Four weeks later, his grisly fate was revealed.This case spawned a fearful rumor that tapped into the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, that cultists were planning to kidnap children for their rituals.The man who d convinced his followers to join in his madness—the bodies found at Rancho Santa Elena were just some of the casualties—was El Padrino, the Godfather his real identity: he was 26-year-old Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo , with help from 24-year-old Sara Aldrete, a.k.a.Rolling Stone s in-depth investigation of the case excellent reading if you re not faint of heart, as is this Texas Monthly take on the story quotes an anthropologist as calling Constanzo the Pied Piper of death.Costanzo had grown up in the Santería religion, but his beliefs had morphed into something far darker, of his own design, as he gained more power.Jouret, a doctor, was the face of the organization, delivering the lectures that—despite warning of the looming environmental apocalypse—were magnetic enough to attract new followers.
I can imagine the scene that must have unfolded at IBM leading up to last week.One sure to lure women closer to the brand.A fun, IBM-hosted hackathon that would boost the image of the company — nay, the tech industry as a whole — as a female-friendly space.This is a good idea that we should pursue.On December 6, 2015 — in a tweet that s since been deleted — IBM shared a link to the page to its at the time 265,000 followers.Second, HackaHairdryer touched a hot issue: women in tech.
Hit me baby one more time.Glu Mobile hopes that its new Britney Spears: American Dream game will follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a mobile gaming sensation which has generated something like $80 million for Kardashian alone since in debuted in 2014.San Francisco-based Glu has struck celebrity mobile game deals with stars who collectively have more than a billion social followers.Glu has to pay these celebrities royalties, but the strategy is a way to avoid spending a ton of money on advertising a game, as it relies on the cachet of celebrities and social media to spread awareness of the game.As with the Kardashian game, the Britney Spears game is aspirational.You also have to fend off rival singers to reach the top, perform at venues from the local Starbeans to international stadiums, and try to get your own stage at Planet Hollywood, the big casino in Las Vegas where the real Britney Spears performs.For Spears, the game represents an opportunity to expand her entertainment empire, as mobile gaming has become a very lucrative endeavor for Kardashian.Glu learned the hard way that fans didn t like its rendition of Katy Perry when it launched a game last fall.Glu is also working with other celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay and performer Taylor Swift.Niccolo De Masi, CEO of Glu, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the game has tested well and he has high hopes for it.This is a partnership with a woman who has been around as a performer for 17 years.
MusicianThe Canadian crooner has followed the path of countrymen Justin Bieber and Drake, parlaying a rabid online fan base into a major label record deal—and a spot on our list.Fellow 30 Under 30 2016 honoree Andrew Gertler, founder of management company AG Artists, recognized his talent, became his manager and got him a deal with Island Records.1 on the charts in the U.S., Canada and Norway thanks in part to hit single Stitches.He spent the summer opening for Taylor Swift in preparation of a headlining tour of his own.Seriously, I m 17 … the way I keep myself sane is by thinking of it as fun.Photo:
Loads of friends - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more."Most people tend to think that they are better than their friends when it comes to intelligence, memory, popularity, and other personal traits," she explained."This perception is false, at least in the context of online social networks.Moreover, our friends are more active post more material , and are more influential their posts are viewed and passed on more often .People almost always follow more- or equally-influential people, they rarely follow those with fewer followers than themselves.'Just the way we're connected'"Social networks do not simply comprise a few ultra-popular people with tens of millions of followers, followed by the masses, and who themselves only follow a few others," says Michael Rabbat, the other author on Momeni's paper, published in PLOS One.
Prominent conservative pundit Glenn Beck has written about Wednesday s meeting with senior figures at Facebook, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, to discuss recent allegations that the social networking giant has been suppressing conservative news stories in its Trending Topics feature.More than a dozen leading conservative media figures spent time discussing the issue at Facebook s Menlo Park HQ in Silicon Valley, and while Beck described a certain amount of hostility in the room toward the company, he himself was satisfied there s been no concerted effort to suppress conservative content.In a post on his website, Beck, who has more than three million followers on Facebook, said he d found no evidence of a top-down initiative to silence conservative voices … walking out of the meeting, I was convinced that Facebook is behaving appropriately and trying to do the right thing.According to Beck, Zuckerberg admitted Trending Topics, which launched two years ago, is far from perfect, though he promised the company is working to make improvements.In a surprise turn, Beck lambasted some of his fellow conservatives at the meeting for being too ardent in their demands, among them calls for diversity initiatives and a six-month training program to help their biased and liberal workforce understand and respect conservative opinions and values.For Beck, even getting an invitation from Facebook was staggering, and it seems that until he sees any concrete evidence suggesting otherwise, he s happy about how the company is going about its business.
