Netherrealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 is finally here — a bit sooner than anyone expected.Thanks to dataminers and a premature retail release, we have some idea of what kinds of fighters will be added to the roster of the game in the future — and whoo boy, if this isn’t a 90s fanservice parade, I don’t know what is.Several of the fighters are Mortal Kombat regulars, so it’s no surprise to see them.The more interesting additions are the guest fighters.The list could still be a phony, though we’ve heard rumors about Spawn’s inclusion before now.The addition of God of War’s Kratos to that game was interesting enough, but not that unusual given his… proclivities.
On the one hand, you have phones like the Asus ROG Phone and Nubia Red Magic Mars — handsets that have been built from the ground-up to look, feel, and play like a pocket-sized, handheld console.The distinction between a dedicated gaming phone and a top-spec phone that just so happens to be pretty good for gaming is more vague than ever.Having tentatively dipped its toes into the gaming waters via its sub-brand with the Honor Play, Chinese giant Huawei is going all-in with the Mate 20 X — a 7.2-inch monster phablet Huawei infamously claimed is a better portable gaming machine than the Nintendo Switch.If you can wrestle the phone into the right position, those with larger hands will just about tackle sending a quick message or hitting the back button with a single thumb.Unlike other products that clumsily try to appeal to gaming fans, there are no pulsing LED strips, gaudy accents, or glowing logos to be found.The AMOLED panel delivers suitably deep blacks and rich colors, although Huawei oversaturates everything a little out-of-the-box.
There is, of course, some overlap in genre but here are the biggest science fiction, fantasy, and genre movie milestones happening in 2019.45-Year Anniversaries (Films Released in 1974)The Texas Chain Saw MassacreBefore Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, or Jason Voorhees, Tobe Hooper introduced the world to Leatherface and his family.40-Year Anniversaries (Films Released in 1979)The gangs of New York City all team up to take down one gang in particular: The Warriors.
Horror survival video games aren’t usually associated with magnanimous efforts, but Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight has broken the mold after having raised over $500,000 for charity.In Dead by Daylight, four players take on the role of Survivors trying to escape from the Killer, who is controlled by a fifth player.The Survivors each have different perks that will help them stay alive, but the Killers also come with a range of skills to make it easier to hunt down their targets.The Killers in Dead by Daylight include iconic characters from horror movies, namely Michael Myers from Halloween, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Pig from Saw.The game also has a heart, and not just of the kind that the Killers rip out of their victims.In 2017, Behaviour Interactive launched the Charity Case DLC, which is a collection of 26 in-game cosmetic items that the developer made in collaboration with Dead by Daylight content creators.
After 30 years, the video for the single-greatest spooky song is finally available to watch on YouTube."Nightmare on My Street" was the first song on DJ Jazzy Jeff and then-Fresh Prince Will Smith's 1988 album "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper," and as you probably guessed, features Smith rapping about events similar to those of the Nightmare on Elm Street series happening on his street.Listening to that song has been as easy as going onto Spotify for years, but the video was thought to have been lost after a lawsuit between Nightmare on Elm Street studio New Line Cinema sued music label BMG over the flagrant use of Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on Elm Street iconography despite not actually being tied to the franchise.The song was considered for inclusion in the (awful) movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, but was passed over in favor of the The Fat Boys' "Are You Ready for Freddy?"It was assumed that the video had been lost to time, with no evidence of its existence to be found on YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak or anywhere else random internet videos are found."I had a copy of the video and I had an old girlfriend that taped soap operas over it.
Your kids can’t go on their yearly pilgrimage to the shrine of Hershey alone.For many parents, setting out on the streets on All Hallow’s Eve with thousands of other children in the United States can be a stressful affair.And not just because they’re worried about their kids getting lost.Chasing after your kids for hours in the chilly twilight is hard work, even if you enjoy watching those little chickens, princesses, and dinosaurs make out like bandits.So what if Halloween isn't the same as it was when you were going to warehouse parties, dressed like Freddy Krueger?It can still be fun.
