It’s another Thursday so you know what that means: the Fortnite season 10, week four challenges are now available!This week, the missions are called “Smash & Grab”, and they feature throwbacks to familiar challenges that we’ve done in the past.Fortnite season 10, week 4 challengesThe new way Epic Games has been handling the weekly challenges continues into this week.There are still seven challenges to complete, but once you’re through with them, you can then tackle the prestige versions of those same challenges but they will be a bit harder.Search a chest within 60 seconds after landing from the battle bus three separate times
The Brute in Fortnite received a major downgrade by developer Epic Games.This comes after weeks of players complaining the mech was far too overpowered for the game.Epic rebalanced the Brute on Thursday.The changes to the robot are significant with the biggest being the reducing the rate of fire, damage radius and damage output of the rocket launcher.The Brute will also traverse slower across the map, and players in the mech will no longer be able to receive materials whenever stomping or dashing through the environment.Epic also changed the spawn rates for the robot so now there is a chance that the Brute won't spawn at all during a match.
On August 22, Epic Games will begin a Fortnite collaboration with the EDM trio Major Lazer, following in the footsteps of previous events such as its Marshmello concert.The event will bring with it a special Major Lazer skin for Fortnite, and you’ll want to get your hands on it as soon as it is made available.Here is how to get the Major Lazer skin in Fortnite.The Fortnite item shop will update at 5 p.m PT/8 p.m ET on August 22, and this is when you can expect to be able to purchase the skin.It is always possible that Epic Games will opt to offer it sooner, but this has been the approach the company has been using thus far.The Major Lazer skin won’t be based directly on the members of the group, but rather an animated series they produced.
Tomorrow will be the first official day of Epic Games’ latest competition series, the Fortnite Champion Series.The game has had a number of controversies related to past tournaments, including the overpowered Infinity Blade that enabled players to absolutely slaughter their opponents.This weekend’s event will likely prove more controversial, however, because it’ll be the first round of competitive matches featuring the BRUTE mech suit.The BRUTE mech suit, for those somehow unfamiliar, is a new in-game vehicle added to Fortnite battle royale on August 1 with Season X.The suit has not proven popular among players who want it to be massively weakened or entirely removed.Epic has proven surprisingly stubborn about the vehicle and will not remove it, instead publishing a post this week explaining why it added the suit and why it should remain.
Epic Games has said the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will have more than $10 million up for grabs in prize money.The FNCS also comes with more ways to get to the season finals, Epic Games said Friday.It'll kick off on Aug. 17, with the finals on Sep. 20 to 22.Fortnite, one of the most popular free-to-play games on consoles ever, launched in 2018 and became a cultural phenomenon, raking in $3 billion for developer Epic Games across all platforms in 2018.Last month, a 16-year-old won $3 million playing in the Fornite World Cup, with 2 million viewers watching.You can get to the season 10 finals via the standard three-round Trios event each weekend for the next five weeks, with the top teams in each server region advancing.
Fortnite season 10 had one big change when it started on Aug. 1, and that was the inclusion of a mech called Brute.Since then players expressed their frustration over the powerful mech on social media, and developer Epic Games is going to make some changes to mech's overpowered rocket launcher.Epic will alter the Brute in the next update according to a developer blog post Friday.The robot's rocket launcher will soon have a visible targeting laser and audio cues to let players know when they're in the mech's sights.It's not a big change but the sudden barrage of rockets from a non-visible Brute was one of the issues players had with the new addition to the game.Epic says they also fixed mobility bugs causing an exploit with the Brute's boost that some players use.
Fortnite season 10 had one big change when it started last Thursday and that was the inclusion of a mech called BRUTE.Since then players expressed their frustration over the powerful mech on social media, and it appears developer Epic Games was listening.Epic community manager Nathan Mooney posted on the Fortnite subreddit Tuesday that the company was "evaluating" the mech gameplay.He also says the developer was working to fix exploits involving the robot."Right now, we're evaluating BRUTE gameplay, as well as observing how it performs across all modes and skill levels," he said."We are also working to fix movement-related bugs with the BRUTE to address exploits."
