All the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Smartphones are fantastic and packed with a huge number of features.Let’s have a look.Samsung Galaxy Watch 3Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a pretty amazing design, but if we talk about the features and accuracy of the device, they are not as good as other Wear OS watches are offering.Garmin and Fitbit watches are far better and more accurate than Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.But still, this is not a bad device.Samsung Galaxy Buds LiveSamsung Galaxy Buds Live has a pretty amazing bean shape, and they can immediately separate themselves.As I already mentioned, it is not suitable for everyone, but the listeners who want exceptional noise cancellation abilities with the earbuds should go for it.Samsung Galaxy Buds PlusThe Samsung Galaxy Buds are now upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.The device looks quite decent and works well.
Samsung recently rolled out the Android 10-based One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy S10 series, giving users a taste of things to come.Unfortunately, some users are reporting that they’re now locked out of their phones.Users on the GalaxyS10 subreddit and Samsung forum (h/t: SamMobile) are reporting that the phones refuse to accept PIN codes, passwords, or pattern unlocks after restarting the device.Some users with Remote Unlock functionality enabled say that they can use the Find My Mobile service to delete previously enrolled authentication options, but they can’t set a new PIN/pattern/password thereafter.Don’t have the aforementioned function enabled?Well, it seems like a factory reset and downgrading to Android Pie via Samsung Smart Switch might help.
ギャラクシーS10/S10+ ケース ブランド柄 LOUIS VUITTON galaxy s10 edgeケース お洒落 LVルイヴィトンGalaxy note8/S9プラス/Note9/S9 カバー < p > < / p > 【対応機種】: GalaxyS10 GalaxyS10Plus GalaxyS9 GalaxyS9 Plus GalaxyS8 GalaxyS8 Plus Galaxy note9 Galaxy note8 【カラー】:9色 【素材】:レザー 【デザイン】:TPU < p > < / p > ヴィトン Galaxy S10/S10plus/s10 edgeケース セレブの定番 ブランド LV Galaxys9/s8/note8ケース お洒落 < p > < / p > 【 【対応機種】: GalaxyS10 GalaxyS10Plus GalaxyS9 GalaxyS9 Plus GalaxyS8 GalaxyS8 Plus 【カラー】:1色 【デザイン】:レザー材料 おしゃれ Galaxy S10/S10plus/s10 edgeケース カード収納 ブランド ルイヴィトン LV ギャラクシーs9/s8 plus カバー レザー 高級 新品 送料無料 【 【対応機種】: GalaxyS10 GalaxyS10Plus GalaxyS9 GalaxyS9 Plus GalaxyS8 GalaxyS8 Plus Galaxy note9 Galaxy note8 【カラー】:8色 【素材】:レザー 【デザイン】:ジャケット型 カード札入れ < p > < / p > galaxy s10 s10+  ケース ギャラクシー s10 エッジ プラス 衝撃 カバー 格安 かわいい オシャレ ブランド < p > < / p > < p > < / p >
Samsung has released a series of high-quality and mostly clever wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 and S10+.The new illustrated wallpapers not only accommodate the hole-punch camera cutout on the phone’s display, but actively incorporate the visual element into the overall wallpaper design, transforming it into a telescope lens, light hinge, periscope head, and more.Samsung Mobile US tweeted the wallpapers on Thursday, saying, “Big shoutout to our community for inspiring us and bringing the laughs.” The company released three wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 model, including one that features the cutout as a void down what appears to be an ice cave, as the lens for a telescope looking at the night sky, and as the hinge of a lamp shining a bright light on the wallpaper’s character.Big shoutout to our community for inspiring us and bringing the laughs.GalaxyS10 wallpapers are *a thing*.Galaxy S10+ device owners also get a treat, namely two wallpapers, one featuring a periscope coming out of the water (with the camera lenses as its head, of course), and another incorporating the lenses into a UFO pictured abducting a person.