Just a few moments earlier, the masked babysitter-stalker Michael Myers had been stabbed, shot, and sent falling to the ground—and to his ostensible death.Cue the audience members' gasps, as well as the movie's familiar plinkety-plinkety-plink theme song.Myers didn't have Freddy Krueger-ish zingers or Jason-like ingenuity; he just hacked and stabbed away in silence.In the 40 years that followed Halloween, the Myers mythos was spruced up and reworked numerous times, with sequels that range from agreeably gory (Halloween II) to rinkety-rinkety-dink (Halloween: Resurrection).Instead, it reunites Michael Myers and Laurie Strode four decades after their first run-in.Time hasn't been particularly kind to either of the Halloween-night survivors.
The odds were definitely against a Maine fisherman, who recently pulled a calico lobster from the sea in what some would call the catch of a lifetime.The crustacean, caught off the coast of Pine Point, ended up at local restaurant Scarborough Fish & Lobster Co., the owner of the establishment, Captain Marty Macisso, told Fox News on Wednesday.PETA WANTS MAINE OFFICIALS TO BUILD GRAVESTONE IN MEMORY OF LOBSTERS WHO DIED IN TRUCK CRASHStaff at the restaurant affectionately named the lobster “Friendly Krueger,” a play on the spooky “Nightmare on Elm Street” character Freddy Krueger.“Because of its color and it being close to Halloween, we thought Friendly Krueger would be a good name for it,” Macisso said.“Either way, [it] won’t be someone’s dinner."
Freddy Krueger, eat your heart out.A new species of parasitic waspcomes equipped with built-in saws, which the killer insect may use to slice its way out of its host's body.In a new paper published Jan. 30 in Biodiversity Data Journal, researchers from Penn State and the Natural History Museum in London report the discovery of Dendrocerus scutellaris, a wasp less than 0.1 inches (3 millimeters) long that sports a series of jagged spines along its back.Based on the wasp's anatomy, researchers suspect it is an endoparasitoid, a type of wasp that lays its eggs inside a host, often a caterpillar or adult insect.The eggs hatch, and the larvae feed on the host from the inside out.When the food supply runs out and the larvae mature into their adult forms, they chew their way out of the host.
Publisher Starbreeze and developer Behaviour Digital announced today that they’ve sold more than 3 million copies of their multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight.Dead by Daylight launched for PC in June 2016.PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases followed in June 2017.It features one player hunting down a team of four, following a format famous in many slasher movies.In October, Dead by Daylight received downloadable content based on A Nightmare on Elm Street, which made horror icon Freddy Krueger a playable character.Michael Myers and Leatherface are also available via DLC.
As we approach Halloween and our Netflix queues again fill up with all manner of spooky, startling and downright horrifying monsters, I’m reminded of another kind of monster we should all be afraid of: outdated SEO tactics.These tactics range from harmless but ineffective (like Casper the Friendly Ghost) all the way to completely devastating (like Freddy Krueger).And much like the bad guy in so many of the horror movies we all grew up watching, these tactics never seem to die, despite common sense, SEO professionals, and even Google warning people away from them.So today, we’re going to delve into 13 outdated SEO tactics that you should be terrified of and avoid at all costs.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
But the company is much less focused on hoping Facebook pays off in advertising revenue.Instead, Crypt TV is licensing original shows to digital-media distributors and selling merchandise."If you make good stuff, the business will come," Jason Blum said.Giggles the Clown is having a moment.Giggles' merchandise has found its way to 200 Spencer's stores.But earlier this year, Crypt TV secured more funding, right around the time that Facebook pushed publishers to make longer, TV-esque video — clips that would be bankrolled by mid-roll video ads.
Another horror celebrity is joining the roster of monsters in Dead by Daylight.Behaviour Interactive is releasing DLC that unlocks Freddy Krueger as a playable character.The new chapter is called A Nightmare on Elm Street, named after the movie franchise that Krueger stars in.Starbreeze Studios publishes Dead by Deadlight, and it’s available now on PC for $7.It will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the future.Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical survival horror game for two to five players.
Check out all the pop culture references shown in the "Ready Player One" trailer.Movie hits theaters on March 30, 2018.In "Ready Player One," teenager Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan) enters the fantastical, digital realm of the OASIS -- a massive multiplayer online simulation game chock full of pop culture references and characters.The movie is set in 2044, when everyone escapes the drudgery of living in Earth's decayed cities by using a virtual-reality simulator to enter a digital realm called OASIS.Here's a look at where Wade lives -- in a slum area of RVs and trailer homes called the Stacks.In the digital realm, Wade goes by the name Parzival (think of Percival, a knight of the round table).