It was his practice to switch topics in the middle of a column, separated by dots.Caen didn't stick around long enough to become a social media maven not that he would have -- he used a manual typewriter long after most journalists had switched to computers but his style would fit in really well now, given how popular it is to deliver news and commentary in 140 characters via Twitter or a short post on Facebook.Although the traditional-length newspaper column still exists you're reading one now , in the online world, we are no longer obligated to write long enough to fill a news hole or short enough to make sure whatever we have to say fits in the allotted space.The same is true with broadcasting.While I was there, Dustin Gervais, the radio division's digital media manager, asked if I wanted to do a Facebook Live segment and, just as bloggers don't necessarily have to pay attention to word count, we weren't paying attention to the clock.Some complain about having to learn new skills, but I think it's kind of exciting.And, for better and worse, it's also common for people who have never worked for professional news organizations to amass their own online audiences -- in some cases with more viewers, listeners or readers than many professional journalists.Donald Trump, who has more than 8 million Twitter followers and as many likes on his Facebook page, is brilliant in the use of social media not only to speak directly to his supporters, but also to make news and stay in the spotlight.My concern is less about whether Facebook's algorithms or human curators are biased and more about how Facebook and other social media platforms encourage people to live in a news bubble.Social media didn't invent echo chambers.
These include both and its soon-to-launch in-flight gaming platform.With that kind of ambition, the company needs a spokesperson that can move the needle and it seems to think that Soulja Boy and his 15 million social media followers fit that bill.For the time being, however, there just isn t any evidence to support that theory.If Soulja Boy does indeed see every dollar of the $400 million he has been promised, it would make him one of the wealthiest entertainers on Planet Earth, and would put him in the company of moguls like Jay-Z, Bono, Sean Diddy Combs, Beyonce, etc.Said the soon-to-be spectacularly rich artist: I invest in things I understand.Having portfolio diversification is critical if you want to be an effective brand ambassador.
So the current version of Delphi, that hath the codename 'Big Ben', is called 'Berlin'.Moreover the next version, that hath the codename 'Godzilla', shall be called 'Reykjavik', probably.And these followers did tarry in NNTP news groups.And the Iderans did possess a corporate slogan of formidable daftness, viz: Never.And then Idera did absorb the rump of Embarcadero into its maw, with cheerful shouts of Economies.And the Grey Faction replied, saying: What, give in to the foul cult of curly brackets?
I know I have a good product because when we go out to sell at small events, people love it and buy.I haven't bought any followers, but I still struggle with the traffic to my site / sales.I have honestly been trying my best to learn, but I'm one person doing all this on a shoe string budget.I was really hoping that Reddit could help.I used to come to Reddit regularly when I played games years ago, and I know you guys are helpful and know so much.It has been what I have dreamed and worked for since the age of 16.
Alfie Deyes has 5 million YouTube subscribers, 3 million followers on Twitter, 1.7 million Facebook fans, and he gets 16 million views per Snapchat story.To top it off, the PointlessBlog auteur lives in a massive house in Brighton with Zoe "Zoella" Sugg, YouTube's hottest British woman, whose star shines even brighter than his.Virtually every aspect of his life appears on video — he can't even go grocery shopping without being mobbed.And it is incredibly lucrative.Business Insider had dinner with Deyes in Prague this month, and then we interviewed him on stage with his manager Dom Smales at the Engage 2016 conference, hosted by SocialBakers, the social media management company.They sent me on a course to learn to drive in four days.And we launched it about six weeks ago and it's going incredibly, incredibly well.BI: So there are hats ...A: Yeah, and iPhone cases, hoodies, jumpers, T-shirts, hats.BI: And how many of these things are you selling?A: Quite a lot.
If Google is right about the future, there are troubling signs to suggest Apple could meet the same fate as BlackBerry, according to top Apple follower Marco Arment.In a blog post, Arment argues that BlackBerry was great at creating phones and dominated the market before Apple released the iPhone."No new initiative, management change, or acquisition in 2007 could ve saved the BlackBerry."Today, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are placing large bets on advanced AI, ubiquitous assistants, and voice interfaces, hoping that these will become the next thing that our devices are for," Arment wrote.This week, even Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said he sees an AI-first world.With all of the talk about chatbots or conversation being the interface for the future, Apple lags far behind in everything from search to natural language processing.Photos can recognize what's in your pictures so you can search for an image without tagging it — like looking for photos of your dog by typing "puppy" or your kid by typing "daughter".Google is working towards a future that isn't a bunch of apps on a screen, but a different way of computing altogether — a shift that could, once again, change what we use our smartphones for.
Security consultant Arne Swinnen says Instagram has shuttered brute force authentication holes that allowed hijacking of some 20 million accounts.The NVISO infosec man says an absent authentication control coupled with an insecure direct object reference vulnerability meant attackers could commandeer some four percent of accounts held in a temporary lock state.Instagram owner Facebook paid Swinnen @arneswinnen $US5000 for reporting the holes, slinging a patch within 10 days of the disclosure earlier this month.Of those tested he found some 39,000 accounts could be accessed by changing the associated account phone number, a feat which also exposed a user's phone digits as it was pre-filled into the form."This case was the most troublesome, as an attacker could on one hand gather sensitive user information pre-filled phone numbers and on the other hand simply update the phone number linked to the victim Instagram account," Swinnen says.Swinnen says quick manual checks found many of those phone number -exposed Instagram accounts were "mostly human" that had been inactive for a couple of weeks with a "good amount" of followers.