Epic Games returned its classic Dusty Depot location on the Fortnite battle royale island with the arrival of Season X on August 1.It’s clear that time warping has some major role in this season’s plotline as evidenced not only by the location’s revival, but also the giant meteor that destroyed it being frozen in the sky just ahead of impact.Players have noted that the revived location is now evolving.The destination is in the center of the island and was, in the earlier game seasons, fairly barren with the exception of three large barn-shaped warehouses.The location was transformed into Dusty Divot due to the impact of a large meteor a handful of seasons ago.Changes to the destination indicate that in the game’s wider storyline, residents of the island are studying the frozen meteor and, perhaps, taking steps to prevent its destruction of the land just behind the three buildings.
Fortnite streaming phenomenon Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, caused a tectonic shift in the world of gaming this week when he abandoned his massive following on Amazon’s Twitch platform for Microsoft’s lesser-known rival service, Mixer.Terms of the deal with Microsoft have not yet been revealed.Mixer needed a jumpstart, and this was itAfter a relatively quiet rollout a couple years ago, Mixer has built a modest user base in the shadow of powerhouse Twitch.The debut stream rocketed the app to the top of the charts in Apple’s app store and ballooned its Google search hits.Dan Nemo, Co-Founder & COO, StreamMetrics, said Ninja’s move illustrates the increased growth and diversity of the gaming market driving platforms like Mixer.
Tyler Blevins, more widely known as Ninja, is currently one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but that is about to change.Blevins revealed in a video on Twitter that he is now streaming exclusively on Microsoft’s Mixer.In the video, he makes the announcement to a room full of press and then takes on the role of several reporters asking questions about the news.One reporter even asked if his hair would be changing colors, but the jury is still out.In a more casual video linked to the announcement, Ninja confirmed that his content will not be affected by the move.In both videos, he emphasized getting back in touch with his “roots.” We’re not quite sure what that means, but we’ll find out in due time.
Some champions with over four abilities also require using different keys like D and F. Stamina Cost was set to 50.Fortnite Battle Royale is completely free and we are not going to sell things which give a competitive benefit.It is possible to take a look at the entire patch notes right here.There are Minecraft servers for pretty much any theme under sunlight.Last-hitting minions is your major way of accruing gold.There's one particular ammo type for each weapon class, and you just need to cross your fingers your gun has a good scope.Although dropping in some specific hotspots will improve your likelihood of a substantial gunfight in the opening moments of the game.Here you don't actually get op!Our Fortnite vs PUBG page consists of a whole comparison of both games and can help you settle on which Battle Royale is suitable for you.Arguably among the most effective forms of player to be, but it takes lots of skill and practice to be a very good sniper, additionally, it requires you to be a comprehensive dick!If you're on the lookout for the original post then you're able to locate it below here.
Apex Legends players have been a little disappointed with the game’s lack of mechanical Titan robots thus far, but it looks like Epic Games is going to beat it to the punch with Fortnite Season 10.A teaser image for the upcoming season appears to show a mech character, and this could significantly alter how Battle Royale is played.The introduction of mech vehicles — or characters — was teased on the official Fortnite Twitter account, with a note saying that fans could look forward to experiencing them on August 1.The mech appears to have two different styles of weapons, as one arm features a gun with two barrels and the other has only one barrel.— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 29, 2019A little over a week ago, players booted up their games to find a brawl between a sea monster named Kaiju and a giant robot unfolding right in the middle of the Battle Royale map.
A British teen won half of $2.25 million this weekend after coming second with his Dutch teammate in the Fortnite World Cup.The finals took place in New York City on Saturday and Sunday.50 duos and 100 solos players competed for a share of the $30 million prize pool, the largest prize pool in the history of e-sports.15-year-old Jaden Ashman told the BBC that he started playing Fortnite when it was first released in 2017 and has been practicing in his room for 8 hours a day ever since, much to his mother's annoyance.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.British teen Jaden Ashman won half of $2.25 million after coming second with his teammate at the Fortnite World Cup finals this weekend.