Are you ready, player one?Director Steven Spielberg drew wild applause from the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday when he appeared with "Ready Player One" author Ernest Cline and the cast of the 2018 movie, set in a virtual-reality game world.In the story, set in 2044, people hide from the declining Earth in a virtual-reality simulator called the OASIS, where teenager Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) finds himself in a treasure hunt of a game that's peppered with 1980s references.In the trailer shown, Watts leaves his home in The Stacks, a slummy area of RVs and trailer homes piled high on each other, and enters a world of giant scorpions, monster trucks, "Tron"-style racing motorcycles and retro icons including Freddy Krueger and The Iron Giant."So many of the iconic moments that happened in the '80s I was involved in," Spielberg told the Comic-Con audience.His cast and fans know this only too well -- star T.J. Miller, late of "Silicon Valley," wore an E.T.
Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2018, and now we have our first look at it.If anyone doubted that Steven Spielberg would be able to adapt Ernest Cline’s bestselling novel for the screen, the first Ready Player One trailer has arrived to prove the doubters wrong.Warner Bros. Pictures debuted the trailer during the studio’s much-anticipated Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and the preview goes a long way toward proving that the 1980s nostalgia-fueled adventure through the decade’s geekiest pop culture touchstones is in very, very good hands.After introducing audiences to protagonist Wade Watts (as played by X-Men: Apocalypse actor Tye Sheridan) and the bleak future he inhabits, the trailer goes on a frantic spree through the places and characters inhabiting OASIS, the virtual universe where Wade and the rest of the world spend their days.Fans of Cline’s novel know that Wade is one of many people who become caught up in an elaborate treasure hunt that will give the winner full control of the virtual universe, with many of the clues and tasks involved in the hunt involving famous elements of ’80s pop culture.Those elements are on full display in the trailer for Ready Player One, which features — among countless other iconic ’80s elements — appearances by Freddy Krueger, Kaneda’s bike from Akira, and the Bigfoot monster truck.
Starship Troopers is getting a reboot.The 1997 sci-fi adventure directed by Paul Verhoeven is the latest movie to be targeted for a reboot, with Columbia Pictures reportedly hiring Freddy vs. Jason and Baywatch screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon to pen a new script based on the over-the-top galactic war movie.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the writing duo are working on a screenplay that will be more directly inspired by Robert A. Heinlein s 1959 novel of the same name, which served as the source material for Verhoeven s film.The pair offered some thoughts on their approach to the project on Twitter shortly after the announcement was made.Will talk more about it soon, but we're excited!— Shannon and Swift @shannonandswift November 3, 2016
Two movie franchises dominated the horror genre in the 80s and 90s – A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th starring Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, respectively.One would think that after more than three decades, audiences would have lost interest but a recent Kickstarter proves that s not the case at all.Gun Media last year managed to raise more than $800,000 to fund the creation of Friday the 13th: The Game.The title was originally slated to arrive this month although a fresh campaign update reveals that won t be the case.Although the campaign did meet its primary funding goal of $700,000, it fell short of its $1.625 million stretch goal that would have added a single-player survival challenge mode.The development team has since decided to go ahead and create the single-player mode with offline play and AI bots after all.
Monsters lurk everywhere in pop culture—novels, comic books, TV shows, urban legends—but today, we re focusing on killers who were born in the movies.First appearance: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 Inspiration: Wes Craven got the idea for a killer who stalks his victims in their dreams after reading a series of articles in the LA Times about a cluster of young men plagued with horrible nightmares who died in their sleep.Jason Voorhees and his mother, Pamela First appearance: Friday the 13th 1980 .As every slasher fan knows, the first film s villain is actually Jason s mother, whose grief over her son s death at summer camp turns her into a vengeful maniac.
Cell phones make everyone who uses them turn into rabid killers, a concept that was much fresher in 2006, when King wrote the novel upon which it s based, than in 2016, when the movie came out.With Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist the latter under the watchful eye of Steven Spielberg , and actors Robert Freddy Krueger Englund and Ted Levine Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs , this adaptation must ve seemed like a slam dunk on paper.But how do you compete with a pre-existing masterpiece?Max von Sydow plays the proprietor of Castle Rock, Maine s new antique shop, whose wondrous wares have special powers—but at what price?You can skip that, too.It s beautifully shot and has some nice themes about friendship, but it s also kinda zzzzzz.