Companies do it all the time; McDonald's has around 70 million followers across their platforms, and growing.Make Your Images Bold and ClearA mobile screen has limited space, and images aren't always going to come out clear when shoved into the corner of one.Try Video SlideshowsI don't know about you, but I personally hate video ads.If you have been using video ads and are seeing less than stellar results, it might be time to can them.Optimize for Cellular ConnectionCellular phone Internet connection is not stable.For those of us without a heavy marketing budget at our disposal, there is Social AdsTool.
Twitter's developers and PR have not made any hard date promises beyond that they'll all be enacted some time this year - maybe inside this Summer.— Chris Burns @Home @t chrisburns May 24, 2016New Twitter Rule 2/7: You can stack your @names when they appear in a reply tweet - the reply name limit is yet unknown.— Chris Burns @Home @t chrisburns May 24, 2016New Twitter Rule 3/7: Non-reply tweets that start with a @name still count towards your 140 limit.— Chris Burns @Home @t chrisburns May 24, 2016New Twitter Rule 4/7: Starting a tweet with @name will reach all of your followers - no need for the ".— Chris Burns @Home @t chrisburns May 24, 2016New Twitter Rule 7/7: Retweet and Quote Tweet will soon be enabled for your own Tweets.Sound like a good set of new rules to you?
And when you start a new message—not a response—with a Twitter user's @name, Twitter will now show it to all your followers.Continuing with the kill those inside-baseball workarounds theme, Twitter s also enabling the retweet button for your own tweets.The story behind the story: Twitter s 140-character limit was birthed from the service s original reliance on SMS messages, but quickly became the service s standout feature.The introduction of links and support for numerous media types have made that limit feel constrained in recent years, however.Twitter s also had a tough time bringing new users onboard, and byzantine workarounds to avoid hiding messages that began with an @name sure didn t help.The changes on those fronts, coupled with the introduction of features like Twitter Moments, should help Twitter noobs feel less like they re drowning in the stream.
And when you start a new message—not a response—with a Twitter user's @name, Twitter will now show it to all your followers.Continuing with the kill those inside-baseball workarounds theme, Twitter s also enabling the retweet button for your own tweets.The story behind the story: Twitter s 140-character limit was birthed from the service s original reliance on SMS messages, but quickly became the service s standout feature.The introduction of links and support for numerous media types have made that limit feel constrained in recent years, however.Twitter s also had a tough time bringing new users onboard, and byzantine workarounds to avoid hiding messages that began with an @name sure didn t help.The changes on those fronts, coupled with the introduction of features like Twitter Moments, should help Twitter noobs feel less like they re drowning in the stream.
Image Source: TwitterTwitter has been fighting for relevancy over the last few years: Snapchat took away its tweens, Facebook took away the argumentative uncles, and Twitter is mostly left with political statements and Kanye s tweetstorms.Photo and video links won t be counted against your 140 characters [email protected] if you want to tweet at someone, but still have all your followers see it.The hardened cynic in me wants to say these changes are mostly for Donald Trump — after all, the sum of his Twitter interactions consists of arguing with people now more visible with @ tweets appearing to his followers , and retweeting praise.I m no hardened venture capitalist, but I don t think the ability to Retweet yourself is really going to help Twitter here.Mobility has changed considerably over the years, yet carriers haven't.
Facebook has apologized after banning a photo of a plus-size model which the social network originally said depicted "a body or body parts in an undesirable manner.The size 22 model, who is 4 feet 5 inches tall, is famous as the first woman of her size and height to sign a contract with a major modeling agency MiLK Model Management in London."The feminist group asked its followers to share their post to "join us in our disgust" and to promote the event on June 7.Facebook later backtracked and issued an apology for the mistake.It said in a statement sent to The Guardian: Our team processes millions of advertising images each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads ...We apologized for the error and have let the advertiser know we are approving their ad."Human medical conditions in a negative light ex: eating disorders ".Before it apologized, Facebook recommended Cherchez La Femme replace the photo of "body positive activist" and model Tess Holliday with someone "running or riding a bike."NOW WATCH: A SpaceX rocket just did something not even its engineers thought was possibleLoading video...
The company s app features tools that help teachers push updates about students or share photos of them from the classroom back to parents throughout the day.Investors in Bloomz s seed round included: 8VC, ff Venture Capital, Founder s Co-op, CorrelationVC, Wisemont Capital, Acequia Capital and individual angels according to a company statement.Given the seed capital, 8VC co-founding Partner Jake Medwell said he expects Bloomz to solidify its monetization strategy, and keep growing its user base and user engagement aggressively.Bloomz is facing significant competition in the edtech market, including from VC-backed ClassDojo, Remind, and FreshGrade all of which connect parents and educators, without requiring them to give up their personal phone numbers or become friends or followers on other, personal social media accounts.Medwell said beyond school, Bloomz overall vision is to be the one, single place you go to take care of everything that has to do with your child.Bloomz is already targeting users in churches, daycares, summer camps and other institutions that care for kids outside of school.