While RIL has forayed into telecom and retail sectors, it still has a substantial carbon footprint.A presence in the green energy biz will improve ESG scores, which is a key factor for some investors
In March this year, the committee of directors of capital raising of the bank (committee) had accorded approval for raising equity capital aggregating up to ₹4,000 crore through QIP in one or more tranches
Reliance Jio teamed up with tech titan Google to develop its made-for-India 'JioPhone Next' that is slated to be available from September 10
The change could spell trouble for Apple and Google, who have both been criticized for forcing developers to use built-in payments systems on their platforms so that they can take their commissions
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SPACs or blank cheque companies are formed to raise capital in an initial public offering with the purpose of using the proceeds to identify and merge with a target company
The new Windows 11 gets a new Start menu without Live Tiles and a new positioning of icons on the taskbar
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