Samsung unveiled a collection of new devices today in San Francisco, from S10 flagship phones to the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that can fold out into a tablet.Underlying each of these powerful pieces of hardware is artificial intelligence and access to voice assistant Bixby.To improve Bixby’s smarts, Samsung today also introduced Bixby Routines, a service that functions alongside Bixby Vision and Bixby Home.As shown in a tweet from Samsung Mobile, in the evening Routines may mute your phone, turn on Night Mode, and shut off mobile data, and in the car Routines can switch on hands-free voice commands and your favorite music provider.Support for Italian, Spanish, and British English was also made available with Bixby today.The phone that learns your habits to blend seamlessly into your day.
Firstly, from the official "teaser" videos, released in Vietnam, we can confirm the absence of a notch, an in-display fingerprint sensor, a 4K selfie camera, and reverse wireless charging.Although it is notch-less, the S10's display is nonetheless marred by a small onscreen hole, housing the front-facing camera.Samsung calls the hole "Infinity O"; it was one of four new OLED display types revealed at the Samsung developer conference late last year.Samsung GalaxyS10 (Plus) seen charging the new Samsung Galaxy Buds in their carrying case.Tons of more pics here:— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) February 6, 2019
Samsung has seemingly decided that a single black model isn’t enough, as new leaked renders show the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in both Ceramic Black and Prism Black.Shared by Roland Quandt (a reputable leaker), the Ceramic Black (which you can see below) has what he describes as a “metallic/brownish hue” which is also visible on the frame, while the Prism Black model looks a bit darker, glossier, and more like glass, which it is.We’ve heard mentions of a ceramic shade before, though some rumors suggest this will be reserved for the top model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.In any case, this is the first time we’ve had a clear look at it side by side with the non-ceramic black and the differences are subtle but clear.If black’s not your thing you shouldn’t be short on options though, as a whole range of colors including white, green and blue have previously been rumored.Here's what the "Ceramic Black" variant of the Samsung GalaxyS10 Plus looks like compared to regular Prism Black.
As we move closer to the official unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup, leaks surrounding the new range have begun to intensify, with the latest providing our best look at the flagship's Infinity-O pinhole camera to date, along with a glimpse at its new cryptocurrency-focused features.The leaked images, taken by Twitter user @GregiPfister89 and circulated by known leaker Ben Geskin, provide a clear look at a working version of Samsung's upcoming handset in the wild, with its pinhole camera positioned in the top-right corner of the display, as suggested by previous leaks.It's presumed the images are of the standard Galaxy S10 due to its single front-facing camera – the more premium Galaxy S10 Plus is expected to have a dual-lens selfie camera on its face.New GalaxyS10 live images leak with ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’(images via @GregiPfister89) 23, 2019Along with the aforementioned pinhole camera, the images reveal the Galaxy S10's built-in support for cryptocurrency, which is reportedly backed by Samsung's biometrics security.As seen in the first image above, a slash page for Samsung's Blockchain KeyStore app claims to provide "a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency," while the following image shows a wallet setup screen with Etherium listed as a supported cryptocurrency.
One of the most anticipated rumored features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an in-screen fingerprint scanner.Unfortunately, noted case maker Armadillotek has claimed that its screen cover can block the phone from reading fingerprints.We have tested our cases on real GalaxyS10 phones.The in-screen fingerprint does not support screen protector.So our vanguard will have no built in screen protectorJanuary 16, 2019Conceivably, this might also apply to other translucent coverings separating the display from fingerprints, from thin screen shields to thick see-through covers in protective cases.
Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas.He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.The set back that it experienced due to its terrible phase that occurred because of the self-immolating phones has now been able to recover because of the new Galaxy S10.This is a theme that Samsung Galaxy has been particularly keen on following.The new S10 is reported to have a Basel less screen.We have seen the love for Basel less screens that people have and hope that the S10 too will win hearts.