Makalu (8467m) , Lhoste (8535m) and choyu (8185m) .Mt Everest is top of the world mountain.Flight to Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla.Beautiful passe village Phaplu, Nunthala, Bhupsa jorsalle, Namche Bazzar Village.Best view Mt Everest from Everest Hotel.SAMPLE ITINERARY > PHAPLU TO EVEREST BASE CAMP TREKDay 01: Arriving In Kathmandu (1350m).Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley with professional tours Guide.Day 03: Kathmandu to Salleri Bazaar or Phaplu by jeep 8/9 Hours drive overnight at Lodge.Day 04: Phaplu - Nunthala 6/7 hours walking overnight at Lodge.Day 05: Nunthala - Kharikhola - Bupsa 5/6 hours walking over night at lodge.Day 06: Bupsa - Paiya - Cheplung 6/7 hours walking overnight at Lodge.Day 07: Cheplung - Phakding - Manju - Namche Bazaar (3445m).Day 08: Rest Day in Namche Bazaar.Day 09: Namche - Tenboche (3867m) 5/6 hours walking overnight at lodge.Day 10: Tengboche - Pangbuche - Dingbuche (4415m) 6/7 hours walking.Day 11: Acclimatization Day.Day 12: Dingbuche - Thukla - Labuche (4912m) 3/4 hours walking.Day 13: Labuche - Gorakhshep (5160m) 3/4 hours walking.Day 14: Gorekhshep — E.B.C.— Labuche (4912m).Day 15: Labuche — Tengbuche — Namche Bazaar (3445m) 7/8 hours walking.Day 16: Namche — Phakding — Lukla (2860m) 7/8 hours walking.Day 17: Flight Back to Kathmandu 30 minute.Day 18: Departure at your Home country.PHAPLU TO EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK ROUTE:FREE - BENEFITS OF THIS TRIP:Airport transportation on arrival and departure days (our staff will do pick you up and drop you off).Arrangement Trekking equipment such as the Sleeping bags and down jackets (if you do not have own) its rental included if needs.First Aid Kit Medical.Trip Route Map, Outline itinerary and printed (Himalayan Local Guide Pvt.
9 1
Estate jewelry includes vintage jewelry and contemporary jewelry.To add to your jewelry wardrobe, you might want to consider a little something from the Edwardian Period or the Victorian Period.One way you can find vintage jewelry is to look for an estate jewelry store in your area.If you are lucky, you will find an estate jewelry store that sells from their website as well as in person.Vintage diamonds from that time period were either Old Mine cut or European cut diamonds.Colored gemstones such as all colors of sapphire, emerald and ruby were used to accent the jewelry design.Long strands of pearls were popular then as they are today.The Victorian Period dated from 1837-1901.
In his new BBC series, Sir David Attenborough explores a lifelong passion he’s never previously documented on TV before: colour.“He was absolutely thrilled and excited, and that was lovely because that meant it was a subject he was hugely interested in,” explains Sharmila Choudhury, executive producer on new BBC series David Attenborough’s Life In Colour.“He tried to make a series about colour right at the beginning of his career in the early fifties, but at the time there was no colour television.”The two-part series reveals for the first time how animals view colour and how in some cases, their world looks entirely different to the world we see.Viewers may feel equally excited, because the veteran broadcaster appears on location with animals – something he hasn’t done in several years. Exotic shoots took place in far flung destinations including Costa Rica, where he delivers lines alongside an A-list line-up of co-stars: Macaws, hummingbirds, and frogs. “We haven’t seen him with animals for quite a while now,” says Sharmila. “You’ll enjoy it just from the amount of David there is. I think he’s really extraordinarily good when he’s interacting with animals and his passion for the subject really shines through.”The episodes reveal the mind blowing ways animals use colour for survival. They change colour to protect themselves from prey, attract mates, hunt, to trick and to manoeuvre – or to find the strongest food source. “We hope this’ll give people a new perspective and understanding of the natural world, something they haven’t talked about or known about before,” says Sharmila. Startling scenes depicting the secret world of colour animals experience were shot using some cameras developed specially for this series.In one memorable encounter, a group of vulnerable chital deer fail to see a tiger encroaching on their turf because their eyes can’t recognise its iconic orange stripes. It’s shocking to learn that their eyes cannot process the colour, but see a green-greyish tone instead. Of course, the tiger has a higher chance of making its kill by camouflaging itself until moments away from its prey. Working in partnership with scientists at Bristol University, production company Humble Bee Films were able to reveal on screen how a tiger is seen by both human eyes and deer eyes.“I think, like us, he was absolutely amazed,” says Sharmila of David’s response to the tiger scene – filmed in response to new research from Bristol University, which reveals how orange stripes help tigers discreetly approach their prey. “I think you’ll agree when you see the difference – how the tiger literally disappears – that is quite extraordinary.”