No, that’s not a typo — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won three million dollars on Sunday for being really, really good at Fortnite.The sum is the biggest-ever cash prize for a single player at an esports tournament.And get this — the entire prize fund for the inaugural Fortnite tournament was $30 million.Esports events have seen rapid growth in recent years, and the three-day Fortnite World Cup in the Big Apple, which culminated in Sunday’s showdown inside a packed Arthur Ashe Stadium at the U.S. Open tennis venue in Queens, has helped to bring esports — and Fortnite — to an even wider audience.The 24,000-seat stadium had been transformed into a video gamers’ paradise for the event, with massive screens set up in the center to show the games unfold.As he was announced winner of the six-game series, Giersorf climbed out of his seat and raised his arms, before shaking his head in apparent disbelief at his victory.
If you’re on Discord, you’re probably not a member of just one chat server.You install it to chat with your Fortnite friends… then a few of them split off and start an Apex server.And each of your favorite streamers has a server, so maybe join those.And now you’re in a clan, so add their server too.Then you realize that every city around you has its own Pokémon GO Discord, so you might as well add those too.Eventually you’re dealing with a list of like 40 servers, and just finding the one you’re looking for in that little lineup of circular icons becomes a chore.
Data miners found the upcoming Overtime Challenges in the Fortnite update v9.40 on Wednesday, July 17.Overtime Challenges are a combination of reaching a certain Battle Pass Tier, completing tasks from previous weeks and other simple things to do that will give players a little boost to make up for those weekly challenges that may have been a little too tough to complete.Work together with friends to get eliminationsStart a duos match with a friend for this challenge.Deal 2,500 damage to opponents with ShotgunsLike in previous weeks, this challenge is straightforward.
Microsoft’s recent fiscal results were healthy, but there was one blot on the landscape, and that came in the form of below-par gaming revenue – takings which have allegedly been dragged down by Fortnite’s slumping earnings.In its fourth quarter (financial year 2019) results, Microsoft revealed that gaming revenue was down 10% year-on-year – crucially missing its own expectations – with gaming hardware down 48%, and gaming software and services (subscriptions) having dropped by 3% compared to the same quarter last year.The latter is the point we’re most interested in here, and as The Motley Fool highlighted, Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, reckons that a key third-party game which contributed to these lower sales was Fortnite.(Microsoft mentioned a detrimental third-party title, but without clarifying what it was).Microsoft Q4 FY2019 Results (Quarter ending Jun 30 2019)- Gaming rev.down 3% due to lower sales from a key third party title (Fortnite) partially offset by Xbox Live and Game Pass subs increase.
Since Fortnite: Battle Royale’s inception in September 2017, battle royale has become one of the dominant genres in gaming.At its core, battle royale is essentially an online video game version of the “Hunger Games,” with the goal of being the last player (or team) standing.Similar to Katniss’ cornucopia of supplies, battle royale players are left to find — and fight for — the tools they need to survive including weapons, ammo, and armor.PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) was one of the first battle royale games to reach mainstream success.Its release and subsequent popularity in March 2017 paved the way for an entire genre, allowing for other gaming companies to follow in its footsteps and develop their own iteration.The concept behind the battle royale genre is relatively simple, yet every game is entirely unique.
It was the Polar Peak Monster vs. the Giant Robot from Pressure Plant and it was the robot that won.It began shooting lasers from its mouth as it destroyed everything in its path.At the same time, the giant robot was activated.As the giant robot performed its victory floss dance, it flew to the sky heroically.Every season of Fortnite has a story that plays out over the course of 12 weeks and ends with a closing event.Developer Epic Games confirmed the name via a tweet later in the day.
Spoilers on the Internet are inevitable, but particularly frustrating when they arrive in the form of leaks before the actual content airs or is released.All signs point toward a major battle that’s going to take place in the Fortnite battle royale island, but we don’t know the details yet.Here to ensure that doesn’t change are the game’s most prolific leakers.Though Epic has taken steps to hide files and therefore cut down on the number of leaks that happen, a small percentage of Fortnite plans have still managed to trickle out ahead of upcoming updates.That will be the case for the season 9 finale event, which will be at least partially revealed in the game update files.Though leaking is their job, a number of popular Fortnite leakers have agreed that they won’t spoil the upcoming showdown involving the giant pink robot currently jutting out of the island’s volcanic crater.