Tencent-owned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is not taking things easy with cheaters on its game. It is even ready to suspend millions of accounts if the ... The post PUBG Mobile permanently suspends over 1.2 million accounts for cheating appeared first on Gizchina.com.
The fifth season of Fortnite Chapter 2 launched with the Mandalorian from Disney’s live-action Star Wars series. In addition to the Mandalorian skin, the bounty hunter himself is crashed on the battle royale island. A new leak claims the crash site will soon transform in a big way as part of larger island changes. Since the new season’s arrival, Fortnite … Continue reading
A new leak claims that Fortnite players will experience the game’s biggest event ever in December, one so monumental that it will change the game as players know it. This is a big claim, particularly in light of the fact that Epic recently did away with its battle royale island and replaced it with an entirely new one, something that … Continue reading
Fortnite fans have been treated to yet another Battle Royale crossover this season with the Marvel superheroes, villains, and their related abilities and henchmen. It seems this may not be the extent of Epic’s crossover plans, however, with players noticing one subtle but massive clue to a new arrival in-game that is joined by a related data miner leak. Epic … Continue reading
Every year since the launch of its hit battle royale game, Epic Games has launched a “Fortnitemares” event in October to celebrate the spooky Halloween season. Previously Fortnitemares have included the arrival of rift monsters in the battle royale portion of the game, as well as rewards that included things like new creepy styles for previously released characters. This year’s … Continue reading
Marvel’s Wolverine was the latest superhero addition in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 – Season 4. The character’s anticipated arrival is a welcome one, but not without any issues. Epic has confirmed the existence of a bug previously reported by players, one that involves the player’s inventory and the Wolverine character’s built-in emote. Put simply, using the emote will delete … Continue reading
The helicarrier in Fortnite may soon be more than just spawn island, at least based on a couple of recent leaks from data miners. During the Fortnite x Marvel crossover this season, players spawn in the game from the helicarrier, which is where the Battle Bus is located. Some players have managed to get back to the island, revealing that … Continue reading
The battle royale version of hit game Fortnite has turned three years old and to celebrate, Epic has officially announced its third Birthday Bash event. Players anticipated some sort of birthday celebration for the latest game milestone, but it was unclear when it would take place. As expected, players have the chance to unlock special birthday-related rewards and more. Fortnite … Continue reading
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a great game that's even better with friends. Here's how PUBG handles cross-platform support for players on consoles and PC.
The fourth season of Fortnite‘s second chapter has ushered in a variety of mythic-tier superpowers belonging to a variety of popular Marvel characters, including Iron Man. One superpower players get from Iron Man gives them the ability to boost themselves into the air and fly around a bit, but recently it has been discovered that pairing this boost with a … Continue reading
The battle royale portion of Epic’s hit game Fortnite will turn three years old later this month, and, as with the past two milestones, the company has planned a birthday celebration event for players. Though Epic hasn’t revealed any official details about this event, we’ve seen a few leaks pop up since the most recent update hinting at the celebration … Continue reading
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Apple says Epic Games is using a legal fight over App Store payments to "reinvigorate interest in 'Fortnite.'"
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The latest Fortnite update dropped late last night, bringing surprising and quite massive changes to the battle royale island. The update is part of the game’s Chapter 2 – Season 4 and its related Marvel superhero crossover — and, as expected, the update brings big changes involving the game’s newly arrived characters. Players have lost one popular destination, but it … Continue reading
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Epic Games, the studio behind "Fortnite," uses two sets of anti-cheat software, one of which it owns and licenses out to other games.
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"Fortnite" players have been unable to download or update the game on iPhone after Apple removed it from the App Store earlier this month.
The changes are not as dramatic as last season, but there are still plenty of cool locations to discover.