“We’re always trying to find new ways of telling stories about the natural world,” explains Sharmila, who has worked with David on documentaries for over 20 years. “The one thing that struck us is that nature is so infinitely colourful and yet we tend to take it for granted. Have you ever thought about why tigers are orange or why zebras have stripes or why flamingos are pink? For us, the infinite variety of colours in the natural world, generally it’s wonder and beauty – but for the animals, it’s usually a tool for survival.”It’s a story that hasn’t been told before. “We’ve known for some time that many animals see colour very differently to the way we do,” continues Sharmila. “Some see fewer colours, there’s some mammals that have less colour receptors than we do, but then again there are birds and insects which see the same colours that we do, plus they see extra colours.”Pioneering ultraviolet and polarisation cameras helped the crew capture the most astonishing scenes, revealing colours viewers couldn’t ordinarily see with the naked eye. In one scene utilising new UV-camera technology, the crew capture a crab spiderchanging colour from yellow to white to mimic the flower it’s perched on to catch its bee prey.In another, polarisation camera technology helps us understand more of the world from the perspective of a mantis shrimp, which has a staggering 12 colour receptors in its eyes. By contrast, humans have only three. Other sequences reveal how zebras use their stripes to employ a phenomenon called motion dazzle to confuse their prey, and cuban snails which practice polymorphism: appearing in many different colourful forms to confuse the birds that eat them.David’s 70-year interest in the story of the secret natural world of colour meant he was “completely involved” in the creation of the series from pre to post-production. “He has a lot of books on his book shelf about it, he reads scientific papers, he is very knowledgeable and that’s what makes him such an inspiration to work with, he really sets the standard for all of us,” says Sharmila.In his nineties, he is absolutely up to scratch with the technology. “He has been involved in discussions about cameras we were going to use, he knows many of the scientists we’re working with himself.” While Sharmila and the team say they were “very fortunate” David was keen to accompany them on shoots (other locations included the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland and Richmond and Windsor parks), a number of stories from international territories had to be shelved due to the pandemic and replaced with scenes shot in the capital. To keep safe during post-production, David installed a home recording studio. “A dubbing editor sits in his car, feeds a cable through his window to David’s dining room while the rest of the production team is back in Bristol,” explains Sharmila. “David hangs up all these duvets around the walls for extra sound proofing. It’s quite a remarkable sight.”A home studio set-up might be the most ordinary thing about this extraordinary series, which is as escapist as it is educational and reveals so much little known information about the hidden ways colours can deceive, protect and bring strength. More than that though, the series is a shimmering visual delight, revealing the incredible extremes of colour found both in plain sight and undercover.In its concluding segment, the ultraviolet greens of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef look unfathomable – it’s the latest surprising way nature is resiliently responding to climate change, given the detrimental effect increased heat has had on the reef. When it comes to climate change, Sharmila says it was a very deliberate decision to not focus on it in this series. “You can’t just continue with doom and gloom messages in every single programme because it becomes wearisome and you lose the impact,” she explains. “Life In Colour has very little in there - that’s not part of the subject matter. I think sometimes people do need to see programmes that are about something else.“At the same time when there are clearly stories that need to be told and are relevant, if we’re making a series about habitats, for instance, you need to point out that these habits are going, they’re gone.”There’s plenty of other programmes for that – namely David’s recent masterstroke, A Life On Our Planet, filmed in part in derelict Chernobyl, a location which acts as a metaphor for the dystopian future we may face if climate action isn’t taken now.But Life In Colour offers something different – as well as being a totally fresh perspective for a nature documentary, it is joyous to see the broadcaster back filming alongside the animals he so loves. In these most trying of times, David Attenborough casting a cheery smile at a macaw and lifting a giant leaf to reveal a tiny poison dart frog is the tonic we all need.READ MORE:'Red Wall' Voters Strongly Back Green Policies, Study FindsSir David Attenborough Has One Simple Request For Any Fans Who Want To Get In Touch With HimWhat Do Chernobyl And Climate Change Have In Common? Quite A Lot According To David Attenborough
Thanksgiving is a time to show friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, spouses, wives, and how thankful you are for them.No matter what they do, they are all important parts of our lives.Visit Blog
Be keen always on the color when going for these anniversary gifts.Mums come in different colors that have different meanings.The white, purple, and blue chrysanthemums represent friendship.These beautiful flowers send a message of love, joy, optimism, and happiness.A bouquet of these flowers would make the best anniversary gift for your loved ones.VioletViolets are known to mean faithfulness.Violets are beautiful and would make a perfect anniversary gift for your loved ones.DaisyDaisy is a beautiful flower that you can use these type of flowers to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
The Thai flowers that you will enjoy in this Slot are dainty and appealing.The pots are gold covered and really beautiful.There, too, are Elephant symbols.The Thai Flower is the bonus symbol here, responsible for activating bonuses.Get away from your busy routine and immerse into the tranquil beauty of Thailand.Play Thai Flower Slot for Free OnlineThe letter symbols are brightly colored, rready to reward you, when you get 3 to 5 matching symbols, and then you will get a multiplier for your stake, from 5x to 150x.
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